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Charice on ‘X Factor Philippines’

Charice on ‘X Factor Philippines’

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  1. angelbeauty says:

    CHARICE…stay UNIQUE and ORIGINAL… always be SMART and ALERT… keep flying HIGH and FREE…

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    • Inez says:
      all i can say is, people, you need to relax, take it easy, be cool, be patient. Be Like Charice.

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    • dragontattoo says:
      …I admire Charice too for all the good things you said about her. I also respect her decision becoming a judge on X factor Philippines. I know she is an adult now and can make her own decision, specially when its about her business. I dont think that there is any single decision she can make that cannot be authorized by her management or else it would not be a team. I think its a good move for her career because atleast she can now be watch weekly locally and worldwide if they have subscription to the station and thats pay p/tfc subs. On the contrary I think it would be an improvement to career because at least now she would not have to sing to be watch. She can explore her other talents like projecting to a camera on tv, reacting naturally just being herself so we can also judge her if she has that star quality of adlibbing and improvising her answers, or when making quick judgement calls and I think its part of the updating and upgrading of herself…

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  3. MasterBooser1 says:
    O M G ! Charice needs to be very prepared for this. I heard she “liked” to imitate Simon Cowell. She said SC is straightforward and honest in his criticisms. But mind you – as popular as SC is – he gets booed many times by audience. If she does a SC style she better be ready and firm. (Filipino audience who think THEY KNOW music- and guess what? – all they think is who belt the highest note are best – Wheww how lame.) Sad but true. Phil audience applause more when they hear “high notes” but so timid to give standing ovation to a great performance – Be it Gary V. Sarah G. Ogie D and many others local talents. That’s why the phrase “it’s hard to please Pinoy audience” should be changed to “as a singer it’s hard to be pleased with Pinoy audience”. Good luck with “TEXT VOTES SYSTEM”.

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  4. okidoki says:
    is she a regular or a guest judge? hope ds wont hurt her carreer, some chasters thinks its ok for her to be judge while other think its not, we have different opinions or points views about charice being a jdge on xfctor phil. so lets just rspect others opinion & not to force other fans on wt we believe in.. no matter wt happen charice good or bad i will remain as fan by d most talented girl in d world who made d rock fanatic appreciate d beauty of power ballads & made ds grown man cry ^_^ God bless U & ur family

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  5. alimango says:
    Why is it that people are “pakialamero/a” in too much on what this girl does? She should not wear this clothes; she should not cut her hair; she should not be a judge of this show….. What a bunch of bs.

    For pete’s sake, let her be. Let her do her thing. If you start controlling her, where is the real Charice? Where is the artist?

    She became Charice because of what she did; with some help from some people. Not because of you. You just joined the bandwagon when she reached the top. Now, you want to control her.

    Let her be free and not bound by her fans. A lot of this so-called fans want to mold Charice in what they imagine she should be. The world is her stage , not just you.

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  6. inri says:
    I should not worry about her impending stint at X Factor Phil. It isn’t a yearlong event, say a couple of months at best and most likely a weekly (not a daily) show. Maybe she starts midway at quarterfinals – who knows? Do you? So she has lots of space in between where she can fulfill her other commitments. Is she a good choice to sit as a judge? You bet. True, she is barely 20 years old, but almost all her life has been exposed to music, the very talent where she excels; and countless encounters with judges, honest and dishonest alike. That should be more than enough exposure for her to qualify. But on second thought, on a philippine setting, maybe the more appropriate qualifying factor is incorruptibility…and still again charice has my trust. My only worry is a tendency for Charice to gauge the contestants according to her standards that she becomes the AXE Factor for leaving no one standing…just kidding LOL! The reality is it is a good exposure and a learning experience for her. Worried about saber-tongued critics? I bet that if you put her into the lion’s den she either slays or tames the lion. She is now ready to fight back!

    Also, when Charice admitted that she’s one of the X-F judges, she thanked ‘the people behind her selection’. She didn’t specifically thank ABS-CBN. I wouldn’t be surprised if SimonC is in the mix. I have a gut feeling that there is ‘collaboration’ between Simon and Charice and that presents exciting possibilities for Charice as a guest performer not only in the US but in other countries where X-Factor is shown. Yeah… dream on.

    As to speculations like going back to PI for good, no more job for her in US, career not taking off in US, etc… They are what they are – speculations. I don’t expect Charice and team to reveal to the public all her appearances in private occasions hosted by the ‘rich and famous’. Do you? I prefer to lie low in anticipation of a big one from Charice than being embarrassed when it comes. Positive vibes could help one avoid a miserable life!

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    • surg702 says:

      @ inri

      XFactor has a run date of 4 months and 1 week, the first month being the mentoring period by the judges with their assigned groups, the last 3 months are the actual live performances and judging. If my guess is right, I think Charice and her team might be reviewing tapes of XFactor and American Idol right now with David Foster coaching Charice on how to spot a contestants strengths and weaknesses. This is a cakewalk for Charice her fellow judges and the Filipino audience will be amazed how good she is. I hope she speaks the English language only.

      The talk that Charice might be losing ground in her music career is total BS. She is Warner musics hottest property in Asia particularly in Japan. Her judging stint is a downtime and will resume recording Infinity in due time.

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  7. jojomiamibeach says:

    i think joining this x factor is only temporary, just to gain more fans in Phil. while waiting for more good songs in her 2nd album, and maybe charice will recommed the winner of this competition to david foster, for david foster and friends concert in the future.

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  8. MeGa says:

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  9. FlorOfTexas says:
    Charice can do whatever she wants. She will get paid mucho dinero judging the X-Factor and at the same time she can continue doing concerts on months that she’s not judging. It is called multi-tasking. The world is so small nowadays, you know.

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    • teman says:
      Indeed, the world is so small. There are planes, internet, skype, live streaming etc.

      I am sure that Charice is grateful for everybody’s concern. She respect opinions, at the same time she must decide according to her priorities. While in the Philippines, she will have the chance to be with her family and love ones.

      Be yourself and be happy, Charice.


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  10. eez kreysi en hir says:

    diz mey be ah bewy goot apirtuneti fo shawees~! diz kynd ab esposere ken eben mek eez weh teu da yeu as eh. aylab ze weh jareez seengz~! Charice & Chasters #1~!! =)

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  11. camo says:
    why do you all have to stick your 2 cents where is not wanted .charice does not need fans permission to do what she wants to do . the gig was sanctioned by her employers warner records , she is getting paid to do a jb. we are fans not bosses of her to dictate what she can and shoulod not do.
    just because you buy a cd or pay to see her show gives fans no right to tell her what to do. we are fans who should support her endeavours , we may not like it but tough , either enjoy the ride or hop off the bus.

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  12. Judds Judge says:

    I am here as well to express my sentiment. Charice being a judge for X FACTOR Philippines will not help in her international career and certainly will not help her gain more fans worldwide! I just hope that I will be proven wrong because I want to see her become a mega superstar! As of right now that’s how I see it and thats how I feel! Chaster don’t treat me as a crab because I bought all her records from the US versions to the asian version inluding her EP’s and everything else!

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    • camoteh says:
      lol…you think it’s easy to be chosen as judge? with just a flick of a finger..tadahhh Charice is judge period….dont you think the x-factor management did not deliberate on this?…if the contestants undergoes scrutiny…what more of the judges???

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    • unknownname says:
      Did you ever think maybe she wants to gain more fans in the Philippines? That is her home country you know.

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    • khatman says:
      When David Foster was in the Philippines looking for filipino talent I’m sure Charice helped him. Charice has always said that she would like more filipinos to get recognized at home and abroad. Being a judge on X-Factor could make her realize that dream.

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  13. melisma22 says:

    Is there any information on the scale of this Xfactor event, e.g. audience size, language used, prize, length of program, age group of contestants etc. Most important of all, is the organizer aiming at discovering an international-grade talent. If yes, the program should be conducted in English, a recording contract for an album released beyond the Philippines, and tour concert in the US. As for the part of having Charice as one of the judges, it would only worth her while if the show is broadcast, at least Asianwide. Don’t do it if it is “just another singing contest”.

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  14. camoteh says:
    on second thought…maybe that’s Charice plan…so warner will dump her ..then she can move to universal…but warner knows better…they cant let go of the golden voice…he he

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  15. Jojo says:
    Remember folks that this is not an every day event.She can always fly back to US in-between episodes.16 hrs to LA no problem.

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  16. truepinoy63 says:
    People love to speculate what’s going on, why this X-Factor gig, her clothes, style, whatever. People need to stop and think that Charice and her management team have a plan. Everytime these people make a commitment this big, rest assured that it has been talked about and dissected before it’s put into place.

    Warner Bros. has been in business since 1918 so I think it’s safe to say they know what they are doing. So let’s just wait and see what’s coming up next.

    Put aside our own selfish egos and just be patient.

    Go Charice! God bless!

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    • Jojo says:
      I read your comments and I can tell that you put great thoughts before you write. Others I wish do the same.Some put minimal thoughts and yet make the most noise.

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    • IvanaSophia says:
      Exactly!! I’m appalled by this constructive criticism and concern thing. It cause more damage to the artist esp. on YT, announcing to the world one’s own confined thoughts about flaws of her team. Why not channel them to a more private venues such as E-Mail etc.
      If truth be told, they are actually more concerned with what PLEASES THEM rather than what pleases Charice and what is good for her career. They are here for DEMOLITION JOB no more no less. So sad, that a mere change in looks easily separated the TRUE from the not so true fans of her. And pls make the words sweeter next time…just in case they will eat them in the very near future!! Kudos to you and all the Chasters who remain as determined as Charice! (chad567ickler): )

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      You are both right. We all just need to remember our main objective why we’re here sharing our thoughts, wishes and sometimes our unsolicited advice is for Charice to rich her goals.

      Charice’s Goals, Not Ours!

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  17. Nauba says:
    This is the right decision. Charice is still building her resume. She can only grow through trial and error. All television helps her brand evolve. This will be a really decent pay check for her and guess what – I dont’t think her earning’s from X-Factor Philippines are U.S. taxable – hee hee. Guy’s, speaking for myself – Charice has to amass as much moolah as she can – while she’s hot. Don’t you see how every connection she makes networks into other (often) surprising opportunities. Watch this lilliputian waif go. I am so very, very proud of her. She has my total respect and admiration.

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    • erin says:

      wow!! I heard “moolah” “mucho dinero” “dolllah” “pesos” related to Cha. You folks only think of money? How about some integrity here? You guys are starting to be like Yahoo bloggers.

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  18. juerry says:

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  19. Stockpicker says:
    I’m sure Charice will be able to show the Philippine Entertainment establishment in particular those involved in deciding the making of the “stars” where the X-factor of any talent can be found. She was a victim of this mindset and now she returns to make a contribution to change it. Bravo Charice !

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  20. inez says:
    I think otherwise. I believe Charice and her team are doing all right. Why are you people so impatient. Can you be like Charice for once. Be patient and organized, and get a life. You’re all so getting cornier and cornier. You’re actually ruining this nice Charice fansite. Really, I’m not kidding, most of us genuine fans are getting fed up with your inane comments here. It’s not helping Charice. And a good thing she doesn’t read any of your comments. But I’m sure she reads the nice articles written here. So please, Charice’s sake, think good thoughts and try to be more positive. And please write properly.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      I feel the same way! It’s just work and people need to relax. No one is being taken advantage of here. Besides, she needs to rest after her asian tour and the perfect way to do that is with her family.

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  21. big dog says:
    Crababayans! Aren’t you guyz getting tired of hating and mocking Charice and yet Charice still standing strong and with full support of chasters all over the world, in all ages and status in life…What are you getting on all of this? Do you really feel superior or happy by doing this? Well, hope you live your life in a more productive way!

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  22. Watchdog says:
    test, 123, charice x factor, PI
    Thank you so much to the people behind ‘X Factor

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  23. chris0805 says:
    When Oprah declared Charice as the most talented girl in the world, Charice said that is a great responsibility onward for her to prove and share to the world her talent. It means Charice now is the property of the world, not by those vested interest of the multinational companies like ABS-CBN whose main motive is for their business interest. Remember, there are three (3) giant TV Stations in the Phils. trying to compete just to persuade and deal with Charice by all means coz of her popularity and incredible talent. (just in last year 2011, she appeared in those 3 stations, whose ratings became top in the list)
    For me, i prefer Charice to continue her world tour instead of being a judge in the Phil X-factor. Her Asia tour concert is a huge success, (almost all sold-out concert) which made her million fans happy. There are still other countries like Canada, Australia, USA, Italy, UK, etc. are clamouring for her tour. This is the best way to share her talent to the world, which is a gift from God to us all. Think of the million fans around the world, that is the reality. Charice is now very very popular, this is the time to take this opportunity. We hope she will decide what is best for us (millions of fans not by those vested interest. We are always there to support Charice.

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  24. D-J says:
    Strike the iron while it’s still hot Charice! But judging on “X Factor Philippines” show is just a bad career move right now, perhaps few years down the road would be fine, but why now ?. Although you’re very successful in Asia (specially in Japan), you still have yet to conquer North America market on the same level, and perhaps European market too. And it’s a lost that your management team is not working very hard to help make that happens.

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  25. Chitae says:
    The letter from pastor Marvin is in YouTube and also in and in some websites .
    It is very inspirational. I hope Charice read the letter as well as her management .
    Singing Ballads is her aura that made her famous all over the world .

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  26. jnk says:
    Im a charice fan, but I think she is too young to be judge in X factor,she is just being used again by the network. She should rather stay in the US and focus on her international career, in my opinion this is not a good move for charice.

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  27. flowjam21 says:
    no comments about this so called philippines xfactor…

    why charice accept this job to be one of a judge….?why ur not just concentrating ur career in the US rather than concentrating in ur homeland…besides mostly hater from ur country,,,,i just don’t get it….To Charice Management…i was really upset for what’s going on to the career of Charice…especially the Infinity Tour..i thought Asian Tour of her but then,Malaysia,Thailand and some other Asian Country not included…im chaster’s from Malaysia…disappointed about her management…

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  28. ^.^ says:
    SHE is Asian pop superstar. I think charice has no projects right now in U.S. but it doesn’t mean that her career in U.S. is not over. she’s still young, anything can happen in a future years to come.

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  29. bluedanube says:
    as a non-filipino fan of charice, I am wondering how that “stay in the US” vs. “stay in the phils” thing can overshadow her real quest and mission?
    even me, I think she is just a patriot.

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  30. Binxie says:

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