Charice Rocked Araneta Coliseum

Charice Rocked Araneta Coliseum

“Manila, Manila. I keep coming back to Manila. Simply no place like Manila. Manila Iai??i??m coming home!”

Yes. That is a famous Philippine song and itai??i??s very appropriate for Charice as she came back to her home country to bring joy to our hearts and ears as well! So people thought they’d go to a concert but end up coming home from a wild party!

As soon as Charice set foot at Ninoy Aquino International airport, there were only two new hot topics: her new short, dyed hair and her fresh tattoo! Reading the comments on Twitter, it was so unbelievable how they attacked her “literally”! It maybe true that Charice can’t please everyone but do they have to be so mean?

Charice sporting a very cool tattoo on her left arm bought the house down! Everyone was screaming happily. (Hopefully, Chasters throats are okay) The audience were also singing and dancing! (Even with left feet!!! LOL!)

Charice should have been nervous before going on stage at the Araneta Coliseum because of the pressure the press and the numerous Twitter (yes she was trending again) comments addressing her new look! She’s finding her style, experimenting on her own way, let her be. She’s still in the learning and developing phase of her life. Being true to herself is what makes a person happy and human. And we know that Charice indeed is very talented and whether some of her fans and detractors will like her style or not, her confidence alone is very amazing.

Let’s check a few highlights of the Araneta dome party

There was a very cute moment when Chariceai??i??s sang Lighthouse with her aunt.

She showed her amazing versatile voice, her dancing skills, she was comfortable moving on stage. That’s the new (and old) Charice!

In Love So Deep


Run The World

Non-Chasters who attended the concert were converted, (they just couldn’t deny her talent), something they’ve not seen yet on local artists. Chasters were even more surprised and amazed. This is not a DFF concert, it’s her solo concert: her own style, her own renditions, her interactions with the audience, everything was well-planned on stage.

There was an added bonus of course in the form of Chariceai??i??s Little Big Star pals namely Makisig, Ralph, Kyle, Gian and Sam Concepcion in which they sang ai???Moves Like Jaggerai???.

The most anticipated duet with Iyaz whom they renamed as “Ayas” now?

They witnessed a world-class talent! Sorry for those who missed this chance, better luck next time. It is indeed Buy carbozyne testimonials a different feeling experiencing her perform live, she’s one of a kind that will give you both goosebumps with that unique voice!

There’s no denying it, it was a phenomenal show from a phenomenal artist named Charice!

So what else has made this tour special? Her rockin’ band! Each one of them is so talented (not to mention good looking!) that the girls were screaming and cheering for them as well.

The Band with Heartbreak Survivor

A toast for Troy – kampaii! My goodness, every Chaster should watch this cool guy in action – he’s unbelievably talented!

Charice and KC Concepcion who would both judge the Philippine version of X-Factor.

Finale -Charice’s signature song from Whitney Houston, “I Will Always Love You, Pilipinas kong mahal, mga kababayan

For those who couldn’t make it, well you’ve missed witnessing the best live voice of the most talented girl in the world. Overall it was fun, she was a rocker, a balladeer, a dancer, hip hopper, showing her own style like no other musician out there can do right now. Charice is so versatile, incomparable in any sort of song genre! So her image change is almost minor but very fitting on this tour.

To our angel Charice you will always be tattooed in our hearts!

Special thanks to Manette153 for the great videos and Princess Serena.
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  1. Hiya! I just wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the great info you
    have here on this post. I might be coming again to your weblog for extra soon.

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  2. jenny nery says:

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  3. fefuski says:
    This amazing girl still bring smile & sunshine to my heart.Keep soaring honey as high as can be. CHange is part of life & that’s the only thing in this world that would not change. GOD bless you, ur family & supporters…Thanks for all the videos & write ups, we appreciate it very much all of ur hardworks….

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  4. auau says:
    Troy reminds of the young Elton John, and also Stevie Wonder; I hope your destiny will be like these artists. Maybe Troy needs an alter ego just like Sir Elton(that’s not his original name) when he was young, and known to be very shy. So work on it Troy, and take care!

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  5. AIM says:
    What I am trying to say here is “If I don’t like Charice anymore (I know it won’t happen because we like and love her a lot here in Down Under and we will support her no matter what), I will not post irritating and nasty comments about her like the others did. I will just leave Charicemania quietly”. Peace.

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  6. jojie says:
    Charice you must rock the Europeans country.we are waiting for you here,youre so Saugeil for every Mankind……what a diamond give you have in your life.keep grounding whatever you now in your achievement. keep our fingers crossed theat you will reach your holiwood talent fee up to 25 Million dollars this 2012.OMG super Billionaire in the Philippines of all time….

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  7. lotte says:
    you always rock charice… mabuhay!

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  8. mellow says:
    wowww…Charice’s In love So deep is sick .. she’s a rocker , she got her swagg on.. i like it alot … keep on rockin’ Charice … you’ve proven that u can sing any song in any genre ..

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    • chaoster says:
      In Love So Deep is also one of my favorite songs by Charice. It just sticks on you after listening to it.

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      • khatman says:

        If Charice ever decides to sing a ballad type song on tour from her Charice album I would love to hear her sing “All I Need To Survive” written by Carole Bayer Sager, ex-wife of Burt Bacharach. Charice sung a complete list of her songs from her album once and only once @ the Glorietta Mall back in May 2010. Until In Love So Deep the only other songs I have heard from her album were Pyramid and In This Song.

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  9. Jay says:

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    • Tala says:
      Hello Jay!

      Thank you for loving Charice’s “angelic voice” even if you don’t like her “new style of dress and the tattoo.” Let’s keep supporting her to the top. :) See you around in the Chaster community!

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      • Jay says:
        Thank you Tala. I personally think she is the best vocalist I’ve ever ever heard. The only person who could compare with her is Elvis Presley. That man had a vocal range that was unebleivable. He could sing any genre of music and sing it good. Charice is the only singer I’ve ever heard that matches or exceeds Elvis’ vocal abilities. I will support her and continue to introduce her to everyone I know. I just dont like her style of dress. Her hair is ok. I just dont like the clothing or the tatoo. Thank you for your kindness.

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    • bob123 says:
      I like her style very much. it fit with her new album infinity which is more on rock r&b than a ballad. Can you imagine if Charice dance like Michael Jackson and dress in night gown or maria clara. She must follow the trend now. I like Ballad song but are not hitting billboard.

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    • Hermiemel says:

      Deep down I know that you love Charice. Don’t worry about Charice. We need to give her credit that she knows whats “great” for her career. Remember that she is a “laser beam” and has a terrific work ethics. David has probably taught her the equivalent of 4 lifetime of knowledge in 4 years. Let us enjoy and share her to the world (young and old) and continue to be amazed by her music. Peace.

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  10. krazyforyou says:
    I love Charice newest look. Reminded me of a japanese action movie hero character I enjoyed when I was a kid I am now 48, his name is Watari. He’s got the same hairstyling. I love it. Charice I love you. More power to you!I love the Manila crowd at the Araneta. I’m very proud of the chasters support.I love watching your pre-concert party! Mabuhay kayo and God bless you all!

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  11. surg702 says:
    At the end of the concert shows KC Concepcion having a picture taken with Charice. That’s what you call giving your support to a friend in the industry. The problem with Filipino artists is they don’t want to be seen watching another artist’s concert. I’ve seen Paul McCartney concerts on YT where they show stars like Billy Joel, Elton John and Eric Clapton in attendance and rocking with the fans. Well, what can I say about false Filipino pride? ……

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    • auau says:
      Indeed this the beginning of beautiful friendship in showbiz, when KC Concepcion showed up as a token of support. Support, friendship, and loyalty also work both ways, so I’m looking forward to see Charice show up at some events/functions of her friends. In fact her management should help build this friendship that Charice can have with other artists as promotion. Plan a workable exit if in case if the public gets out of control.
      It could be lonely at the top, and life is too short; life just goes too fast. She at least should have friends to have a more or less normal life. For instance she could be friends with Lea Salonga, and support each other by showing up at each others opening or even have concerts together. Charice can also have older friends, like Susan Roces, who also had a much rounder face when she was young, and possibly learn from Susan how she handled success at the very early age(though she was helped by studio in those days), and even things like clothing and hairdo. Chasters have been talking about how Charice acquired a few millions of dollars; I think that money can be put to good use by having and spending some of her money on friends, because truly good friends inspire, and could make life worth living. I read about Leonardo di Caprio who fly his friends(like Toby and David) where he worked, and how sometimes that’s stipulated in his contract; Charice can probably do the same, because being around good friends makes you feel human. Word of warning: no fair weather friends, no just all yes people, and no friends in the payroll. Above all, no friends with people whose habits and behaviors are out of control. Be careful, but go have some friends.

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      • khatman says:
        Lea Salonga is coming to my hometown May 5. I have two tickets to her concert.

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        • chaoster says:
          Good for you. Lea Salonga is one of the first to raise the dignity of her people abroad when she worked in Miss Saigon musical. While Filipinos were once known only to be good domestic helpers, she added prestige to the country by becoming one of the most respectable artists and opened doors to Asians who aspired to follow on her footsteps. She deserves to have a statue in her honor from her country. I am a fan of both Charice and Lea because they both have done remarkably in changing the world to become significantly better.
          Enjoy going to her concert. I’d like to ask some Chasters who can afford the ticket price to go to Lea’s concert as well, and perhaps Lea’s fans can go to Charice concerts in return. That’s how support and loyalty are made.

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          • khatman says:

            One thing I have observed with Lea Salonga ia that she sings very economically if that is the right expression for what I am trying to say. That is she does not embellish her music with belting, and uses extended notes only if required. In other words she knows that she has nothing to prove. She is a master at her craft and is able to set the mood with every song.

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          • elisangela says:

            Sim Charice esta fazendo o mundo conhecer as pilipinas . merece uma estatua na sua cidade e o reconhecimento de sua familia.

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  12. Deh says:
    After viewing all the videos posted here, here’s all I can say: Charice was fearless on stage!!!! In 2008 David Foster said at the DFF concert that “A star is born tonight”. Fast forward 2012 the THE STAR HAS BECOME A SUPERSTAR.

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  13. cancon says:
    I’m here in the U.S….I told my son to watch charice’s concert in Araneta but he was so hesitant to go because he said he’s not into local artists but prefer foreign acts..not to disaappoint me, he went there with 3 of his friends…they were amazed & they said that was the first time they saw a LIVE performer in a Live concert singing as if it was a cd..they never thought Charice is so great LIVE singer..she’s truly, my son is asking where & when her next concert. They want to watch Charice again..

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  14. Auau says:
    Hmm, Charice seems very much in command and very happy; she looks EVERY INCH A ROCKSTAR in these video from Infinity Tour concert at Araneta’s. I was one of the first to suggest she should aim to explore this genre, and I’m glad she’s done it. I just thought from the very beginning she’s got it in her, because of her family life history, especially with her childhood with her father that was intense, and I also sensed her energy bubbling inside her even when watching videos of her from Star King.
    Some of her get ups remind me of Tina Turner and Rod Stewart, which is actually not bad at all. Again I would like to remind everyone who question Charice predilections; Tina T and Rod S were very androgynous looking, but nobody ever called them lesbian and gay. So we all just have to wait when Charice falls in love to tell how the cookie crumbles, and when she does and announces to the world, I’ll be ready to celebrate. As for now I’m content to see Charice loving who she is, and her journey to be a full fledged rock star. By the way it would be nice to see Charice shimmy in bugle-beaded dress a la Tina Turner’s Acid Queen in rock musical Tommy; once in a while that would still be in character with being a rock star. Even wearing a long gown will be a pleasant variation, as the lead singer of Scissors Sister has done, and also as Kelly Clarkson has done in both her concerts and music videos.
    The new tattoo is still ok in character category, so I don’t mind, but I wouldn’t like her to overdo it because of the pain of putting it on, and the pain of removal later when she no longer wants it; I really think that trend is going away soon.
    This is just another beginning/evolution, and I expect to see more; I would like Charice to start co-writing her songs that are true to her life story and her own feelings.
    As Forrest Gump said, life is like a box of chocolates, and I think Chasters are very happy with what they’ve got out of the box. Congrats Princess, and break a leg for the rests of your Infinity Tour concerts!

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    • Auau says:
      Charice chemistry with Iyaz is the best I’ve ever seen of her when performing a duet. I wish to see her have the same chemistry when she sings duet with everyone. I know that is all about acting; maybe she should pretend she is singing to her MomRaquel or Oprah when they first met, to get the right chemistry for the camera.
      The one I know who is best in performing duet is Sarah Brightman, who has done duets with Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Jose Cura and many others; I suggest she should watch Sarah’s video and perhaps she could learn. Other duets of Charice that were ok were with Jackie and Cristian, who are still kids, so maybe Charice should pretend(as in acting) she is singing duet with another child, because she seems to connect easily with children.

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  15. surg702 says:
    Charice’s keyboard player’s rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight” puts Michael Buble’s version to shame. I hope this group stays together, perhaps add a saxophonist and experiment on a sound that is uniquely Charice.

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    • chaoster says:
      Keyboard player of the band, Troy Laureta seems to be good at what he’s doing. I think he should keep wearing his glasses; he looks more sexy and unique with the glasses. I’m sure there are female fans in the audience who would squirm upon seeing a bandmember who looks learned and a bookworm. It’s just something extra that gives him more personality. and it’s good for the band because people can distinguish the members even by their looks alone, otherwise they will just look alike from the distance. That is also complementary for Charice whenever she wears glasses. So to Troy: go back to wearing glasses, please. Only disregard this request if you’ve already gotten more propositions from the audience by not wearing glasses.

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  16. josheryl19 says:
    If you are looking for a REAL TALENT, no auto tune, or whatever more technology has to offer to sound good.. CHARICE is the real deal..The hell with those haters. Whatever things you say about her, all of them doesnt matter..not a damn thing..

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  17. ttyl says:
    Wow, wowza, wowza, wowza!! Who are you girl? OMG. Charice, you’ve come into your own. I’ve seen the videos of the Manila cncert and you were freaking, insanely awesome. You’ve definitely come into your own. BTW, love the hair platinum when bathed in the spotlight. You are a fantasy person. Your rendition this time of IWALY was out of this world. Your voice?? Wow, it’s like it’s got a life of its own but your the master. You’re amazing. Keep being who you are and being true to yourself.

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  18. AJL says:
    I totally understand other people’s sentiments! However, pre-judging Charice’s new look is uncalled for and below the belt. What some Filipinos do is so shameful and reflects poorly on their country. I wonder if they realize that we, here in the west and the rest of the world are just laughing at their idiocy? What a bunch of pathetic ingrates ! Charice is so talented, her vocal range is so awesome! Let’s face it Charice is one of the best singers in our generation.

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  19. Aiai says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  20. AJL says:
    An obvious example on how a person’s was raised to be broad minded and civil in every aspect of respecting other’s people’s life. Yes, Charice is an artist. Charice’s new hairstyle and attires has something to do with her Infinity tour and future projects. Every artist or performer has to follow and change their appearance based on the theme of the concert, shows or movies being portrayed upon. Please don’t judge Charice. All I know…I am for Charice forever. She’s amazing! Let’s all support Charice!!!

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  21. bob123 says:

    Its only in the Philippines questioning her gender because there are many conservative type in the PI. but in some other country specially japan.. its natural.. new generation now a days dressing like men like women.. Women got short hair and men got long hair..color hair is common, young women normally used rugged snaker shoe wiht t-shrit. Charice is a versatile and still young teenage singer and her management want to try with the new trend in the music industry. Her infinity song is more on R&B rock song than a ballad..

    She has to choose either to lose some of her conservative fans of their age 50 to 70 but gain some fans of 10 to 30 years old.

    This is management strategy to capture young audience which Charice don’t have compare to justin beiber.. For me even if im much older.. i like her rugged style rather than dancing like michael jackson with dress like maria clara or night gown dress. Anyway she can go back anytime as before.. But she is the most versatile singer known worldwide international caliber. So she has to try any possibilities

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  22. katrina says:
    I can’t help but admire the changes that Charice had very recently. She became more confident, articulate, honest and yet sweet to her fans. Maybe the reporter who asked her the question as to her sexual preference was surprised with her answer. The reporter found that Charice is no longer the pushover little girl that sometimes cried during interviews. Charice had grown to be assertive, honest yet respectful and humble. Go Charice and don’t worry we will always buy your CD’s and concert tickets

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  23. zen58 says:
    Cha,you’re the best!I’m so proud of you,more power to you and your band.God bless always!

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  24. ahemm I love charice actually I am her big fan I have a lot of album of her. She’s blessed with her angelic voice, in short she’s really TALENTED :) hehe

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  25. I love charice actually I am her big fan I have a lot of album of her. She’s blessed with her angelic voice, in short she’s really TALENTED :) hehe

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  26. genesis says:

    on charice’s tatoo she is like angelina jolie,jennifer aniston,sandra bullock and more… and i like them all………THATS HOLLYWOOD
    i continue to watch her in LAS VEGAS OR anywhere.i buy her albums
    or download her songs.if it makes me happy to see her,i simlpy say,

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  27. genesis says:
    at echusa–is it that painful to see charice succeed? tsk,tsk,tsk.
    you dont have to answer it,for everybody knows how you feel.
    advise to you—GET USE TO IT .ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha………….

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