Charice’s Infinity Tour 2012: Dubai, Singapore & Jakarta Videos

Charice’s Infinity Tour 2012: Dubai, Singapore & Jakarta Videos


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  1. Andry says:

    I have a suggestion that She shouldn’t cut her hair like that..

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  2. Hasta lamadong says:

    When i first time watched her on MBC4 oprah’s show.She sang there celine dion’s song because u love me.I am really shocked..Oh my God what a strong and powerful voice..and since that time i am her great fan i really love her voice…Charice ,Good luck and God bless u….

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  3. auau says:
    I’m so happy for Charice that her career is going well; it’s clearly having a direction and she’s so ahead of her game. Let jessica sing IWALY if she can, because I’m sure Charice would be happy that everyone gets the chance of a lifetime; there’s enough room for everyone who aspires to become stars in heaven, and more power to them. I’m especially proud that Charice is finally showing some good intuition just like Barbra, who btw was Whitney’s idol(I read about this) early in her career; that’s why Whitney strived to be perfect at first, and she was doing fine until she fell into some uncontrollable habits till her tragic end. Showbiz life is full of demons, who can attract anyone with a smile(part of this line is borrowed from a song by Sondheim) and I hope Charice will not come across them in her career, not with Chasters prayer.

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  4. Mamavi says:
    Thank you Chasters for all the videos.

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  5. krazyforyou says:
    Thank you so much for uploading your videos! God bless Charicemania and the global community of chasters! God bless Charice more and more!

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  6. erring_early says:
    take you down? not familiar with it. embarassing to admit but it’s not a charice song isn’t it?? i don’t remember this song at all!

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  7. Joel says:
    did she tattoo her arm??

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  8. Tala says:
    Does her gender really matter?
    I love Charice for her voice, her courage and strength to overcome what life gave her. I love her for never forgetting where she came from and using her experiences to reach her desired futured.
    The money I spent on her cds and concerts will never be an excuse to delve into her private life. Whatever she chooses to be, so be it. As fans, we can either choose to continue supporting her or not. She didn’t force us anyway.
    For me, I choose to remain a Chaster even if there are times that I don’t like her image or her clothes or her hair. It is she that matters not what I want. I’m a mere fan.
    A lot of times, fans forget that Charice is a person and not a machine. I hope that all the hate and criticisms she’s receiving will be covered by real Chasters’ love and appreciation.

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    • ConcernedFan says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Noyb says:
        I don’t think her sexual orientation will affect her popularity one way or the other. Granting she is a tomboy or whatever …. Does it make her less of a person or a human being? ….. I don’t think so.

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    • rudee87 says:
      we to go tala, rudi here, the one you met yesterday, it was great meeting a fellow iska sharing thesame passion for charice..
      i totally agree with you, fans should not forget that she is not a machine and there more than what we see here physically.

      see you around..

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  9. yours4everz says:
    I’ve seen all of Charice 2012 concerts on youtube & what can I say…AWESOME!!! Her voice, WOW! & to all Chasters who went to the concert…YOU ROCK! & you are sooooo lucky to see & hear her live.

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  10. Dr tirone R kenny says:
    well cha– we had planned this off and on, and hoped to meet more chasters, I’d hoped to make it to Meet and Greet, but plans were drawn up concurrently to spend time wiht the elders– I spent most of my vacation working, and the concert was a nice night out with the wify, and it was like being serenated by someone with inexplicable range but at the same time, someone who;s form your temple or work. I am thankful– Cha cha, take care and hope to see you soon, and thank you for bringing us together

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  11. reynaldo says:
    oh what a talent I’ve fell the shivers in my spine!!!!!

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  12. minbeauty7 says:
    I still love charice…but in my heart there is that longing for her natural amazing way of concerts she had performed for us…the true image of a Filipina girl even to reach the optimum of success…especially in dressing up but this is what she wants and feels great so just wish her the best of someday in showbiz.

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  13. Patrick says:
    Wow please give more updates on her thank you. whats the update on KCA voting guys?

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  14. julio says:
    Charice, taking Asia by storm!…gogoogooo..Charice

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  15. justcharrie says:
    I initially planned not to watch Infinity videos till after I watch the Japan tour but the CHAforce is so great I couldn’t resist. Not yet done but I can conclude that the tour is a success. Congratulations Charice! More power and Goodluck on the rest of the shows’

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