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The Mathematics of Chaddiction

The Mathematics of Chaddiction

No! This ain’t about differential and integral calculus that make many engineering and science students curse Newton and Leibniz in inventing them. It’s the mathematics of chaddiction and all that jazz!

It’s about obtaining the most efficient click-per-second in an online voting for Charice; the question whether hitting F5 buys more time than hitting other category and back; the calculation of time differences among all chasters to come up with the best timing to successfully trend anything about Charice on Twitter; the estimation of N/S, the ratio of number of browsers opened versus the speed of your internet connection to amplify YouTube’s view counter of Charice’s MTVs and videos and the likes.

When all that matters in online popularity competitions is statistics, the math of chaddiction plays a vital role in bagging home the trophy. We chasters aren’t as massive as the ‘monsters’, the ‘beliebers’ or the ‘swifties’. While it is true that there is strength in numbers, in the cyber traffic where a physical count doesn’t necessarily equate to a virtual count, it all winds down to battle of the wits.

When that certain Indonesian website included Charice in their poll in late last year featuring heavyweights in the music industry like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Britney, who would have thought Charice would top the race? The fandom from the other sides may be massive but if they have only a click or two per person, then no wonder they lagged behind since they were only generating a linear line on the graph. Every chaster on the other hand had clicked as much as hundreds of swifties combined clicks so we still got the win no matter how underdog and outnumbered we were. In the Cartesian coordinate system, Mr Linear was no match to Mr Exponential.

vote 801x1024 The Mathematics of Chaddiction2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards should be no different story. But since Indonesians, Malaysians and Koreans maybe as hungry as we are and considering many of Charice’s fans from those countries may root for their own stars, we have to be so efficient in our methodology of clicking. We may start analysing whether clicking a category and back after each voting saves more time than hitting F5 or refresh. This was observed by a certain chaster and was brought up in CM and kudos to her, I found her method more efficient with my current connection speed. Hitting F5 gives me 10-15 seconds per vote (plus refresh time) while clicking on any category and clicking back to Charice’s category yields a stunning 3 seconds cycle! It is also good to consider whether voting while working on other stuffs in your PC/laptop (that includes chatting on CM) generate more votes rather than either vote or work in any given time. I have calculated that allocating 15 minutes for purely voting will generate more votes than one hour of voting while chatting and doing paperworks.

There had been numerous attempts to trend Charice, or anything about her, especially when she had incoming shows or songs. Chasters fairly had a share in that category over the past years but still most of the attempts didn’t come out as how they wanted to. This iffy and complex mechanics of setting a trending topic is like gigantic barrier that needs furious and calculating minds to break. Considering the time differences of all chasters should give a clue as what time of the 24-hour day has the most numbers of chasters online. Any attempt to launch a trending topic with only few chasters concentrated in a tiny place would give a slim chance of success. And if this tactic’s coupled by the ever reliable power of multiple clicking/typing per chaster, chances of success should be way higher.

The mathematics of chaddiction is most helpful in amplifying the generation of YouTube viewer counter for Charice’s videos. More parameters have to be considered in opening multiple browsers to generate more views. The internet connection speed is the limit of all these. Opening only 3 browsers with your computer and connection speed smoothly catching up with the required video streaming is way more efficient than opening 10 browsers plagued with heavy lag time.

We chasters take pride in our ingenious ways of showcasing Charice to more and more people and to the whole world. There is just so much beauty and inspiration coming from that tiny and humble being for us to not tell about her. But with the ever increasing complexity and difficulty of global competition for our princess Charice, pure passion, unquenchable desire and unparalleled loyalty will not be enough without our ingenuity and wittiness.

Not to worry, the mathematics of chaddiction doesn’t require us to solve for X and Y but only for C which stands for CHARICE.

Keep on voting Charice as Favorite Asian Act for 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Mouse over link to vote using mobile version:  2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award

By Chaketeer,

96 Responses to “The Mathematics of Chaddiction”

  1. Misua says:
    You nailed it again Chake!!! Now go to one of Chasters gathering and Charice concert, then write something about them. Oh, don’t forget to take some pics (:

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  2. Lisbon says:
    Wow nice article Chakeeeeee. wootttt…
    I read the article and I thought this is from a new source. In fact, I was so amazed when I read your name!!! I knew you’re a good writer as I once called you Chakespeare hahaha when I read your poem. Keep on posting new articles my friend… hehehe

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  3. Schoen says:
    Thanks for submitting this write-up Chake! Thanks for taking the 2-hour-time to post AnonymousFanatic (you’re getting rusty! lol) I asked Chake too, it’s like teaching the “enemies” lol but it’s a healty and witty competition right?

    Chaketeer is a writer we “discovered” for and from ChariceTVCrew by the way. Check his other articles too.

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    • AnonymousFanatic says:

      Thanks Chake.. it was a good read.. very interesting and witty article!

      Schoen,,, rusty indeed! lol!!

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  4. dinbieber says:
    I will tell my classmates, friends, family, relatives, my whole clan here to vote for Charice. We will have the numbers. Charice will win!

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  5. trishahae says:
    I will keep voting until my thumb gets sore. I will make sure that our Princess Charice will win this award. I will also pray that Charice will make it. Please vote for her peeps, please….

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  6. paul says:
    i like this article… more ideas like this please.. i believe that the more project she’ll have the more chaddicts to come..too. vote vote vote

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  7. nownow says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. ymma says:
    Brilliant write-up, iskulmeyt. Thank you for giving a math flavor to Chaddiction. You have a beautiful mind. LOL

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  9. paoloitalia says:
    Im very much old for this (75 Yrs old)but happy doin my part..voted and still voting,wish to know the result too…ciao dal Italia…

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  10. margaux says:
    i used 25 computers from our computer shop to vote for charice and i have exceeded the voting per pc unit.i’ll delete cookies tom. so i can start voting again. this is what one can do if on leave!!i’ll pray hard that she win it!

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  11. nownow says:
    Slow news week eh? So we have to wait till the first week of March before we could see some activity on this site and chasters in general.

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  12. milkyway says:
    very nice post indeed.

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  13. angeluriel82 says:
    You don’t need to restart your computer NOR go to control panel, just click the TOOLS (upper-left on your screen) then click Delete Browsing History. And vote again and again…infinitely.

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  14. kamote says:
    You dont need to restart your computer.. just go to control panel.. then go to Network and Internet.. then delete browsing histories and cookies… then you can vote infinitely..

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  15. CHAccount says:
    I’ve exceeded the amounts of votes allowed. Enough for the day. Voting back tomorrow.

    Right now I’m going to the site of poptastic female singer for 2012 and see if you Chasters already casted your votes. If not please do so now.

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  16. Sonny says:
    done voting for the day. i now get the message “you have exceeded the amount of votes allowed.”

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    • Sonny says:
      wow! i can vote again for Charice using another web browser. I used google chrome the first set of voting and then i thought maybe i can vote for charice using another browser. I used windows internet explorer and voila, i can vote again.

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  17. WGFan21 says:
    thank you sir chaketeer for personally sending us this link. We WGFans appreciate your help!

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  18. odie052 says:
    Done voting for the day. Have reach the limit of number of votes. All Chaadicts is required to do their share or else you will be penalize hehe

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  19. EllenZ says:
    I don’t think that’s right. The rule is when you post in capital letters it is like you’re shouting or screaming at the readers. In offices, for instance, emailing or posting in caps are not recommended.

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  20. cancon says:
    I think you should not post your techniques & formulas here…CM is an open website..even haters visit this site…you know what I mean,guys..

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  21. cancon says:
    For me, i think Bote is right…

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  22. Bote says:
    I’m just a little apprehensive about revealing our secret like this. It might be seen by haters and spread to those who might be ticked and decide to do something that could derail voting, if ever. Just worried that’s all.

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  23. justcharrie says:
    Seeing the title of the article had me having a second thought whether I was reading it right that it comes from Charicemania. Mathematics? What’s got to do with Charice? And I smile reading through – very nice article! I’m glad that the rule is…Having No Rules! I believe Chasters have the reputation of giving a good fight when it comes to voting cuz we’re always determined to get the crown for our princess. Bravo Chaketeer!

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  24. truepinoy63 says:
    I haven’t used my index finger this much since middle school playing video games…lol

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  25. IJAbraham says:
    This article reads like “The Discrete Mathematics of Chaddiction”. Good article, good, read. Stay strong Charice.

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  26. bianca says:
    Our dedication to Charice is as great as the other fandoms :) Let’s win this for Charice chasters!! Ps. I never liked math until I read this article ;)

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  27. NYChaster says:
    Even though many times i believe Chasters are out numbered in these voting wars…our perseverence and dedication help us bring Charice to victory. Where else could you find fans more devoted? Never forget how special you are to us Charice! ^_^ Chasters rock!!

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  28. eve says:
    very clever write-up Chaketeer, making a dry subject actually fun to read, no easy feat! Welcome to the Charicemania team.

    Chasters are really innovative, it seems. Charice has the most dedicated fans in the world. The best like Charice herself!

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  29. sharisufan says:
    love this article :)

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    • sharisufan says:
      for me, i open 5 windows of the voting webpage in google chrome, position the voting botton as near as possible at the top, position a left finger at F5, and hold the mouse with my right hand & a finger at 3rd mouse scroll/botton. i seat as comfortably as possible with the monitor without any glare. as soon as i click and see the check mark, i press F5 while the mouse arrow is on the next window to click right after pressing F5. i can do this for 20-40mins straight – done it 3 times yesterday with interval in-between to rest and do other chores. my estimate is 5secs/vote, including clearing the browsing data. two hands are better/faster than 1…the closer the window and voting bottons, the better/easier/faster the movement of the mouse arrow. :)…MATHEMATICS OF CHADDICTION indeed :)

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  30. CLFan says:
    Nice read and article. Thanks for sharing it Chaketeer I love all the equation and formulas you presented. Who would think that Mathematics will be part of our Charice, only in Chasterland. Let’s go Chaster.

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