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The Mathematics of Chaddiction

The Mathematics of Chaddiction

96 Responses to “The Mathematics of Chaddiction”

  1. Koreen says:

    I voted her everyday until it says: you have reached the amount of votes allowed.

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  2. leilaniandson says:
    Stop fighting guys. Just keep on voting. I have been voting the Nick Asia link. Is there a way to see her status?

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  3. riza says:
    Chaddict I’m with you on that hair thing. I know some would say leave her alone, but I do think celebrities whether they’re from the Western world or from Asia become so big or become superstars because of their fans or followers. So I think we have the right to express our opinion whether people like it or not. I figured you want to be an Entertainer, please realize that you’re already somewhat a public property. Your privacy is gone. And i’m also losing interest, and something must have happened. No more David Foster, Mark, her publisher Liz, and no more Glee. I’m an American with a filipino mother and an American dad, and was so proud of Charice, even if I had visited the Philippines only once when I was 10 years old, 14 year ago.

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  4. chaddict says:
    I luv charice but I do hope when she comes back here in the US that she comes back BIG with her 2nd US album. Im not so excited about her Infinity tour happening right now coz Im not in Asia…however, I can watched them on you tube but I started realizing that my feelings for Charice as an avid fan is slowly disappearing. I dont know why. I dont like her new looks? The hair is not for her. Unless, she wants to look like that more power to her but I truly hope that she seek a professional stylist here in America to change her looks coz the hair she is wearing now is just NOT gonna sell in AMERICA. She is beautiful with the Long hair why did she cut it??? She’s more sexier with her long hair. Now I dont know what think? WHY Please someone talk to her. Thank you.

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  5. smnet says:
    tickets for the Araneta concert that not yet sold as of march 4 2012 9:26 pm philippines: P7,620—-148 seats P5860—–203 seats P4690—-692 seats P4690—–87 P3520—-197 seats P2345—–1364 seats P1175—–2284 seats P470—–2191 seats

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  6. sharisufan says:
    Has anyone encountered still having the message ‘exceeded the amount of votes allowed’ even when they already cleared their browsing history/data, changed browser or restarted their computer? After voting non-stop since 24 Feb, this just happened to me yesterday and I cannot vote anymore :( Thus now i’m just promoting. Any suggestions?

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    • justanotherchaster says:
      Yeah, I got this error too today. I just changed my browser and happily continued voting.

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    • iking says:
      it’s the cookies that you need to delete after exceeding the vote limit; and then go back to the voting site and refresh it; if refresh doesn’t work, exit the site and get in again. this has been working for me for almost a week now…

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    • yours4everz says:
      You can vote everyday single day. That happened to me too that I exceeded the amount of votes allowed. You just have to wait & vote again after 24 hrs. If you voted at 6:15 pm yesterday you have to come back on the site & vote again like at 6:20 pm just to make sure it was past 24 hrs. LOL,that’s what I did & I keep on voting again & again everyday :))

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  7. DavidPoster says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Ruben says:
      Bitter?.. then stop commenting here you !!! They spent a lot of time on this stupid article, if you don’t appreciate it then get out of here

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    • BELZie says:
      Bitter…then stop commenting here CRAB !! They already wasted a lot of time & efforts doing this stupid article.. if you don’t appreciate it then get outta here.. Stupid !!

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  8. DavidPoster says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • lyn montero says:
      hello DavidPoster… xtra nice and sweet to all the moderators here..I (we) know you love Charice..we can be a whole happy Chasters family with our princess CHARICE….

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  9. CHAccount says:
    Hope Charice is not focusing to be an Asian Celebrity. She really meant to be an International Celebrity. I’m not saying Asians are less talented, of course they are, Charice is one example.

    Charice darling spend more time in U.S. This is where your talent is.

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    • Chartista says:
      There’s nothing wrong being an Asian Celebrity. Take note on who’s dominating the Japanese (2nd biggest in the music industry) and Korean music charts? you think it’s the Americans? i don’t think so. Japan, Korea, Vietnamese, Singaporeans, etc embrace their own music and talent. It’s already a big surprise that Charice was able to rank within top 5 (J-pop and other Asian Music Rankings) and yet we crave for more.
      Please let us be honest if Charice’s latest album can’t even last 5 or 10 weeks in the Philippine music charts. Do you still expect it will last in Japan or best in the US?
      I’m just being realistic but neither am I a pessimist. Let’s not put a lot of expectations from Charice that she will be the biggest star in the US in the next couple of years.

      Take note that Western fans is still having a hard time embracing Asian talents no matter how ridiculously good we are at almost everything. Voting Online as many as we can would help her a bit, but it will definitely backfire eventually.

      Imagine Charice receiving an award in the “US” due to overwhelming number of votes and at the back of each audiences mind they say “Who’s she?”

      Let’s warm the oven first before putting the food :-)


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      • chaketeer says:
        chartista, you are very sensible.

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      • RodBelt says:
        I totally agree with your observations. I just think that some fans are so obsessed with Charice’s talents that, subconsciously, impatience takes the better out of them as to why Charice is not yet at the top where she belongs. Time and again I have posted that the best did not hit them big till they were 21 Barbra, Whitney and Celine among them. BTW, Celine came from just north of the border, yet it took her a while to break into the U market. the border Charice will just be 20 comes May. Add to this that Charice, being Asian, still had some cultural barriers to cross yet, she has reached a level where no Asian has gone before. Just remember: PATIENCE IS VIRTUE AND SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION.

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  10. Jessy says:
    Not sure if she is doing a good job on being a judge on that show, but asian tv minutes will also help her! I think chaddiction will get all over the world, and check things like this;

    She has the most popular page on that site, even though she is not even in the top 100.

    Go Charice!

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    • Auau says:
      I wish people would stop talking about how much fortune Charice has accumulated; $18 million is just what some hot artists in Hollywood get paid by just doing one movie; it’s better to talk at this time about turning/maintaining Charice into a hot property in showbiz first, and that is done by perfecting her art first, in which she has a lot more to learn. Too much concern about money in relation to art is boring. I would like to see Charice have good intuitions and show good judgment in her every work, because that is gonna help her longevity. Artist who start feeling rich becomes spoiled, lacy, complacent and and start turning shoddy products unless they are wise to remember how they felt being poor in the beginning of the careers. Charice should consistently feel and sing like the way she was singing for Oprah the first time she was a guest in her show; that was her best performance and she should keep it that way everytime she performs. Talk about Charice money in a few more years from now.

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      • Auau says:
        And by the way, no matter what amount of money one has, if that person hasn’t achieved/developed a truly beautiful, remarkable sense of style or taste in art, then all you’ve got is an eyesore. That is what I would like Charice, young and beautiful as she is, to be aware of; I know Charice is showing a lot wisdom for her age, and I believe in her because she’s got a lot of potentials.

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  11. ttyl says:
    Just doing my regular tour of the Charice fansites and noticed this on apparently from Gulf News and I hope it isn’t true:

    “Talk about life coming full circle — and that too before you’ve even properly hit 20. Later this year, after she’s wrapped up the Asian leg of her Infinity Tour — which includes a gig in Dubai on Friday — Filipino sensation Charice Pempengco will sit on the judging table of her country’s version of reality singing show X Factor.”

    WHAT??? Her being a judge on Filipino X factor is the worst thing ever! Sorry, but this seems to be telling me she’s focusing on an Asian career. Tell me it isn’t true. Does anyone have any take on this news?

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    • bluedanube says:
      Some know me, I am white central European and I am an admirer of Charice for many reasons.
      So I can only hope that my thoughts don’t get to many red hands because I have no interest to “comply” or anything.

      I am opposing the franchise machineries of FOX TV for a lot of cultural and political reasons, which is off topic.

      Charice on Pinoy X Factor well if it’s good and she decides she can help some newcomers and entertain her audience, so that’s ok to me.

      But as a European observing our own particular difficult fate I have difficulty to understand why Charice should give up on her own country just because she could _perhaps_ be more successful somewhere else, or at least make more money, on recommendation of folks who already gave up for personal reasons and make a better living e.g. in America.
      Her endeavour is cultural, musical, idealistic (because she need not work any more with the money already earned), and political in the meaning that she lives a dream that should not have any national tag or monopoly. She made it big from a poor situation and fought to be accepted and rarely someone has achieved more, except perhaps a few guys like our own Frank Stronach which is a different era and different industry.

      What I feel, it must be dangerous and difficult to leave home for good. It goes very deep into ones inner identity and motivation. To me, this explains some difficulties and how Charice can appear a bit exhausted.

      To me, her best concert ever was the Valentine with Ryan C.
      It had the most power, and best personality and credibility.
      Life is boring without change. But where is our best energy? How far can we go away from that?
      Many times I heard Charice tell that success in the Philippines is a major wish and motivation to her.

      So, for my taste and feeling, I love what Charice does as a 100% domestic person. American productions were all nice and wonderful, but the real goosebumps factor for me is definitely the genuine style.

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      • bluedanube says:
        2011 and 2012 Valentine shows were great too.
        maturity, experience, training and rehearsing, inspiration by foreign work etc.
        it rewards well.

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  12. ttyl says:
    Is the voting only for people in Asia? I’m here in US and am getting the message:

    showCategory; unable to get value of the property ‘length’: object is null or undefined.

    I used the link that was posted by someone here at Charicemania. Does anyone have a valid and tested link from someone who’s accessed it here in US? Can we vote?

    As for her hair, well the one in the video does look like a greenish wig but the picture of her in PJWhite’s webpage looks like her real hair… so who knows. She may have a surprise for us all.

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    • ysabel912 says:
      Let’s be cool Chasters…. the site has been down since yesterday and no one knows the reason why…. maybe the votes for Charice flooded it and it bugged down…lol!!anyway, patience is the virtue…. let’s hang on and be watchful of everything that’s taking place….we will make Charice win this award because she deserves it…other nominees have a lot of fans and supporters too but i am pretty sure that no fans club at the moment can equal the overwhelming passion and dedication of the CHASTERS!!!!!…. long live CHARICE!!!God bless us all!!!

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    • ChasterLei says:

      Hi ttyl! I’m in the US and able to vote. Your computer settings might need some resetting. Or the error you countered might have been a glitch as the site gets bogged down sometimes. When that happens, if you have Twitter, tweet Nickelodion2012 and ask them to fix it. That’s what I’ve done. So far no glitches. Here’s the link:

      Keep voting!!! Thanks for your dedication.

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  13. Charrific says:
    Can’t vote, from Texas. Wonder why???

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  14. CHAccount says:
    I wanted to vote but the website is not working.

    Does anybody get this message?

    Message from Webpage

    Show category:’this.getParams0.categories.lenght’is null or not an object. Then OK.

    Any idea please?

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  15. Chartista says:
    “obtaining the most efficent number of clicks/second”? –> let’s say she wins the award based on the number of votes, what’s next after this?

    are we still relying on Youtube viewership?

    Airtime, airtime, airtime ….Charice needs music airtime in the US for exposure!!!

    Not clicks per second.


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  16. tnt says:
    How about law of momentum or acceleration?

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  17. patrick says:
    Fight Chasters we will win this Com’on guys ………….

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  18. margaux says:
    i just visited the twitter of agnezmonica(she’s the other KCA nominee) and it says there that she is leading by 32% of votes, next is wondergirls 28% and chARice is 22% baSED on unofficial tally by nick.i know it is still early esp.with the infinity tour kicking in march.but people, we need more support!we need to make sure we’ll win this!

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    • patrick says:
      Yeah as in full support I already used my 3 FB account and my 3 FB pages as well plus my other social networking account to encourage people to vote for her. Please Chasters we need this Charice’s success is also ours.

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  19. Joel says:

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  20. Saudi arabia says:
    I spend an Hour everynight before i sleep just to vote charice, i hope she will win, i shared the link in my facebook and twitter to get attention to all my friends, so chasters please help charice to win,,,

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  21. cancon says:
    I hope she did not cut her hair..long hair is one of her assets..btw..don’t forget to vote for Charice in Nickeledeon’s Kids Choice Awards for Favourite Asian Acts 2012!

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    • khatman says:
      It’s not that short – it’s shoulder length but thinned out.

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    • auau says:
      No worry, long hair can always be achieved nowadays by use of extensions. It’s good Charice is experimenting with different looks; artist need to reinvent themselves to entertain their fans. I’m looking forward to seeing a picture of Charice with her new short hair.

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  22. Laura says:
    Actually, I like her short hair and color. She looks like Lightning in Final Fantasy. It will be killer if she wear those outfit they have in that Final Fantasy.

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    • auau says:

      I agree; I’m a little bit a science fiction fanatic myself and mesmerized at the sight of some characters in well made costumes in sci-fi movies/series. Charice stated a few times that she wants to do scary movies and I hope she does sci-fi movies.

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  23. derrick says:
    I think with the right clothing and styling, her new hair will look good, i didn’t see her hair fully when she covered it with a hat but im hoping it’ll work for her, it’ll be nice change seeing Charice’s new appearance now..

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  24. lancecobi says:
    Geez, people are discussing about her hair instead of the topic?!!!…

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  25. truepinoy63 says:
    C’mon people, do you actually believe that Charice will cut her hair short. I’ve seen her with this style before, it’s a WIG!

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  26. ttyl says:
    It does seem indeed true that Charice has cut and colored her hair to some blondish shade if pictures on PJ’s cover page and video is to be believed. We’ll just have to wait and see how this all pans out in March when she begins her concert tour. At her age, body image, style and fashion are always in constant flux and experimentation. No significant artist (think Rhianna) ever stays looking the same. I’m all for it. I think it’s bold and daring for her to do that. All those who have been wanting Charice to change her image may now just be getting what they want and for those who wishes she would remain the same … oh well. Remember folks, she’s 19. Cut her some slack, give her room to grow … she’ll find who she truly is. Did you see Adele before she became Ms. bobbed hair diva? It’s all image baby. Remember, Charice is in the entertainment industry. And when I say entertainment industry, I really don’t mean PI.

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    • khatman says:
      One thing about short hair it is easier to care for and Charice may be wearing wigs instead of extentions.

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    • luckieme510 says:
      I agree.. give her some slack guys! I think it is cute tho. Blonde looked good and becomes her. that’s just my opinion. I like it for a change! (: not permanently. I still prefer her straight long hair. labyo, Cha!

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    • Bing says:

      I agree with you ttyl, Charice is beyond PI intertainment industry and her calibre is of world standard – comparable with the big names such as Celline, Whitney, Mariah Gaga etc..

      If you notice, her bullies or bashers are Filipinos in the Phils and they find it hard to understand the world picture, thinking that Charice has to fit in only into their little and often inconsistent standards

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