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Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre-Concert Gathering

Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre-Concert Gathering

Update: March 11, Duet video of Charice and our very own Chaster Beda added!

So Chasters, we thought Araneta concert was a lot of fun? Well, now watch what the Cebu concert has to offer! Watch the video below and see how Beda “stole” the night’s show singing with Charice “Before It Explodes”. Charice paused after the first lines and asked the audience, “who knows the song?”. Someone raised her hand so fast and jumped up the stage! To the surprise of everyone (because she’s quite famous in Chasters’ world), it was BEDA! For those who don’t know her, she’s one of the organizers for Chaster’s gatherings, promoter of Charice’s concert included, one of the loyal Chasters out there. Enjoy.

My favorite part was, when it looks like she didn’t want to return the microphone to Charice. Beda you are so cool, you rocked the Waterfront venue and now…can’t be reached anymore. (lmao)


Whew! Good news from Cebu: Charice’s concert at Waterfront Hotel in Cebu is now totally sold out! Thanks to the untiring efforts of the Chasters in Cebu headed by Ejadroba, Dryavco, Gladot, and the rest of the Cebu Chasters Promotion Team!

ceb1 300x226 Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre Concert Gathering

Click on the image for the source link.

As the Chasters went about promoting, they found out people were not aware that Charice was having a concert at the Waterfront on the 11th… the T-Shirts they wore was a big help, then the fans were approaching them asking what’s up? After some explanations, the inquiring fans texted their friends and the friends texted their other friends and so on…..Eja’s been sleeping late because he was busy answering e-mails for ticket inquiries while still organizing the gathering and the tickets for incoming Chasters to Cebu.

As we’ve heard today, Charice is now in Manila and we hope to see her media presence giving interviews to promote her concerts in her homeland. And as usual, we can’t wait for the new high quality videos that we will post after the Philippine concerts in a comprehensive report.

We are counting the days until we see Charice LIVE in Cebu on March 11th, 2012 on her first major solo concert at the Waterfront Hotel Lahug. Again, we are inviting everyone for the first time in Cebu Chasters from all over the world, to come and join us in celebrating this very special and momentous day. A simple gathering with a BUFFET LUNCH. For those of us travelling by land, sea and air, we say journeying mercies!!! See You soon CHASTERS!!!

WHAT     :          CHASTERS’ Pre-Concert Gathering Cebu

WHERE   :          Neo Neo Grill & Seafood Restaurant, Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo, Cebu

WHEN     :          March 11, 2012

TIME       :           Registration starts at 10:00 am, LUNCH will be served at 11:30 am

After 2 pm, Chasters from Manila, Iloilo and Mindanao you have time for a sightseeing (or site seeing according to Eja – maybe his site lol) to some tourist spots in Cebu like for example the Magellan Cross, Sto Nino de Basilica, Taoist Temple, Lapu Lapu Shrine, AsiaTown IT Park and Fort San Pedro. Of course, Girls need a little time to retouch and dress up before the Concert starts! But nevertheless, we are suggesting not to miss some of Cebu’s beautiful spots! Definitely worth it.

cebu11 Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre Concert Gathering

Hello Chasters! Thanks for registering. We are all surely excited to meet our fellow Chasters. Each attendee should pay Php 250 for the lunch and other expenses.

NAME Remarks

  1. Dorly Salvacion confirmed
  2. Gladys Bate confirmed
  3. Eja Droba confirmed(pre-gathering only)
  4. Corazon Concepion confirmed
  5. Nanoy Khu confirmed
  6. Roger Esperidion cofirmed
  7. Adonis Enricuso confirmed
  8. Rachel Bautista confirmed
  9. Rcahel bautista – brother confirmed
  10. Nege Cali confirmed
  11. Jojie – Europe WL
  12. Ymma Chasters confirmed
  13. Ninja1 confirmed
  14. Ninja2 confirmed
  15. Mharice confirmed
  16. Jerremiah confirmed
  17. Cha Confidence confirmed
  18. Catherine Papa confirmed
  19. Marc Neil Puansing confirmed
  20. Floyd Erado Maldepena confirmed
  21. Tala confirmed
  22. Jojo Portugal confirmed
  23. Jasmin Dampac confirmed
  24. Duke Abella confirmed
  25. Vinna Dato confirmed
  26. Vinna – friend confirmed
  27. Ninja3 Chaster confirmed
  28. Ninja4 Chaster confirmed
  29. Ninja5 chaster confirmed
  30. Ninja6 confirm
  31. Ydnar wl
  32. Ydnar – friend wl
  33. Edleson Llamda wl
  34. Chadventurer
  35. Chadventurer friend 1
  36. Chadventurer friend 2
  37. Chadventurer friend 3
  38. Kuya Hatcher234
  39. Jethro
  40. John
  41. Reth
  42. Ninja7
  43. Ninja8
  44. Mark
  45. Blaine
  46. Dan P.
  47. Archie S.
  48. Loel
  49. An Yangco
  50. Ceejoy Madarcos
  51. Maine
  52. Xavier
  53. jamwil29
  54. Peregrina Yares
  55. Kristos Yares
  56. Jsa Boulala

Chasters, if you have any questions,please don’t hesitate to email me See you on March 11 Chasters

Please confirm your attendance with your FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS on the comment section below. Due to the venue’s limited capacity, we can only accommodate the first 60-70 registrants. Please bring Php 250.00 for the lunch and other expenses. Volunteer organizers can’t shoulder all expenses, we hope you understand. (Note: otherwise charge to Eja! lol)

We will be extremely thankful for your valuable presence. Don’t miss out on this chance to bond and experience the joy of being with your fellow Chaddicts! So, what are you waiting for? Register now! Surprise gifts awaits for the lucky Chasters: Infinity CD’s and Mugs!

Coordinator/Organizer/All-in-one contact person in Cebu: Eja’s email

by Eja,

159 Responses to “Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre-Concert Gathering”

  1. ab.bonita says:
    CEBU CHASTERS rockz! \m/,

    Thank you guys for all the efforts. You guys are awesome!

    KUDOS to all Chasters around the globe who are doing the best they can to help promote Charice and to all those chaster warriors out there who have been protecting our princess from the crabsters trolling around. We appreciate every single thing you do. Your love, support and dedication to charice were beyond I could ever imagine. It was amazing to see all chasters UNITED and helping out each other… ALL FOR THE LOVE OF CHA!


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  2. beethedee says:
    Nice one here! They both have fun! Please also upload Troy’s version of “Usahay.” :)

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 26 Thumb down 1

  3. abeng1127 says:
    congratulation CEBUchaster…………

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 34 Thumb down 1

  4. justanotherchaster says:
    Whoops, I caught myself throwing a rock sign in the air while watching the video. They both rocked it out yo!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 31 Thumb down 1

  5. justafan says:
    Damn, sure miss that Charice look on that poster. I find it kinda funny though, SHE GOT THE LAST LAUGH! Look at the poster. She is staging her own concert now. Her picture is the main thing on that poster with IYAZ as the main guest, then all her opponents on that show she got 3rd in are all at the bottom. Congratulations Charice! You did it. Hope to see you looking hot and feminine again. Haha.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 44 Thumb down 1

  6. Marie says:
    Beda, you Rock girl! Well done! I want more… I wish next time you will have another duet.

    Congratulations Charice & the your band. Thank you Courtney for taking care of our darling Charice. Labyo, labyo!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 38 Thumb down 1

  7. Sonny says:
    Wow! Beda joining Charice on stage is really cool, it is fun to see them enjoying. and look at Troy, he is also enjoying it, lol. Beda, Beda, Beda, Beda . . . WOOT WOOT

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  8. Suvaree Lara says:
    Hi there Cebu Chasters, you guys are so lucky to see Charice in person and having fun. Her fans all over the world are growing. That is our Princess Charice always involved her fans in her success. Way to go and Chasters more power for us and to our Princess. No one in this world, in this generation could have a talent and personality like hers. We met Charice in Tampa, Florida and she is the same as before, always have time for her fans even though she is tired sometimes. No wonder David Foster, Oprah, her family and management are so proud of her. We will just wait for our turn here in USA. Because of that we will be Chasters forever…

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  9. josheryl19 says:
    i want to kill myself for missing this great great event.damn!!! How could I?? Im here in cebu..working at IT Park, water front is just right across the street.. How stupid , How lame am I missing this..grrrrrr.. My heart is bleeding :(

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 42 Thumb down 3

  10. justcharrie says:
    OMG beda!!! You were just still beginning to go up the stage but I found myself clapping already cheering for you! Yeah, Chasters represent! You’re so COOL bev whew! That was so much FUN!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 46 Thumb down 2

  11. FlorOfTexas says:

    Sorry, Charice. I won’t be able to talk about your greatness on this website because they won’t allow me to make comments on this site anymore. I have no clue, why? But, anyhow, here I am your fan. I will keep on watching you thru You Tube. Bye.

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  12. tnt says:
    This is one thing about Charice,she can call anyone on the stage…

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  13. CHAccount says:
    I don’t know what happened there. That is forget not forge.

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  14. CHAccount says:
    Good Luck everybody. Hope you ALL have Fun.

    Just a reminder. Chasters please don’t forge,keep voting for Charice for Kid’s Choice Awards 2012. We want her to win.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 1

  15. RodBelt says:
    Stooping down to their level is a waste of your time and lowering your status as well by posting in the vernacular. Please don’t do it again.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

    • Ro Gum says:

      I had to dig deep down in my memories of Tagalog Komiks language to come up with those words. I now realized two more reasons why Charice is not appreciated by some Filipinos, her countrymen: LIBEL which is a crime is some countries; there are some published articles in Filipino e-Tabloids that spread lies about her. Some purports to be news or opinions and ends with “Just Saying” or “Sabi ko lang”. SLANDER- Twitter (taking place of spoken words) is being used by some people to spread hate words and lies about her. Both libel and slander are crimes in some countries and/or subject to civil litigation where monetary fines have to be paid by the wrongdoer to the wronged party. When lies, whether libel or slander, are spread by people a degree of damage is already done by virtue of the negative impact on people’s mind. When it is done over the Internet then it is worst than cyber bullying. Negative impressions are formed in people’s mind whether they believe it or not. It is sort of mental polution. And this is what I experienced when I peeked at the web-site mentioned in the posting. It has the effect of being splashed with mud or much worse. I had to sleep off the mental polution from those website or e-tabloids. What sort of impressions would be made on people who are undecided, impressionable, or uninformed. It’s like being in politics, Charice’s popularity is being attacked for no valid reason. And she is a singer, not a politician. In short, some of her haters and detractors are commiting criminal acts.

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  16. AngelFace101 says:
    It is so obvious that most people who are apprehensive of Charice’s transformation are mostly middle aged (not everyone I said “most”) fans. The reason? Because if Charice continues to transform to the likes of Rihanna or Avril then the MAFs will be hesitant to go to her concerts – Thinking that most attendees will be largely/majority belong to younger crowd. Hey if this is so – I say don’t shy away- I know some who don’t and they are having good times everytime they get together. Remember folks Charice crowd is FROM 8 TO 88. 8 is infinity sign if laid down to its side. COINCIDENCE? Believe it or Not.

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  17. EdelsonLlamada says:
    Thank God and someone answered my prayers. Kitakits bukas chasters. and a BIG Thanks to Ms. Anne Bernadette and Sir Eja for helping me out and to the anonymous sponsor who gave me a chance to see my idol tomorrow. A BIG AND WARM THANK YOU! I couldn’t just hide my smile and excitement. God Bless us all. and THANK YOU AGAIN! :)

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 27 Thumb down 1

    • ab.bonita says:
      You’re most welcome Edelson. We’re just the bridge, the thanks should all go to your Chaster Angel. I hope you did enjoy the concert. =)

      Ms. Anne Bernadette? haha, that sounds so formal lol. We’re brothers and sisters in this community, you can just call me Ate AB. Like what I told you in the email i sent you before… in return, you can just pray for the chaster angels who have a really generous heart for making these things happen. And if this act has inspired you like how it has been inspiring me, i’m hoping that one day you’ll also be able to inspire others by sharing the blessings you receive. =)

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  18. jimfan155 says:
    “You can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself”, so the song goes. No matter what you do someone will criticize and if you try to make everyone happy, you will drive yourself crazy. It’s your life Charice and you have to be happy. Some fans may fall by the wayside and too bad for them.

    If I hear there’s a Charice concert coming to my city, I don’t know what you will wear and I really don’t care. I need to hear “the voice” and that’s what will drive me to purchase a ticket – period. You will always be successful, even if a Grammy doesn’t come your way (for a while). But if you keep plugging away, give 100%, and don’t take anything for granted, good things will continue to happen for you.

    Continued success to a great vocalist – one of the best ever

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