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Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre-Concert Gathering

Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre-Concert Gathering

159 Responses to “Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre-Concert Gathering”

  1. tnt says:
    I am sure 100% Charice will go back to Cebu

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  2. marlyn says:
    Congrats to Charice for a successful Infinity concerts ; i miss this opportunity ; i wish there will be one here in the States ; you guys are so lucky to be able to watch Charice ; she’s the best singer i ever idolized .
    To Echusa, please watch your language ; you don’t have the right to judge a person ; if you have nothing to do ; just plant tomatoes in your backyard ; don’t be so mean to a person ; she’s not doing anything to you ;if you don’t like her ; then it’s your loss ; just stay away ; don’t even bother to visit this site . God is good ; she’s pouring blessings to Charice .You’re just jealous of her because she’s very talented; she can sing any song flawlessly .Isn’t it ?

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  3. Edelson says:
    I like the new Charice. I don’t really care what people say about her looks and stuff. All I care about is when she sings…all hail charice! Still having a Charice Hangover here. HAHA.

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  4. AngelFace101 says:
    Here is my take on those who even dare to criticize Charice’s looks. I have seen Charice twice (in person) already. She is really a petite cute girl. I’d say these persons who say otherwise are those WHO HAVE NOT SEEN HER IN PERSON. They saw her on YOUTUBE or TV or some pics which is somehow do not show her real charisma and aura as when you see her in person – How dare them saying bad stuffs. These critics might have not even bought a ticket to her concert and just maybe relying on media gossips. To even mention if she’s pretty or not is so out of place. When we talk of Charice- we talk about her talent, her exceptional voice (one of a kind), her oozing stage confidence. Those unscrupulous person who even dare to post their disgraceful comments must first look at their sisters or mother and then weigh things up. Are they (sis or mom) good enough to be at the level of Music World where Charice is now? They can be prettier but have they achieved what this disrespected girl/lady have at this point in time. Use your brains CRITICS! I think you still have some left.

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    • tnt says:

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      • AngelFace101 says:
        Am I blaming the critics? I think not. I was suggesting. What I said was – if we are gonna talk about a singer/performer – let’s talk about the singing/performing ACT. Now if you are gonna judge her looks – be sure you saw her in person – if not then DEFER your comments (your right to an opinion) until you see her for yourself IN PERSON -JUST TO BE FAIR to the subject. Then after you saw her in person and also watched her actual performance and you still want to criticize her down – by all means do so.

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  5. FlorOfTexas says:
    What’s going on with you, Rho Gum. You are out of control. Behave yourself. Be calm.

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    • Ro Gum says:
      Sorry. I just don’t want to mince with words. It’s that satanic RichardBelenWorld website that got me going. It was in the video that was posted in Youtube with useless eerie evil laughing background sound (like in Halloween). It reminded me of a poem I wrote about five years ago;it was an Ode to the Internet (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly). In it I mentioned the “Internet” could be the Gates to Hell even if your name ain’t Bill. Sorry, if I offended anybody. But, this is the first time that I became aware that people would actually create websites to spread maliciousness.

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  6. luckieme510 says:
    hello all! I know this is out of the topic but I just noticed that the dates here are way far ahead. Just wondering…

    Charice rocks!!!

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  7. anromable says:
    It’s a METAMORPHOSIS. Charice had transformed from a shy, innocent, humble and down to earth CATERPILLAR into a wild, elusive.beautiful and colorful BUTTERFLY.

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  8. Love Labnao-Nakayama says:

    Hello Chasters =) here and around the globe…
    I am a runnin 34 yr. old separated mom with two kids, Yuuki 7 & mica 5… I really love Charice because she is a very good example for my kids to DREAM BIG and DO what you LOVE to do in your life =)
    Even for myself… I am inspired to do what I love to do, no matter how dark it may seem to achieve! She has a wonderful voice… very clean… strong that touches the heart.
    I was at Waterfront Lahug on March 11, 2012. My dream came true to see her through my cousin Gene. It’s true that it was not filled. I feel unfortunate for those people who have bot seen CHARICE perform.
    If only I could buy tickets that time for others to see such a great talent… I would! It’s all worth it…
    Her concert was AMAZING! All the songs are well arranged. The lights, sounds and the crowd! WOW… I haven’t been to a lot of concerts but I know that Cebuanos are hard to please. But the concert was hard to resist for me to get on my feet and DANCE.
    I even chased Iyaz to the casino and lobby…just to get close to Charice. Though I was not get an autograph for my daughter.
    I was able to chat with Lance, he said he works for Charice.
    He is very nice and kind. I think she is in good hands, esp with Oprah as her mama =)
    We cannot please everyone. But the next time Charice is in town.
    Dear Chasters… please count me in to support her.

    I love you Charice =) hands up!

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  9. tnt says:
    13 Mar 12, 10:04
    luvkcha09: watching Charice concert is like watching a vocals olympics – imagine having Eric Clapton, Adelle, Justin Beiber, Bruno Mars, Journey, Maroon, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson and WHitney Houston in one stage???? but then you only need CHARICE on stage – she can bring 20 artists (in spirit) with her LOL

    I just like this comment from up there hehehe

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  10. Unjynkz says:
    I’ve been dreaming of the day for Charice to do a concert in my hometown. Sadly, time was not on my side, am still here in the mideast admiring her from afar!
    Anyway, I don’t know about the others but I sure am diggin’ the new look! and it’s quite appropriate for the theme of the concert btw. honestly, I actually prefer it! yey!
    but of course the media frenzy on her new look! as if they’ve seen something out of the ordinary, are you kidding me?!? If there’s something extra ordinary about Charice it’s her talent, someone is yet to come close to-date!
    btw, and is it just me or it would have been great if she ended the concert doin’ the dougie in those get-up! cool right? hehe

    Gotta love Charice!

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    • Sean says:
      Actually she looks taller in her outfits before, now she looks shorter and more of a rockstar. I also miss the old style, but i think it’s better to let Charice decide on what she wants to wear and how she wants to look like. It’s where she’s happy at. If people will always tell you what to do, what to wear, how to speak, will you be happy?

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      • khatman says:
        It could be she looks shorter because she IS shorter. She’s not wearing stilettos as per her old outfits. Charice is incorporating a lot of dance numbers into her Infinity tour performances which would be difficult to do with high heels.

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    • poypoy says:
      i must agree.. i understand that she is taking this times to express her music..and thats good for her and all of us :) shes brave, bold and as good as ever.. but i hope she still gonna sing this kind of inspirational songs or strong ballads in the future.. and another thing, i’m just kinda worried about her upcoming stint on X Factor Philippines.. hope that won’t affect her international career.. plus the tattoo :/ not a fan of tattoos.. that kinda bothers me.. i’m not saying that she should do this or that.. she’s still the best! :D

      don’t get me wrong chasters :) this is from a fan’s point of view..

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  12. bisdak says:

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  13. Ro Gum says:
    In response to Charice singing Justing Beiber’s Baby song:
    I have composed this song for fans to sing for Charice
    Some words are from songs she has covered. I might sing it One Day
    when No One is around the house. I am kind of shy and want to keep my passion a secret from negative people.

    Charice Baby Rocks (sing it with a rock beat any way you like,
    the lyrics will lead you how to sing it; hear it in your mind)

    Hmmmm Hmmmm Ooooo Ooooh
    Charice baby you rock.
    You rock. You rock.
    Please, let no one own you.
    Be no one’s baby.
    No one. No one.
    Keep on rockin. Keep on a rockin girl.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    Everything will be allright. Allright.
    You will see. You will see.

    There is time for everything.
    No need to hurry.
    Everything will come to be in its own time.
    You have waited for so long.
    Let no one get in your way.

    Get away boy. Get away from our girl boy.
    Shoo shoo shoo. Yeah yeah yeah.
    Keep on a rockin, keep on a rockin baby baby.
    Yeah girl. Yeah girl.
    To Infinity girl. And beyond, and beyond

    You are beyond compare
    Beyond compare.
    Because of your Love Eternally.
    Your Love Eternally
    Ooh yeah girl. Yeah yeah yeah
    Ooh Ooh Ooh
    And Thank You for Everything
    Yeah Hhmmmmmm

    Written by March 12, 2012. No copyright. It is for all fans of Charice.

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  14. Auau says:
    CEBU CHASTERS, you’re amazing! You have truly earned your wings as ANGELS OF CHARICEMANIA! I wasn’t with you, but I was helping with a prayer, and you’ve done it! Words are not enough to express my admiration of your true grit, and not enough to mention my appreciation of your selfless dedication to our Princess; I would not say more, because that would cheapen my thanks. A simple thank you is what I proffer, and I would just let the universe reward you of what you truly deserve.

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    • Auau says:
      I don’t forget MANILA CHASTERS! YOU ARE AWESOME, as well! You are unbelievably dedicated to Charice, and what you accomplished were miracles, considering the fact you had bigger challenge in promoting Charice Infinity Tour concert, and it was successful, thanks to you angels!!! You are the pride of your city and your nation; a lot of people in the world are aware of the work you’ve done, and consider you as role models, just like Charice. Thank you, and may God bless you all, and grant you with a good life!

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  15. fushun_tao says:
    Just want to say thank you to Charice!

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  16. Dr_tirone_rkenny says:
    hi, Charice is kind, its nice to see her at home in Manila, and hopefully I’ll get to see her here in Chicago, sometime next year, but we’;ll be fine — she just needs some time to finish law school, and do her charity work and take care of her kids lol

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  17. Narita says:
      Congrats Ejaroba! And to everyone who helped in Cebu!

      Beda, ikaw na!!! (You’re the one!)

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    • Kevin Buncayao mendoza says:
      darwin.f.suyat , just speak for uourself, it’s your freedom of expression, but don’t use the word “THEY”, coz you don’t owned our mind and neither you don’t owned CHARICE mind…give her a break, she’ is not limiting her chances buddy, she is just evolving as an artist…let’s just wait and see… let’s just enjoy her music and pray she doesn’t get into drugs and be humble always…CHARICE is amazing!!!She’s the whole package in music (all genre).

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  19. An Yangco says:
    Thanks to Chaster Manila for a warm welcomed for Cebu Chaster.It was so nice meeting you all, I hope we can catch up again next time around. The Concert was AMAZING!!!…My sisters and I had a great time because we won two VIP tickets.

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  20. rudee87 says:
    the concert last night in CEBU was super blast and great..
    anticipating for the next event.:)

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  21. jajad16 says:
    I had great time during the show last night. I kept shouting while Charice was singing. Now, I don’t have voice. My throat hurts… LOL. But anyways, I never regretted going to the concert.It was worth the wait.. Charice was SUPERB! She’s prettier in person too and kind, I can tell..I’m loving her even more…

    One thing I’m sad though is that I never got the chance to meet Charice..Chasters who attended the pre-gathering here in Cebu had the chance.I’m just not sure if it was all of them.An american guy, who showed like the floor manager there, allowed some chasters to go to Charice’s dressing room after the concert. Unfortunately, our fate in seeing Charice depended on Beda, a well known chaster and the luckiest among us since she went to the stage and sang with Charice. I think she was the organizer of the pre-gathering here in Cebu as well and she only chose those she knew. :(..I’ve waited, many of us waited long enough for this rare opportunity to happen but what can I do? the girl didn’t knew me or the others, who could have been chosen from those few allowed… My chance, our chance disappeared..:(.I was so depressed…I enlisted my name to the pregathering, unfortunately,I wasn’t able to make it because I had school exam…:(..soooo sad..I hope we were given the chance since we don’t really have the chance/capacity to go to manila and see charice…that should have been our first time…if only….**sigh**..

    Well, anyways, that’s life.Maybe, next time..and i hope that next time is near…I really had fun though..Sooo happy to have seen and heard charice LIVE…she was amazing!!!!

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  22. To all Chasters, read all the glowing reviews on Charice’ Manila concert in the three major dailies in Manila : The Philippine Star, The Manila Bulletin and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It’s very heartwarming. It clearly shows that Charice’ talent is undeniable. You can throw all the mud on her face, even the kitchen, sink etc… but one thing is clear, Charice will continue to shine because she is a genuine talented lady and we Chasters are very proud of her, so so proud of her.

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    • Deh says:
      yes i’ve read the inquirer review when it came out yesterday. i tried to send the link here but it didn’t came thru. i’m not that computer genius lol.

      it was so heartwarming indeed to read such articles. Whatever her critics say about her looks, it doesn’t matter. as what the writer said, it’s her voice that makes the difference.

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  23. Danz says:
    Eja, I’m so sad that I will not be able to attend the concert of Charice tomorrow ‘coz I lost my ticket…so disappointed right now..haay..I really didn’t know where I put it, blame it to my not-so-organized habit of keeping things…thus, i couldn’t come to the pre-gathering as well..haay buhay..anyhow,im still hoping that all of you would enjoy the concert (sure you will do) just like the Manila chasters did last night..=(

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  24. FlorOfTexas says:
    If I were in Cebu, I would buy tickets for my entire family so we could see Charice and her band perform. Maybe next time. Maybe, someday, Charice will come to Texas to perform. Who knows. For the main time, I am enjoying watching her concerts in my own study on PJs. Thanks for all the uploads that our fellow Chasters have done. I really appreciate it.

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  25. Mharice says:
    Hello Eja pls help reserve for me a ticket . i’m number 15 in the pre-concert gathering …

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  26. Eja says:
    Chris (woot) you have time to buy your ticket/s. got to waterfront see you there. ^_^

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  27. creamy says:
    holy cow! i didn’t know she’ll be having this concert here in cebu! now its too late for me and my family! this is depressing!

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    • Eja says:
      Hi creamy.. tickets are still available in waterfront hotel lahug. go and buy your tickets.. ^-^

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  28. Jamie Bernadeth Balgos says:
    hi.. it’s me Jamie, ako yong ngtext sau kagabi.. Oops, i got your name misspelled last time, sorry. ^^ we will be joining.. please kindly include us(me and Rudilyn Vistal) on the list.. thank you so much
    see you and other Chasters this sunday morning ^^

    my email:

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  29. rudee87 says:
    Rudilyn S. Vistal==
    Jamie Bernadette Balgos

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  30. rudee87 says:
    hello eja,

    my friend jamie balgos, sent you a message last night, and I am rudilyn, her friend, we will be attending the gathering, please include us..

    please email me at

    thank you very much

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