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Charice Nominated in the 2012 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards

Charice Nominated in the 2012 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards

132 Responses to “Charice Nominated in the 2012 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards”

  1. Auau says:
    This is another picture of Charice, from last year’s Teen Choice Award, that chasters must collect because it’s like the last picture of her in which she looks very innocent, although when enlarged I noticed one spiky bracelet on her right arm which somewhat indicates that she is ready to grow up, and test the waters of adulthood. This was before she did her One Day mv(where she played the role of a responsible fairy godmother to some teenagers) and then Lauder video(where she looked like a full fledged adult who dressed up sexy and experienced the changes of emotions in a relationship). She is so cute in this picture even in her trademark jacket outfit, looking like a a well mannered child, and I especially like the way she did the model’s stance, which is how I wish she made an entrance during her Valentines Day Concert. This should be collected because this picture shows a turning point in her life, that is from childhood to adulthood.

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  2. drtp says:
    I’m glad that they opened this new special category, it’s just fitting since Asian artists are still not fully mainstreamed in US entertainment industry (as compared to Latin or maybe European artists), which makes award nominations definitely not a level playing field for Asian artists. I’m sooooo ready to vote, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon….

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  3. elvira says:
    Chasters let’s support Charice in every way.

    I’m wondering what ever happened to the voting for the most poptastic female singer of 2012.

    vote for charice, just google the link below.

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  4. justjames says:
    Calling Chasters all over the world. Calling all CIA’s (chasters internet army). Let us join forces to make this happen. VOTE for our Charice to be the first Asian Act to win Nickolodeon Kid 2012 Choice Award. Don’t forget February 24 – VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

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  5. Bella says:
    It’s not just Asians that are trying to break into the music/entertainment industry. For some time now, Latino-Americans have been working hard on getting recognized as a mainstream artist and not just a ‘Latino’ artist. Look at Jennifer Lopez. At the 2011 American Music awards, she was hot and had the best performance. She had several hits that grossed millions. The award she got… Best Latin Artist! She is an American, born and raised in the Bronx, New York and could have been nominated and won the other awards!

    It may take time for Asians to be recognized as mainstream artists but Charice is slowly breaking those barriers because her talent can’t be ignored. On the upside, Charice’s nomination gives her publicity other artists would kill to have.

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  6. Carlo says:
    The Favorite Asian Act awarding will on be viewed in Asia. It won’t be seen in the US.

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  7. ron says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Krisda says:
      The people that runs Charicemania have their own lives too. They can’t sit infront of the computer all day just to give you news. Why not be proactive and scour the internet to get your news. Besides, there is really nothing to report. From what i read on twitter, Charice and band are busy practicing for their March tour.

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      • khatman says:

        If the is little news on Charice’s twitter, there may be some on Troy Lauretta’s twitter account.

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    • from1chicago says:
      I suggest that you research on your own. Yes, there are other websites that discuss Charice. If you found this Charicenania site, then you can find others too. Very simple, just type and click. Good Luck!!!

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    • Carlo says:

      1. They have lives too.
      2. Nothing to report, nothing happening to Charice.

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    • lyn montero says:
      Plz wait for the INFINITY tour next month and youll be bombarded with news about charice.we are just very thankful to the eloquent writers of CM for sharing their time to give us news,updates,etc about our princess CHARICE for free…

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  8. trishahae says:
    Hi. How do we vote for Charice on Nickeledeon. I would appreciate it very much if you post a step-by step procedure. Thank you very much.

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  9. addellyusa says:
    I’ll vote for Charice. Come on Chasters all over the world, let’s vote for our Princess Charice. She deserves it.

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  10. crystal says:
    charice will win hands down.with chasters with her’s proven will be proven again.there’s no stopping for our princess

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  11. angel says:
    espero que ella gane, votare claro que lo hare , te apoyamos charice y esperamos que regreses a glee y mucho exito saludos a todos los chasters

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  12. Skunk says:
    I’ll vote Charice for best in everything. :)

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  13. Patrick says:



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  14. jet says:
    Charice has a history of racking up the votes,just like
    winning the J-14 Award beating out everybody including
    Justin Beaver. Even on the Glee voting, she dominated
    incredibly. Ever since her name was hardly included. They (?)
    are afraid of her winning. That’s why the “Asian act” was created
    which is quite unfair for an international artist as Charice.

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  15. Edna Z. says:

    If the above link will push through, another SABONG between her and Katharine Mcfee

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  16. Marie says:
    Well, another reason might be that it’s the industries’ way to introduce Asians. Honestly, Asians are just starting to break into the US . We are not known for being in the arts – whether it be acting or singing. So this category might sound like racial profiling, but it could also be an opportunity ….through adversity.

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  17. Prinsesa Serena says:

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  18. addellyusa says:
    I will definitely vote for Charice, in fact, I’ll write about it so that Chasters from Batanes to Jolo will vote. I want Charice to win.

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  19. vil26216 says:
    Guys check the link below regarding Glee season 4 with Sunshine revived. Hopefully this is true.

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    • webmarketstrat says:
      Unconfirmed. Your link is a blog. I googled for other news sources but there is none from an established site. As of now, it’s just hearsay.

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  20. FlorOfTexas says:
    I will definitely vote for Charice. Let’s get ready and vote. And, tell all of your friends and relatives to do the same.

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  21. Krisda says:
    I’m just wondering why there is a category just for Asians.Do you guys see any category for best black person act or best caucasian act? Makes one think. Why can’t they nominate them on any categories? Charice can be nominated under favourite female singer. Don’t care if she wins or not as long as she is nominated under the right category. I know i am whining but i guess it’s a start. Maybe one day they don’t have to make a special category just for asians. Slighted i think is the right word,they are saying that these nominees on the asian category are not good enough so they have to have their own category. As someone said the music industry is black and white. You may thumbs me down but before you do i have to reiterate that Charice’s career is base in the United States of America not Asia.

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    • Don says:
      Amen!Amen! Amen!

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    • luckieme510 says:
      I definitely agree, WHY? Got me thinking … ):

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    • from1chicago says:
      Maybe you can address this concern directly to Nickelodeon to include every race and color. The fact that Charice is an Asian is the factor where they consider her in that category, whether she is base in the US. For me, I am more than elated and ecstatic that she is included as a nominee for this award, aren’t you?… But then a category in line with other great and famous personality would have been great!!

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    • Krisda says:
      I have been supporting Charice because i believe in her talent not because she is Asian. That’s the only reason i would like to see her nominated in a category base on her skill as a singer and not a category specific to her ethnicity. She is just as good as any singer if not better.

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      • from1chicago says:

        Take note, too that when DF introduced Charice the first time in the international world concert, he said “from the Philippines……”, (mentioning specifically her country of origin and her roots and that making every single Filipinos proud) and that great talent is from ASIA who is now conquering the WORLD!!!!

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    • lbato_conp says:
      You have a point Krisda. I was trying to think of a valid reason why they have a special category for Asians.

      But I’m speculating that this category was created because they recognized the potential of Asian artists and the growing Asian market in US. Whatever the reasons maybe, I guess this is still a good sign of recognition not only to Charice but to all aspiring Asian artists.

      Although honestly I don’t like the label “Asian” as it sound racist. But I’m still glad they are recognizing the talents of the East. Someday I hope the time will come that there is no more labels for black, white, asian, etc. categories and that artists were equally nominated for pure talent.


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    • truepinoy63 says:
      Yes, this topic is very interesting indeed. One might asked, is it bcoz of the American public might not be ready for a Non-American to win the Favorite Female Singer, or is this just another way of marketing Charice.

      Who knows!

      Anyway, I’m happy she’s nominated. I hope she wins!

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    • Krisda says:
      To all who replied to my comment,all your points are well taken and understood. Thank you.

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    • khatman says:
      The music industry is kind of like the NBA. I am referring to Jeremy Lin, the newest addition to the New York Knicks. Jeremy, a Harvard grad and of Chinese descent, was ignored for several years and several NBA teams. Finally the Knicks picked Jeremy up because a couple of their best players were injured and the Knicks had nothing to lose in getting Jeremy and now Linsanity reigns. Hopefully Charice(school of hard knocks)will experience the same kind of recognition here in the US.

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      • truepinoy63 says:
        LOL! You got the Linsanity fever! You need to see a doctor, that’s highly contagious…lol

        It’s just the world we live in, people are uncomfortable when there is a big change. Would it be so bad to embrace each and every race, culture, religion, etc., I don’t think so. Sad to say but some people love there pets more than other people.

        Just keep hoping for the best I guess!

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  22. justafan says:
    Not to hate or anything, but why is Charice even in this category? I thought she was Hollywood. The artists she is going against are only known in Asia. Why even bother having her in a category she could easily win because she has fans all over the world, not just limited to Asia.

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  23. NYChaster says:
    Mark your Calendars and get ready for some vigorous voting Chasters~! This is great exposure for our princess so let’s do it up BIG TIME~!! Labyo Cha~! =D

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  24. flowjam21 says:
    i’ am Malaysian…but my vote goes to our princess Charice…i’ am not bias even though our pride Yuna also nominate in this category…also like Agnes Monica too but my heart calling me to vote Charice:-)…Charice deserve to this award…i hope Malaysian Chaster’s will do as i do too…

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    • huhu08 says:
      flowjam21, i must say that i totally agree w you..i’m a malaysian n of course we’re very proud of our very own yuna..but i cant resist charice..i follow her career since her debut in oprah..n i am doing the same thing now and forever…go charice,go go go!!!! love you so much…muah3x..

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      • flowjam21 says:
        definitely u right huhu08,we can’t resist and ignore the biggest talent of Charice.she’s among the legend we should look for on top.not that kind of an artist with just lame voice using the hi-tech technology to make it good to hear.but this category,sounds look racist.i just hope,on the next NKCA or award giving body’s in hollywood will be fair no matter what race you are…

        for Yuna..congratulation too..we’re very proud also that u are included..among those hottest celebrity here in Malaysia,you are the one who representing Malaysia with pride…:-)so good luck…!

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  25. marcos39325 says:
    vote for our princess charice

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  26. lyn montero says:
    go go Charice.. lets vote vote vote……

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    • lyn montero says:

      dear huhu08 and flowjam21… thank so much for loving CHARICE even thou youre a Malaysians.. We love also Yuna and Monica.. But we all know that Charice is the best Asian artist to win …

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  27. jip14osef says:
    i’m ready to vote for my favorite asian act charice

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  28. cancon says:
    I’m ready to vote for my ultimate favorite singer, Charice!

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  29. Stockpicker says:
    This is our moment to show Charice our support! We should work hard to make it happen… this time!

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  30. oneandonlycha says:
    Can’t wait to vote

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