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Charice’s “Bodyguard Medley” Goes Viral

Charice’s “Bodyguard Medley” Goes Viral

On February 12th, a Chaster named “Amsterdam” re-uploaded a video on Youtube where Charice was singing the so-called Bodyguard Medley (I Have Nothing and I Will Always Love You) accompanied by Mr. David Foster on the piano. Amsterdam’s video description:

No copyright infringement. This video belong to the right owner. Please visit the original uploader (CHAMU Chaster’s from Canada). Take note that Charice is crying because this is the last tour concert with her friends. This is only a fan made for Whitney Houston and Charice. Youtube link Whitney Houston [ RIP ] from 17 yo – Charice in tears , 2009 concert

Original Video from Chariceweekly:

Actually nothing unusual, Chasters have been uploading, re-uploading, editing videos of Charice, we’ve seen them all. But of course this was a very touching performance that made a big impact even to a long-time fan like me: Schoen’s Blog. Because I don’t think it’s easy to sing while trying to hold back her tears at the same time. So emotions just poured out of this very tiny body. As Amsterdam was paying tribute to Whitney using this video on Youtube, one site caught it and featured it as “Female Cover Of The Week: 17-Year-Old “Charice Pempengco” From The Philippines Does Whitney Houston Tribute & She Did That!” Site link: World Star Hip Hop. That was February 13th, so far so good, nothing special….yet…. until this:
viral1 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Source link: Perez Yes!! Mr. Perez Hilton featured that same video on his site on Feb. 14th and twitted it. And we know he has millions of followers right? The video went viral as “Charice’s Whitney Houston Tribute”. Different online sites followed, here`s our complilation starting with Hollywood Life’s Charice Performs Epic Tribute To Whitney Houston In Concert and they even added an Update:
(UPDATE: It turns out this video is being inaccurately sent around the internet as a new tribute video, when it was actually filmed back in 2009. But it means so much more now, so I’ll let it slide.) featured an additional video where Charice performed “I Will Always Love You” in a Japanese show:

Source Link: Amazing Charice Memorializes Whitney Houston Then followed: Charice Sings Whitney Houston ‘Bodyguard’ Medley with David Foster The Most Talented Girl in the World Pays Tribute to Whitney Then from AMP Charice Whitney Houston Tribute is Absolutely Stunning. From STUNNING Tribute To Whitney Houston By Filipino Teen Sensation. The video even
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made it to the Top 5 Whitney Houston Tributes alongside with the legendary Aretha Franklin on International Business Times Whitney Houston Death Tribute.

wh1 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
And of course Glee’s site can’t miss Charice too: Charice’s Stunning Tribute to Whitney Houston: Former Glee Guest Star’s Tearful Performance. Since Chasters love to vote – there’s even a poll going on: Who Sang it Better? So Chasters if you want to vote, visit the site.
poll1 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Chasters have then started twitting and re-twitting the video and the rest is history. She was 17 years old that time way back in 2009. Judging by the positive reactions and comments to the video, it is very clear than people have been touched or amazed or even just enjoyed watching and listening to her.
YVR2 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Photo courtesy of Chamu
Charice could really give justice to a Whitney Houston song. Of course, Chasters need not be convinced how talented she was when she was younger and still is at this stage where she learned how to use and control her voice to her advantage. Contrary to other negative twits about Charice using Whitney’s death to push her career now, just letting them know, inform yourself first. It’s not her fault at all if news are being written about her on this.
whbow Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Note: A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. Wikipedia By Schoen,

108 Responses to “Charice’s “Bodyguard Medley” Goes Viral”

  1. sally says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • mdsuave says:
      Give us proof that Charice can’t hit high notes now. What probably you don’t know is that DF left Warner and join Universal Music leaving Charice all alone at the Warner. She will not be joining any DFF concert anymore as explained in the last DFF tour. So, no more power ballads from DF. Charice is now singing her own songs, Pop and R&B songs.

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  2. ttyl says:
    Whitney’s death (RIP) became focal poing for the return of many older singing style videos of Charice. I can understand why these videos make such an impact and why I became such a big fan. The goosebumps starts from the top of my head to the bottom of my spine. Now Charice doesn’t sing like this anymore but once in a while I wish she would sing like this again just to show those who are starting to lose admiration or belief that she can still sing like this. Not that she has to prove anything but I kinda miss the goosebumps … I think a lot of people do. I’ll always be a fan.

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  3. lyn montero says:
    Hello Amazing Chasters… theres a news in chatroom that our CHARICE will be in GLEE season 4.OMG ! if that is real i cant imagine how happy we are..

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  4. ArrVee says:
    may Whitney rest in peace – her passing is of someone of real substance and impact, as measured by the number of lives she touched, providing us over the years, a memorable soundtrack of our lives.

    but perhaps as important, is how she inspired this young lass from Laguna, providing her a high-flying target and THE BENCHMARK against which to flex her vocal prowess, and in the process is providing us a new, more memorable soundtrack of these times …

    while Whitney impressed me with her vocal prowess during her prime, it was Charice who made me memorize the lyrics and melodies of Whitney’s songs (and those of other divas) …

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  5. Amsterdam says:
    To Schoen,

    Thank you so much for a very nice article.

    Lately I’ve seen a lot of professional singers ( locally or internationally ) who pay tributes to Whitney Houston . In my own opinion so far only Charice can give justice to Withney’s songs specially the Body guard medley.

    Thank you also to DJ-joppie72 and Chamu for answering my E-Mail

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    • josie says:
      A i understand the Bodyguard Medley was arranged specifically for Charice by David Foster. I never heard that Medley before the DFF concert series so it is safe to say that it was arranged especially for her.

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      • mdsuave says:
        Josie, you are right. The Bodyguard is a medley of two songs and is originally arranged for Charice only. It is even different from the original arrangement of the 2 songs for Celine and Whitney. The killer of all the song was “All By Myself”, the latest arrangement by DF for Charice only. It is a bar higher than the original song arranged for Celine. I don’t know if Celine will sing it the way it was arranged for Charice or anyone else.

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    • cueA says:
      Nice going, Amsterdam. I followed your frantic call for help (in the chatroom)to find Chamu…glad you found him. Btw is Chamu a chaster?

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    • khatman says:
      Althought the Bodyguard Medley is the most requested Whitney song to be sung by Charice she has sung other Whitney songs at one time or another. One Moment In Time seems to be a favorite of Charice. She sang it during the interview when she first arrived here in the US. She sang it in StarKing3. On national television she sang it on Dr Phil(his birthday). She also sang it at one of Obama’s preinaugural events. Run To You is the other Whitney song that Charice should showcase. It is a very difficult song to sing – so difficult that not even Whitney would sing it live. Charice sang it at age 12 when on Little Big Star and again at age 16 on the filipino tv show Boy & Kris.

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  6. chasfan510 says:
    Watching Whitney’s funeral on TV bring tears to my eyes. As one of many fans of Whitney’s voice and songs it also bring back memory when I first head Charice sing IWALY and “I have Nothing” . These two songs made me a bonafide chaster. Nobody can replace Whitney but Charice is probably the best and closest singer who can sing Whitney’s songs. Our idol can probably tour around the globe paying tribute to Whitney Houston and other famous Divas we all know she can do effortless and will not disappoint the audience….thanks Amsterdam and Whitney your soul may rest in peace….now I can’t wait for March Infinity Tour.

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  7. auau says:
    Image 5 of 6, this picture of Charice singing while wearing a silver(or black) ensemble and in a that candid singing pose came out as a very unusual high fashion art; I have my doubts(and don’t blame because I’m warning you) but that image could be worth a million bucks someday, and very collectible as much as her posters and albums.

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  8. tsinita says:
    The same here Eve, watching Cha beltin ” IWALY ” always have the same feeling since the first day I’ve hear her sing.I can’t help but cry, co’z if not for this “ANGEL” my outlook in life would never change and to those who always critize her it’s not her fault to be famous co’z she have the talent.Glad to see you Eve and Schoen here in the comment box, I always looking in your comment here in Charicemania.Hope to meet my Chasters family someday.

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  9. eve says:
    Thanks for the article Schoen, good job on it! and thanks to Amsterdam for reuploading the YouTube video again. It’s wonderful to see Charice getting this kind of exposure in popular entertainment sites. The whole world should hear what an amazing singer she is! It’s a great tribute to Ms Whitney Houston to perhaps be the only person in the world today who can do justice to her songs that even Whitney fans can rave about

    it’s bringing me back to watch again so many of my favorite Charice performances. Ahh I’m glad it’s the weekend cuz Charice is so mesmerizing to watch, you don’t even realize how long you’ve been sitting there lol

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    • Bote says:
      It’s been a while, Eve. Always happy to see you here once in a while. Miss your radio show about Charice so much. I’ve met Dj Drake in PI during DFF. I wish I could meet you too someday. God bless you always.

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    • schoen says:

      A year ago we met Eeebee remember? Glad you’re here.

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      • bote says:
        Hi Schoen.kudos for a job very well done.Thanks for all the effort.If you are referring to me as having met Eve last year,I believe you are talking about a gtg abroad for Charice’s concert, unfortunately I was not with your group. I wish i was tho. I have listened to her and Dj Drake’s radio program and I loved it so much. I hope it will come back one day.

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    • daddy 0 says:

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    • tsuki says:

      Welcome back, Eve. I just wonder where you had been. I would not say the most senior but the most chaddicted person is Eve.

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  10. Amsterdam says:

    Sound interesting. I hope to meet you all in Vancouver?

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    • euse clerigo says:
      @Amsterdam it will be very interesting………..if you guys can make it……..the show will be at the capital of Vancouver B.C {Victoria}……it is 2hrs ferry from the Vancouver International Airport or a chartered flight for 30 mins………..that is the only way to reach that place but ……it is one of the Beautiful island and that is where the Parliamentary Building is.

      Amsterdam let me know if you need some more information……..I a’m so proud that Charice is one of the entertainer on that event.

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    • luvkcha09 says:

      Hello Amsterdam,

      Can you confirm this with me? Is Charice coming to Vancouver, B.C. or Victoria ???? when, what show, ??? please give more details. thanks.

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  11. euse clerigo says:
    Hey Guys……..maybe some of you will be interested to know….watch or come to Vancouver,B.C………on May 25 and 27,2012

    David Foster Miracle Concert and Gala Weekend…….please check it out on his site………….financially we cannot afford the ticket but who ever interested we can offer a free accomodation and a trip to…Whistler Village for the exchange of getting to know some of the Chasters.


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    • NYChaster says:
      To be honest…as much as I love many of the songs David Foster produced…I wouldn’t go to a DFF show unless Charice was there. LoL ^_^

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      • euse clerigo says:
        @NYChaster………we do the samething…..we watched David Foster and friends in Vancouver years ago ………because of Charice………… if you check it out ……..Charice will be one of the entertainer for that show……..and that is very WONDERFUL………..something…………………… that we can reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally be very proud of…..I HOPE CHARICE WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO EXPLORE THAT AREA…………..

        GOD BLESS

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  12. Ben says:
    Guys check this out! would you like Charice to perform in the opening of 2012 London Olympics? Then vote for her haha

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  13. hpj says:
    I hope she does make a tribute to Whitney by singing her songs in her concert like Run to You (still pending). It will at the same silence those crabs who says she could no longer hit those notes.

    Just one challenging song or power ballad, just one, is what it takes every concert or every other concert to let her fans know also that her voice doesn’t get rusty in those ranges AND that she might be ready to try on some Broadway songs and opera. I am still looking forward to that day.

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  14. hermiemel says:
    “Bodyguard Medley” and “I Will Always Love You” are now the choice of songs to pay respect and honor Whitney.

    For almost four years now, David Foster has only glowing things to say to Charice such as “amazing” or “awesome” when she sing BM or IWALY.

    Then tell me, should Charice and Chasters be under fire simply because they made a celebrity tribute to Whitney with Charice singing BM or IWALY??//

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  15. NYChaster says:
    This is great attention and exposure for Charice…but it’s still not enough compared to what she deserves. >=\ <333 u Ming~!!

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  16. Ben says:
    Hey! Do you want Charice to sing in the opening of 2012 London Olympics? Then take time to check this out and vote for Charice she’s number 66 no need to register just click vote and that’s it.

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  17. khatman says:
    That video was the one that showed how Charice’s majorette skills were used for mic tossing and twirling. Charice has many talents, some yet to be revealed.

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  18. 4:00pm PT Feb 17
    It’s been a 3-days of buzzing Charice like firestorm in the Pacific and now here’s the UPDATE!!!

    DRUM rolls!!!!
    Tweeted – 171
    Facebook likes – 1,627
    Facebook Share – 1,628

    Hollywoodlife Andy Swift article
    Tweeted – 256
    Facebook like 137
    Comments – 96
    Tweeted – 1,055
    Facebook Like – 3,000 +
    Views – 131,225

    And the winner is @Philamsterdam! Thanks, Keep it up!
    Question: are we tweeting and FB sharing as part of this firestorm? Important is grab an ORIGINAL copy of Charice Infinity or download it on legal file sharing like iTunes or Amazon! ‘Nuff said! Cheers for March #InfinityTour

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  19. Salin0709 says:
    I prefer this version she did in Lo canto…show in Italy, cause Charice sang the whole song.

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  20. sia says:
    Hey ppl, Charice is nominated In The 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards!

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  21. Pityoung says:
    @Amsterdan Thank you you did an amazing job.Only Charice can give justice to Whitney songs and god bless u all. RIP Whitney.

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  22. lyn montero says:
    Dear Amsterdam..thank you so much for you viral video of CHARICE…no no no.. im not or were not blaming you..Were so thankful for you effort. OMG ! im so happy for our princess being so famous by WH songs LOL !!

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  23. anitako says:
    i don’t know why people makes some issues from nothing. but good Amsterdam remisniced us of charice singing all this Bodyguard medley/IWALY- at ellen degeneres tv show dec.2007? and then went on Oprah show singing again WH songs that WOWED “O”,then to other tv shows in south korea and england,specially on David Foster & Friends-that made her popular-the one with a powerful voice. watching this video again @ DF concert charice already crying bading goodbyes to her co singers who became so endeared to her like an old friends and then singing that BG medley/iwaly made me in tears and goosebumps all over me like this is the first time i saw singing this.

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  24. justcharrie says:
    It’s nobody’s fault if this video went viral. As mentioned in the article, uploading, re-uploading or editing of Cha’s videos is a normal activity of Chasters. It wasn’t intended to fool or mislead anyone as the description is very clear that it is a fan tribute to Whitney using an existing Charice video. Okey, perhaps we can put the blame to Charice for her magnificent performance? Lol. Anyway, March is coming and we’re on to her actual tribute. I’m looking forward to hearing her Whitney covers again. I miss it so much!

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  25. Amsterdam says:

    Actually everybody made mistakes but let’s face it be thankful to Mr. Perez Hilton because he’s obviously a fan of Charice.

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  26. Amsterdam says:
    Hi Joel,

    I’m the one who uploaded the viral video of Charice.

    Actually it’s not misleading information because I even mentioned to my video that the performance was at the David Foster and Friends last 2009 tour.

    I decided to make this video after I found out that Ms. Whitney Houston died. I’m not even aware that Ms. Jennifer Hudson is going to sing the IWALY.

    Concidence because the video of Charice last 2009 was full of emotions and goosebumps.

    Some people are blaming me for making this video but let’s face it now trending all over the world. My main concern is only to help Charice to be recognize all over the world. To all the so called fans of Charice… instead of complaining all the time much better for us to be thankful because Charice is getting more free publicities using youtube.

    honestly, this is my first time to follow one great singer like Charice because she gave me so much inspiration….

    Sincerely Chaster from ” Amsterdam aka PhilDutch “

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    • starbuck245 says:
      No need to apologize, Amsterdam. I consider myself a chaster and thank you for your efforts to spread the joy and gift from above that is Charice.

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    • flowjam21 says:
      we appreciate chaster Amsterdam..u really do a good job to promote our princess Charice and really glad that ur viral video uploaded was been worth to watch….i’ve been a fan of Charice since 2008 after i saw the video she covered the powerful song “The Midley of Bodyguard” and now happy to see her again,become one of the best covering of the song The Legendary Ms. Whitney Houston (R.I.P)…to be trend on the internet.thank you,

      greeting from Malaysia…:-)

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    • erin says:
      That’s ok, Dutch !! You did good. The last time I followed someone who is Dutch was Kruyff, the great Dutch soccer player who almost won the World Cup way back when. Plus the Dutch people are very warm and wonderful people and very artistic, by the way.

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    • levi says:
      good job, anyone who sings or cover someone else song is consider a tribute so don’t feel bad or sorry for doing it, chasters love it and i applaude you for it….

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    • idolming says:
      We are all behind you @Amsterdam and thank you so much!

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    • khatman says:
      Thank you PhilDutch for the upload of Charice’s Bodyguard performance. If possible could you do the same for other Whitney standards like “Run To You” and “One Moment In Time”?

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    • kevin@vietnam says:
      Thank you Amsterdam for your effort of uploding this viral video of Princess CHARICE.

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  27. camo says:
    there is no need to poll who sings it best why does everything has to be compared just ejoy each tribute for what it is.

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    • erin says:
      Seems like only Camo is thinking straight with calmness…everyone else is hyped-up about Cha, running around in hysteria, hyping polls and such. Well, ok, that’s Chanatism (as in, fanatism or Chaddiction), I should have known.

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  28. jn says:
    There is no question that Charice really gives justice to WH songs.
    As for me, she is one of the best in giving life to the Bodyguard Medley.

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  29. Joel says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Schoen says:
      No Joel, I don’t quite understand this: “You understand?” Is there anything wrong in the compilation or article here in CM? To tell you frankly regarding Perez, it’s Perez Hilton! I think there in the US, looks like he can get away with anything (not negatively though, don’t take me literally, my German is way better than my english). Besides, it is not “our job” here in CM to correct them nor inform those sites. Feel free to comment on their sites though.

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      • kevin@vietnam says:
        Very well said Schoen, for Joel please understand the main purpose of the heading on the upper part of this posting before you made any comment. We are all chasters and it would be better if we undersdtand each other, otherwise we will not succeed in our goal which is to promote our princess CHARICE…Let’s be proud if she’s been noticed by other race (popular or not), thanks to Perez Hilton for the “effort” of posting such article, if ever he made mistake or mislead us then let’s understand as chasters we all knew that all of this great videos of our princess is just a compilation as tribute by her fans for Whitney Huoston(RIP)…. peace be with you bro.

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    • mdsuave says:
      You are commenting on a video or article written by Perez Hilton. Go to his site and post your comments there. The writer of this article has nothing to do with Perez.

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    • inez says:
      Now you’re being such a wise-guy, Joel. i see nothing mis-leading about it all. that was not the intention of the video tribute by Amsterdam. the video tribute was clear to us Chasters. just appreciate that many sites have posted this on their webpages, not to mention at Perez Hilton homepage.

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    • andre.segovia says:
      Perez Hilton is himself a big celebrity in the US entertainment industry. so having just a mere mention on his website is a big thing. He has a reputation of being very critical in his blogs. He doesn’t just feature Charice on his pages, but he really seems to like her very much. I think he sees what we all see in Charice.

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    • Theo says:

      I agree that the blog seems misleading because it was not a tribute to Whitney, and especially this version (with the tears) in the beginning added to the drama. I have no opposition, of course, for Charice to make a direct dedication to Whitney. The heading of the blog was unquestionable stating “Charice’s dedication to Whitney” and it was intended that way to be catchy (or Perez was not aware of that fact, I am not sure).


      “What is more important is how you treat the living, not the dead.”

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  30. josie says:
    charice, loves to sing WH songs, also Celine’s, mariah’s, CA, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. and if she does justice to every song she sang i attribute it to the immense talent she has and not a conscious effort to upstage any of the singing icons stated. Let her sing because she loves singing and if she gains financial security because of it then it is her due.

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