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Charice’s One For The Heart Concert in Manila

Charice’s One For The Heart Concert in Manila

Home is where the heart is. Indeed! Order lady era side Charice was home to show her love to her fellow Filipinos by having a special Valentine Concert entitled ai???One for the The event was broadcasted last February 12 at GMAT TV. Along with the singing sensation are local artists Jay-R also known as the R&B prince and balladeer Mark Bautista. Not only that Charice sang her favorite songs in the program; she also talked about her Infinity concert in Asia this coming March. In addition, there was also an emotional and tender moment wherein Charice paid tribute to her father who died last year by singing a song for him.

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valentine Charices One For The Heart Concert in Manila Overall, the TV Special was a success. It was a great Valentines gift not only for Chasters all over the world but to her fellow Filipinos as well. Video Uploaded in Full
Courtesy of Bbelj
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92 Responses to “Charice’s One For The Heart Concert in Manila”

  1. lilkhos says:

    I totally agree with most of the comments. She is a gifted singer and I’m still reading the same suggestions from people for years now about her outfit and appearance.

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  2. bonie says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. coronado75 says:
    The GMA concert was soooooo disappointing. She should be singing her own songs and NOT cover songs. How will she become known covering other artists’ hit songs? Who the heck is her TEAM and WTH are they doing? She is not even known in the USA, except of course to our dear Chasters. I saw her in Atlanta in her first DFF concert and was very promising. I know she has a movie coming out in the US this summer but after her stint in Glee, folks here in the USA tends to forget really quick who you are if you are not exposed (whether you do good or really bad things in your private life). So c’mon Charice team, lets get with it! Just saying…

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    • Auau says:
      I would not even complain about the repertoire, cover songs or her original; some of them were actually well done, if only there was some blackout on stage and have the spotlight on her face all the time, this video would have been better. Her close ups were good, showing maturity and better make up, so she’s learning. It’s the visuals of the opening, and the costumes, and the stage that distracted me. Singing to me is same as acting, the singer should wear outfits that supports the character in the song, and it would be a bonus if the outfits are pleasant looking, in proportion and in good taste. Also they should be workable and not jnhibit the movement. In costumes sometimes, they say less is more, so there were times I wished she took off the jackets/blazers. Some of those jackets and tops were not flattering at all and looked heavy. Our Charice has definitely got the potentials; I just wish she would develop the intuitions/decisionmakings about her business similar to the ones I saw from some old professionals like Cher, Barbra or Madonna, who were proven survivors in the business. That’s probably coming in the future when our princess reaches maturity. We just have to wait for when it happens. I feel very positive about her upcoming concerts that will start in March.

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      • chris0805 says:
        Just like in oprah show, note to god & in italy, with orchestra & good choregraph, that how should be done, esp. For charice

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  4. HITMAN says:
    I saw her TV special on GMAtv, it was so borrriinnngg! Hope she gets a good director for her Manila concert, if actress Anne Curtis’ concert was more successful than hers, something is really wrong with her creative team or concert-goers getting bored with the usual singing show with no real original hit songs on it..grrrrrlll!!!

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  5. hello says:
    I am saddened by the way Charice handlers are managing her career. It just seems as though they are using her to promote other artists songs. When she sings her songs she includes other artist music. I do not see those other other artists singing charice’s songs at their concerts. Of course they can’t because they don’t have the vocal prowess. But what i am trying to say is that Charice should stop covering other people’s songs and focus on her own material. If she is doing a tribute then it is exceptional but not a concert with other people songs on the song list.

    This seems to me like free promotion for those artists. When people hear her cover other people songs of course they will say her cover is a lot better but through singing other people’s material it will cause them to research the singer of the song and then buy it. I hope that persons can see what I am trying to say.

    I acknowledge that singing covers is what help her to make it big but she is already in the market so now she should forget about singing covers unless doing a tribute like i said earlier and focus on increasing her fan base.

    I have heard charice sings songs that I have not heard before and I thought all long their were her songs but then when i research i realize the songs are sung by other artists, good thing I’m not into those artist like i am into charice. She needs to quit covering song at once.

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  6. AR says:
    @Auau , Georgia, perrypc and Nauba ZZZZZZZZZZZ you are ruining my Friday with your comments.

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    • Auau says:

      Don’t worry, I’m sure Charice will do great in her Infinity Tour Concerts; different time, different setting and ambiance would change her energy. She will learn from all this experience and will develop better intuition in what she’s doing.

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  7. georgia says:
    I am with you Auau. They should produce the best show for her. The best production. The best costume. The best stage. The best stage director. The best back up dancers and everything.

    She is the best and she deserve the best.

    But oh no whats going on?

    I am sure you love to see the best for her.

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  8. Auau says:
    I’m frustrated with Charice whenever she goes home to the Philippines where she does insignificant shows that does nothing to raise her value as an artist. It’s all cheap exploitation typical of what they always do in the Philippines. I can tell they’re not well rehearsed nor well directed. This year is worse than last year even in costuming(by the way she usually wears the worst outfits in her shows in PI, even at the DFF concerts) and choreography and all the businesses on stage are bad, plus charice had zero chemistry with her guests, because I think the show was done quickly without enough preparation. Why, does she think that when she goes home to PI nowadays she can give a concert just like that, and her audience don’t expect 100% of her effort? Where is her consistency? Has she become so rich(and complacent) and powerful in Philippine standard, and that nobody says no to her? Or is this the total misdeed of her promoters? This makes me sad, because I look at Charice right now, and she has reminded me of the young Judy Garland of the old days of Hollwwood(yes folks, Charice could be her country’s equivalent to Judy) because of the big voice and the the fact Charice and Judy were discovered when they were very young. There is so much similarity of Charice to Judy Garland that I think/wish she can be in a movie vehicle as important as The Wizard Of Oz which Judy had. The difference of course was that during the time of Judy, it was the studio that molded the artist to become a star while in Charice time, she’s on her own if not dependent on the wisdom(or lack of it) of her management team and promoters. I could go on and on about this, and I’m tired, but I feel I have to say something, even to a brick wall, but I do believe Charice is about change, and she can help change the world we live in because she is the chosen.

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    • Auau says:

      Here is a challenge for Charice management team in PI. Find a vehicle/production project for Charice that is as big, perfect and important as the Wizard of Oz. Or do a remake of The Oz, Filipino version, scary sci-fy movie. Charice always talked about liking to be in a scary movie; this is one way by which she can realize one of her dreams.

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    • Auau says:

      Sorry, not totally insignificant if the fans love what she’s doing, but there’s conflict of direction, which is not easy to resolve anyway. I guess I should just hold my tongue, just like I already promised sometime ago. Tsk tsk.

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    • Perrypc says:
      I agree. She should be dressed up nicely just like all the other artist who sang at the DF & Friends Concerts. In fact I would like her to look much better than the others. Her voice and presentation will be much better with the proper attire (however, not the umbrella and the likes costumes she wore at her earlier concert in the Philippines).

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    • Rica says:

      You can’t compare the tv productions in the Philippines compared to tv productions in the US. Definitely, US productions where Charice has performed were much better in terms of quality. They can afford to produce high quality production because they have a bigger market. I think it’s the responsibility of Charice’s handlers and the people behind her career to be selective with every project she accepts and not consider the money she will receive.

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  9. Nauba says:

    Poor Charice – what sweet suffering. I see an artist who’s image is evolving. I know what must follow. Charice, in my eyes, has a hot body (for stage presentation). Eventually, jackets and other apparel which obscure her will begin to dissapear. Her brand is presently in a state of dynamic flux. 2012 will be a monitarily profitable year for the young woman. If she banks all of her money, she’s gonna be able to high roll someday. Hopefully, she doesn’t have excessive debt. I don’t trust big labels not to dump operating expenses on the artist.

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