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Chaster’s Pre-concert Gathering – Infinity Tour Manila

Chaster’s Pre-concert Gathering – Infinity Tour Manila
[UPDATE: Chasters Gathering Backdrop]

~A few more winks to go before the concert.  Are you guys ready?  Yeeeeehaw!

Chasters Gathering Maxs Backdrop1 Chasters Pre concert Gathering   Infinity Tour Manila

Thank you very much chaster java for the layout design of Max’s Backdrop image.

[UPDATE: Manila Gathering Final List]

Chaster Cap 300x225 Chasters Pre concert Gathering   Infinity Tour Manila

1) A Chaster who brings in new Chasters will get for himself/herself and each of the new Chasters a Chaster Infinity Cap with Cap Liights; only 50 Caps with Cap Lights will be given away for free to the first ones who arrive with new Chasters until the supply of 50 sets last.

2) We will also have Chaster Infinity Caps to be sold at P140 each while Cap Lights at P70. You can buy a Chaster Infinity Cap with Cap Lights together for P200. Only 150 more sets will be available and 50 extra caplights with no caps ;

3) Chasters may bring their own caps (any baseball cap) and the caplights can fit your caps.

~Although 150 Chasters already filled up the regstration. other Chasters can still come for 2 reasons:

1) Late registered Chasters will be replaced by other Chasters who come to Max’s and;

2) Even if the function room is full, unregistered Chasters may still come to Max’s to order something outside the function room and then they will have the chance to meet all the other Chasters anyway. It will still be fun.

CONGRATULATIONS to all those who made it to the the Chasters gathering!

  1. Jamie Ann A. Peters
  2. Carl10
  3. Millie
  4. Ma. Zelfa Bendijo
  5. Cristine May Mapa
  6. Marina Tan
  7. Gelne Chris
  8. Yves Arellano
  9. Janine Calvez
  10. Joane Bae Sabornido
  11. Ma. Cristina Cabrera
  12. Myke Janine Sabornido
  13. Jean Mikael Sabornido
  14. Rosette Antopina
  15. Ruz
  16. Marryann Villegas
  17. Nino Villegas
  18. Josiphine Villegas
  19. Rose Villegas
  20. Shellia Villegas Seto
  21. Merryann Villegas
  22. Kenji Chua
  23. Jm Leonaras
  24. Gladys Bate
  25. Fe Capirol
  26. Lani Martinez
  27. Lani Martinez w/ Family
  28. Lani Martinez w/ Family
  29. Lani Martinez w/ Family
  30. Lani Martinez w/ Family
  31. Lani Martinez w/ Family
  32. Lani Martinez w/ Family
  33. Lenard Longasa
  34. May Joy Longasa
  35. Emma Carandang
  36. Zsarina concepcion
  37. Alexander
  38. Mharice
  39. Diego R
  40. Abby
  41. Lyn
  42. Kim
  43. Cecilia
  44. Alyssa Penales
  45. Nitz Nadera
  46. Russel Esplana
  47. Prof.JAY
  48. Dulce Amor De Castro.
  49. mpasig 1-MYSELF
  50. mpasig 2-HUSBAND
  51. mpasig 3-BEST FRIEND
  53. Tita E.Nora
  54. Yojan Esguerra
  55. Maria May Redor
  56. Rodel V. Redor
  57. Elisa Onia
  58. Chet Palma
  59. Reynaldo Racion
  60. Camille Onia
  61. Charlzon Tolentino
  62. Raniel
  63. Aidus
  64. Oscar Lagangan
  65. Via Saturnino
  66. Andre
  67. Rhea Gelio
  68. Erin
  69. Mikee Guerrero
  70. Isabel Guerrero
  71. Bosio
  72. Ghie Padilla
  73. With Friend
  74. Pinky Gamayao
  75. Jade Gamayao
  76. Nix
  77. Marietta M. Florendo
  78. Nutellapooh
  79. Motherdear
  80. CutieSinger23
  81. Charla Espino
  82. Myla Espino
  83. Shaira Garcia
  84. Daisy Garcia
  85. Randy Balunday
  86. With Friend
  87. Lheng
  88. Cyrus James Lindley Cabral
  89. Cristy Cos
  90. Jaja
  91. Ciarra Amor Mazaredo
  92. Ched Dominic Mazaredo
  93. Chester Xanana Mazaredo
  94. Roberto De Mesa
  95. Lisbon
  96. Mary Jane Permo
  97. Maricel Torres
  98. KClyn
  99. Remart
  100. Kate Benedicto
  101. DeadlySweet
  102. Odie052
  103. Ceejay Fajardo
  104. Maricel Fajardo
  105. Mark Anthony Cos
  106. Rosalinda Borreo
  107. Ronald Junio
  108. Olivia Nebrija
  109. Roger esperidion
  110. Henri_v
  111. Sapphireblue95
  112. Lemuel Deomampo
  113. Monaliza A. Alcantara
  114. Tricia P. Esteves
  115. Jose Ma. Lacuarta
  116. Nadine Geraldy Lacuarta
  117. June Torrejos
  118. Cristina Iballar
  119. Bryan Jay Gaza
  120. Howell Mabalot
  121. Corazon Reyes Concepcion
  122. Edgar Concepcion
  123. Rossel Concepcion
  124. Kathy masanque
  125. Stockpicker
  126. Stockpicker
  127. Erik catabas
  128. Rhed Sandel
  129. Lourice Lontiong
  130. Jayzelle Bess Evangelista
  131. Ymma
  132. Einna
  133. Ellapot
  134. Chastin
  135. Rianne
  136. Victoria Asunto
  137. Ma. Teresita Ofelia Berg
  138. Mely Santiago
  139. Jonathan Obay
  140. Jenn
  141. Rhed Sandel
  142. Kenneth Ranel Roa
  143. With Friend
  144. Felix John Tan
  145. Jolien Suarez
  146. Sheila Decena
  147. Lian Tion
  148. Darlene Barcelon
  149. Monch
  150. Bella Bengco

See you there!

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - –


Hello Chasters!  Thanks for registering.  We are all surely excited to meet our fellow Chasters. However, we would like to clarify things:

- Chasters Gathering is purely Chasters activity (Meaning, this is not a meet and greet with Cha but meet and greet with Chasters instead). Charice would not be there.

- This is not a ‘ticket’ for Charice Infinity Tour Concert.  Attending the gathering does NOT mean you are getting tickets from us. (Some might have misunderstood/assumed that we are giving away free tickets).

- Each attendee should pay Php 250 for the dinner and other expenses.  (Volunteer organizers can’t shoulder all expenses, we hope you understand).

That’s it for now.  Keep checking this post. The Final list of chasters who made it to the first 150 will be posted soon.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - –

Another milestone is set to mark Charice’s flourishing career this upcoming March 9th — her own major solo concert at the Big Dome!  On that account, we are hereby once again inviting everyone –  Chasters from all over the world — to come and join us in celebrating this very special and momentous day.

WHAT     :          CHASTERS’ Pre-Concert Gathering

WHERE   :          MAX’S Restaurant, 3/F Gateway Mall

WHEN     :           09 March 2012, Friday

TIME       :           Registration starts at 4:30 PM, Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM

Kindly leave your FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS on the comment section below. Due to the venue’s limited capacity, we can only accommodate the first 150 registrants.  A program will follow so everyone is requested to arrive early.  The slots of those who will not be there by 5:30 pm will be given to chasters on the waiting list. Please bring Php 250 for the dinner and other expenses.

Don’t miss out on this chance to bond and experience the joy of being with your fellow Chaddicts! Plus, you’ll get to see gifted chasters showcase their talents! So, what are you waiting for? Register now!

Invite your family, friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, (even haters if you know one) and convert them to chasters.  As it is in basketball, Charice is now in her home court.  This is our chance to express our gratitude to her for being one of those who lifted up the Filipino spirit around the world and to let her know that she is also loved and supported by her countrymen.

charice infinity tour poster Chasters Pre concert Gathering   Infinity Tour Manila

Let’s get the ball rolling! SPREAD SPREAD SPREAD the word… keep promoting and let’s work hand in hand to fill the BIG DOME!

May the force be with us!


Come on peeps, let’s get some new blood here.  A surprise gift awaits chasters who will register and bring in a NEW chaster/s.

**NEW – have not attended any chasters gathering before and have not seen any concert of Charice yet.

Contact Person:

chaster beda –


You can buy your concert tickets at all TicketNet outlets and SM malls, make online reservations at or call (+632) 891-9999.


- Senior citizens get a 20% discount for a single ticket purchase.  Just present your Senior Citizen’s ID.

Pls check this article regularly til the concert for updates.

Written by beda and ab.bonita

Posted by ab.bonita,

218 Responses to “Chaster’s Pre-concert Gathering – Infinity Tour Manila”

  1. jabes_12 says:

    Darlene Barcelon c/o me din :) -jb

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  2. sheild says:

    sheila decena
    lian tion

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  3. sheild says:
    pls count me in. thanks!

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  4. CamilleO says:

    Anyone else here from Pampanga who’ll watch the concert? :)

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  5. jolien suarez says:

    jolien suarez

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  6. rudee87 says:
    Hello everyone, this is off topic, but I want to ask who will watch charice concert here in cebu this march 11, my friends and I are living in cebu and we are very excited to watch the concert..

    anyone, who will watch also..

    thank you very much.

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  7. Felix john tan says:

    Hey pls include me, i really want to meet other chasters….

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  8. kenneth ranel roa says:
    hi! pls. count me in :) kenneth ranel roa :) and may isa pa po akong kasama :D thanks!

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    • khatman says:

      The ktla video was good but I didn’t care too much for the echo effect at the beginning. Charice did sing I Will Always Love You the next day in another setting with a full orchestra(Japanese), but without that annoying echo.

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    • khatman says:

      After the ktla video charice did another performance in Japan but with an orchestra instead of a backing track. Also there was no echo effect like in the ktla video. Charice was almost singing IWALY acapella.

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  9. Rhed Sandel says:
    Me :) Rhed Sandel

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  10. jonathan c. obay says:
    count me in pls…..chaster see der…….hope to see all the chaster….jonathan c.

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  11. josie says:
    purchased my tickets for the March 9 concert. upper box A aisle. yehawwwww

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    • erin says:

      are you in PI? I tried to buy from the US online, and also called, but they want me to be there, or someone to pick up my ticket. I don’t arrive Manila until 1st week of March, now am afraid all seats, except GA, might be booked by that time.

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      • ozzielan09 says:

        Hi Erin,

        just going through the comments and saw your post. Have you got the ticket yet? You can only reserve ticket online and pick up when you get there as i have been told.

        I have asked a good chasters to buy ticket for me and shes holding it for me (SVIP). cant wait to meet all chasters :)and see Charice live

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  12. julio says:

    just want to asks dear chasters, why is our Charice not in the grammy event?…should be there, at least even as a participant?

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  13. leilaniandson says:
    Happy Valentines Charice and to all Chasters!

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  14. abeng1127 says:
    ahh… HAPPY HEART TO ALL ….. from: ME and my family

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  15. addellyusa says:
    Hello. I watched Charice’s Valentine’s Special on GMA last Sunday and was left speechless. Charice, even without belting, is simply magical. I like that she’s singing soothing and sweet. It only goes to prove that Charice, even if she doesn’t hit the high notes, truly has a melodic voice. Charice, you’re doing the right thing, taking care of your voice because you’re gonna be in this business and with us for the long haul. Love you Cha!

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  16. trishahae says:
    Happy Valentines to all Chasters. Enjoy the day. Happy Valentines Charice

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  17. ofehl says:
    Ma. Teresita Ofelia Berg,

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  18. vicky says:
    victoria asunto,

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  19. rianne says:
    i hope i make the list.

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  20. artemis gibran says:
    I was trying to submit it here but to no avail. I don’t know why. I sent it through your email as well. Hope you got it.

    Anyway, I really just want to SHARE it with other CHASTERS.

    At any rate, thanks!

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  21. artemis gibran says:
    AB Bonita,

    Hi! Have you read my article for CHARICE VALENTINE CONCERT at GMA?

    Is it worth publishing? He he he !

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  22. artemis gibran says:
    The article I wrote for CHARICE VALENTINE CONCERT At GMA7.Wrote it after the taping.

    By: Artemis Gibran

    I have been in reverie for the past months, and it took one CHARICE song to bring me back to reality and dream again all at the same time. No one can lead me to feel that way and process my own journey like this child.
    I believe I don’t have to write about how I flew like superheroes and heroines do just to be there at GMA 7 taping, or write about the whole concert because Rodbelt will be more eloquently capable of stating every beat and bit of the account that happened during each song.
    But let me take you to a journey to a thousand colors and pictures and rhythm of memories where CHARICE and I met, face to face…eye to eye…heart to heart…and soul to soul.
    She was wearing white coat under a black shaded shirt. That was the theme that night BLACK and WHITE (at least for the two of us, and Carl and Mom Raqz). Though everyone will notice that everyone was wearing bright and happy RED around us, CHA and I are both wearing black. The only red that you can see in her is the shade and color of her nails…and with me, my traditional RED EYE GEAR which I wear during her concerts (in Japan and 2 GMA Valentine concerts).
    It took one experience and one song to bring us together. She was singing DANCE WITH MY FATHER AGAIN for her Dad. In the beginning ( while singing this line …Back when I was a child), she was trying to hold back her tears, but later on (while Carl and Mom Raqz are already crying) when people in the audience were on their most respectful and pensive mode, Charice begun to cry…( if I could steal one final glance, one final step, one final dance with him… I’d play a song that would never…ever end, cause I’d love, love, love to dance with my father again.). Charice and I both lost our father recently. Mine last July, and hers, barely 40 days ago.

    That one moment, I can really say that CHARICE and I are on the same BOAT…on the same PAGE of life… and on the same JOURNEY. Our fathers are not perfect but we completely love them. Oh, how certain I am that both Charice and I are dreaming our fathers were somehow here again…wishing… they were somehow near.
    With that song, she was able to cry those unshed tears, and often with me, I feel like a child again carried in my father’s arms…as we dance our hearts away. I felt so loved and found my self in tears…ambivalent tears… of joy and sorrow. That song carried me and CHARICE and I’m sure each soul around, into an ocean of memories.
    She finished the song…but not her tears. She was continuously crying even after the lights were off. I can see her because I was seated in a perfect spot were all I can see is her every move. She was fetched from the stage by 2 assistants. She was still crying…and though that number was finished…the emotions remain.
    I can say and write more, but just like life, we do not know where and when it will end. We can only hope that it will lead us to where it is meant to lead.
    At the end of the show, I went to her on stage. I do not know what happened but I found myself again (yes again), even in the midst of those GMA 7 executives and her tight bodyguards, I was able to go near her and took pictures of us together (ask tita wower and rodbelt about it). I was able to kiss her twice like during the Resorts World concert.
    Yes I kissed her with all of you in my heart and in my mind (that is why I really do everything to go near her). Those kisses are for you as well…as always. I may not be able to state all… and how…and what… happened during the event…but I can only share …how… it felt.

    By Artemis Gibran
    GMA 7 Valentine Concert Taping
    Dec. 2011 – Manila

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  23. beda026 says:
    Chasters up to this point are counted oredi :) Thanks!!! Cheers!

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  24. Einna says:
    Hello Chasters! Am I late for the registration?? count me in plsss..

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  25. TTYL says:
    This is off topic because there’s no bucket for this but I just want to comment on Charice’s One for the Heart concert special. Charice has come into her own. Her performance and stage presence was so ber polished and professional yet very connected and engaging. She is herself now on stage. Her level of artistry shows a maturity that can only come from worldwide and varied experience and reflects the mentoring touch of legendary David Foster. The belting is gone by choice and replaced by an artistic sophistication garnered thru blood, sweat and tears on stages all over the world – from Denmark to Dubai.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 53 Thumb down 0

    • khatman says:
      I just bookmarked it (7 parts). Parts of it are very touching – especially singing Dance with My Father.

      One other thing, Charice intends to incorporate a Whitney tribute into her Asian Infinity Tour.

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  26. Elbiz says:
    Poor Whitney gone too soon, she is in peace now, a great singer.

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  27. Jayzelle Bess Evangelista says:
    Hi ^_^,
    Just want to include my bf
    Lourice Lontiong and me (Jayzelle Bess Evangelista) hope i can read more details for this up coming concert of my idol Charice.. how much do we need to have by that day? thanks thanks Godbless to all of you.. mwuah

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  28. ymma says:
    Count me in. My email add is

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  29. Jayzelle Bess Evangelista says:
    Please count me and my bf.. we will watch my idol Charice.. here’s my email : /

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