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Charice Live Infinity Tour in Dubai March 2, 2012

Charice Live Infinity Tour in Dubai March 2, 2012

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  1. riza says:
    I think Carlo’s comment is not really bad. As far as I’m concerned he’s just frustrated, just like quiet a few of us here in US and I think Canada for a zero exposure of Charice here in America. I’m having all those questions too on my mind, but afraid to put it in writing because it’s either hidden due to low comment, or I’ll get a million thumbs down. But i know there’ a lot of us here in the US that read Carlos’ comment, and then say, “Yeah What Is Really Happening Here”. Then I try to pacify myself by thinking that at the moment it is winter here, entertainers are on a hiatus, just like television shows, no concerts going on around the nation. I even admire Charice and her management of taking advantage this cold season by having shows on those countries that are enjoying a nice and warm, and wonderful weather. Reminds me of Journey during Steve Perrys time as their frontman. They become very famous here in America after starting to do concerts in Japan and Europe. There was a show before called Midnight Special hosted by Wolfman Jack, the 1st time Steve Perry introduce Journey to the audience on that night, He mentioned the fact that they’re from San Francisco and they had been having succesful concerts in Japan and Europe. After that they’re selling out concerts in stadiums with usually over 25,000 people in attendance and sold millions of records. What I’m trying to say is maybe that’s what Charices’ management is doing for her. But Carlo, let’s wait for summer and i am very sure that there’s going to be a lot of BUZZZZ!!!
    again for that gifted little girl from the Philippines. Right now hardly hears anything about Grayson Chance, Ellen de Generes protegee either. But thank you very much for your comment. I’m with you on those concerns.

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    • khatman says:
      Charice has performed in Canada multiple times. In Sept 2008 she was part of the Filipino Wowowee show that was in Winnepeg.

      In Nov 2009 she did the farewell leg of the DFF tour in Vancouver.

      In June 2010 she was at the Eaton Mall in Toronto where the place was packed to the ceiling with 6,000 fans.

      She was in Toronto again in December 2010 with her mentor
      David Foster and sang with the Canadian Tenors.

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    • khatman says:

      Speaking of Steve Perry, I think he is one of the greats. Arnel has done a great job filling his shoes. Should Arnel ever decide to retire there is another Filipino that is just as adept at singing Journey songs. He is a relative unknown though. His name is Adrian Lopez who won a local singing contest and appeared on Philippine tv.

      I don’t know how David Foster missed this guy when he was looking for new talent in the Philippines.

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      • khatman says:

        correction to the above 1st link:

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        • auau says:

          He’s excellent, he sings with pathos; i want to see him succeed even if he doesn’t have to become another Arnel Pineda. he needs a little coaching in enunciation so that he could connect better with the audience in the west. Some song writers/producers should use him or collaborate with him; maybe he should be employed by Charice to give him a headstart(if they are compatible), to perform duets and then solos later. I wish him luck. khatman, thanks for posting this video.

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          • khatman says:

            Thanks auau. Ever since David Foster began looking for talent in the Philippines I have been looking too. Among the filipino men Adrian Lopez has impressed me the most.

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  2. Carlo says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Jojo says:
      @Carlo you are beginning to sound more of a crab than a chaster.Full of negative outlook in life.Being a weakling in this world will get you nowhere.Follow Charice’s approach to life and you will learn a lot from this phenom.

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    • Laura says:
      Why so impatient. She is only 19 going 20. K Perry and Gaga have so many disappointments before hitting it big. You do not have investments on her except being fan. She is in good hands. Why do you think she have 16 mil and a big house.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      I would suggest to you to have patience. Are you familiar with the quote “Patience is a virtue”? The bible says “lack of patience can cause you to miss blessings” so it is important to be patient in life. This is something for you to ponder.

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      • khatman says:
        I assume we are talking about making it “big” in the United States of America. She is already big outside of the USA. I am hoping that with the release of her Infinity album in the USA, combined with her tour, that at least one of her songs, maybe Lighthouse, she will catch fire in this market.

        It just kills me when I see some of her “peers” who depend upon autotune on the Billboard list of best album sellers.

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  3. trishahae says:
    Here’s a rundown of her concert schedule (9-city-tour) all over Asia and Dubai: March 2(Dubai); March 5 (Singapore); Jakarta (March 7); Manila ( March 9), Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe), March, 14, 15,16, 17; Hong Kong (March 19), Seoul, South Korea (March 21). Go Charice, I will pray for the success of your concerts and to all Chasters in these areas, enjoy her company, enjoy her music. You will know why we love and support our Princess. She’s so very talented but down-to-earth as well.

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  4. trishahae says:
    Countdown to Charice’ Infinity tours: 21 more days to go before she launches the first of her 8-city tour, starting in Dubai. We’re behind you all the way Charice. Can’t wait to see you here in Manila.

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  5. riza says:
    i’m not even losing hope. Besides having a mild streak of jealousy to those people living in those asian and middle east countries where she’s going to perform, i know that summer is going to come soon and there’s gonna be a lot of concerts and events here, left and right. Now i just realize that entertainers are resting during winter. Just like television shows that are on hiatus at this time. She will be here soon and will be busy as she could be. And, for the meantime, intelligently have concerts on these countries that are enjoying their hot and nice weather. Now with Korea and Japan, and Dubai, i don’t know when their winter season is going to be.

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  6. Carlo says:

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    • Carlo says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • auau says:
      Carlo, you should not predict such a pattern of doom. If you are a fan you should think positive, and if you are a talented influential fan, you should do something to help develop some projects for Charice or just not say anything.
      SUCCESS IS BOUND TO HAPPEN WITH CHARICE INFINITY ALBUM. Everything in business is about timing.You will know, and the world will see the Infinity Concerts will be huge and promote the movie Here Comes The Boom, and the movie will lead some trails towards more future projects for our Princess.
      If you (are old enough to) remember in the past, artists like Cher(Believe) and Ricky Martin(Living La Vida Loca) used to to do concert tours around the world first before they launch their albums which became very successful in the states; the same success is likely to happen to our Princess. God bless Charice, and you do have a nice day!

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      • Carlo says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • khatman says:
        My favorite song on Charice’s Infinity album is Lighthouse. I am hoping that there will be one particular non-original song on the album, perhaps as a bonus track. That song is “You Are So Beautiful”. I don’t know if Charice can ever capture again the raw emotion that she poured into her performance with DFF. I would settle for an audio recording from that show. There were plenty to choose from.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      What kind of a fan are you? Have a little faith! Here’s a fun video of Charice at rehearsals with the backbeats last year just to brighten up your day….

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      • truepinoy63 says:

        here’s a video of Charice singing a number from broadway musical “Rent”. Watch the reaction of the other performers when Charice belted the high note.

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        • truepinoy63 says:

          To Princess Serena & Schoen, why can’t I post a YT video here? Am I doing it wrong, I just copy and paste. Please let me know.

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          • schoen says:

            Maybe the site is recognizing your post as spam? Is it?

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            • truepinoy63 says:

              Schoen, the yt vid was a fun rehearsal vid and performance of Charice with the backbeats last year. I just wanted to share with Carlo since he seems so down and blue…lol

              I wouldn’t post any spam.

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      • Carlo says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • Chartista says:

          A true fan doesn’t prepare for the worst. a true fan holds on to something the he/she believes in…a true fan remains positive/optimistic no matter what happens to Charice’s career…and a true fan just enjoys every moment with Charice…
          the question then is…. are you a true fan? or just a spoiled bandwagon wannabe fan?

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  7. Tabatha says:
    Just found out this video of charice and oh my goodness SHE IS MORE THAN AMAZING

    i really really really love her, like all the chasters do.

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    • TKlumpner says:
      OMG! Charice is the really the best among the young stars of today not only in her country but around the world.

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    • khatman says:
      Charice has always been amazing, even as a little girl. At age 12 she was singing songs that even her idol, Whitney Houston, would not sing live as in “Run To You”, an extremely difficult song to sing.

      Besides being amazingly talented, the above video demonstrates underneath that humble demeanor how competitive Charice really is and how she has this drive to succeed. She didn’t really need David Foster to tell her that the enemy of great is good. She always strove to be great, no matter the audience.

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      • khatman says:
        I just want to say Charice is back on twitter. She talks about her Infinity tour and I think about the SuperBowl and performing in front of millions. She said that she would be so nervous that she would have no qualms about lipsync. I don’t believe her as she is always nervous until she steps out on the stage and then she become Charice the Fierce.

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        • Jojo says:
          Just won the superbowl and we will have a parade here in manhattan tomorrow.After this my concentration will be all on Charice’s coming infinity tour.

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  8. riza says:
    we’re not asking for a concert, we just want her to be a guest in one of those late night talk shows and sing at least a couple of her new songs (and 1 ballad please) i think we will be sincerely pleased. you know i understand i might get a number of thumbs down from my comment below, especially from chasters who are enjoying the fact that anytime soon they will be attending her concert, because they live in that country where she’s gonna be performing soon. let me say to you guys, we want to eat our share of the pie too, if you know what i mean. so i’m hoping for your kind understanding and thanks a bunch.

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  9. riza says:
    hoping by april, we, her fans here in the US get to hear or see our beloved pretty girl again in action. how about guesting in one of those late night talk shows like jay leno or jimmy fallon, conan o’brien or even david letterman. it worked for jewell before. late night shows where everyone at home are resting comfortably and eyes and mind are glued to any television shows they’re watching. more exposure than during the day where almost everyone are out of their houses working or in school depending on the age demographic. jewell only able to sell few hundred records till she was a guest of the conan o’ brien show. how about it management. she needs to sell her new songs here in america. they’re beautiful songs and everyone who had the chance of hearing them are so impressed. can we have her in the US once in a while please, pretty please. THANK YOU <3 <3 <3

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    • khatman says:
      April may be too soon. Charice will need to take a long break after completing her Asian tour of 10 cities in 19 days. Look to May-June as perhaps bringing her tour to the US.

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    • Chartista says:
      I believe Charice’s management team is aware of the American Music Market. You mentioned that “she needs to sell her new songs in America” – I’m with you on that proposition but America is America…at this time White, Black, Hispanics will admire and support their own kind (Taylor Swift, J. Hudson, Selena/Jlo) but it’s at a snail pace acceptance among Asian/Pacific Islander talents (I think Charice is the only one with exception to William Hung :-)). This industry (American Music Entertainment) is a Humongous Wall to breakthrough but take note that Charice is a BIG BIG Dynamite with a very LONG fuse…Sparks here and there but eventually once it reaches her she’ll definitely explode big time. The world might not be ready for it but they’ll always be curious on who created that big hole on the wall!

      I have a question. Is it really packaging?:

      1. Adelle – Non-traditional voice, beautiful but chubby, Awesome songs!
      2. Britney S. – Bad bad voice, amazing body and dance moves, Awesome songs!
      3. Taylor Swift – Normal voice, beautiful body, amazing talent, exceptional song writing ability
      4. JLo – bleh voice, hot body, exceptional dancing, nice butt, Awesome dance songs!
      5. Katy Perry – Ok voice, hot bod, catchy songs, amazing song writing ability
      6. Lady Gaga – voice better than KPerry, druggie, nice bod for a transvestite, a true artiste when it comes to song writing
      7. Beyonce – Manifestation of true talent, exceptional dancing, hot bod, benchmark of what packaging is.
      8. (number infinity) CHARICE – Amazing voice!
      what else?

      This are some questions I would like to answer and I’m sure her management team are doing their best to be at part with the best if not better. I still and will always believe in the Filipino Talent in Charice. Thanks and Peace – Please share your comments – thx again

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      • Jojo says:
        Don’t forget that apart from her amazing voice,she also have amazing songs that is yet to hit the US market and above all amazing character.

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      • khatman says:
        Comment: I stopped being a fan of Beyonce after the Baby incident last month where she and her husband, Jay-Z, rented out an entire floor of Lenox Hospital in NY City. The floor included the ward for newborns. Many couples were prevented from seeing their newborn babies for hours because of Beyonce’s security team. Even the security cameras were taped over in the name of “privacy” which could have resulted in a dangerous situation. The hospital was as much at fault for allowing money($1.3 million) take precedence over common sense and the needs of the other parents of newborn babies.

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  10. lyn montero says:
    wow! really im so happy to hear Charice songs played in big casinos here in Macau like GALAXY and City of Dreams..The DJ’s are Aussies lol! mz u CHA !!

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  11. hermiemel says:
    Glad that Charice has some time to recharge her battery before all her concerts begins. She was a blur of activities for the last years. I’m sure that in 2012 that she will usher in a new era of a “new” Charice. Waiting for her “infinity tours” with great anticipation.

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  12. ttyl says:
    I hope between now and March 2 she will just resting, eating good and healthy, exercising because much stamina will be needed for her March madness concerts and working with her team to get this just right. More expectations this time I think due to new direction of Infinity album. I am expecting a departure of some kind from old Charice image but not a big departure, maybe a little something in the production to show a new dimension of maturity and womanhood in Charice. I think we are all expecting something new and different in the presentation this time. I don’t expect any big belting ballads except in her own songs. Hard to imagine from 4- 5 years ago she would someday have a repertoire of just Charice songs. I won’t be able to see any of her concerts but looking forward to all the ninja videos to come.

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  13. EMERALD says:
    Im waiting for you here in HK charice:)

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  14. marcos39325 says:
    as a fans i want to see our princess to make a solo concert in u,s
    specialy in madison square garden. i hope this year 2012

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  15. dxbchaster says:
    I’ve been waiting for this concert here for like ages (ok!I’m over reacting.. lols),and yes, I already called platinumlist to buy tickets but they said actual ticket will only be available netxweek, but anyway I already mark March 1 in my calendar,nothing can stop me from wacthing Charice’s concert, not even camel or sandstorm!…LOL ^_^

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  16. justjames says:
    I’ happy for her and for chssters.

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  17. erin says:
    My plans are all set to see our Princess at the dome in March. I am flying from the East Coast to PI for the first time in decades just for this. I have nieces in PI who are Biebs fans, well, I will bring them all to Araneta and expose them to Cha, take it or leave it. They will, for sure, become Chasters. If there is a Cebu concert, I will go there as well.

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  18. helicopter_man says:
    yahoo!!! im a chaster from oman and im so lucky our company will be sending me to dubai for 2 months or so.. that means i have to grab this great opportunity to watch cha’s performance here in the gulf. =) see you all dubai chasters!

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  19. J F says:
    New packaging, artistic/stage director, back up dancers, Charice
    on stage that would be a big WOW!I hope Charice team and management in PI and US will start considering all of these. Charice is a super star she deserve the best. Best packaging, best production, best stage, best back up dancers.

    Big promotions A-S-A-P.

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  20. Riza says:
    i just feel so sad that us here in the US hardly see charice anymore. we just could not afford to go to any asian country to see her perform or go to any of her concerts. i felt a sense of abandonement. where is mark when we needed him. where is sir david foster. are they, at least one day, be able to bring her back to us. be a guest in one of the television shows. i guess, i’m just sort of jealous this time huh from those people who lives in the philippines, japan, korea, etc. well enjoy guys. maybe by april i get my wish! trying to have some positive thinking here.

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    • Mnc1 says:
      When will she ever come to MN?!!! I have a feeling of never, since they barely play her songs here and Minnesotans have no idea who Charice is. Anyway, congrats to the dubai chasters.

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      • khatman says:
        Charice did perform in Minnesota(Minneapolis)back in August 2010. This was mentioned in ChariceMania. It was during this occasion that Charice became insecure about her height when she was photographed next to Taylor Swift.

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        • Mnc1 says:
          Thanks for letting me know but unfortunately I didn’t know who Charice was back then. I discovered her on Nov. 2010. I hope one day that day will come when she does her own headlining US tour and include MN as one of her stops, but just how long I got to wait?!!!

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  21. @darwin f. suyat, i agree with you its the whole presentation.

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  22. Great!March is fully book for charice.need to take care of ur voice.u also need an artistic/stage director for a new packaging.people r buying tickets for a pleasant sight on stage.talent is not a question. its d whole presentation my dear tour hopefully US and Europe.

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  23. cancon says:
    this is good news for Dubai fans..I’ll tell my friends & relatives about this news so they can watch Charice LIVE concert on March 2, 2012..Good Luck, Charice!

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  24. Dredj says:
    im sure you’ll rock the land of skycrapers “FAR AS THE SKY”

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  25. ranty says:
    amazing charice. to the top baby

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  26. EVON, DUBAI says:
    i just called the ticket office, and they told me u can buy it tomorrow online but if cash, she said she will call me next week, i started calling my friends so that we can watch it together, tickets are actually not that expensive, she said capacity is 8000… 4000 is in front and 4000 behind, im just sooooooo excited like im going to explode from excitement…. jejejeje “FIRST TIME BABY”

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  27. trishahae says:
    It will be one unforgettable night, I mean…

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  28. trishahae says:
    To all Dubai chasters, please watch our Princess’ concert on March 2. It will one unforgettable night.

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  29. Imnewhere says:
    Camel? Lmao….. Gogo camels

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  30. king says:
    Wow! good news! At the top Charice!

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