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Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012

Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012

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  1. susan says:

    i missed charice beautiful straight hair. Please have that long straight hair again. love you

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  2. Woolberine says:
    Echusa is jealous! Get a life!

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  3. Ro Gum says:

    When we were Austronesians (pure), we as Filipinos espoused lots of body tattoos, men and women alike; perhaps even children (when they came of age). It was part of our culture to cover our bodies, faces, arms, legs, etc with tattoos. Take a look at old pictures of Filipinos (the original native one’s). The Chinese came, the Indians came, the Spanish came, the Americans came, and our blood got diffusion from various races and so did our culture. Some of us now get turned off by tattoos. It used to be the norm to have tattoos; but our mind got molded into thinking that tattoos are now for sailors, gangsters, jailbirds, and the likes. I wont get a tattoo myself nor would I name my kid Tattoo (Bost, da plen, da plen, bost) and because I could not just wash it off. But, hey everyone in America seem to be doing it. Maybe, in the future it might get link to cancer, then everyone will stay away from it. “Love Eternally” is now Charice’s motto and she wont forget it because it is indelibly enscribed on her left arm (shouldn’t it be on the right?).

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    • Perry pc says:

      We are now in this modern day, broadminded and can see the difference and that is why most people don’t want to be tattooed.

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  4. katrina says:
    I was there and I can say that Charice has arrived. Imagine no so called local big stars guested in her concert, there was not much promotion but the venue was 75% full. Those that went there was there for the love of Charice and I’m glad that Charice gave her 110% performance and did not disappoint her audience. Good Luck Charice to your future endeavors and you will always have our support and I hope you still continue your online schooling. I’ll start saving for your next solo concert and hopefully my savings will be enough to buy a patron ticket so i’ll be closer to the stage as of now i was at upper box A.

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  5. tnt says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  6. dexter24 says:

    maybe she’s tired of hearing people say that she’s not pretty and have no star quality, that’s why she changed… and wants to be handsome instead lol :)

    for me, she’s pretty, very pretty :)

    well, i love the hairdo, really suits her beautiful face… but i’m not really into tattoo’s and boyish outfit.

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  7. erring_early says:
    i wish she’d sing more of her songs from infinity and maybe some of her upbeat songs like reset.
    not all concert goers buy her cds you know so i really think she needs to plug more of her songs so that people will be more conscious of her own songs.

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    • khatman says:

      Out of the 22 songs she sang in the concert eight were either from her debut album Charice or from the Infinity album.

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  8. DENNIS says:
    Charice Sweetheart, you are wonderfully sweet and you are free to express yourself anyway you like. I will always Love you , no matter and Im so proud of what you have accomplished. Your proforomance was right on perfect. God bless you sweety, I will keep you in my prayers.

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