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Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012

Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012


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  1. Guidoea says:

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  2. hermiemel says:
    Charice new persona is all because of her “Infinity” tour and her Infinity album promotion. With all the hard work, the tour, a new band and album, a change in status quo is in order. It is only natural that she is 19 and wants to be 19 in terms of outfit and style.

    I love her own new, fresh and trendy “Infinity” look. Her new hairdo and laid-back style is fine. Thanks God the changes are subtle compared to Lady G. Peace

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  3. Perry pc says:

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  4. ttyl says:
    Give her some space, folks. All this conjecturing about her sexuality is so annoying. Simple minds at work and something for haters and crabs to latch on. Hell, no one in CA, London, Paris, or NY would give her outfit or hair a second look yet many of you are looking like it’s some “sign” of her orientation. It’s costume folks. It’s just hair. Cutting her long hair must have felt so freeing. Artists change their hair color, image, clothes all the time. It’s a requirement for models. How many hair color has Rhianna had in a spate ofa year? I would wear her clothes. They look comfy and hip and on trend. Hey, at the very least you’ve created controversy where there is none and for an artist controversy is a good thing.

    I love her hair and her new look. She’s more alive on stage and I think this new look helps her to express the music phase that she’s going through now.

    For over 4-5 years she’s given all she’s got to please everyone and now that she wants to do her own thing, everyone is up in arms. She’s 19 for freakin-sake! I had purple hair and loved wearing men’s straight cut jeans when I was her age. And no, I’m not a lesbian but I love being comfortable in my own skin. She’s not Cinderella folks!! And besidens, its all NOYB!

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  5. rdrg says:
    Miley Cyrus made a rap song that say about hater ” we have done something good to ourself what about you all you do is sit on the chair with the computer and accomplished nothing but comments”

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  6. jhen says:
    I actually like most of her outfits in this Infinity Tour concert; so this new look is the way to be for the moment until she reinvents herself again in the future. You know they could change image fast in Hollywood with the help of hair extensions if they deem it’s necessary. At least she doesnt wear blouses that make her body look old, shorter and pregnant, as in the other videos I’ve already seen before. I especially like the black hose with glitters on the side that compliments the jewelry she’s wearing. At least her clothes. the proportion and the video here elongate her body. Some crinkles and lettuce edges of her jackets actually make her ensemble interesting. It’s rediculous that some suggest she is a lesbian; those are pretty ignorant people who go by stereotypes. If they haven’t gone out of their caves for a long time, they need to know there are lipstick lesbians and transexual lesbians who are unrecognizable by the way they are so feminine in their image and demeanor. They’ve forgotten how sensitive Charice is and that’s why her fans like her in the first place. There’s no need to shred and beat her with comments about her clothes anymore when she’s morphing to be a rock star, because rock stars wear anything they want on stage and don’t have to follow rules.

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    • marie says:
      I agree. I think it’s admirable that she’s exploring her image in her own way. More power to her and God bless her in the path that she chooses to follow in her craft and life in general. People are making a big deal about her sexual orientation – that’s already nit picking and it is none of our business.

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  7. Amor says:

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  8. tnt says:

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    • rizza says:

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      • Jojo says:
        Crabs are suffering greatly right now.Folks give them space as they are in the state of shock and denial.Eventually they will realize and accept that there is no stopping in CHARICE becoming a global superstar.

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    • cymb1216 says:
      To tnt and echusa. You know that this is cyberbullying and is punishable by law and may involve jailtime.

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  9. sean says:
    look at this, charice’s new look… singapore concert

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    • Auau says:
      This is a beautiful footage of Charice from concert in Singapore. I like the colors and composition of the backdrop. Her outfit doesn’t bother me either; only in some blazers(like the white ones) she could be helped by some good tailoring. She looks edgy like a true rockstar; I think her new look is a step showing her maturity as an artist. I’m not concerned if she’s tomboyish, and people should not be so quick to label her as a lesbian; she’s only 20 years old and nobody usually becomes decidedly gay or lesbian until 25, unless someone is very very sure at an early age. Anyone’s look is not a true gauge of one’s true character and spirit. Fashion is just fashion, no matter how pleasing at some time, it changes quickly or over some time. This period for her is experimental, in her look and her carriage. A lot of young people especially artist go through this phase in life; in fact most female rockstars I’ve known in the past were tomboyish looking and had very strong personalities. Even Cher, in her Black Rose rock band in the 70′s, between her televsion shows, cut her hair shorter and wore grungelike outfits. Many times I’d seen Liza coming out onstage and backstage from her concerts looking pretty much like a dike, and yet I would never call her a lesbian. I think this just goes with territory, as an artist you have to be strong, and come across as strong, but be sensitive at the same time. I’d say this is part of growth and evolution of our Princess, a way to assert herself to find her niche and decide her own uniqueness from inside her being. Let’s say we give her some room and freedom to discover a few things about herself so she can be truly creative with abandon that nothing can hold her. Also tomboys, as far as I can remember, were always considered adorable and desirable in Hollywood movies, and even with some people in real life. Let’s give her our unchanging support, and God bless Charice.

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  10. katrina says:
    i don’t think her judging at x-factor will affect her international career because i read somewhere that she was able to work while she is here. the arrangement of the song was sent to her and she practiced it here and she’s ready to sing it in her concert in the U.S. I hope also that her judging x-factor will do her good.

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    • insolitude123 says:

      Hi Katrina….people have to be physically present in the US to be able to go to auditions for projects…with charice’s absence in the US (that is if she decides to stay longer in the Philippines to be a judge of X-factor) I can’t imagine how she will be able to go for auditions for upcoming projects in the Us.

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  11. insolitude123 says:
    I agree with all the people who think that if charice will stay in the Philippines to be a judge in X-factor for an extended period of time, it will definitely slow down her international career since she will not be physically present in the international scene to be able to accept job offers. I hope Charice will consider her options..unless charice wants a slow exit from her international career

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  12. Joel says:
    I hope she doesn’t get strapped down to judging X Factor. She needs to promote and her music, also not to mention release INFINITY in other countries, such as USA. She can’t compete record sales wise by sitting on a chair judging other singers. Most of the judges on reality shows no longer or seldom have new music. Not all but most. The only singing show I know of that the judges are still doing their thing is THE VOICE.

    Not saying she wont be a good judge, just thinking about her career in singing, she just started her tour. Then she’s going to release Infinity in other countries, I hope.

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    • milkyway says:
      i agree. if it pushes through, she mught be stuck up in that show, as a consequence, her international career may fall into jeopardy.

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    • milkyway says:
      i agree. if it pushes through, she might stuck up in that show for a long time, as a consequence, her international career may fall into jeopardy.

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    • tadp013 says:
      She’s got all the credentials and exposure to be one of the judges, she’d been there and done that, no doubt she’d be one of the perfect choice, however, shouldn’t it be more appropriate for a local artists to be chosen (surely, there will be more than a few).
      As Joel had said “she needs to promote her own music in other countries, specially in the U.S. where she’s based”

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    • auau says:
      Her job right now is to be the example to the youth of the world how far she can go in the business when her name has just started shining brightly, and not to sit down and judge the aspiring new artist. She has to be far ahead of them, but visible enough to follow, and tangible perhaps to be a guest of that show and be a mentor to contestants just like some stars do with American Idol. Again her country is tying/slowing her down. She was dogged once and again they are just using her to promote the show. She must be seeking validation from her people and thinks being a judge in X Factor Philippines version is very prestigious to her, but, as they say in the old days, why kiss the hands that once smote you? And is this by the same franchise as X Factor in the states or Europe? No doubt she’s gonna be an excellent judge, but what is this job gonna help her value as an artist? I hope she gives these things a careful consideration.

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  13. katrina says:
    i believe charice will be a good judge of x-factor if the contestants will sing because i observed that she got a good ear for notes. remember when david foster miss some part of the All by myself at madalay, charice was able to spot it right away and charice plays musical instruments by ear meaning she knows the note when she hears it. David Foster describes her as a “musical genius” so i’m confident that she will be fine as a judge.

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  14. lala says:

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    • Becky says:

      let’s wait and see. don’t say anything yet until x-factor starts. she just might surprise us.

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    • Belle says:
      Charice would be a great judge. She knows what it’s like to be judged having joined probably a hundred or so singing contests and be judged by just about everyone including her fans. She has been mentored by David Foster, many artists can only dream to even meeting him and has worked with some of the great artists in the industry. X-factor is a franchise owned by Simon Cowell and they have standards. I’ve read that he’s scouting for judges who are ideally ‘stars with world class voices’. I wouldn’t be surprised if Charice is the draw for the franchise to be granted. I find that if an artist is good like Charice, she can be anywhere in the world. Media will follow. Due to the downturn in U.S. Economy and some concerts cancelled, many artists are looking to tour in Asia. Charice has that market cornered. My advice? STOP giving her and her management advice.

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  15. charicefan2010 says:

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    • hazel says:
      personally, i can listen to any song charice sings. im not after who’s song it is coz whenever she sings a song she sings it like her own. infact, she sings it better than the original. my dilemma is that i cant appreciate other singer if i hear charice’s version.

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      • lyn montero says:
        Hazel dear..we have the same feeling,not only 2 of us,maybe all the real a music lover..but since i idolized Charice its hard for me to listen to other singers..and i learn how to fight to CRABS in YT bashing our idol.ha ha ha !

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    • bulakena says:
      Never liked JB and Adele song until Charice sang it, in fact I used to hate the Bodyguard song until I heard Charice’s version.

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  16. Charice, you were wonderful last night. I am so proud of you. You gave us so many good memories. I will always love you Charice, whether you have a tattoo, blonde hair, whatever… I will just be here to love you, support you, defend you always. Thank you Charice for sharing your God-given talent to us. Thank you Charice, don’t mind the haters, the crabs, just look forward and remember those who love you and we are a lot, I tell you.

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  17. katrina says:
    i got two tickets for upper box A. i’m excited. the only charice concert that i miss was the one at SMX because it was the birthday of my mother. get your tickets now so you will have an idea what it is that they call world class voice.

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  18. leilaniandson says:
    I saw the concert last night. She sung flawlessly. Her great voice is still amazing. I think she reserved her voice last few months because of this concert. I love the way she sung Without You,Pyramid, Someone Like You, Faithfully. I am hoping she will add more interaction with her audience when she sings like when she asked us to jump, dance or raise our hands. She did that on the end part of the concert. She talked to us many times after some of her songs. Her hair becomes her and her attire is also good because she showcased a Rock star side. I am hoping or praying her Management will help her to make MTVs of her other songs because we can not relate to the few songs she sung. All of us joined singing Pyramid and Louder. It was not sold out but Audience were 70%.
    Over all the concert was great and we love Charice.

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    • tnt says:
      selling of tickets is not responsibility of Charice…it is for the management…they need PR as ive been saying, motorcade is not as effective as TV advertisement…anyway her performance last night was really awesome – as powerfull as before but more matured..very nice

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  19. justcharrie says:
    I watched videos from Manila Infinity Tour and I’m happy the way the audience gave a LOUD appreciation on her songs. Their cheers reached the roof of Araneta. Though most of the crabs are from PI, we cannot deny that most of her loyal and hard-working fans are from PI too. I salute you PI Chasters for all the effort you’ve done to make the concert successful as possible. Cebu Chasters have also done a great job and exerted so much effort to welcome INFINITY with a sold-out venue. Congratz Charice! Labyo PI Chasters!

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    • Woolberine says:
      @ JustCharrie so sorry, I meant to press the “like” button but I accidentally hit the “dislike” instead coz I was using my I-phone. My apology! Charice Rock! Love you Charice!

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  20. Auau says:
    CHARICE IS A ROCKSTAR; not just a popstar anymore! That is more evident from her recent Infinity Tour Concert in Dubai. So Chasters, expect to be rocked in Philippines by the NEW ROCK DIVA on her forthcoming concerts for the rest of the month, March 9th in Manila and March 11th in Cebu. Charice is sporting the new look, hair and make up, that fits the genre she’s crossing over, and she looks fierce so I call her CHACHA FIERCE. And no more comparing/expecting her to be sexified like Britney, Madonna. Female rockstars are sexy just being themselves, being on their own. Proof: male rockstars marry female rock stars; when in doubt about this, just ask The Boss, James Taylor or even Garth brooks and Sonny Bono when he was alive. So from now on we can expect our Princess to be trailing the footsteps of Cher, Stevie Nicks, Dusty Springfield, Sheryl Crow Bonnie Raitt, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin and many other females who belong to the genre of rock n’ roll. Many of these female artists are of course crossovers, from pop, to jazz, to standard and even to hard rock, because of their enormous multitalents, they can do anything. Even their songs become the lyrics of Broadway musicals, as Sir Elton has done. Chasters, doubters and haters can now expect Charice to be hotter than ever! Expect to be mesmerized and enjoy the rides!

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    • Auau says:
      I think it’s more important now for Charice rock band to have a name, something that could help propel the band to the top, that is catchy, easily recalled like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Cold Play, Green Day or Tenacious D. Somebody suggested the names Lighthouse Band and Infinity Band, which I think are nice, positive and symbolic. I could think of something like Friendly Bacteria, Sweet Takeover or Vengeance. Chasters, please brainstorm, brainstorm…

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  21. vilma hill says:
    OMG!!! I followed all her infinity concert from Dubai, singapore, Indonesia and now Araneta Collisium, I cannot get over it, cannot count how many times I watch over and over again. she is so freaking talented. very professional in on stage. love her so much. Love her rendition of adele song, Some Like You also Ketty Perry song. Her Intro is a wow!!wow!!wow!!!! Charice is multitalented girl could sing any kind of songs. she is really amzing, make me cry all the time. In short I’m a Charice addict…

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  22. BeckyM says:
    Alright got my ticket now. I’m all up and ready to rock with Charice and her band in Manila . woot woot!

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  23. Muzikluvr says:

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  24. Muzikluvr says:
    OMG! Tears in eyes…For the 3 videos that I saw from Manila concert, I was so impressed,happy for Charice & Manila fans & My Gosh! cried my eyes out in the very unique & yet heart touching rendition of I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. CHARICE!!! what a talent girl…keep going on the ryt track! I JUST LOVE U. YOU MAKE MY HEART SING :) GOD BLESS MY DEAR :)

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  25. eda says:
    wowowowowowowowowow. That was one freakin concert. Awesome!!!!!

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  26. donamps1 says:
    i got my ticket!!!! guys dont let this thing pass u by… u need to experience charice live! i promise you she’s much much better thsn the videos u see on youtube! i should know i watched one of her david foster concerts! do your part if not as a chaster but as a filipino supporting our fellow kababayan who made it international! get your money’s worth on this one! a lot of foreign artists are flooding the philippine music industry right now and alot of them are doing concerts also this march.. lets show that for once we are supporting and patronizing ouw own! this doesnt come everyday… the prices maybe high but think that she’s international singer now with her band and all, she’s all worth it!

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  27. jersheywalt says:
    got my patron tickets………. yey! hope others will buy too.. WHERe can i get the TSHIRT?

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  28. tiklingkhu says:
    to answer the question as to how many where there is irrelevant, what is relevant however, is the fact that those who watched the concert got their money’s worth!

    I have a couzin who worked in dubai, who went to watch her, she simply said, CHARICE WAS AMAZING and that her TALENT IS WORLD CLASS that coming from a person who doesnt even consider herself a fan of charice but a fan of pure and unquestionable talent.

    AND YES, to answer your question, SHE DIDNT THINK IT WAS JUST HUNDREDS WHO WATCHED! as she described the crowd as too many to count!

    Cant wait to see her in CEBU! whether its filled of hundreds or thousands of people!

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  29. Schoen says:
    Attention Chasters: they are giving 20% discount to Students via Ticketnet! Order now!

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