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Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012

Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012


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  1. iking says:
    while waiting for her manila infinity tour videos, let’s watch how charice responds to those who are insinuating that she is a ‘boy’:

    …a superb rendition.

    I bet you – once Charice fulfills a 5-year residency requirement in a year or 2, she will apply for US citizenship.

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    • Chartista says:

      She’s got a greencard? GOOD for her!
      I thought she only has a working visa.
      Oh yes I remember now, Carmel Highschool offered her a greencard so she can join vocal adrenaline. :-)

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    • jimfan155 says:
      One of my favorite videos – a perfect rendition. Loved watching it over and over again, then someone pointed out the two people standing behind her clapping offbeat. Now I can’t concentrate on Charice as they make me smile.

      Anyway, I stopped commenting for a while as I don’t care for the negative comments I’ve been reading. Charice just makes me happy and has done so for almost 4 years non stop. Happier than any other entertainer that has come my way. I will support her as long as her morals and standards remain high. What she chooses to do with her appearance is her decision and there’s nothing I can do about it. Heck my 2 daughters had their growing up “experiments” and although I didn’t agree with their fashions at all times, they did what they wanted for the most part (unless my wife put her foot down).

      Charice, keep bringing the music, keep your core values in tact and I’m in your corner.

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    • Laura says:
      She can apply anytime. She has what they call in Immigration Law Extraordinary Talent.

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  2. riza says:
    Life is full of pros and cons. That’s just there is to it. This site doesn’t like “CONS”. Statements that are constructive criticisms are always hidden due to what they say, “low comments”. Why is that. Can’t we ask questions about Charice that at times might be sounding negative, but it bears truths to it? Isn’t this the place to tell us recent news about what’s going on?. See like I said before, Us here in America doesn’t hear much about her activities so we come to this official Charice site to know what’s up. We’re hungry of any good, recent news. We thought “O WOW” a full blodied pinay who’s making it here in US and Canada. Able to crossover in regards to her audiences, meaning not only Filipinos know about her, but different ethnicity, and most of all caucasians. True we have some Filipinos that are already quite famous here. But they’re half and half. Look at Bruno Mars, half Filipino/Puerto Rican, the comedian actor Rob Schneider Who is half filipino/jewish, Vanessa Hudgens, actress singer, half filipino/caucasian, Lou Diamond Phillips actor who is also half pinoy/caucasian, Nicole Sherzinnger who was born in Hawaii, a mixture of different races including filipino, Tia Carrere also from Hawaii an actress who also has Filipino in her and something else. Charice who is full blodied pinay and born and grow up there in the Philippines, is really a different story and something to be proud of. That’s why, we are drawn to her in full force and very supportive. Filipino Americans doesn’t want her to lose everything that she worked hard, and David Foster and Oprah worked hard for the last 3-4 years here. America for any entertainers, (whether we like it or not) where the pot of gold is. We want her to have a sold out Madison Square Garden concert, not just The Araneta coliseum. We think she should come back to America and reload. If the news about the ticket prices of her concert in the Philippines is being reduced to half the usual price, I don’t think that’s a good sign. Right? So don’t get upset with us. She was doing good. Come back here and you still have the whole Filipino/American supports. We can assure you that. Hey I’m half pinay/half cauc. but my mom is a lot better cook than my dad. I could eat sinigang all day and so does my older brother. That’s why i’m for Cha all the way.

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    • katrina says:

      You said it well. That is what I always hope for- that Charice, a true Filipino, having been born and raised in the Philippines by her parents who are both Filipinos, will have a name in the International Entertainment Industry. To achieve that, she really must make it in the U.S. just like the entertainers that you mentioned who are not from U.S.. I support her not only because she is a Filipina but because she really is talented and I want her to succeed.

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      • marie says:

        I agree with both of you. She represents Asian Americans as a whole, as well. It would be awesome if one of us breaks into an industry not stereotypically known for having Asian Americans in it. It will prove how much we have grown and how far we’ve come as members of this country’s society. However, America also offers immigrants like Charice a chance to blossom into their own – whatever that may be. It all comes down to what path she decides to follow in the long run. I’m just happy that she was given a chance and consequently opened the door to other Asian hopefuls. So that I would be forever grateful for and I wish Charice all the blessings in her future wherever it may lead.

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  3. abeng1127 says:
    please … don’t mention others looks like her ..they are nothing to..we love you CHAsanity

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  4. abeng1127 says:
    oh… my.. charice great shows.. no body here us.. can do solo’s concert around all you saw it.. no back-up( like others do solo’s with variety’s show ) , only the a piece of good charice’s band ( what others, she do post a guitar,don’t know trying to played )..umm…charice looks trendy now..i love it

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  5. katrina says:
    i checked there’s nothing there about what you said in your comment. post the link please so we will not be mislead.

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  6. iking says:
    tnt – you are the famous one-liner and you strike again. It’s a longer one line rhapsody though. I am beginning to believe that you yourself is ‘gifted’… possessing extra ‘sense’(or non-sense) that not even Charice’ music can inspire, but only Sarah G or Anne C has the magic to excite it. What a gift! I should be envious, but no…many singers don’t have IT like Charice does. It is the VOICE that matters. Charice has that distinct vibration from her vocal chords emitting unnatural wavelengths that penetrate deep in one’s being leaving you in awe and hunger for more.

    In some measure, I agree with you. Backup dancers/singers, more instruments will add spice to the whole show and affords charice much needed rest in between songs. But business-wise that will be costly. You may be WILLING but would you be ABLE to pay double or more to watch the show? But I believe when Charice attains the level of, say the likes of Celine, she will deliver you a Celine-like concert or even surpass it.

    I don’t think at all that you are a CRAB. But sometimes I have second thoughts though. Why would you like Charice to continue straining her vocal chords to hit the high notes. Is it the high notes that makes you ‘high’ too? The ‘vocal chords’ has its own life span like any parts of your body and I believe you know that being a medical professional yourself. If it is abused, it’s life span will be shortened…and most of us don’t want that to happen to our treasure – CHARICE. I also thought not long ago that the high notes are the bread-and-butter of Charice. But when I started to listen carefully and intently, I realized I can only appreciate the beauty of the song when sang in its entirety. The ‘high notes’ is just a small part of it.


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  7. lala says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • iking says:
      can we see a picture of you too? I am sure you are pretty! I am sure also that you won’t like people telling you that they don’t like your looks.

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  8. cora says:
    congrats charice of your first solo asian tour. stay strong and healthy in this 10 cities tour. i fear for your health so do not just rely on your strength but pray and ask for DIVINE strength. i always read world history. my passion is for the gladiators in the arena bearing the strength that comes from GOD. Where nobody could believe that they sweepingly defeated their opponents. unbelievably winning just by blind faith in God. you are lucky to have the chance to fight in the arena of the music industry of the world. wishing you well in this tour.

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  9. riza says:

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  10. chelsea says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • cymb1216 says:
      Did people walk out during the concert and demanded refunds? Did the videos show anything similar to what you are saying? I did not see anything close. You want her to sing 20 birit songs in a 10-city tour? Name a singer who can do that and I will say he or she will have a throat surgery afterwards. If you want to create a commotion, go somewhere else, Syria maybe. Let Whitney have her peace. Have some respect.

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  11. tnt says:

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    • lou says:
      Common sense? I don’t think you have one…..

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    • Laura says:
      Go and watch them. Why are you even here.

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    • khatman says:
      Are you a fan of Britney Spears? I used to watch Beyonce. She is a great singer but I found all those backup dancers she sometimes uses very distracting. Also if Charice had to travel(10-city infinity tour) with such a large entourage it could get very costly. Charice isn’t so big that she could demand a million dollars per performance.

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  12. webmarketstrat says:
    I hope Charice’s concert in the Philippines is a smash. The only news item, as I write this, from Gulf News says this–

    “The hundreds of fans, mostly Asian, who gathered at Al Badia Golf Club in Dubai Festival City on Friday will agree….”

    Hundreds!? That doesn’t look right.

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    • julio says:
      webmarketstrat…it is right…the way caucasians or other nationalities does their counting is by stating 70 hundreds, 80, hundreds, etc.

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      • webmarketstrat says:

        Is that true? Is that the norm of news reporting in Dubai–70 hundreds, 80 hundreds? You could be right but I don’t hear my co-employees saying that in everyday language.

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  13. jet says:
    Charice didn’t just made her fortune in concerts and albums, she
    did live performances for the super-rich (DF’s connections,US and
    Asia) who took care of her very well. Also, she did numerous cele-
    brity charities with talent fees. With a lot of hard work and ex-
    cellence, she deserves all the accolades.

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  14. from1chicago says:
    Continue voting for Charice please: NICK-ASIA

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  15. drew says:
    yep be kind always our dear princess and help those unfortunate ones.

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  16. Mae says:
    sheez! i wanna go but i have work! i want that shirt too!:(

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  17. gunrunner says:
    count me in i will bring my bike

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  18. jojie says:
    OMG Charice is now 16 Million networth celebrity net worth, that means she is 700 million woth in the Philippines,the second super rich celebrity next to Manny Pacquiao,congrats to our super diva of all time,no wonder why Charice continue to have this huge of blessings, because she continue to keep her feet grounded even thoug she wears now an expensive hollywood diamonds shoes.she keep on helping less fortunate children in the Philippines….shes a good example to all mankind.

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    • Mnc1 says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Laura says:
        If you don;t know, the super rich here in states usually pays for a private concerts in their party and she have also product endorsement. She might not have 16 – 18 mil. but she is up there with the young multimillionaire singers. She is smart and not into other stuff which other singers are. Heavy entourage, party and drugs.

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  19. Bej says:
    Hope to see up load of your motorcade … congratulations in advance INFINITY tour CEBU ORGANIZER.. Good Luck & God Bless you all..

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  20. riza says:
    You have to realize that our support of charice started when we saw her on you tube singing her heart out in that Korean variety show. Since then filipino communities here in the US and Canada had been very supportive and very proud of her, not after she was a guest of Ellen and Oprah. I understand same goes to you, audiences from the Philippines. I read that she was in a singing contest back there and she only placed third. So I don’t think you’re in a position to scold us about being frustrated. Hey let’s face it, we want her to live up to the title of International entertainer, and if any celebrity who’s not from America like Celine, Adele, The Beatles, Phil Collins, The late Amy Winehouse, Shania, Abba, The Beeges, Tom Jones, Shakira, etc,etc wants to make it here in America, is it really that bad for us to be wishing something like that for Charice? “cause we know she is worth every good wishes accorded to her. Thank you. We might be living here in America, WE LOVE HER JUST AS MUCH AS YOU LOVE HER and IS JUST AS PROUD.

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    • chris0805 says:
      She is our only HOPE to have such Celine, Adele, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, etc. The only opportunity for a Filipino or Asian to be known not only in America but the whole world. She is almost almost there already, if only the people in the Phils are united as one in supporting her. I see no reason why we should not support her. Super super talented, down to earth person, very good model esp. for the youth. to haters please tell me why, sorry to say but it is only in the Phils. that I heard a lot (not all in general) of noise regarding haters. My wholehearted support is for Charice.

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  21. Mico Lloren says:
    I wanna join the group but i’m goin to the concert by myself…I hope I can join a group of 2 chasters or 3…Please contact me!

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  22. riza says:
    does charice ever talk about what her fans here in the US expect after her asian tour? i just want to keep her standing in america and canada intact, not be in oblivion la la land. there’s at least 3 or 4 asian american finalists in the american idol right now, and they’re “excellente”. is charice being managed by mostly filipinos now? SILENCE about her is so deafening (here in the western hemisphere) this makes me sad!!, really, ’cause I’m such a big and loyal fan. you can go ahead with the thumbs down, I’m just airing my frustrations big time. and i know I’m not alone.

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    • Daddy 0 says:
      I 100% Agree!!!!

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    • tadp013 says:
      Scary thought…but…you are not alone :(

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    • inez says:
      Charice has been working very hard ever since. She had full support from her loyal fans from her country even before her guestings on Ellen and Oprah. And only then was the time you people started supporting her. Please be as patient as Charice is. I hate it when you air your frustrations like this. It’s like you’re all trying too hard. As for me, i’m enjoying everything that Charice is doing. She is being managed by the most professional people working for her, who care and love her very much. I see nothing wrong with anything she’s doing with her career

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  23. Bote says:
    Yesterday at one of the biggest malls here in PI I heard louder being played during a dance contest . Her Manila concert was being announced on one radio station that I heard from one of the cars parked at lot. I guess promo is in full swing now.Yeheyyy!

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    • AngelFace101 says:
      I wonder who is the producer of the Smart Araneta Concert of Charice. I hope he or she is not a “cheapo” one. And also hoping he hires a good show director who can plan and design a good soundstage not to mention an extravagant casting of “real deal” guests who have “mass appeal”. Charice will need boost from this kind of production. It is “Araneta” not Music Museum or other smaller venues. A major concert need a major promotion and production. I’ll be watching this for sure.

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  24. marlyn says:
    Philippine Chasters are all so lucky to have a Charice concert , not just one but two ; Araneta and Cebu .If only i am there in the Phil ; i will be very active too in promoting her to my friends and family ; hayyy!!! I just wish there will be a concert here in the US. Paging Charice Manager Marc ; Pls.make a plan for a Charice concert; Go! Go! Go! Chasters ! Let’s fill up the Araneta ; if one like trying to be a singer can fill the dome ; why not with the Internationational Singing Sensation like Charice ;with full of talents; well….. i think they make it like ASAP ; like a variety show with lots of guests , that’s why people watch the show ; i won’t even take a glimpse of it if i was there because i might just cover my ears and hurt my eardrums; he he he ; sorry , but that’s the truth .

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  25. CHAccount says:
    Have fun Chasters. I wish it’s the year that I go home to P.I.
    I better luck next time.

    Just wondering though, why Charice is not leading right now? Chasters please do your share everyday. Vote now if you haven’t done so. Hope she will win.

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  26. dennis says:
    this motorcade on march 3, will charice be there since she has a scheduled concert in dubai on the 2nd. can she make it for the motor cade???

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  27. WebScribes says:
    Love the T-shirt but even more the great support Chasters are giving Charice – enjoy her concerts

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    • Riosovel says:
      We missed you here

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    • avian08 says:
      Hi WebScribes,

      Welcome back! We missed your comments/inputs.

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    • mAJArUTH says:
      Whoaaaa – Webscribes is back in the house!!! Where have you been lately? Anyways- we Chasters welcome you with open heart. You have to work double time though. This MArch is a real busy month for our dear Princess Cha and I knew you are Da Man who can do wonders for her being one super dedicated Chaster yourself. I hope to see “more” of you this coming days. Welcome Back again!!

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    • Bej says:
      Just to read a few lines from you make this site complete. Welcome back Dear Mr. WebScribes.


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  28. chit says:
    To the Motorcade organizers: I salute your dedication to Charice’s cause and your creativity in coming up with this promo. Good luck! I pray that you will be very successful again.

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  29. jersheywalt says:
    can i buy a tshirt online? hehe i dont know if i can buy at the concert.. scared not to have one :)or can i make a rreservation so i can pick it up at the concert?

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  30. jersheywalt says:
    huhu.. though i want to join.. its my bro’s bday on sat.. how can i get a t-shirt and ill wear it and parade myself in laguna :)

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