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Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012

Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012

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  1. jersheywalt says:
    im so excited for this concert.. im just waiting for my ticket that my bro promised me … hope its no joke .. coz even if i pawn my cp just to watch this concert… :) GO cha… See you at the concert.. i hope there will be a meet and greet because i wanted a pic from her…

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  2. Chris Montreal says:
    I’m so excited as in. Im on my vacation this March, its been 5 years I never see them. But one thing that made my vacation more exciting and thrilling when I found out that our Charice has a concert in Manila.
    I asked my niece to get me ticket right away, mind you, i got S-VIP ticket, she told me my seat would be in excellent spot. Yahoooo!!!!
    Finally, i will see her in person, I’ve known her since Little Big Star. And the rest are history. Is there anyone knows if she’ll have a meet and greet for her fans? Looking forward to see her and all people who love her including myself lol!!! Godbless us all :-)

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  3. elvira says:
    Guys check this out! would you like Charice to perform in the opening of 2012 London Olympics?

    Chasters please vote now.

    Hope you all have a wonderful time.

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  4. elvira says:
    I wish I can watch with you guys, but unfortunately not this time.

    I’m wondering what ever happened to the voting for the most poptastic female singer of 2012.

    vote for charice, just google the link below.

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  5. artemis gibran says:


    MAGIC and MYSTERY in one SPECIAL NIGHT at the SMART- ARANETA where they once held THRILLA in! Now, it’s not Muhammad Ali or Jo Fraser… it’s our very own… CHARICE this time, to give another version of THRILLA in MANILA.


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  6. rudee87 says:
    Hello everyone, this is off topic, but I want to ask who will watch charice concert here in cebu this march 11, my friends and I are living in cebu and we are very excited to watch the concert….

    anyone, who will watch also..

    thank you very much.

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  7. lyn montero says:
    I hope next year our Charice will be in GRAMMY…..

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  8. dino says:
    Good vacation timing for me, I will be in PI and attend the concert. Looking forward to see her again.

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    • dino says:
      Maybe I can get Charice to sign the unused ticket for the Skate for the Heart that my wife did not use because she has to work ( emergency call). That would be awesome !!!!!! I will frame it and maybe worth a million in the future just like a baseball rookie card.

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  9. jason says:
    chaster… pls.. dont worried too much..
    Let me say this…We all know that her talent is exceptional and truly we can say, its a gift from GOD. I say this cause i have witness how talented she is. CHASTERs WE KNOW THAT. Thats the reason why we keep supporting her coz we believe and enjoy her genuine talent… Let us just ignor what happens around…Let GOD prepare a way for her. We witness her miraculous step by step way until where she is right now. So now we think we are trembling of what will happen next.
    All we can do is.. as a chaster let us support her, the rest will follow believe me.

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  10. manila says:


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  11. big dog says:
    The concert is fast approaching…This is just a concern and a wish list…First the concern, it sounds like there’s not much buzz on the promotions in PH…Any billboards/posters, tv and radio guestings soon? My wish list…Charice is already great by herself but again just a wish list…I want better productions, dancers, back up singers (for her voice), and guest singers…

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  12. efryll says:
    I’m a bit disappointed with how the entertainment industry here in our country works sometimes… I’m really wishing for all the networks and all the Filipinos to unite and give their 100% support to this lovely young woman who was striving hard to succeed and make us all proud… but unfortunately… a big sigh… well I guess that’s showbiz… but still… can’t we just all be happy for her and be proud??? why do other people have to get crabby and all… yeah… yeah… fine… no one can please everybody but still… argh… we can support other foreign singers but we can’t support our own??? I’m really disappointed… yeah… i’m being redundant… oh well… just expressing myself… anyway… don’t worry cha… it may not be much but you have my unwavering loyalty and support… just keep your feet on the ground and keep up the good work!!! God Bless!!!

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  13. chris0805 says:
    We ask too much from Charice, imagine 10 concerts in one month, there are only 31 days in March, considering the travel time, jet lag, different kinds of weather, winter, summer, how can she cope with this hectic schedule, 2 or 3 days gap, plus the practices, rehearsals. I have not seen any other artist who can do this. I experienced travelling but always I find time to rest. She is just amazing, we will have lots of Charice videos this next month and that’s make me happy, probably millions of us,
    But please, she needs rest and relaxation for herself. We are just so selfish, we forget her as a person, who needs for some comfort and pleasure.
    For me, April is a month of rest for her, probably very few events for her. Good luck to Charice, may she have the strength and good health and condition to meet all these concerts successfully

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    • osuna says:
      KEEP IN MIND..WE DONT KNOW HOW SHE TRAVELS, maybe Chartered, FIRST CLASS and all the convenience in the world, everything is catered to her, nice rooms to relaxed, all her clothes are readily prepared, limousines, baggage handlers, probably all she carries is her laptop, she is a celebrity, she is well cared for, limousine waiting in her 5 star hotel for her rehearsal and what have you…bodyguard etc..etc…what a life ….he…he..he
      she deserves it. PEACE

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    • osuna says:

      check this out..this is how Charice probably Travels?????? with all the entourage ????????

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      • auau says:
        The best example to learn about how an artist/celebrity travels is from backstage videos on Sarah Brightman when she did her global Harem World Tour in around 2003 or 2004; I don’t know how to post them here, but perhaps chasters can search and check on yt. Compared to Charice, Sarah’s entourage is huge, especially because she travels with both a band and an orchestra, because her works are crossovers of classical, new age and pop rock musics. She brings along her back up singers, dancers, engineers, designers and assistants, tools and props, plus guests/friends to perform duets with her. I is amazing experience to watch and learn from such a quintessential artist/celebrity. Our Princess is fast approaching towards that stature as Sarah’s in her time.

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      • khatman says:
        I don’t know if Charice travels by private (rented) jet plane yet but what I found funny was videos showing her arrivals at some of her destinations. First you see Courtney pulling two small suitcases, small enough to fit under the seat in the plane. Then you see this luggage cart piled about four feet high being pushed by no other than Charice. Somehow I would have thought it would have been the other way around with Courtney pushing the bigger load. The other thing I found funny was her wearing a cap designed for winter wear in sunny warm Los Angeles as part of a disguise so she thinks. By now her waiting chasters are used to the cap (and sunglasses),and the big blond lady (Courtney).

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        • auau says:
          Whoever pushes the luggage cart is immaterial; for one thing it keeps the image of Charice as being humble, which is why her fans adore her; another thing, Courtney is a friend/travel companion/personal manager, she is not a slave. I think Charice is showing some good manners for what she is doing, as well as learning the realities of travel/business for artists/musicians early in their careers. As for the outfit with the hat and sunglasses, other than being a unique trademark look, it’s symbolic of power; it means she’s the one who decides what to do, or the breadwinner in the family, like she’s equal to a man who wears the pants.

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  14. rotciv says:
    Charice can not be compared to anyone in PI singers. X can not be Y!

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  15. Tala says:
    I’m really going to cry if that Cebu concert will not push trough. I am so looking forward to it. Big thanks

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  16. chesfern says:

    Indeed what a healthy discussion we have here, although some opinions are so shallow that posters think bashing other artists would actually help their idols’ popularity. I think the opposite is true.

    The thing is, other artists also want to earn a living and we should not take it against them if their concerts are successful. I believe aggressive promotion helps, but adding some “spices” and variety to your show would also elicit the interest of concert-goers. After all, they only want to have fun and enjoy. I’m sure, Anne’s concert had plenty of these because she can’t afford to rely on her singing alone.

    I believe a concert should not be based on pure singing alone. It also needs some “unexpected” happenings that would be the talk of the town long after the curtains have closed. That is why some promoters would resort to “impromptu” guesting from the audience. Others show sexy numbers to keep the atmosphere hot. As they say, “variety is the spice of life”.

    There’s nothing people dislike more than monotony and predictability.

    Thus said, I hope Charice’s concert would consider showing some “value-added” numbers, some unpredictable moments, some controversial encounters, some sad memories, some awkward incidents, and most of all, great singing from our princess.

    This is the total package. If the producers would just use their brains and think hard, I’m sure they could come up with a show that would be talked about for a long time.

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    • khatman says:
      I’m sure Charice’s musical director, Troy Laureta, will have everything under control.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      @Chesfern, Charice doesn’t need the whole cast of ASAP to do a concert in Manila for it to be a success like Anne’s. Technically her concert was just a big ASAP show. I guess in Manila this is what a concert should be huh? Like a variety show on TV. Now how could you be sure that those people who bought tickets came just to hear Anne sing? Sarah Geronimo was there too, she alone could draw a lot of people. Here is a clip of that concert, listen very carefully, who do you think those people came to see? Sounds like it’s Sarah’s concert not Anne’s…lol
      Maybe one guest performer to give Charice a few minutes to rest but not a whole list of performers. Now if the concert is called Charice and Friends like David Foster and Friends that’s understandable.
      I’ve been to a lot of concerts here in the states and I have never seen a solo concert made like a variety show yet. Maybe that’s why they call it “A SOLO CONCERT”.

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      • truepinoy63 says:
        Hmmm! I wonder why CM took out the video clip of Sarah and Anne, it was just for visual aide…lol No biggie!

        In response to some of the comments here on what would the PI press would say if Charice’s concert doesn’t do well like Anne’s.
        You know when you say press, it really means TV networks coz they own it. And perhaps you know by now how ABS-CBN loves Charice right? Yes that was sarcasm…lol (keep up Sheldon)

        It really doesn’t matter if Charice’s concert is a success or not, it happened before with her 1st solo concert. Press said that it flopped, but of course all lies and they still call themselves journalists…what a joke.

        For those of you non filipinos who are not familiar with the Phil Ent Ind (TV networks) war that’s been going on for several years then you’ll be surprise. If you are not a signed talent of any of them then you are an enemy. And for Charice who has not signed with any network, she is definitely a very big enemy.

        They seem to dislike the fact that (paraphrasing Lea Salonga and Jim Paredes words) it took other countries to show the Phil. Ent. Ind. of Charice’s amazing talent. The same people who told Charice that she didn’t have what it takes to be in showbiz.

        Now wasn’t that a big slap on the face!

        Like I said before, the comparison between Charice and Anne is nothing but a plot to undermine Charice’s career.

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        • Prinsesa Serena says:
          TV NETWORK WARS IN PI…Sad It was not like that during the 80′s…now it’s a battlefield…pity.

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      • chesfern says:

        We can’t categorically say that people actually bought tickets to see Anne perform, or if they went there to see Sarah. But since posters here are saying it was Anne’s concert, credits should go to Anne. I’m sure those who bought tickets wanted to have fun.

        And whether they went to see Anne or Sarah is beyond the point. What I’m saying is to show variety but not to the extent of upstaging Charice. They could serve as supporting casts to add life to her concert.

        Variety does not mean putting more performers. You can use ordinary people to enliven the show. What you need are scenarios of fun and happennings involving the star.

        I’ve not seen Anne’s concert so I can’t give an opinion about how it was staged. I can only give an opinion based on what I read here. If it appeared like a variety show, then that’s the prerogative of the producers. After all, the purpose of a concert is to earn money (except if it’s for charity).

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        • truepinoy63 says:
          Anne’s concert is all over youtube if you’re interested so you’ll have a better idea.

          Anyway, you have a point, it’s the producers option to add a few more performers if they think that Anne needed help to sell more tickets. I wouldn’t consider that as a solo concert though, and a comparison shouldn’t have come up between Anne and Charice coz that’s simply idiotic.

          Impromtu from the audience, it’s risky but I could see it being fun and Charice could also use that to rest her pipes for a few minutes.

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    • josie says:
      you might be right in your opinion that it won’t hurt any artist if something unpredictable happen in her concert just to give something memorable to start a buzz (in media print or TV. however, it is also my opinion, that whoever went to buy ticket for a concert, he is not there for a variety show, but rather to enjoy the artists’ performance. I am a fixture in Charices’ performances here in Manila SMX, with maestro ryan, DFF, kickoff of her first US album in Makati, eastwood, shangrila, etc, etc. (except the Resort World) and she is yet to disappoint me. I think she does not need a smorgasbord to make her concert lively and fun. I am sure her musical director has a sequence of songs that will not be predictable and although i am a senior i do not want her to be wearing gowns that will overwhelm her but rather the understated elegance of her wardrobe during her DFF stint.

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  17. josie123 says:
    There are a lot of contrasting opinion in this site , which is healthy, however the bottom line is, “do people buying tickets?”, “at the going selling rate do they expect the seat to be filled up?, anybody knows. we need to prove to the skeptics that they are wrong. if not, then we need more promo and ads so people may know that there is a concert.
    If anna curtis (some people here say cannot sing) can packed araneta, what do you think the press will say if the concert of charice have vacant seats.

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    • josie says:
      I am not sure if they are selling tickets for the araneta show now but when i told my daughter to buy a ticket for two, for her and me, my husband also wanted to see her perform So it is now a guaranteed four seats in the upper box A. Four because of a niece. I am sure it will be a bomb….

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  18. trishahae says:
    o all Chasters around the world: Here’s a rundown of her Infinity concert in March starting in Dubai (March 2); Singapore (March 5); Jakarta(March 7); Manila(March 9); Cebu (March 11); Japan: Nagoya, Tokyo, Kobe ( March 14-17); Hong Kong ( March 19); Seoul (March 21). Please support our Princess.

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  19. jethro says:
    why there is no tickets yet available for Infinity concert tour in waterfront cebu? somebody help me!!!!

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  20. mdsuave says:
    CHARICE LIVE IN DUBAI – March 2 – 7pm

    Official Announcement:

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  21. jn says:
    It just saddened me when there are some write-ups about comparisons or stories just for the sake of something to stir controversy.
    To all chasters, pls promote Charice Infinity concert.
    I hope Charice team and management in PI and US will start doing big promotions asap. Ads and promotions is part of making a show, a success.
    Wish you the best, Charice!!.

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  22. bcd_94 says:
    Charice is trending now, as I am typing, in Yahoo! wherein they are trying to compare anne curtis’ and charice’s concert. If Charice can full the whole smart araneta than Anne Curtis.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      That’s laughable, to compare a mediocre singer to a international star like Charice. I’ve heard this Anne Curtis sing, Kermit the frog sings better than she does. Even if she gives tickets out for free, she’ll never be in the same level as Charice. ABS-CBN is really getting desperate in their goal of out staging Charice in any level. Pathetic people!

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      • just my opinion says:
        please do not bash anne curtis here. She promoted her concert which enabled her to fill up araneta. She was guesting in every TV show that she could and I also heard she visited every radio station and plug her concert. In other words, PROMOTIONS!!! And besides I don’t think they actually went there for her singing. LOL. She also has the most number of followers on twitter (i think, dunno if I’m still updated). I’m not an Anne Curtis fan but I heard about her concert and actually went there because of all the buzz. Anyway, I really hope that the organizers and promoters start advertising the concert. Coz honestly it does not matter how talented you are. If you do not promote the talent, how will people know there is a concert to begin with. Updated and active chasters know there is a concert (which is not enough to fill up araneta). But if you are a regular fan and don’t check the internet often, you won’t find out about it.

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        • truepinoy63 says:
          Hey Just My Opinion, for someone who is not a fan of Anne Curtis you sure have a lot of imformation about her concert that you need not share with us. I will bash all Charice haters especially hypocrites like Anne. I’ll never forget what Martin Nievera and Anne Curtis said about Charice on ASAP.

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          • just my opinion says:
            I know coz it created a lot of buzz… TV, radio, print, internet. I have to share it coz its an example of how promotions can help out fill Araneta Coliseum. You may never know, an actual fan of other artists would also buy another artist’s concert ticket simply to promote Charice. But if other chasters start bashing those other artists, do you think their fans will buy a ticket to the infinity concert?

            I’m not saying you should like Anne Curtis. I’m just saying do not bash her coz as Chasters, we should be examples of anti-bullying especially on the internet. We know how it feels if some random stranger on the net says bad things about our dear Charice. (That is probably why she stopped using twitter. Too much haters there.) They don’t even know her, yet they say all those things and just judge her.

            If we don’t want other people to bash Charice, we should stop bashing other artists as well. I know you are only defending Charice (and for that I really appreciate it). However, we cannot defend Minggay through hating back. The circle of hatred would just be unending. Let us hug all the haters! You’ll never know, you might actually convert them. I certainly converted some of my family and friends who used to hate Charice so much and telling me how ugly she is. You know how I converted them? Not through bashing their idols but through educating them about Charice: her lifestory, her music, and how she hugged me when she finally met me :-) (I still could not believe it til this day that she actually remembered me from my twitter name.)

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            • schoen says:

              Then I also have to commend any artist for the hard work they do to promote their shows.

              Concert Tour starting in 4 weeks….are they making a lot of noise out there? If not, more publicities please.

              To JustMyOpinion, I know how you’ve worked hard to promote Charice, no one should dare question that.

              True Pinoy, I think you have to calm down a bit too, we don’t have a “war” with other artists.

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              • Prinsesa Serena says:
                Nicely said Schoen and totally agree!!!

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              • ckalehb says:
                do you have any idea if:

                her Cebu tour will pursue? =( i do not see any banners yer or ad or the selling of tickets. =( huhu. wish she will come here so that i don’t have to go to manila anymore. =(

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                • schoen says:

                  Ckalehb last time I read was that Charice’s Phil. manager taking care of the tickets, even the hotel giving out her number to people inquiring. Sorry, no other news yet when they will start selling tickets.

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            • kevin says:
              Well said (Just my opinion & Truepinoy), It’s time for us to forgive & respect other artist too, we don’t want other “people” also to insult our PRINCESS and natuarally we have to defend her if somebody did that. Let’s focus on our idol “CHARICE” particularly in her upcoming INFINITY Tour concert. We all knew she’s got an exceptional talent and one of the Best singer in the world today and all we need to do now is to promote her upcoming concert. Bashing others would not help it either….Peace to all chasters & none chasters.. Charice take care of yourself and GOD bless you always…See you in your INFINITY TOUR CONCERT in Singapore this coming March 5, 2012. It’s the year of the Dragon…At the Top baby!!!!!

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          • khatman says:
            Martin was putting down those who got their start on Youtube and became international stars referring to Arnel Pineda and Charice. A week ago I had never heard of Anne Curtis. I checked her out and concluded that she is the filipina version of Selena Gomez. But I understand she is fun person and has quite a following.

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          • truepinoy63 says:

            Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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            • just my opinion says:
              i did not say we are not going to do anything. I’m saying we educate them properly instead of hating and bashing back :)

              History tells us that past wars happened due to ignorance. We, as humans, hate things we do not understand. Ignorance is the reason why they hate her. Ask most of the haters and they will tell you FALSE perceptions about Charice. Sometimes they will tell you, they don’t even know why they hate her. “Basta” they hate her.

              We would be no different from the people who hates Charice if we bash back.

              Anyway the point of my original reply is that I wish Charice and her management would start promoting her concert already just like what Anne Curtis did. Maybe they have plans or just waiting for the right timing (her GMA Valentine Concert maybe, i dunno). HOpefully soon coz only one month is left before her concert. I quote Josie’s comment above, “If anna curtis (some people here say cannot sing) can packed araneta, what do you think the press will say if the concert of charice have vacant seats.” It would not be the fault of Martin N., Anne C. or ABS if Charice would not be able to pack Araneta due to no promotions.

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      • TTYL says:
        yeah, i heard that. Why does Filipino entertainment industry always want to make a singer out of an actor and an actor out of any singer. Some of them are really bad and have no business acting or singing. No one can compare to Charice in Philippine entertainment industry. They are all mestisized, bleached face wanna-be-white pinays and pinoys. I visited Philippines recently and just had to take pictures of the many whitening products ads and injections that are offered there just to show my friends in states what’s in style in philippines. At least Charice is not trying to lighten her skin up (ahem… hello Regine…) and pretending to be white or mestizo. Wow, it’s a land of Michael Jacksons …The ones in entertainment industry at least …

        I call it as I see it. It is what it is…

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  23. chaoster says:
    To all CHASTERS ON PILGRIMAGE to see Charice on her Infinity Concert tour in different cities of Asia in March of 2012: Have a GREAT TIME, and a SAFE TRIP! Let’s pray that every thing goes well for Charice, her band and her management team as well! Take care of each other, and God bless you all!

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    • auau says:
      Dear Chasters;
      If there’s any among you who get the chance to see Charice before she goes onstage to sing, please look over her outfits/costumes to prevent wardrobe malfunction from happening, or just anything distracting that will be caught on video. Some of you who are good with camera’s already know how to frame/shoot our Princess in her best sides/angles; keep doing a great job, and have fun with the Infinity Concerts.

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      • Inez says:
        I’ve always thought that Charice doesn’t have a “good side” or a “bad side” for the cameras. She always looks like something different all the time, there’s her gorgeous side, her playful side, her funny side, her almost always cute side, her fierce look, her beautiful side, the sexy look, the wacky look, etc.etc. But most of all it’s all so natural and refreshing to look at. She’s what i would call a CHAmeleon. She can manufacture a look in an instant naturally (no meat dress required :)

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        • Auau says:
          You are absolutely right. I just meant for everyone to take good pictures and videos they can be proud to post later in this website and for others to see. Of course what is called good is subjective. Do what you feel good about.

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  24. lyn montero says:
    hello amazing Chasters….This is one of the most amazing comment from one of the Chasters…Charice has a unique timbre,vocal flexibility,Stage presence,incredible knowledge of musical structure,perfect timing,and amazing vocal range…Shes the perfet singer… by Antonioaugustogurgel…

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  25. kevin says:
    It’s oky admin u delete my first msg here, just don’t want that somebody ruined our idol, hope that everything we read here is for charice, i underestand some comments here are for her own good wether it’s negative or positive means as long as it is reasonable. Charice get well soon before your concert.. take care always. Keep your your feet on the ground. at the top baby!!!!!!!

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  26. trishahae says:
    To all Malaysian chasters, please buy more of her Infinity CD so that a promoter will take stock and bring her there. Let Charice sing for her beloved Malaysian chasters. Or you if you can, you can go here to Manila and watch her concert. There are a lot of good deals(plane, accomodations). Philippine chasters will welcome you with open arms. It’s fun in the Philippines, watch charice and tour Manila as well. Go ask your parent, if that’s possible. I’m positive, Charice will soon perform in Malaysia.

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    • flowjam21 says:
      i got 2 copies of her Infinity CD already…1 copy,i gave to my chinese fren who doesn’t know about Charice..after she heard the Louder song,now she is Chaddicted….it was my christmas present to her…

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  27. kevin says:
    we wish Charice will include vietnam for her INFINITY TOUR concert…

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  28. merger says:
    I hope she will sing a malay song in her jakarta concert…and probably KL too? I would highly recommend ziana zain’s “kekal”…

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  29. josie123 says:
    I hope Charice will promote her concert in manila via newspaper and tv not just the internet, she should be more visible in local TV, more advertisement will help to fill up the place.

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    • sdm says:
      i don’t think Charice is in charge of promotion. the producers should make all promotional arrangements and just tell Charice what they want from her to do.

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      • josie123 says:
        Its true, Charice hands could be tied on promotion, but Chasters alone cannot fill up the dome, she need mass information and promo, i still remember the last time in a much smaller venue you know what happen. The product is there (charice) but we need more people to know that she have a concert, it should not be a chaster secret only. I just watch ASAP making promo to coming concerts, charice was not one of them , why?

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        • Jane says:

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Manoling1957 says:
      Josie, that is a good point that I have always voiced about. Charice needs media exposure of her concert in Philippines. Majority are not aware of her Araneta concert in March. She needs to guests in all TV station and various top newspaper in Philippines!

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  30. flowjam21 says:
    Is not fair…why Malaysia not included in her Infinity Tour?How come?

    just want to tell you all chaster’s here..We are so many Malaysian love’s Charice and I’m the one…I’m a big big huge fan of Charice.If you’ll think Charice not big here in Malaysia,you’ll wrong…Charice got name here…How many times she was featured in Entertainment magazine in Malaysia,just recently,she was on Marie Claire Malaysian fashion Magazine,Klik and Galaxie…and her song Louder was #1 on Fly FM 95.8,Malaysia’s Hottest Music.

    calling to CM Management..please let our voice heard by Charice Management….to include The malaysia on her Infinity Tour:-(,huhuhuh

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    • khatman says:
      A recent addition to her Infinity tour is Jakarta – March 7.

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    • tsuki says:
      Charice cannot go to Malaysia coz no local promoter is willing to take risks without overwhelming requests from Malaysian chasters.

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