Charice in Marie Claire Magazine Malaysia

Charice in Marie Claire Magazine Malaysia

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  1. Joel says:
    ADMIN: If you haven’t added this…here it is.

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  2. Jaime says:
    Wow…She is now an International star…Congratulations CHA….Greetings from CANADA

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    • khatman says:
      Charice was an international star three years ago when she was invited to the Netherlands to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at a soccer game which is an anthem for the home team. Charice was only 16 but I was amazed at how fearless and confident she was addressing 60,000 fans. This event was only eleven days after her duet @ MSG where Celine had to calm Charice’s nervousness.

      This video is super clear.

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      • jimfan155 says:
        Thanks for sharing this video, khatman. I have never seen it before and it was just a master class in singing by a superb technician at such a young age. I am not surprised that she has held my attention for all these years and I look forward to listening to her music for the rest of my life.

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        • khatman says:
          Jim, we owe our thanks to fsv1931. I believe fasv1931 is Dutch and I wonder why he waited this long to upload this superb video. It is comparable to some of the best Youtube videos of Charice such as chariceming2′s video of Charice’s 1st visit to Mandalay Bay Las Vegas.

          I viewed Charice’s visit to the Netherlands 2 years ago. I recall being flabbergasted at the way Charice gave that pep talk to the soccer fans – probably because she was so young yet her speech to the crowd was so polished like she had been doing this sort of thing for years. It is like Charice is two different persons – shy, quiet and reserved in private, but give her a mic and she becomes an extrovert, fearless and confident. As Mommy Raquel said when Charice was just a little girl – Charice is gutsy.

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          • khatman says:
            Afterthought to “Charice is gutsy”. I just remmembered what Charice’s dad told her – “That she was like a soldier because he thought she was a brave person”.

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          • jimfan155 says:
            Agreed. Thanks to fsv1931 for uploading this outstanding video and to you, khatman for providing the link so we can all enjoy.

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      • melsima22 says:
        Three years and four months late but this is worth the wait…say no more!

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      • lyn montero says:
        Dear khatman….for me,this is the most amazing performance of CHARICE…pure,simple.perfect you think anybody can compare to CHARICE ?…..thanks for the link.

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      • erring_early says:
        whoa! a new (old) one! i have never seen this before.
        thank you for the link! :)

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  3. truepinoy63 says:
    Here is the translation to my prior post Q&A video: 1st part, the real questions were written on the screen, when it was just Charice answering the questions.
    Q1: What do you put in a car for it to run?
    A1: Gasoline
    Q2: What do you do with mineral water?
    A2: You drink it.
    Q3: What do you call the animals that fly.
    This part Charice was looking confused and asked if that was a real question.
    A3: Birds
    Q4: What is the tagalog term for duck?
    A4: Bibe (meaning duck)
    Q5: If there is a girl and boy, what is the opposite of gay?
    A5: Tomboy
    Now here comes the real show of these clowns, they took Charice’s answers out of context to make them seem out of this world answers, to make her look stupid.
    Q1: What is your secret for maintaining your golden voice? Cha A#1
    They all makings comments but they were talking too fast I couldn’t understand most of them.
    Q2: How do you use it? Cha A#2
    Q3 & 4: I skipped these two, didn’t understand the questions.
    Q5: What do you think is missing with Ellen Degeneres? Cha A#3
    Q6: What do you think of Ellen D? Cha A#5
    If someone else could translate the other questions feel free. They were talking too fast for me.
    We all know that there are a lot of haters out there but this is something else. They think they have the right to put someone on TV ask stupid questions and then turn around ask different questions to make someone like Charice look stupid. This totally pissed me off, sorry!

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    • chaoster says:
      It’s good that you are watching these things truepinoy63. Gawd, these people are the lowest of the lows. Apparently no brains; four of them and that’s the joke they could come up with? Some body should gather these guys and punish them. I’m especially irritated at their joke on Ellen; Ellen is an angel to Charice, and she’s a lady compared to those women.

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    • kryptonite says:
      I actually like TV5 but this show just really upsets me. Charice should no longer do any shows with TV5. They don’t know how to treat an international star appropriately.

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      • chaoster says:
        You’re absolutely right. These brats can’t fully respect and appreciate their people like Charice who worked hard to get where she is in her life right now. Probably jealous,green with envy. They were probably spoiled rotten by their rich parents, or unattended as children by relatives who were OWFS and received no parenting at all. Some of these children of the rich grow up like they could get away with murder. The same part of population who enter the political arena later in life, and become leaders who are corrupt. Typical pattern of government succession in the country.

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  4. truepinoy63 says:
    Hey Chasters, I’d stumbled upon this video on which a bunch of idiots ridiculing Charice on TV5, you be the judge.
    I copied and paste, not sure if that’s right, if not look up Charice on Lokomoko.

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    • Inez says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • truepinoy63 says:
        Of course it’s off topic, we don’t hang out here to bash Charice. Anyway they made this segment all about Charice and how they made her look stupid. Charice all her life has been bullied by certain bunch of people in showbiz, so what’s the difference here. It’s a comedy show? but I didn’t find it funny, actually I got offended. Filipinos have weird sense of humor but this is disrespectful.

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        • chaoster says:
          I hope these people don’t have kids, or try to be parents, cause they don’t deserve to have family; such inhumane species should not multiply. It’s a terrible thing if they pass their ignorance to their children.

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      • Auau says:
        You call this comedy? Shame, shame, shame! These are a whole bunch of mean, talentless, ignorant, narcissistic brats, whose jokes consist merely of LAUGHING AT people. A real good comedian will be respectful of other people, will rather LAUGH WITH their subject and not use/demean them. These young men and women have never learned good manners, and probably no morals, an irony from a country whose population claim to be highly religious and well-educated. And haven’t they heard of political correctness at this day and age? Charice should never have anything to do with these bunch of amateurs. Obviously she was victimized again by her own people in showbiz; she should really keep staying in the states where she is more welcome and where she truly belongs.

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        • truepinoy63 says:
          I truly agree with you Auau. You know the interview with Charice was done before her Christmas Concert with TV5. I noticed what she was wearing so I checked an interview video with TV5 Dec 2nd and I was right. They had time to make sure the clowns got the right script to make her sound so ridiculous.

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    • otosmas9 says:

      … no way i am going to watch this kind of lokomoko interview on Charice… no way mates!

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  5. idolming says:
    She is sooooooooo LOVELY!

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  6. Inez says:
    Charice is lovely with beautiful hair, nice lips, perfect skin tone, lovely eyes over her nice cheekbones… and the room lights up when she smiles. she’s the cutest 19 year old i’ve ever seen!

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  7. HONEYLIE57 says:
    everytime i open my laptop (thats everyday) i visit this site,i enjoy reading all those comments,thanks to all the writers here,another addition thanks serena,thanks schoen.

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  8. Auau says:
    This is a very sexy IMAGE OF CHARICE somewhat similar to the closeups in her Lauder music video. I mean sexy because of the come-hither and over the shoulder look, and the hair tossed and bouncy in the wind. This is what Tyra Banks describes to the aspiring young models in her antm show, SEXY BUT NOT PORN. The dress Charice is wearing is very high fashion (simple design, less is more); I’m not surprised because Marie Claire is one of the most innovative, fashion forward magazines in the world (I used to buy for work, many years ago) from Germany. She looks more Asian in this picture, in contrast to the picture on the cover of Preview magazine; the difference is made in the smoky eyeshadow used to make her international looking in the photographs. Now we know that our Princess is ready to endorse beauty products, as proven by her recent pictures, and we will not be a surprise to us anymore if we hear that several Cosmetics companies are knocking at her door to hire her as their endorser.

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    • Jojo says:
      Well said and totally agree with you Auau.

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    • khatman says:
      Speaking of high fashion, Charice is right on the cutting edge. Recall that picture where she has arrived at the Marriot Hotel wearing the biker’s jacket and those boots. In today’s NY Post fashion section is a model wearing a biker’s jacket (not the same one Charice is wearing), skinny jeans, and those boots which Charice also wore in her Christmas concert. Those boots are called “Damisi” boots. I noticed those boots sometime ago because they are similar to the boots worn by american soldiers in WW2.

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    • khatman says:
      I forgot to mention that Charice has had a perfume on the market for two years now.

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  9. EllenZ says:
    Both Charice and David Archuleta deserve to have each other not only as good friends but as future sweethearts. They are nice people and both don’t deserve to have bad partners. Charice’s family like David. I hope someday these two sensations will become sweethearts. I hope they collaborate again in singing. I wish the leading lady in the mini-series is Charice where David is the lead actor.

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    • Auau says:
      Let’s just wait a little bit more about what’s blowin in the wind. It takes two to tango. There’s nothing wrong with just starting as friends, then see if the rhymes and reasons will happen.

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  10. smurf says:
    hey guys! pls vote charice here and get the words out so other chasters can also vote for her!

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  11. mdsuave says:
    You are in the wrong site. This is Charice Fan Site.

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  12. katrina says:
    that’s good news. i love this site and i visit here everyday just lurk and click the links at the chat section. actually the link about this article was posted at the chat section i think last week so i have already read it. but it is good that the whole article is posted here now. i hope that the people behind this site will continue to support charice by bringing to us news about her.

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  13. huhu08 says:
    waaaahhhhhhhhh!! she has been incresingly well known in malaysia…love her so much..recently her LOUDER become new frenz love it from malaysia..really hope she can perform here again..soon, iwish someday..

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  14. sylvia says:
    I’m looking forward to see your movie with salma hayek!!…2012 is your year charice …love to see you more in U.S.!!!:)

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  15. goma says:
    i love charice no matter what

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  16. ClosetChaster says:
    I have been concern for Charice and how her celebrity would affect her. Fortunately my fears have been unfounded, she has handle herself very well (better than most people twice her age). I must say she is quite a lady.

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  17. jimfan155 says:
    Wow. Love the picture with those piercing eyes. Thanks Princess Serena.

    btw, watching the Today show a few weeks back here in NY and one of the hostess’ was asked what music she had on her iphone. She was embarassed to say a GLEE song and everyone snickered. When questioned further what song, it was “All By Myself”. Although Charice wasn’t mentioned, I then fully understood why she would have that as one of her favorite tunes.

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    • Prinsesa Serena says:
      You’re welcome!!!

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    • lemorky says:
      Was it Natalie? Coz when Charice sang at the Christmas tree lighting before, she said it has now become one of her favorite Christmas songs, “Christmas List”.

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      • jimfan155 says:
        That’s what first came to mind, but I can’t confirm it was her. Wish I had dvr’d it so I could play it back, but unfortunately I didn’t.

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  18. khatman says:
    David Archuleta got through both Carl and Mommy Raquel – Carl, Charice and David hang out together in the states. Mommy Raquel attended David’s concert when he performed in the Philippines. However, for now Charice and David are just close friends. No romance – careers first.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      Yes, Careers first! Especially in showbiz, you’ve got to have pure determination and focus. Anyway they are still very young, they shouldn’t get involved with anyone just yet. Although, I do like David, he seems very nice, polite and humble not like that Bieber boy.

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  19. Saudi Arabia says:
    Wow she’s really an international star, ONE DAY she will conquer the entire world, i will support CHARICE all the way, Good luck Idol and to all CHASTERS,,,,

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  20. euse clerigo says:
    Thank You……………..sooooooooo…………much for this article……..We do not post comment anymore……..but for sure..everyday……we check this site……..

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  21. truepinoy63 says:
    Good one schoen…lol! I like how you put that message for her prospective suitors, “to ask permission from Mom Racquel but first they have to get through Carl”…this is such a very old pinoy custom that’s still observed even today by pinoys.
    It reminded me of the time my sister had suitors calling to visit, My father gave them a form to fill out like an application form…lol

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    • Prinsesa Serena says:
      Thanks for liking the article! Yeah very pinoy custom! LOL!

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      • truepinoy63 says:
        Sorry! Prinsesa Serena my mistake, I gave the credit to someone else…lol I figured only another pinoy would know this old custom.

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        • Schoen says:
          I’m just a “poster” Truepinoy lol.

          Indeed Serena is a good addition as a “reporter” in CM Team, I hope she doesn’t get tired from writing for us.

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  22. fron1chicago says:
    Another Tremendous, Big achievement for Charice!!!

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