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Charice is the Hottest Girl

Charice is the Hottest Girl

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  1. Molene23 says:

    I’m frustrated and running out of pt’s tho I know they’re the expert and they know what their doing but common she needs to start getting big promotions

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  2. ChariceRomania says:
    of course she’s the hottest girl !!!! <3

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  3. Joel says:
    hottest girl and one of the one name wonders. #18 in the top 20

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  4. smurf says:
    hey guys! pls vote charice here and get the words out so other chasters can also vote for her!

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  5. chesfern says:
    Of course, she’s the hottest girl not only now but even before when she was just starting to conquer America, Europe, and Asia by storm.

    She was the “standing ovation diva” and the “kicker of b*tts” of established singers.

    She is the “You Tube sensation” whose name is sure to get millions of hits.

    She is the first and only Asian singer to land on the Top 10 of the Billboard charts.

    Charice is hot because her life story alone would make you wish that she achieve success. What more if she’s got talent?

    She is the “little girl with THE big voice”.

    She is a ‘gift from God”, whose angels come forth when she sings.

    She is brave as a soldier for braving the odds “all by herself” in the complicated world of show business. Her fighting spirit knows no bounds.

    She is a celebrity in her own right who even celebrities like Paris et al would want to associate with.

    But I’m sure she is hottest among Chasters, her millions of fans around the world who are spending sleepless nights daily surfing the net and watching her videos on a daily, nay, hourly basis turning them into incurable “Chaddicts”.

    Pray, tell me, how can she NOT be the hottest?

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  6. unicorn says:
    Charice is just awesome.Congratulations dear Charice,We love you.

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  7. Mharice says:
    She’s long deserved it , and now it’s time to find her face
    plastered in more of these magazines – covers , centerfolds,
    captions , front pages ! It’s time to act and ask these publishers
    as well as radios what we want to see and hear ! >3<3<3

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  8. xianne says: this girl is alaso amazing she sang charice’s ” in this song” check this out :)))

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    • auau says:
      She sounded much nicer and more vulnerable than Jessica Whitely’s singing of In This Song during American Idol auditions. Of course she didn’t own the song, but our Charice did. There’s the language, cultural barrier and maybe educational differences that affects the singing especially in enunciation, but I’m sure a good coaching can help this girl perform much better. I can appreciate her choice of material to sing; she was also able to connect with the audience which was great for her. No doubt In This Song is one of the best from Charice first album.

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      • khatman says:
        “In This Song” is one of better songs in her album. For me I have two favorites – “All I Need To Survive” and “Thank You”.

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  9. lyn montero says:
    Now CHARICE not only The hottish girl…But the hottyist…LOL !bcoz of JW AI audition…

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  10. nass3250 says:
    long live charice!! she’s an angel, a God given gift to the world of entertainment!

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  11. Emy says:
    I find her really cute and exotic. She got also a charming smile.

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  12. Canadian_lolo says:
    To the top baby….

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  13. justcharrie says:
    Thanks for posting it Serena, congratz Charice!

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  14. chaoster says:
    Oh gawd! This girl is hot! I think Charice is the cultural identity of her fans, the soul of her people and Asia. She has a big responsibility along with that fame, but there was nothing like her after Madame Butterfly and Miss Saigon that the West went mad about. That’s a little bit stereotyped, but I think she’s chosen. It’s great that she’s more modern, and she’s handling her fame very well. Long live Charice, long live the Princess!

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  15. CHAccount says:
    I mean our princess.

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  16. CHAccount says:
    This is really a very good news. A good start for 2012. I happened to be on a website for a “Shorty Award” When is the voting end?

    Let’s put our princes to the top on several categories. Please vote now if you haven’t done so yet.

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