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What Should People Know About Chasters

What Should People Know About Chasters

Originally defined as individuals who admire and love Charice for her extraordinary talent, her persona and for her courageous spirit who trod a difficult road that only few will risk themselves to tread the road less taken. Such courage has brought her to the top full of humility, unchanged and continuously overcoming challenges. These are just a few reasons why these individuals rooted for Charice and are called CHASTERS (Fans of Charice).

To deepen people’s awareness about the Chasters. Here are some points that are very important to remember:

1. Chasters are a combination of loose organizations and individuals from all over the globe. First, there are loose organizations of Chasters in some countries and states manage by Chasters-volunteers and operate on their own, whose expenses are coming from their own individual pockets. They drove and traveled anywhere where they could find Charice singing live either with David, with some famous stars or on her own and then ended their activity by having a dinner or lunch together full of life and love to share. The second one, are the individual Chasters who searcg for the other Chasters through the websites of some talented and skillful Chasters with Charice as the focal point of discussion. Here, the individual Chaster can connect and be updated and in the process become close friends with other Chasters or tweeter followers of Charice.

2. Chasters either a loose organization with known or famous members or simply individuals who rely on social networking, have a lot of things in common. They are united in the spirit of mutual respect, mutual support, mutual trust and love for each other. That is why you can see or read or hear Chasters calling the others as “bunso” or the youngest, Chasterclause for a particular unknown Chaster who gave her or his money to some Chasters for a mission abroad to support Charice, brother or sister Chaster, “lola” to address a grandma Chaster, “tito” or “tita” Chaster to address Chasters who are at their 40′s or 50′s, “kuya” or “ate” Chaster to address a Chaster a little bit older than them and Chaster-friend for the newly Purchase lady era reviews found Chasters. In short, there are no strangers in Chasters.

3. Chasters are diverse people coming from all walks of life, blessed by God as a special kind of group where the kingdom of God is very much felt by everyone because they have proven themselves as one people regardless of race, religion, language and political belief. Though they belong to the different countries or states but they are constantly connected with each other everyday through social networking, you tube, tweeter, email, chat, skype, etc.

4. Chasters are not perfect individuals, some of them become emotional and sometimes succumbed to pass harsh words against haters of Charice but pacified later by other Chasters, because Charice didn’t want Chasters to hate the haters.

5. Finally, Chaster are growing not just in numbers all over the world but as persons. Their age ranges from 4 to 76 or more and they have come to learn to love, to cry, to laugh and to accept for who you are and what you are and have.

video courtesy of Ai??jonbudz

Written by Lito T. Abadilla
Posted by Ab.bonita,

52 Responses to “What Should People Know About Chasters”

  1. Lisbon says:
    Wow I really love this article so much. It reminds me of my former manager who recognized me as a super die-hard Chaster lol. She knew that before any news about Charice will be aired on TV, I already knew the whole story hahaha because I am one of the Chasters who always wanted to be the first to know. hahahaha!!! lol. In fact, she prefers to ask me any news about Charice than watching chanews on TV. And, a few hours ago, she called me, after we lost contact for about 6 months. I was so surprised when she asked me all latest about our Charice hahaha. I think she believes I stored gigabytes of information about Cha in my memory hahaha.

    The funniest part was when she introduced me to my other officemates as Vice President of Chasters hahaha. But, the best part of all was that she was the one who brought me from Laguna to Taguig to watch Charice’s performance at The Venice Piazza – my first ever experience to watch a live performance of Charice. :)

    To all Chasters,

    Thank you so much for all the kindness and love. You are all amazing people. You are like my second family. All I can say is that everytime I spend a few hours with you guys, it’s always so much fun. The chaster community we build is so unique like no other fans organization in the world.

    :) :) :) :)
    :) :) :) :)

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    • justme says:
      looks like your manager is more chaster-fan than you. :)

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      • Lisbon says:
        Yeah, I really think of it lol. I remember the first video of Charice I let her watch was when Cha performed “My Heart Will Go On” on Oprah.
        After we watched Charice live performance at The Venice Piazza, she was the one who let my CD signed by Cha. She rushed from backstage to the stage where the picture taking just started. It was a really funny moment. The guard approached her and wanted her to get out but she just ignored the guard. Another guard came but she said “I owned that restaurant (pointing the restaurant which,in fact, she never owned hahaha but she really owned a restaurant in Muntinlupa City) and I just want to have my CD signed by Charice” lol and in just a few minutes she was already at the stage and she hugged our princess and let my CD signed. How I wish I had that moment with our princess hahahha.

        Here is the link of the picture I posted in CM where Ms. Gina (owner of Quido’s Grill) is holding my CD signed by Charice :) :) :). [] I wasn’t allowed to get inside.

        And my CD signed by Charice:

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        • Auau says:

          Lisbon this cd cover in your possession signed by Charice is very valuable, for memory, sentiment and posterity. No need for me to tell you, guard it with your dear life, because it’s going to be one of the most coveted items in the world soon.

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    • khatman says:

      Here is a super-duper die-hard Chaster. His name is Jhony. He loves Charice and her songs, especially Louder and One Day.

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  2. VIA SATURNINO says:
    Haha there are people who really dislike huh? Aww too bad for them :)

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  3. darna says:
    Im so proud to be a chaster and so nice to be a part of the family.

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  4. chit says:
    Chasters, I commend you all for your loving and kind spirit. And through you, I get my dose of Chaster-happenings that I thoroughly enjoy reading. (It is a sad and boring time whenever there’s no new posting about Charice. And an exciting time to read something, like this HOT award.) Thank you all and be well and safe, you gallant Charice soldiers!

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  5. !@bheng@! says:
    its cute article… thanks hehe… im too long chaster and know you guys all… but still i cant find ways to get together w/ you.. sorry…. anyways… ill be forever chaster…. thats my promise… :D

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  6. anniefound says:
    That article is soooooooo…. well said! What a beautiful relationship that could be the envy of the world (outside “chasterworld”), because of our love for our princess, Charice. Keep it up guys, coz by doing so, we are making a difference in the world we live in. This is also an invitation for them to come and visit our “chasterworld” so they can experience first hand the kind of love that we share with Charice.
    Kudos to “jonbudz” for that labor of love through that song you composed (it’s beautifu), and to those chasters who put the music into it. You guys are gifted and inspired. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. auau says:
    OMG! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE PICTURES? NOTHING!!! These people called Chasters make me sick with envy(just kidding) lol. They look so happy, like they haven’t known any sadness in their lives. Really, it’s unbelievable how so many of these folks get along very well, and flock together like geese. They party, and they sing too, because they are CHADDICTED. I can’t think of many words to describe them, other than to say, they’re unusual, they look haloed and refreshing. That’s the best i can say, and I think I’ve said plenty. Just keep the good work and all the love in your hearts, ladies and gentlemen, and have a good life! Amen.

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  8. erg says:
    me,my family and all my relatives are silent chasters.we all admire her.her out of this world voice,humility,and a very down to earth person.we’re so happy for what she is now.we love and admire too chasters from all over the world who keep on supporting this little girl unconditionally.LONG LIVE TO CHA AND CHASTERS ALL OVER THE WORLD!!GODBLESS US ALL

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  9. Suvaree Lara says:
    Hi Cha and Chasters,
    I am a Chaster from Thailand and I am Thai-American. My husband is Filipino-American and our family sides are Cha fans. We are proud to be called Chasters as mostly of the members are for Cha and her love ones wellbeing. Since we met her in person in Tampa, Florida we were hook with her persona. She stayed with us fans after David Foster and Friends concert, we knew she was tired but keep that humbleness of being there with her fans and she was very patience with us. Those were the moments that I think Chasters shares, she shows she cares even though she don’t have to do it. Thanks for sharing Chaster Lito and take care Chasters, keep supporting our Princess and we will never regret it. Chasters forever…

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  10. idolming says:
    Whoever loves Charice are Chasters! Whoever hates Charice are Chashaters! Haha!

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  11. jimfan155 says:
    Well written Chaster Lito and a very enjoyable video by Johnbudz. You guys are very talented. Thanks for sharing.

    Chasters forever.

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  12. lyn montero says:
    Good morning beautiful Chasters….. Love u Cha.

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  13. VannaBanna21 says:
    This article is so sweet .I know by being a chaster I have live, love, laugh and cry with other chasters whom I never met but have become like my second family. A family I love and cherish and thankful I have met in my life time. I want to be a chaster and support Charice for a long time, even when I reach old age. 50 years from now, I’ll be a granny, cheering on charice in a concert LoL. Being a chaster means a lot becuase of what Charice stands for and who she is as a person. She every chaster’s inspiration :)

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    • khatman says:
      Speaking of a long time, I just read an interesting article on Yahoo News concerning the discovery of an Egyptian tomb 1,100 years old containing the mummy of a female singer whose name was Nehmes Bastet which was interpreted to mean she was protected by the feline god.

      I kind of let my imagination run wild and thought of Charice whose nickname is “Ming” or cat. Wouldn’t it be something if she becomes so immortalized that she would be recognized as a great singer 1,100 years from now.

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      • chaoster says:
        I would like to think Charice is the reincarnation of Nehmes Bastet(Egyptian singer of what period?); the impact she has on her fans is amazing. Oprah said Charice voice comes out of something bigger than herself; in that case I’d like to think Ophra is a reincarnation of a Pharaoh from that period of Egyptian history.

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  14. erin says:
    Ok, Mr. Lito, could you or someone create an entry into Wikipedia for “Chasters”? This would be an excellent undertaking. It would add to our legitimacy, if you will, and propagate Cha’s popularity. People reading would ask, “who are these Chasters?” Then, after reading, they’ll say, “aha!! they are Charice’s soldiers…” Louder….Louder….I just wanna run right through the rain…

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  15. juerry says:
    I love the video, keep on supporting our princess Charice, God bless to all chasters,,,,

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  16. Marie says:
    Thanks for sharing Chaster Lito. It’s well explained why Chasters is so close to each other like one Big Family. For non Chasters, here is your chance to be one! Join now…don’t be ashamed, some of you are just hiding or lurking everywhere but deep inside you’re a great fan of Charice. Why? The moment you follow her everywhere…be it in the mall, concerts, internet, broadsheets, radios, tv’s etc…it shows that you’re already a big fan with out knowing it. So, come out! lol…Chasters will be glad to welcome you.

    Labyo, labyo!

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  17. truepinoy63 says:
    That was very nice! I’ve never heard of Chasters before last year and still I don’t consider myself as one. Although I like checking out CM for udates about Charice and maybe comment about something I disagree or agree on but that’s about it. It’s good to have a fan club that not only show their support but also support each other. I’m not much of an outgoing person and I find it hard to trust anyone I don’t fully know so for now I consider myself a Charice fan but not a member of any fan club, but still I say thanks to CM for letting me be a part somehow.

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  18. jologs says:
    dear chasters,
    I’ve been a a chasters for quite a while now.I just want to suggest to all chasters organizations all over the world to send pictures in behalf of their respective chapters,associations or organizations.Whether it came from the different estates in the U.S,China,Europe,Singapore,Japan,Korea,Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippines and the rest of the world.I think this is a new idea or setting that we all recognize not only as an individuals but also as group.Moreover we indicate the name of the organizations,country,how many members president of the group etc.In this sense all chasters around the world will be able to know and compile it in one wedsite like charicemania, twitter or facebook .Thank you

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  19. NYChaster says:
    Beautiful post. Very well said. =*)

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  20. muzikluvr says:
    awe.. thanks junbudz.. dat was cute :) i hope charice sees it.. Have a great day/night fellow chasters :) labyo charice 😘

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  21. khatman says:
    I am one of the older chasters and am retired. I would love to travel from concert to concert as some chasters do but I am on a fixec income and have to be content with staying in touch on the internet. I am a bit familiar with Charice’s home country having visited inlaws(Quezon City) back in the 70′s and 90′s.

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  22. erin says:
    Love to be with the Chaster family especially on occasions when there’s a heightened activity about Cha (i.e., the GMA concert, the Glee appearances, the coming out of albums, shows, etc). Chasters go crazy at this point, profess love to each other, pick on each other for any alleged mis-spoken word about Cha, and other wild activities.
    2012 is starting to rumble again….love it. Also, Chasters have created a new word in the dictionary – LABYO – uttered so many times to our Princess (and by the Princess herself to her fans). LABYO Cha!!

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  23. Woody says:
    I love Charice, I love Chasters (well, at least 99% of them.)

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  24. Canadian_lolo says:
    Excellent!! – To the top baby….

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  25. rambus56 says:
    Charice GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS …and ur FAMILY.. :-)

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  26. Angela Teves says:
    Aww! I love this article! It really makes me proud to be one of the Chasters! I’m blessed to be called as a CHASTER. :)I love you Chasters! Let us support Charice forever and ever and ever and ever! :)

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  27. julio says:
    congratulations, Chasters…I will just be a silent supporter of our Charice…but it will be a privilege to be given an opportunity to mix and mingle with you guys if our time permits…just like you, i adore and love Charice… I look forward to Charice be catapulted into superstardom in the league of Celine, Whitney,Barbra and many more others excelling in their own field of endeavors.

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  28. Minglai says:
    How can I be part of your team? I want to be a Chasters

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  29. VIA SATURNINO says:
    Nice one tito!!! :)

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  30. chalola-2012 says:
    nice! chaster lito wrote and posted this on facebook. i did comment that he was a good writer and i liked his rhetorics. i classify myself as one chaster who would long-drive, take regional buses, or fly just to attend her concerts; then meet up with the chasters. thanks shownee for reposting.

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