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What Should People Know About Chasters

What Should People Know About Chasters

Originally defined as individuals who admire and love Charice for her extraordinary talent, her persona and for her courageous spirit who trod a difficult road that only few will risk themselves to tread the road less taken. Such courage has brought her to the top full of humility, unchanged and continuously overcoming challenges. These are just a few reasons why these individuals rooted for Charice and are called CHASTERS (Fans of Charice).

To deepen people’s awareness about the Chasters. Here are some points that are very important to remember:

1. Chasters are a combination of loose organizations and individuals from all over the globe. First, there are loose organizations of Chasters in some countries and states manage by Chasters-volunteers and operate on their own, whose expenses are coming from their own individual pockets. They drove and traveled anywhere where they could find Charice singing live either with David, with some famous stars or on her own and then ended their activity by having a dinner or lunch together full of life and love to share. The second one, are the individual Chasters who searcg for the other Chasters through the websites of some talented and skillful Chasters with Charice as the focal point of discussion. Here, the individual Chaster can connect and be updated and in the process become close friends with other Chasters or tweeter followers of Charice.

2. Chasters either a loose organization with known or famous members or simply individuals who rely on social networking, have a lot of things in common. They are united in the spirit of mutual respect, mutual support, mutual trust and love for each other. That is why you can see or read or hear Chasters calling the others as “bunso” or the youngest, Chasterclause for a particular unknown Chaster who gave her or his money to some Chasters for a mission abroad to support Charice, brother or sister Chaster, “lola” to address a grandma Chaster, “tito” or “tita” Chaster to address Chasters who are at their 40′s or 50′s, “kuya” or “ate” Chaster to address a Chaster a little bit older than them and Chaster-friend for the newly Purchase lady era reviews found Chasters. In short, there are no strangers in Chasters.

3. Chasters are diverse people coming from all walks of life, blessed by God as a special kind of group where the kingdom of God is very much felt by everyone because they have proven themselves as one people regardless of race, religion, language and political belief. Though they belong to the different countries or states but they are constantly connected with each other everyday through social networking, you tube, tweeter, email, chat, skype, etc.

4. Chasters are not perfect individuals, some of them become emotional and sometimes succumbed to pass harsh words against haters of Charice but pacified later by other Chasters, because Charice didn’t want Chasters to hate the haters.

5. Finally, Chaster are growing not just in numbers all over the world but as persons. Their age ranges from 4 to 76 or more and they have come to learn to love, to cry, to laugh and to accept for who you are and what you are and have.

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Written by Lito T. Abadilla
Posted by Ab.bonita,

52 Responses to “What Should People Know About Chasters”

  1. Jim says:

    I still want to believe that David Foster has her in competent hands — and that her career is being directed so that she will receive the most recognition in the long-term. His decision to address the younger crowd because it is easier to go from the younger fans to the older crowd makes sense. We have to be patient. She is GREAT and we all know that. I believe her management team knows it too.

    Patience! Our girl will persevere!

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  2. khatman says:

    “Charice, I Love You” said the ultimate chaster.

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  3. AimHigher says:

    super liked article!!!

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  4. jen says:
    hi people! Im on my 30′s married with one kid residing in new zealand… I am fan of charice 3years from now me and my family are continously watching here in youtube… we are so proud of her… and with that Its my dream to see her in concert here as well… pls email me if whoever knows a person who can contact to ask Charice for a concert here… email me in my said address… thanks a lot!

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  5. angel de guzman says:
    i want to become a chaster too!!!

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  6. chris0805 says:
    It is about time that our CHARICE shall have a Charice’s Museum in the Phil. because of so many achievements, accomplishment, recognition and pride she has given for the country. (The only Asian and Filipino artist who dominates the world music industry.)
    At the same time, beside the Museum is the headquarters for the Chasters around the world. Just imagine, the boost it can give to the Phil. Tourism, (we are dealing with million fans overseas) the inter-action of all the Chasters globally. Every tourist, wether balikbayan or foreigners will certainly love to see what is all about Charice, and likewise want to meet and chat stories with other Chasters around the world.
    This idea can be elevated thru the support and funding of the Govt. or the Private funding among the fans of Charice around the world, or maybe some financial support from Charice’ management.
    As a true fan of Charice myself, I will support with all my means whoever will undertake or initiate this project.
    An elegant place, a good architectural design of the bldg. with monument of Charice and state of the art for the Chaster’s space, with bar, coffee, restaurant, playground, library for Charice pictures and files, a small theatre for all the concerts and videos of Charice, a music lounge, compilation of all her standing ovations, all her overseas trip, all her issues, her dresses and accessories, everything about Charice (Oh I love to see them and experience)
    A reasonable entrance fee has to be applied which can be used for maintenance of the Museum and others for the Charitable project for Charice missions.
    This is my ultimate dream for Charice. “One Day” it will happen. Generations after generations, years after years, Charice will be remembered forever and ever on this planet.

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    • otosmas9 says:
      …excellent concept Chris and am all with you mate. plan sounds good to me. i may have to be involve with the ‘good architectural design’of the building. it will be my ultimate offer to help everyone who love ‘our little one’.

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  7. jerome says:
    First time post…

    I am just wondering that Infinity album is already out in the Philippines and i already have a copy, ive known it only this month that her album is out last oct or nov. but not promoted in this site and even by charice herself, just like what she did in her first album CHARICE, she had an album launching at glorietta.

    Its undeniable that her infinity album is better than the first one, but it seems that it is not promoted well. People around the world is expecting that her 2nd album will beat the achievements of her 1st album. But how?

    People in america are now buying albums from countries the infinity album is out, if they have their copy then they will not anymore buy in the states.

    One more concern,
    as ive said, the album is not well promoted and even her single, LOUDER because it is out in public many months before the album will be out in the U.S, not like PYRAMID, it became out before she promote her album in oprah. That’s why her single PYRAMIND became no.1 because of that strategy but what’s happening now?

    And what will happen to charice’s career now? i dont think she can still maintain or even surpass her fame in the time of her first album CHARICE.

    im a chaster
    sorry for my english^^

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    • chaoster says:
      As they say, everything in life is about timing; I am hoping Charice management team is waiting and figuring out the right time to promote and release the Infinity album in the states in order to optimize the reception and sale. There must be a magic date or magic number(superstitions or educated guesses are not unusual in business) they have in mind. All we can do is pray and hope for the best.

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