Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazine’s Jan-Feb 2012 Issue

Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazine’s Jan-Feb 2012 Issue

Despite a somber end to a great year because of a family tragedy, Charice bounces back right away in 2012 – and what better way to start the new year than with a bright, colorful and edgy cover on the Philippine’s top fashion magazine.

1 13244646731221111 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 IssuePreview describes itself as the Philippine’s style bible, and Charice is a great choice for the cover and a spread that’s all about modern minimalism.

Charice’s personal style has never been over the top, but still attention-grabbing in an edgy, boyish way (see photo on the left).

But it’s been a shock to some people on how Charice looked on the cover, so they called-out the magazine for using too much Photoshop.

Nevertheless, it was proven that only the usual post-processing were done on Charice’s photo (e.g. removing a pimple on her cheek).

And that the transformation was done through dramatic make-up and the addition of faux bangs.

Plus, it was the Philippine’s top talents who were the ones in charge of Charice’s photoshoot: acclaimed photographer Mark Nicdao, celebrity stylist Liz Uy, veteran make-up artist Juan Where to buy ponstel Sarte, expert hairstylist Buern Rodriguez and top creative director Vince Uy.

One glance on the cover below and it’s so obvious that that’s the one and only Charice, right?

Prev Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

Preview has also released photos from the shoot complete with captions on what’s happening in the photos. Below are some of the ones featured on their website (plus some scanned pages straight off the magazine):

FINAL 1 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

FINAL 3 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

FINAL 2 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

Click on the photo below to read

FINAL 4 1024x683 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

A behind-the-scenes video of Charice’s Preview photoshoot has also been garnering views on Youtube. Check it out below:

By Sofia Carrera,

194 Responses to “Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazine’s Jan-Feb 2012 Issue”

  1. spirikitik says:

    Most of the people posting here never heard of the word
    “PHOTOSHOP……………google it !

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  2. anitako says:
    the Preview Magazine group of folks who did wondrous job on Charice’s photo- Congratulations! i love it so much, i wished i’m there in pinas to buy lots of that magazine and blow it up and make a poster to put in my living room and bedroom.

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    • Chartista says:

      Blow it up?! – you’re going to make a big explosion?…please don’t destroy the magazines :-)

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  3. Ham says:
    with just the first-half of jan 2012, charice really started very well. aside from gracing the cover of preview, she was also featured inside malaysia’s marie claire magazine, which if it had chosen her to grace its cover would have tripled or quadrupled its subscriptions, lol. she was also the surprise winner in j-14 mags hottest girl for 2012 besting such popular artists as selena and taylor swift according to this website. now, how’s that, chasters?

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  4. Tina says:
    I’m going crazy! I want a copy of that magazine. How do we order one internationally?

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  5. catcat says:
    photoshopped not photoshopped make up or without make up charice is naturally beautiful

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  6. grabekaangtangamo says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. erin says:
    The Philippine mag Preview showed Cha from the point of view of the “West,” lipstick, hair, eyes, face, colors, “some” make-up….the Malaysian mag showed her in pure “Asian” point of view…hair, eyes, skin tone, pose, no hint of make-up, etc. Very stark difference. There’s no denying the Malaysian version showed a very Asian woman. Which, again, brings out the Filipinos’s idolization of the West. On the other hand, the other Asian countries, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, etc., have, from time beginning, focused their culture – on their own culture – Asia, or the East. Proof is their love of Charice. Folks, why do we Filipinos continue to worship the West? It boggles my mind.

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    • chaoster says:
      Why do filipinos worship the West? The answers are simple: Filipinos have a longer exposure with western culture among the countries in Asia. For a long time the West is the place where they can look for jobs which they cannot find in their country. Filipinos are comfortable with it, because Filipinos can get along easily with different people of the West. As far as Charice appearrance in the magazines is concerned, I think variety is good. People of the world are now becoming more and more of mix ancestry because of mobility of population as the nations’ economy change. I think it’s good that Charice can look international.

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      • Auau says:
        she has a range of looks and a crossover appeal which is why she is a star all over the world. Somebody was questioning why she was photographed on the side? Every artist has their good/favorite sides and angles to be photographed. i remember this from reading about Barbra Streisand, Faye Dunaway, Mel gibson etc. The artists themselves should know this or photographers/directors can tell them. Actresses and models sometimes marry photographers, cinematographers or directors so their projects, pictures and movies, are collaborations to make them look good by showing the good sides of their faces. Same way when singers and composers marry each other to inspire and help build each other’s career. I think Charice is maturing and learning more about the business(promo side) she is in, and good for her!

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