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Passing The Torch

Passing The Torch

Dedicated to all the Past, Present and new Charicemania Moderators

As hinted by one of our “eldest but respected” team member, maybe I should write about that special someone who helped a lot of people and chasters, not only Charicemania. But I haven’t been writing for a long time because for me, writing needs an inspiration. But this someone in the CM team, I know personally and have learned to appreciate and cherish as a person a lot. But how can you write about someone who does not want to be mentioned? Impossible? Not really, but a lot of time is needed to think this over. Our first joint project: PICC Valentine’s Concert with Charice, February 2010. The idea that I told MommyRaqz back then was that we have to try that every single seat on this concert would be occupied! And because I knew that many fans of Charice couldn’t afford the tickets, this would be an opportunity to distribute free tickets! But we need someone from Charicemania team that should be there before, during and after the concert to organize. Most of Charicemania’s team members are far from Manila. We need somebody: we need this “someone”! We didn’t really know each other very well back then but I knew exactly that we could rely on this person, very trustworthy (a very important factor when it comes to money matters), approachable for everyone, young and has a very strong personality. The right one indeed! The logistics alone for this project was overwhelming as we’ve ever imagined before: ordering tickets, looking for sponsors, where to send the money, paypal, bank accounts, meet and greet arrangements, venue, what if Charice wants to come, security questions, programs, IDs, banners, questionnaires for free tickets, applicants, etc., etc. Being actively involved here, made it possible to have known a lot of generous people as well but at the same time knowing some who were not honest, who just wanted to take advantage of the generosity of others. Well, nothing new. Glad these are exceptions to the rule! In the course of the countless conversations between us regarding our project, I tried to teach this person how to say NO! … unfortunately, often in vain (a person who has a very good nature, is hard to train). Always believing in the good and positive sides of others, which is neither bad nor a wrong thing, as long as it doesn’t get into the substance of one’s human being. What followed were the countless requests and ideas, when there’s something to be organized for Charice, to promote her like TV performances, concerts and Meet & Greets in Manila (we’re talking only about the ones we knew which were open to all Chasters and not the exclusive chasters’ parties which CM was not involved with). We always had the right contact person! Charice’s management in Manila could always rely on this person, that’s a fact! Charicemania’s goal is still to promote Charice worldwide! Not only to the few who were convinced already anyway. Of course it is nice and is also good to see known people and to see familiar faces again and again but we also look forward to a lot of “new faces” like new fans who come to us. We welcome them all too. Message for that someone: When you asked me months ago why I became inactive for months, not writing nor posting, if you remember my reply? “I couldn’t do anything anymore!” That was Cheap naprosyn medication my feeling. You tried to persuade me to come back but the time was not ripe enough. When I was asked “officially” to go back in CM, it was a feeling of having to do something again when needed. We have new people in the team here in Charicemania. I really hope to pass it on, that they continue to do what we do so that we can move on and expand, that Charice becomes more popular. Only one person can’t do the work alone. We couldn’t convince all which of course was very disappointing but we can’t take it personally. Those we could convince, we hope they stay and help. Take a break, yes, take it slowly, but don’t disappear entirely, if we could still prevent that from happening (hopefully). To the team, what I can pass on to you personally is this: “take the time off that you

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need” but hopefully come back from time to time and again, Charicemania will welcome you with open arms.

cm xmas 2 239x300 Passing The Torch

Christmas is the time to give, the time of forgiveness, the

time to move on, to look forward to something new and good, to leave all negativities behind. Charicemania and Team wishes you all a very blessed Christmas!

By Schoen,

143 Responses to “Passing The Torch”

  1. HONEYLIE57 says:
    thank you to charicemania team for giving me joy, all the video’s news,of charice this is the only site of charice i know. thank you again merry christmass and a prosperos new you all i’m sad of whats goin on.cheer up and rebound.

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  2. jimfan155 says:
    Happy Holidays to Admin, Moderators (past and present) and all Chasters here at CM.

    It really has been a life changing experience for me to have found such a site to follow my favorite singer of all time. I respect you all for your time, effort and hard work. I know it can be a thankless task, at times but be assured you are appreciated although it’s not acknowledged nearly enough.

    I hope you all have a properous new year as we continue to follow Charice in her climb to the top.

    btw, I still want her to come out with a Christmas album so my holiday can be celebrated to the hilt – just something missing – and that would put it over the top, for me.

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  3. oye komo va says:

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    • RodBelt says:
      The mods will not remove your comments if you would have the decency to respect and keep the peace and harmony in the spirit of this holiday season.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family all through the coming year!

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      Oye Komo Va, There are rules in any organization to follow if you don’t agree with those rules then you are free to go somewhere else. This is not the only Charice fan site created. I don’t understand your hostility towards Charicemania, you don’t need to be here. You’re acting like a spoiled child that didn’t get enough attention. TIME TO GROW UP! THIS SITE IS NOT ABOUT YOU! YOU GET IT?????

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    • andre.segovia says:
      what’s up with you, kabayan? why do you keep posting here, get away from here. you’re embarassing us decent Filipinos with your senseless words here. go away, kabayan

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      • kabayan01 says:

        Are you referring to me? If not, could you please be specific. Thank you.

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        • andre.segovia says:
          i was referring to that oye komo va

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        • suntzu says:
          Lol kabayan, i don’t think he was referring to you. He was talking to oye como va who he believes is his kababayan like you.

          Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year to everybody especially to all Chasters around the world!!!

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    • kabayan01 says:
      I don’t understand why are you keep coming back here. If you are not happy, then be gone. Don’t waste your time as well as ours. Merry Christmas…

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  4. jy_rkenny says:
    well, i want to say, merry christmas, and, i really would like to see more OPM cover songs by Charice, i really like the acoustics where you hear jazzy infused with instruments that you’d only hear played in the local music scenes in Pinas, Charice brings that flavor, and I am thankful for charice that i met true friends and family through here

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  5. Pokyaw says:

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  6. cha-ching says:
    Common Charicemania, we all learned from Charice song lyrics that gives us inspiration…Let’s Bounce Back in 2012! It’s big year for Charice! Keep this site loud and busy!!! Keep more posting new contents!! or create a contest on Charice Infinity CD’s.


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    • Auau says:

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  7. ntony9 says:
    Merry Xmas and Prosperous New Year to all! Thanks for all that made this website possible. God Bless us all!!

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  8. tnt says:

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  9. marie says:

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  10. andre.segovia says:
    merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all the good people at Charicemania and all Chasters!

    (click on the snowflake :)

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  11. abeng1127 says:

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  12. 13065 says:
    Thanks for doing what you did best – promoting Charice’s career!

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  13. rlf says:

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  14. RodBelt says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your dedication or should I say devotion to CM. Your unrelenting effort, energy, and patience to maintain its civility and fairness is above reproach. As the Torch Is Passed, I am sure that many of the dedicated moderators and volunteers will keep its flame burning and make it ETERNAL.


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  15. kenshin says:
    it’s yorpolt anyway schoenny!! LoL
    Merry Christmas!

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  16. FlorOfTexas says:
    Thanks to the host and hostesses of this website. I appreciate all that you do to promote Charice and to keep all of us updated with Charice’s news. May you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  17. tsuki says:
    @Schoen, Thank you very much to you and other moderators (volunteers) for your help in promoting Charice. At the back of my head, I just wonder how you do it especially when you have your own family to take care. For countless volunteers, thank you very much for your time and effort in promoting Charice via Charicemania and other media. I think for every volunteer to take time off, 2 will step up the plate. Chasters should organize well and methodically push charice’s cart to the top.

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  18. donamps1 says:
    i definitely come back here whenever i wanted charice latest updates. u always love chasters and we love u back! when im lonely i listen to cha’s albums, reminisce cha’s concert ive been to, but this place is full of love where i can express my admiration for cha and that’s amazing!

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  19. chit says:
    To the hardworking CM moderators/reporters/writers/etc., a million thanks for giving us updates about Charice. Without you, we would not read about these wonderful things about her and about some generous people! This whole spirit is what Christmas is all about. God bless you all. And a very Merry Christmas from my heart!

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  20. chelsea says:
    To those who started CM,thanks to you.With your time ,effort and patience we couldn’t ask for more.We lurke ,chat and learn and be friendly.

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  21. hermiemel says:
    Danke Schoen!

    Thank you very much!

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  22. camo says:
    i would love to say kudos to charicemania team for the wonderful job they have done since charice discovery.we have been updated maybe not as soon as some would like it but its still updated.i have made lots of friends since finding cm , i was always a loner still is in some ways but i found an outlet . there are naysayers who want to bring cm down but w ewont let them we will continue to promote charice and do our best has chasters to see her get that one big hit and then its kaboom. thank you again team charicemania keep up the good work and merry christmas and blesses new year to you and yours.

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  23. max says:
    This seems like an appropriate time to reflect on why I was once so involved in Charicemania. I first learned of Charice when I saw her performance on the “Ellen” show. That led me to search on the internet for more about this young phenomenon who turned the studio audience and much of America upside down with her astounding performance.

    I found her first web site and watched her life story that was produced by ABS-CBN (if I remember correctly). That was when I absolutely became a huge fan. I began to post frequently on CM, and eventually was asked by another old-timer “kyotovisitor” about becoming a moderator. I had just retired and had nothing better to do so I said yes.

    Admin taught me how the CM back end works, and before I knew it, I was very involved in promoting Charice’s career. Reflecting back to those times, CM evolved into a super fan site as Charice and CM both grew. Many of the early moderators still watch from behind the scenes, and even do some policing. As CM grew in size, it soon began experiencing growing pains which necessitated migrating to a larger server, increasing capacity, and speed.

    Charice’s popularity kept growing and as she moved into the international arena, CM added more features and a radio talk show (Blog Talk Radio). There were 10 moderators who did it all…..policing, editing, searching news, writing articles, deejaying, and most importantly supporting Charice and her management team. Admin and key moderators established direct lines of communication with management. I won’t mention any names, but all of the moderators know how much they contributed.

    I could go on and on about CM history (actually wrote an article on it), but suffice it to say it has been a most pleasing ride and sense of accomplishment. Charice is now known world wide and is an international star, not too shabby for a poor 15 year old from Laguna who literally sang for not only her supper, but her families as well.

    As i was reminiscing while reading this article, I remembered a post I wrote about Charice’s future. If you are interested, here it is:

    Let me wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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    • schoen says:

      Hey old uncle Maxie! You’re showing our ages again lol. I wouldn’t dare start reminiscing now or I wouldn’t do anything anymore which means there are a lot of memories! We know that most of us keep coming back. That’s a fact no matter how long we take a break right?

      Oh yes my dear mentor Ms.KV (Kyotovisitor), I’m sure that “vibrant” lady is still somewhere out there lurking…

      Happy Holidays!

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    • henri_v says:
      Hey Max… just taking this opportunity to send you my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas… I really pray that life is treating you well… take it easy… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too…..

      … as well as to all the Charicemania moderators… best wishes to all of you!


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    • RodBelt says:
      Would you be kind enough to re-publish your article on CM history? Thanks.

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  24. Allen says:
    Cha already has an estimated net worth of $17 million (source; )

    That is fantastic! Hope she will earn much more!!

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    • chaoster says:

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  25. AJL says:
    Regardless of how small or big contributions, each and every Chaster who made this Charicemania a reality. Thank you for all who made it possible for all Chasters like us. Sharing our experiences, emotions, and of course our adorations to Charice definitely inspires other Chasters. Our love and support should continue for Charice. To the top baby! Thank you Chasters!

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  26. Stockpicker says:
    Hi Schoen,

    I can understand how tough it is for you to write this article. You’ve been busy working (behind the scenes) on a lot of things that most of us don’t even know about. I consider myself a habitual lurker here in CM and a freeloader with no responsibility whatsoever except buying Charice’s albums and concert tickets! I start my day with coffee, Charicemania and monitoring my small stock portfolio, in that order. In a volatile market, Charicemania is my refuge and my sanctuary.

    So,thank you so much Schoen for all that you have done to promote Charice. For me, and for countless others, it meant a world of difference!

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  27. Capofret says:
    im guilty as one of the few in the team who has gone inactive for quite some time due to my personal reasons. no i didnt leave, im still here just watching charice and CM from afar. charice is already part of my life, i listen to at least one of her songs to complete my day. each chaster has contributed to the success of charice in our different ways. some prefer to promote her on twitter or fb, others give CDs to their friends,others sponsor chasters so they could go to charice’s concerts, others follow her everywhere and share her videos, others set up fan sites like CM, etc. but whatever we do, it helped charice alot and im happy for that. im happy to see charice to where she is now. yes i expect more and i know she can achieve more success in time..she’s still young. no need to rush everything.

    what makes people stay as chasters is the friendship we found thru her. strangers become your friends. im thankful to have known wonderful people especially the moderators here who give their precious time and energy just to keep up with the site.

    merry christmas to all!

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  28. katrina says:
    I love this site for being user friendly. Since I discovered Charice, I always visit this site for news and videos about Charice. Thanks to those who update this site. Mary Christmas to All.

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  29. lyn montero says:
    Thank you so much Auau for mentioning my name…merry christmas to you and your family…..Again… Happy holidays for all the CHASTERS and CHARICEMANIA family…wish for New Year…CHARICE will be famous as MJ and become a legend in music history..Shes my inspiration till my last breath……..

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  30. drivel says:
    you must of done something pretty bad to have such a big chip on your shoulder. CM doesn’t have to take your crap either as if it’s a town council meeting of constituents. Any gracious host would never let a junkyard dog crap all over his house and ruin the party for the other guests, especially a stupid dog whose just barking without any substance to his words. hey mods, just clean house and delete both our comments

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    • schoen says:

      Oye (and all your names!)
      Hahaha! I don’t know, but somehow the comment reminded me of Star Wars or the Dark Knight (sorry ROFL) Ok I admit, I will miss his comments here and in the chatroom too. Just remember, someone’s always setting you “free”! Ok, approved your other comment now, are we ok now? Merry Christmas oki?

      Short story: I have a very good memory of your area (decades ago when I was a kid), a very nice tourist place, but most of all, the people, very accommodating, cheerful, happy and helpful folks. I wish to go back someday.

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