An In-depth Interview with Charice on CNN’s Talk Asia

An In-depth Interview with Charice on CNN’s Talk Asia

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  1. chit says:
    CM Admin, please write something about Charice. We are dying for even a tidbit about her- appearances, guesting, working- no matter what. You’ve been very, very quiet. Please… And Happy New Year to you and yours. Thanks a lot.

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  2. noyb says:
    I can only described in one word why so many “crabs” against Charice … Jealousy… pure and simple. They cannot accept the fact, especially now that Charice belongs to the top 100 richest celebrities and is worth $17 million and counting. A girl who used to compete in singing contest just to put food on the table is now richer than most of the so called celebrities in the Philippines.

    They keep on saying there are so many Charice in the Philippines, I beg to disagree … c’mon, show me more, if there is any.

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    • Jojo says:
      @Noyb-I agree with you 100%.They just cannot absorb the very fact that she has overtaken them financially and in popularity in such a short period of time and she has not yet even reach her peak.

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    • Rey says:

      “So many Charice in the Philippines?”—I’ll evaluate if there’s anyone who can level in Cha’s talent.

      She is only one so swallowed that!

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  3. gunrunner says:
    leah michelle of glee answered your question during the scene in the toilet on the finals. charice asked her that question and leah replied “its because youre so good thats why i hated you. fans in ph are very protective of their idols they cant just accept and process the data in their obselete brain processor that this little and humble girl who grew up in the rural areas amidst its grinding poverty would make it in the global arena with a bang ha ha ha ha. thats so simple.

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  4. peakarach says:
    Hey chasters please go vote for Charice at for best asian pop artists.

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  5. POPseeker says:
    Hey fellow Chasters! We should keep voting Charice on ChannelV!!!She’s currently no.2 and she should reach no.1…VOTE FOR HER!!! :)
    Note: You must first have an account to be able to vote.

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  6. Riza says:
    is charice now based in the philippines for good? does somebody know? if that’s the case we’re going to miss her here in america. i hope she will come and visit us once in a while.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      No Riza, I believe she’s back in the US now. She gave an interview on one of the radio stations in Manila and she mentioned that they were leaving for the US and that was Dec 11th so I’m assuming she’s here in the US already.

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      • khatman says:
        What I read was that she would be back in the US by Dec 25 because she has an important project scheduled. I’m guessing that it involves the completion of the US version of her Infinity album.

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      • big dog says:
        Was it the PH album or Japan? 1 song is the only difference, I think the “Far as the Sky”. US album still on the works anyway. I wish Cha have the mistletoe as her own single/album. I like her version better than the original…

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  7. truepinoy63 says:
    I finally got my copies of Charice’s Infinity album that I ordered from a Filipino store here in Las Vegas. It’s not the US album but who cares at least they came before Christmas. Now I’ve got the perfect gift for my family and friends! Best way to spread her music I think….

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  8. RodBelt says:
    Changing the topic, I am back in the US now. One good news that I learned during my trip is that Infinity is in the ANA Sky Channel magazine as a featured album and part of the airline’s in-flight entertainment for the month of December. This is another proof that shows how big our princess is in Japan as All Nippon Airways is Japan’s largest airline. WAY TO GO, PRINCESS!

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      This is definitely very good news, Thanks RodBelt for the info!

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    • khatman says:
      Charice is big all over. This past fall I was a guest @ a wedding reception in NY City. After the bride and groom had the first dance I was surprised to hear being played “As Long As You’re There” from the Season2 Glee Finale.

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  9. yours4everz says:
    Hello, all Chasters! Do you think we can help & vote for Charice to win the BEST ASIAN POP ARTIST on google? She’s currently on the 2nd spot against that Indonesian singer who doesn’t even sing much of English songs. Just google BEST ASIAN POP ARTIST & VOTE FOR CHARICE, Thanks!

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    • Chartista says:
      That’s a very good suggestion but opinion wise i don’t think it’s worth it just being called BEST ASIAN pop artist. Charice’s caliber is basically to challenge as Grammy/MTV/People’s Choice best new artist (even Justin Bieber is having a hard time getting a grammy). She’s not ripe yet but soon she will be…let’s just watch her grow in her career and appreciate her talent.
      Awards are ok.. but it doesn’t pay the bills :-)

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  10. jzone says:
    In one way or another, her story of success and love for her family has touched most of us in one way or another. I am just so extatic like the rest of the world for her being so resilient and be able to cope up with hard situations (like the recent passing of her father) in her everyday life. I am just saddened by the fact that there’s alot of people bashing and hating her (so called crabsters) so much. Made me think, what did this little girl do to them that made them say all those negative stuffs about her? I guess you can’t really please averybody… She has an amazing soul and I hope “One day” the whole world, I mean the whole world will be all chasters.. (please dont thumb me down lol.. this is my first post in this site)…

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    • khatman says:
      These crabs must really hate her to come on Charice’s fansite to bash her. There are entertainers who I dislike so much that you could not give me a ticket to their concerts. But I don’t go on their websites and post disparaging remarks.

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      • jzone says:
        I really dont want to touch anything with race issue but it has to be voice out in the open which of course most people here in CM know already.I know we chasters come from different parts of the world and comes with different race and ethnicities or what not which is amazing. What I dont get is most of the people (not saying all)that’s bashing and insulting her are our own fellowmen. Dont get it. They’re all over charice videos try to ruin our moment to really enjoy the her. I remember (and take note Ive been a chaster for like a couple of years now and I listen to her every single day as soon as I turn on my computer at work and work with her playlist in youtube- yeah Im that addicted!!)the first time I attempted posting comments in one of our little one’s video, I got into a heated argument with one of the crabsters which totally ruined my day.

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      • truepinoy63 says:
        I agree most of the crabs are filipinos and that sickens me more. They are not happy because Charice, a relatively unknown in the PI showbiz, jumped over their local idols. They feel that their idols are more deserving than Charice. They are blinded by this envious hatred that they don’t see that Charice’s success and good fortune is not because of luck it’s because of her unique voice, talent and charisma. I’ve surfed YT and I’ve seen a lot of really good singers but not like Charice. With Charice is a different feeling. First she’ll get you with her voice then her petite cuteness then her demeanor on and off camera. What you see is what you get with Charice. I’m not surprised why Oprah and David F. speak highly of her. Charice is strong and a fighter and that’s what I like about her the most. Charice’s destiny is to be an international star and no one can deny her that.

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        • jzone says:
          Exactly! They are avid fans of those other artist like we are with Charice. But they’re looking at charice success differently. Dont they get it? Charice opens up a lot of opportunities for our local artist in getting into bigger market like hollywood and stuff like that. Now people around the world are checking all the singers where Charice came from where people went went gaga to think that she only came in 3rd. Yes indeed, we have a lot of talents in the Philippines that we need to expose into a much bigger market like the US mainstream and etc. We supposed to be in the same team here because Charice is a resemblance of a national treasure which we, all filipinos around the world, should be proud about!!!

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          • truepinoy63 says:
            Very true! This crab mentality among the filipinos just isn’t right. I hope they wake up and look at the positive side of what Charice has done for the other filipino artists. Opening the door to US mainstream music industry is no easy task. If you don’t mind me saying “MGA PESTE TALAGA”….lol

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            • jzone says:
              Not at all coz I was going to say it if you didnt do it. Just want to share a true story about Filo crabs. To fulfill my addiction with Charice one time, I checked since thats where one of the place she started getting noticed. So I was reading all the blogs here and there you know enjoying all the accolades that other people giving our dear one. For you to post messages, like charicemania, you have to create your own profile. I wasnt planning on signing in coz I actually just enjoy reading. I always considered myself, most of the time, an outsider looking in. One of the posts really caught my attention and basically ruined not only my day but my whole week. It was a post from one of our fellowmen (take note a lady crabster) talking about her hatred about Charice not only how ordinary her voice is in the Philippines but also talking about how ordinary her life is and that you can take somebody like a singer or for whatever profession they may excel at and get the same sad beginnings and stuff like that. She blatantly curse charice and just everything about her. I had to sign up and reply to that post which was actually back up (sad to say) by a lot of non-filipino supporters of oprah and charice. Why do we do this to ourselves?? why oh why?? It’s already unfortunate enough that we have that kind of life situation in the Philippines and now she’s just basically telling the world how awful it is over there. Doesnt she think people already know that?? Dang man!!! makes me mad!!! Instead of being proud, she showed her hatred to its worst level.

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              • truepinoy63 says:
                I understand you perfectly! If I could only reach inside my computer and strangle someone’s neck I would do it…lol that’s how pissed sometimes I get. You know non of these crabs would say anything against Charice out in the open coz they are “DUWAG”. I won’t be surprised if other pinoy artists have the same kind of crab mentality and not just the fans especially artists from her old tv network.

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          • big dog says:
            Crabsters are just so blinded with their own local idols. They can’t accept the fact that Charice is in the different league now…On the top and alone…The only way to satisfy them selves is to deny or pretend that Charice accomplishments and recognition did not happen since it’s only a dream for their local idols…They will use any negative and find any faults as they believe this will help their idols to be noticed and recognized as well…They want Charice success for their idols…Just too bad…Denial is really painful! Most of them leads to hate…

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