Charice on GMA Valentines Taping: Chasters Wanted!

Charice on GMA Valentines Taping: Chasters Wanted!


Note: Please do not be late. If ever there will be late chasters, their tickets will be given to the waitlist. For chasters who are not on the top 100 list, you can try your luck. If other chasters won’t make it before the gates open, you can have their slots. Based on last year’s turn out, there were more than 15 spare tickets. Reminding chasters that there are no vids or pics allowed. Look for: Abbonita or Beda.

Meeting Time: 4-5PM
Meeting Place: 7/11 Convenient Store beside GMA Timog Avenue Side


1. Yojan Esguerra (yojan17)
2. Alyssa Marie Penales (Chaster Lysa)
3. Leah Rubin
4. Jm Leonoras
5. Emeren Nora (Tita)
6. Analyne L. Espiridion (Einna)
7. Marina Tan (wower31)
8. Sheila Decena (sheild)
9. BRYAN JAY S. GAZA (MrAspirant08)
10.kenjijetrhow (Kenji Chua)
11.karl nuqui
12.Rhed Sandel
13.Alma Fajardo
14.Virgilio Selga, Jr.
15.Virgilio Gabalfin
16.Melba Pataray
18.Jamie Ann Peters
19.Beverly Dayo (beda026)
23.Claire Ibanez
24.Randy Balunday
25.Emma Carandang
26.Maria Hilda C. Capuli (motherdear)
27.josefina santiago
28.dulce amor
29.Rod Beltran (RodBelt)
30.Rhea Gelio
31.Bessie Abella
32.Achie Castillo
33.Lisa Sanez
34.Appin Pinkihan
35.Judy Ann Santillan
36.Monaliza Alcantara
37.Zsarina Concepcion
38.Gladys Mondero
39.Allen Mondero
40.Laurel Ramos (dir23)
42.rhodlyn hadap (
43.Kathryn Dalaida (kate)
45.candice ramirez
46.victoria Panibon
47.Jethro (from cebu city)
48.Virginia Valenzuela
49.Carl Victor Callora (Carl10)
50.iChasterJen (Jennifer Arriola)
51.Shirley Cortez
52.Millie Ann San Luis
53.Nicole Lucena
54.Marilou Bagason
55.Gloria Lorenzo
56.Alberose Alcampado
57.Felma Gutierrez
58.Daniel Gutierrez
59.Ma. Zelfa Bendijo (Zelfie)
61.Narita Nadera
62.Karren Espiridion
64.Alexa Yebron
65.Rosalinda Ramos Borreo
66.Josef Abella
67.Paula Gupana
68.Zarina Panagsagan (zai zai)
69.Robin Panagsagan
70.Lloyd Kenneth Tugbo (LKT)
71.Joane Bae S. Sabornido
72.Marryann Villegas Iphone tracker, Phone spy.
73.Rosette Antopina
74.Nikka joy Villegas
75.Shella Villegas Seto
76.Ma. Cristina P. Cabrera
77.Maria Luisa Chan
78.Victoria Rose Chan
79.Jean Mikael S. Sabornido
80.Francis Juliano
81.Gladness Martinez
83.Jonathan Obay
84.JINKY GARRIDO (sapphireblue95)
85.Michelle Diaz
87.Artemis gibran
88.Via Saturnina
89.Mariese Vacalares (Mharice)
90.Janine Calvez (Videl)
91.alexander foz (DFOX13)
92.Gracielle Ann Capati
93.tita Fe Lopez
96.Deneb Cagara (Aidus)
97.DJBianca Frost
98.Roy Arilla (Chachaquel)
99.Mark Anthony Guevarra

ranty’s wife (bb)
ranty’s daughter (mj)
Jenifer Malig
Yves S. Arellano
Kate Dalaida
Nicanora Bonita
mayflor carandang
Maria Capul Borreo
Aurora Lebrun (c/o
Jackelyn Lebrun
Jose Marie Domingo (c/o
Caira Garcia
jinky arboleda
ma fe capul
Garth Balasico
Joanna Oller
Kimberly May A. Olmedo
Celia Perol
Jonathan Portugal (Lisbon)
Anna Mae Baliad
Sevilla arevalo
Carolyn Baigan (chaster carol)
Edwin Macacando (edz)
Bella Bengco (@iamchallesi / allesi / allesiballetcenter)
Roy Vasaya
Vergeraldith Mujemulta
Powell John E. Jimenez
Kristine Ceejay V. Fajardo
Maricel Fajardo
Nina France Psillos- Francia23
Efren antiporda (gunrunner)

Charice is indeed busy during her short stay here in the Philippines. From TV5 to ABS-CBN. She is now going to have another taping on Monday, December 5, 2011, on another major TV network here in the Philippines, GMA 7. Just like early this year, Charice will grace the screen again for a GMA Valentines Concert Special for 2012.

aVAL1 226x300 Charice on GMA Valentines Taping: Chasters Wanted!

Charice at GMA Valentines Concert 2011

And guess what! 100 Chasters get to be part of the audience for this taping. You just have to be on the GMA compound, Quezon City (exact venue to be announced soon) by 5PM. So what are you waiting for? Registration starts here:

Note: Please register with your real names and bring your ID during the event to claim your ticket. Contact person is Abbonita. STRICTLY NO VIDEOS OR PICTURES ALLOWED DURING THE SHOW. Let us all adhere to the only request they ask from us in exchange of the free access they gave. Thank you!

By Tintol, Charicemania
Photo courtesy of Appin, ChariceTV

263 Responses to “Charice on GMA Valentines Taping: Chasters Wanted!”

  1. Stockpicker says:

    Your name is kind and gentle but your words reveals your true refinement!

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  2. henri_v says:
    I remember sharing an article last Oct 2010 here in Charicemania and I quote some parts of it:

    “ We all give thumbs up and thumbs down ratings to the comments. We are quick to defend and just as quick to bash these comments. I miss the exchanges “my generation” used to have in this site where I know we all took our time in making sure that our comments were made in a responsible and well-thought manner as to be precise and never misconstrued… there never was a need for a thumbs up/thumbs down feature then and I still dream of that time when Charicemania will TRULY be a loving community, of course that coming from an old sentimental fool like me.  Then again, I have myself experienced how diverse the Charice fan is and I myself cannot pinpoint any one particular demography but this fact all the more elates me as this strengthens further our belief that Charice is every man’s star!”



    The biggest of this is Faith and Trust in the Lord. She has never wavered in this and has always believed that whatever trials & tribulations came her family’s way, God would be there to provide the means to overcome these. She knew that the talent God gave her was their way through the hardships. Now her path is much like that mountain pass… solid rock on one side and a deep precipice on the other… Utopia at the end… the solid rock being her family, her well-meaning fans, David, Oprah… the precipice being the abyss she can fall into as she begins her climb to a dizzying kind of fame… (Lindsay Lohan et al). I believe in Charice. She continues to be steadfast in her faith and trust.

    Charice teaches me Patience. Even while she treads that mountain pass ever so carefully, she believes that there is a right time and a right place for everything that she is and will become. Most have said that she should do this, be this and that because now is the time. For Charice, her time is what God has willed it to be. We should all know that Charice is God’s gift to us now… until such time that He thinks that maybe, Charice would make a better lawyer and help more people than be a star that we all want her to be.

    Charice teaches me to be caring. If she were crossing that mountain path with other people, she would most probably be making sure that everyone were safe and she’d be holding their hands and assuring them that there is nothing to be afraid of. She did this to Lisa Smith, she did these to the children in her different charities, she does this to those she thinks need the encouragement the way she did when she was herself struggling. She never fails to give back.”

    Henry Villar…sentimental old fool or fart… that’s what some of you will call me. May I know what your real name is?

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  3. kabayan01 says:
    OMC…the never ending criticism. I am sick and tired of these “fans” who are being “experts”. I’ll say it again, our Princess is comfortable in her own skin. True Chasters will always support her and love her period.

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  4. jake says:

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    • Joe says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Auau says:
      Hello! Thanks for dropping by and welcome to our planet. We earthlings have a fashion sense that evolved for a long time, and our looks continually change with the seasons. In fact our clothes change so much, very often so that what’s in today is, mostly like gonna be out tomorrow. A culture shuck I’m sure to Aliens from your part of the universe; to lessen the impact of this confusion, we earthlings advice visitors from other planets to get acculturated to our ways by doing a lot of window shopping, and by watching shows like Project Runway, Fashion Show and America’s Next Top Model, where the judges are brutal, but very generous in giving fashion tips. We hope you enjoy your visit. Peace.

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  5. is charice back in califorina yet or she planning to stay in the philipnnes on the holidays????

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  6. FlorOfTexas says:
    Hello, I’m back. I really hope that one day Charice will have a co ncert here in Texas. I will surely be there because I love her so much. I am her avid fan, that is the reason. All those folks in the Phils who have attended her concerts are the most lucky individuals.

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  7. osuna says:
    FOLKS..most of our Pilipina divas or whatever (singers) dresses well, yet none of them can not break into U.S. market ????? Why is that ?…

    There is something there in Charice personality or performances that real expert can see, there are a lot of means were you can “advertise” your talent (YouTube..etc..etc) and I bet all this “DIVAS” have tried….not to mention any names…and no results….

    All the expert we have here in this forum are just bunch of “blow smoke” personlity….they just want to impress everyone or something like that…..Our well dressed and highly educated Divas cant break the U.S Market…..we are talking about $ 15 Million earnings in less than 5 years…..check others who were born here, like Selena, Cheryl Burke, Bruno Mars (Hawaii) and all other Am Idol champs….the record speaks for itself…AMEN…..

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    • tnt says:

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      • liza says:
        pea brain is here again! oh God i dont mean to be mean..i just can’t help it if i encounter people like this one..

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 17 Thumb down 10

      • Big Dog says:
        How about you give examples of what to wear or any celebs you want to dress like? Plus whats the guarantee of being perfect?

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  8. Stockpicker says:
    At a very young age, Charice has developed the survival instincts that most of us don’t have. She convinced her mother the hard reality that her joining the singing contests is the only way to put more food on their table and a better life for themselves. What a child have, to be that resourceful. Truly a gift from God.

    Having a record like Charice as a child, lead me to think that her career depended on her alone and she knows that. Surely, Warner Music Group provided the support platforms, etc etc, but everything is Charice’s call. Early on, she decided, that her fans shall be called chasters. She is ahead of her time when it comes to managing herself and her career.

    This young lady is better than our collective wisdom in this website when it comes to dress, hair styling, shoes, etc etc.
    Please, I say this again, “let Charice be Charice”!

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  9. Lisbon says:
    I am happy to see Charice very comfortable about what she wears. My goodness I’ve been saying the same statement here lol. If this is the new style she wanted to carry on for entire INFINITY era, I will support her without a shadow of a doubt. That’s what my part as a Chaster. I believe she’s now transforming into somebody who looks stronger than yesterday. I’ve seen her outfits during the taping of this GMA7 Valentines Special and I thought she really looked great!!! It’s kind of a “branding” thing because she needs to grow and mature as an artist. I don’t want her to just look the same style during her first international album because that’s what a real artist is… they keep on transforming and experimenting new styles. The moment she release another album in the future, we will be amazed for sure that our dear Charice will have another style. My goodness lol… I am not really good in discussions about outfits or styles but when notice a huge superstar in the US like Britney Spears, she undergo a lot transformations everytime she released an album. It’s kind of marketing strategy. Have we seen a artist that wears like Charice? Is she copying anybody? Who knows her outfits will be trending in most countries and people would wear and recognize it as Charice Infinity outfit. :)

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  10. ayoskanadian says:
    Hope we will not discuss about what dress, pants, shoes she will wear that not our business. We don’t own her. What’s important is she’s entertaining us and continuously making us proud. B4 many say they don’t like her big glasses now it became a fashion. So, please stop these issues because we have not proven anything that we r better than her – we r not expert let’s admit it. She’s the best. I like her dress for ur info.

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    • Jojo says:
      I’m with you in this 100%

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    • Joe says:
      Charice was perfect as the best example from Asia. I’m more proud that she represents the icon as a Christian who has a good image. For this, the Christian community are often labeled by society (Malay) in my country as a synonym for immoral conduct, indecent dressing, or all the things worse for them is synonymous with Christian. Charice is a real symbol of the true dignity of young Christians. Sorry for any mistake in my statement and of course my bad grmr, I just learning.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  11. Canadian_lolo says:
    Consider this: “There was never a statue made of a world famous critic and there never will be”

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  12. Thank you for making me at the top 100. Yahoo! Kindly tell the exact date pls for the said event so i manage my sched too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3 =)

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    • Abonita says:
      DJ, sorry to tell you but the taping for the Valentine concert was already over. The date was posted in the article above – Dec.5, 2011. Didn’t you read it down to the last part? No wonder you weren’t able to attend the taping..

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  13. ILoveCharice says:
    I’m an open minded person so whatever ideas that will help improve Charices career is welcome for me. As long as it’s been done in good faith, without malice and in good intention. So those people commenting about Charice’s clothes, you have to explain it eloquently, otherwise you will face strong opposition from the other Chasters. You have the guts to make bold statements, well you have to defend it. Convince us and make us believe. That’s the challenge for that. Make sure also that you can handle mature, rational, sensible and intelligent discussions without resorting to personal attacks and insults and the likes. Either you win or lose the debate or discussion, be a good sport because it’s your support for Charice and your presence here is what really counts.

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  14. barti says:

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    • Big Dog says:
      So you dont live in US? Wearing hip hop clothes meaning she does
      not care about her fans? Again, you
      missed the girl singing ballads, no problem. But if you dont like her new genre, you dont have to like or support her…just respect! how about you give example of artists that you want Charice to look like? How about give example of the actual dress you want her to wear?

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    • cymb1216 says:
      Baggy pants and loose clothes don’t represent America ? That is America. Have you seen the hiphop artists? Charice has to love and please herself first like what she is doing. If she listens to all these people talking on what she should do, there will still be people criticizing her. She will end up not pleasing anybody even herself. Let her be what she thinks she should be. Don’t you think her management will stop her if they think she is hurting her image. People, please do productive things rather than finding faults, study, find a good job, hug a love one, feed the homeless, do arts and crafts. See how you can help so the Philippines and the green earth will be a better place. So much time in your hands getting wasted. In short, get a life !!!!

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  15. justjames says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  16. erg says:
    @justjames even gulonyotalaga when he change his accounts says allthose words buy her cds listen to her music but at the end stabbed her at the observation when posted became don’t tell us here that it isn’t an opinion

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  17. justjames says:
    Let us put it this way. It is just an observation and a “quote” from one commentator in one of her website. I think it is from charice-central or Charicemusic or one of them reporters with comments after the article. If I am wrong I am deeply sorry. If I am and the other commentator are right life goes on. No one can stop me from buying her cd’s which I have a great collection already. I also have her music videos from Pyramid (also the behind the scenes), to One Day (US and Japan versions), to Louder and even the no nonsense music video of ‘Far as the Sky’, her countless magazines articles (US, RP and even from Japan) I also have the complete video of 30 days with Charice and other souvenirs I collected as time goes by. Etc., etc., etc. Also, No one can stop me from watching her shows, may it be from television or DFF, or solo concert. Like what I said, I like her voice, her music and I am proud of her achievement which no Asians much more Filipinos had ever done. I salute her. But the world is not revolving around us alone. It is still a prejudice world. She is there and within reach in a matter of time, why waste? To quote her she worked hard and still working hard to achieve what she have accomplished. Again, it is just an observation, not a comment. I am sorry if I hurt the feelings of all you out there. My intention was good. God bless you all. Happy Holidays

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 34 Thumb down 23

    • big dog says:
      Like you said, at such a young age, Cha already accomplished so much and we can no longer ignore her as being on the top BUT she is alone. And yet we still want more from her and demand for more changes…We cant afford “THE WASTE”. Can’t we just be happy for her and instead, maybe we should help other local artists to achieve what Cha has accomplished? Stop the network wars! Cha appeared on TV 5, ASAP, GMA…It can be done! Let’s move forward…The height, dress, tomboy issues is just so minute and irrelevant. That’s also my observation…

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  18. AIM says:

    They are very good!!!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  19. osuna says:

    Here’s one lovely song that you want to listen.
    If it ever happens, who could be that fortunate
    individual, maybe 10 years from now ????

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 13 Thumb down 4

    • justjames says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • big dog says:
        Both opinion and observation does nothing…All it matters is the intent…Based on your observation, what is your intention? Then now it will be your opinion…Too bad, both can’t be accepted as facts…

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 15 Thumb down 4

  20. Riza says:
    charice on J-4 magazine,december issue with justin bieber on the cover,on page 81 looking pretty.’thought some will be interested to know.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

  21. Mat says:

    somebody knows any link of these performances ??

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

  22. truepinoy63 says:
    Wow! A very heated discussions on what to wear or not to wear. It’s like a reality TV show on A&E. Glad I’m not in it!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 6

  23. Nauba says:
    Why the heck should Charice dress in accordance with ASAP’s protocal? Where has it gotten ASAP’s so called “super stars”? Charice sends a strong message on camera “F U Martin”! When Martin shreaked “I’m not done yet”! It’s because he couldn’t hear himself over the shouting Chaster’s. When Charice is surrounded by loving people (GMA) see how she treats the camera to her adorableness/lovelyness. Note: I give credit to S_ G_ for being the one ASAP artist (next to Charice) who works hard at her craft (is outwardly respectful of the hard work given by the unacknowledged ASAP dancers). Charice’s physical appearance during the ASAP taping belied the fact that she is now much more financially wealthy than the majority of the “beautiful little puppets” that produce their horrid kareoke sounds on ASAP.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 36 Thumb down 6

    • osuna says:
      I can tell by body language, (silent treatment) how she shuns and ignore M. N., she was so focused to the audience, if she ever stared at M.N. while he was blah…blah ing…its an accident…

      He said previously they dont need a “You Tube” sensation or whatever way back….anyway, he was diminished to nothing during that period , reason why he did his “disrespectful..(bastos) screaming at the audience….LOL

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 19 Thumb down 8

      • Nauba says:
        Dude – you saw it too. Certain of the old jerks really freak out against Charice. Thing is – even though he calls himself “the concert king” none of these so called “beautiful people” ever stood face to face with huge non-filipino audiences the way Charice has. When they talk to non-filipinos on TV, they seem condescending and biased in their assumptions about non-filipinos. I wish S_ G_ had at least tried to break in to american show business but in the end – probably NONE of them has enough guts or bravery to do what Charice has done.

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 21 Thumb down 6

  24. Ro Gum says:
    I like Charice just being herself. She is one true great talented wonder. If one reads Aesop fables about the Boy, Old Man, and a Donkey then one would understand about not listening to people with too much constructive criticism ( ). Charice cannot please everyone, else she will please no one. Everything about Charice pleases me. If there is anything I can do for Charice, then I would gladly do it.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 51 Thumb down 2

  25. RodBelt says:
    This is the first time ever that I have watched a live taping of a TV show in my many years of attending entertainment events. And to have the privilege to be invited in one that starred Charice made it extra special and truly a wonderful one. The joy and camaraderie with all the lovable and beautiful Chasters, prancing, dancing, and screaming to their hearts’ delight as Charice held everyone on a string on her fingers with her beautiful music was a marvelous experience that will forever be etched in my memories. Without a doubt, it was a marvelous evening well worthy of being on the top of my life’s experience as a Chaster. It may still be A LONG two months of eager anticipation before the show will be aired but it is a show that I can assure with no reservation that will be worth waiting for.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 72 Thumb down 2

  26. liza says:
    @justjames & tnt – birds of the same feather! i just wander what you two look like…if you have opinions then i also have mine so dont fault me for this lol!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 31 Thumb down 2

  27. justjames says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • tsuki says:
      @justjames. Thank you very much for your comments and it was highly noted by 12 dislikes. This forum is for Charice fans and whenever one says something perceived as critical (whether right or wrong) of their idol, your comments will be hidden. I am not an expert on fashion so no comment on how Charice looks. I trust her management that will do everything fro her to reach the top. Charice looks she’s almost there and just waiting for a grammy.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 41 Thumb down 6

    • Stockpicker says:
      justjames, there seems to be inconsistencies in your statements! First, you said in your mind you are 100% chaster. ??
      Second, you love her as a singer. ??
      Third, your observation from ASAP. What was it??
      Fourth, blah blah blah
      Fifth, blah blah blah
      Sixth, blah blah blah
      Seventh, blah blah blah
      Lastly,you said “Again it is just an observation, you have not proven anything. WELL and GOOD because there is nothing wrong here to be proven! Let Charice be Charice, OK?

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 49 Thumb down 11

    • RodBelt says:

      You may have good intentions in your comments. However, if you are a true admirer of Charice which you claim you are, there are certain aspects of your feelings that you should keep to yourself. All your proclamation of appreciation for Charice comes to naught when you contradict it with your so called “constructive comments” that, in reality are disconcerting with unfounded and biased innuendos. To be discerning and to use a little tact will greatly help.

      Charice who is now with her very own style and stamping it with authority, marches to her own drummer – a true mark of an up and coming megastar.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 57 Thumb down 9

    • big dog says:
      I think you hit the right word ballad! Her music now is for mainstream and teens which is hip hop/pop/RnB. With all the non-sense dress cries and “untidy” observations, well try to comprehend the music genre and it’s culture…

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 28 Thumb down 5

    • barti says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 9

  28. Mharice says:
    Whew! Sorry didn’t make it to GMA Valentine taping :( Missed sooo much with Cha !!! Nwei, hope my slot went to Mommy ABBonita ?! Hi Anne Bernandette, hope you got my message from Beda or Rhea about yesterday ? Flight was late coudn’t make it on time , besides too many sked conflicts for org. meetings ! Hope to make up for it some other time , but when and how ?! huhuh! Hope you had an amazing show with Ming ! Any,pre or post pics/vids ?! Missed you all ! <333

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 15 Thumb down 2

  29. Lisbon says:
    It was my second time to watch GMA 7 Valentine Special taping and it’s a great experience for me! I love to see her sang her new songs especially the Chasters favorite LIGHTHOUSE. I met new chasters as well. I felt so lucky this time though I was on waitlist. Thanks to GMA 7 also for this opportunity to watch Charice perform for free. Labyo labyo all…

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 35 Thumb down 1


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