Charice on GMA Valentines Taping: Chasters Wanted!

Charice on GMA Valentines Taping: Chasters Wanted!


Note: Please do not be late. If ever there will be late chasters, their tickets will be given to the waitlist. For chasters who are not on the top 100 list, you can try your luck. If other chasters won’t make it before the gates open, you can have their slots. Based on last year’s turn out, there were more than 15 spare tickets. Reminding chasters that there are no vids or pics allowed. Look for: Abbonita or Beda.

Meeting Time: 4-5PM
Meeting Place: 7/11 Convenient Store beside GMA Timog Avenue Side


1. Yojan Esguerra (yojan17)
2. Alyssa Marie Penales (Chaster Lysa)
3. Leah Rubin
4. Jm Leonoras
5. Emeren Nora (Tita)
6. Analyne L. Espiridion (Einna)
7. Marina Tan (wower31)
8. Sheila Decena (sheild)
9. BRYAN JAY S. GAZA (MrAspirant08)
10.kenjijetrhow (Kenji Chua)
11.karl nuqui
12.Rhed Sandel
13.Alma Fajardo
14.Virgilio Selga, Jr.
15.Virgilio Gabalfin
16.Melba Pataray
18.Jamie Ann Peters
19.Beverly Dayo (beda026)
23.Claire Ibanez
24.Randy Balunday
25.Emma Carandang
26.Maria Hilda C. Capuli (motherdear)
27.josefina santiago
28.dulce amor
29.Rod Beltran (RodBelt)
30.Rhea Gelio
31.Bessie Abella
32.Achie Castillo
33.Lisa Sanez
34.Appin Pinkihan
35.Judy Ann Santillan
36.Monaliza Alcantara
37.Zsarina Concepcion
38.Gladys Mondero
39.Allen Mondero
40.Laurel Ramos (dir23)
42.rhodlyn hadap (
43.Kathryn Dalaida (kate)
45.candice ramirez
46.victoria Panibon
47.Jethro (from cebu city)
48.Virginia Valenzuela
49.Carl Victor Callora (Carl10)
50.iChasterJen (Jennifer Arriola)
51.Shirley Cortez
52.Millie Ann San Luis
53.Nicole Lucena
54.Marilou Bagason
55.Gloria Lorenzo
56.Alberose Alcampado
57.Felma Gutierrez
58.Daniel Gutierrez
59.Ma. Zelfa Bendijo (Zelfie)
61.Narita Nadera
62.Karren Espiridion
64.Alexa Yebron
65.Rosalinda Ramos Borreo
66.Josef Abella
67.Paula Gupana
68.Zarina Panagsagan (zai zai)
69.Robin Panagsagan
70.Lloyd Kenneth Tugbo (LKT)
71.Joane Bae S. Sabornido
72.Marryann Villegas Iphone tracker, Phone spy.
73.Rosette Antopina
74.Nikka joy Villegas
75.Shella Villegas Seto
76.Ma. Cristina P. Cabrera
77.Maria Luisa Chan
78.Victoria Rose Chan
79.Jean Mikael S. Sabornido
80.Francis Juliano
81.Gladness Martinez
83.Jonathan Obay
84.JINKY GARRIDO (sapphireblue95)
85.Michelle Diaz
87.Artemis gibran
88.Via Saturnina
89.Mariese Vacalares (Mharice)
90.Janine Calvez (Videl)
91.alexander foz (DFOX13)
92.Gracielle Ann Capati
93.tita Fe Lopez
96.Deneb Cagara (Aidus)
97.DJBianca Frost
98.Roy Arilla (Chachaquel)
99.Mark Anthony Guevarra

ranty’s wife (bb)
ranty’s daughter (mj)
Jenifer Malig
Yves S. Arellano
Kate Dalaida
Nicanora Bonita
mayflor carandang
Maria Capul Borreo
Aurora Lebrun (c/o
Jackelyn Lebrun
Jose Marie Domingo (c/o
Caira Garcia
jinky arboleda
ma fe capul
Garth Balasico
Joanna Oller
Kimberly May A. Olmedo
Celia Perol
Jonathan Portugal (Lisbon)
Anna Mae Baliad
Sevilla arevalo
Carolyn Baigan (chaster carol)
Edwin Macacando (edz)
Bella Bengco (@iamchallesi / allesi / allesiballetcenter)
Roy Vasaya
Vergeraldith Mujemulta
Powell John E. Jimenez
Kristine Ceejay V. Fajardo
Maricel Fajardo
Nina France Psillos- Francia23
Efren antiporda (gunrunner)

Charice is indeed busy during her short stay here in the Philippines. From TV5 to ABS-CBN. She is now going to have another taping on Monday, December 5, 2011, on another major TV network here in the Philippines, GMA 7. Just like early this year, Charice will grace the screen again for a GMA Valentines Concert Special for 2012.

aVAL1 226x300 Charice on GMA Valentines Taping: Chasters Wanted!

Charice at GMA Valentines Concert 2011

And guess what! 100 Chasters get to be part of the audience for this taping. You just have to be on the GMA compound, Quezon City (exact venue to be announced soon) by 5PM. So what are you waiting for? Registration starts here:

Note: Please register with your real names and bring your ID during the event to claim your ticket. Contact person is Abbonita. STRICTLY NO VIDEOS OR PICTURES ALLOWED DURING THE SHOW. Let us all adhere to the only request they ask from us in exchange of the free access they gave. Thank you!

By Tintol, Charicemania
Photo courtesy of Appin, ChariceTV

263 Responses to “Charice on GMA Valentines Taping: Chasters Wanted!”

  1. If some one desires to be updated with hottest technologies then he must be pay a visit this web page and be up to date daily.

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  2. truepinoy63 says:
    Hello! Just wondering if you guys know the exact date this Valentines Special is going to be aired so I could get my cable tv provider to give me access to GMA 7.

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  3. gracesuncle says:
    Listening to Infinity and it is a great album. not a bad song on it. As I listen I keep thinking of how Charice’s voice has the ability to touch ones heart. the emotion that is an undercurrent in all her performances. When I listen to Cha sing I can sense the way the song affects her; she really is unafraid to let us see her sadness or to share her joy. No matter what happens in her career as she moves forward she will always be a star for the way she lives; the love she shows to her family and allows us as fans a glimpse of. like most of you, I work and have my own problems and joys in life; Charice, in her music and in the way she approaches life encourages and uplifts my spirits. watching Cha leap into lifes possibilities with enthusiasim reminds me that life offers us infinite choices and endless opportunities; what we do with them is up to us.

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  4. chesfern says:
    After reading all the comments below, I couldn’t help feeling sad for these so-called Chasters who seemed unable to make up their minds. I have always defended Charice from these “Crabsters” (I believe I coined this word) who profess to be fans but in reality, crabs and haters masquerading as Chasters.

    When I feel in love with a girl, I like her for what she is, even if she dresses clumsily or is obese. In short, my love is blind, so to speak.

    It’s the same thing with my being a Chaster. I don’t try to look beyond my love for Charice as a singer and a person. I will never criticize, even constructively, what she wears, or how she looks. Why do people want to change someone? Because they’re selfish for their own good.

    Perhaps I would mind if Charice had changed into an arrogant person, become swell-headed, or despicable. But she hasn’t changed from her old lovable self. That would be enough for me. She still entertains me with her songs and heals me of my melancholy. That would be enough for me. The world still loves her and continues to love her even more each day. I can’t ask for more.

    Let Charice be Charice. The world is better off with people like her than many of us here, including myself. And that is the TRUTH!!!

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    • bld9696 says:
      I hope you don’t mean that you think Charice has ever been obese. If anything, she has been ever-so-slightly chubby at times. But she has never been in the same hemisphere as obese. She always looks adorable in my opinion, as I am sure she does to all of us. Sometimes her attire is unusual, but I don’t mind her wanting to be comfy and casual. When she does decide to go glamorous, she always looks beautiful.

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      • chesfern says:
        Don’t try to find fault where there’s none, Crabster. You seem to miss my point.

        Read again. I was saying that I will NEVER find fault with my idol. Why would you?

        I don’t look at a person’s appearance, let alone Charice’s.

        If she WERE obese, I wouldn’t have seen it or cared about it.

        Again, don’t sow intrigues. Don’t put words in my mouth. It’s such a waste of energy even explaining to you about nothing.

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  5. shingkiru says:
    I like charice for ever
    i how she will have a smooth and good x-mas this year(2011)togethering with her love ones

    God bless charice!!!!!!!!

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  6. anniefound says:
    Just watched Charice perform at Eat Bulaga (Dec 10). She was amazing and stellar in her performance (go to youtube if you missed it). She is slowly but surely moving on and it’s our prayer that she will find her strength from our Lord and the people who surround her with love and encouragement. The best thing we can do for Charice is to pray for her each day. Lolo JP I ditto your heart’s message, well said and to te point with so much wisdom.

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  7. Big Dog says:
    Don’t be fooled with chasters pretenders…They are haters aka crabsters in disguise…They hide from opinions to obsevations but in reality they just want to insult and mock our Charice…Sad but I feel sorry for them…

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  8. Lolo JP says:
    @Henri V

    Your commentary just grabbed my sleeves to lead me to write a validation of what you missed; “Our Generation’s” responsible and respectful exchanges of ideas.

    I respect all of what was posted under this thread, your learned opinions.

    The world of entertainment is a very challenging business and “Performance” is reality—the benchmark of every performer’s actions.

    This cruel world is a stage full of imperfections where the challenge for improvements will never go away. CHARICE IS CHARICE, a young extraordinarily inspired artist who has a keen “sense of life.”
    I’ll forget every influence and the infinite possibilities that is contained within and that surrounds her and just let her virtuosity emboss a lasting print in her art.

    Henri, I wrote this comment in 2009 at a time when I was in a period of physical recovery for my recurring illness. I’m a person with disability but surprisingly, I found my spiritual strength in her.
    Hugs, dear friend.

    Spiteful language is not hurtful because it is forbidden…but, is hurtful when the hostile deep-seated meanness of others utter their malicious insinuations to another. While there is so much bad and so much good in the worst and best of us, it doesn’t behoove any of us to speak evil about the rest of us.
    At an early age, Charice was bruised with words and was made to feel small that she could not achieve anything in her quest to win in singing contests. It reached to a point that is balefully hard for her to take but she took everything in stride and did the noblest thing that her conscience could ever dictate to her…”forgive and do nothing at all.”

    Charice possesses strong cognitive skills that enable her to understand and prioritize the things around her. She feels assured on the premise that if she knew all, she can forgive all.
    She never cherished the thoughts of resentment and it appears that she has put all the bitterness, anger, and malice of her detractors away from her mind and has been tenderhearted and forgiving. It is evident that she was aware of the looming things in her path and the only manifestation that she shows of anger is by shedding tears. Words have the power to both destroy and heal but she remained gentle, quiet and had only kind and truthful words for her detractors to reflect their imperfections. She is compassionate and a true believer. She wants to know that people care and understand because to know that no one cares is the greatest burden that any individual can carry. She is gifted with a beautiful voice, is resolute and has a self-fulfilling attitude that will help her overcome obstacles along her path. She lives as she believes–proud and an achiever. She is what she is…Charice, her self-creation.

    Through it all, she remains vulnerable to these hateful people as she steadily progresses in her career.

    ”CHARICE HOLD YOUR OWN DESTINY.” Spread your wings and fly high!

    Lolo JP
    Dec. 9, 2011

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    • henri_v says:
      Lolo JP,
      As usual, your words tug where it matters most… and I remember this clear as day. The ballads are now fewer but the girl’s essential being grows the more in both our hearts with the realization of how she has made each day much more than a blessing… I promise to visit you next year, but for now, it is enough that my Christmas starts with a much appreciated salutation from your end. Hugs my dear friend! May our readers find realization in the true meaning of Christmas…. take care!


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    • Jojo says:
      @Lolo JP-thank you for your writting.Chasters are blessed to have tons of eloquent writers whose intelligent contribution relating to Charice help fulfill and daily chaddiction.

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    • leanza1992 says:
      At last the pioneers are here again, missing lolo lando also.

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    • artemis gibran says:
      Kudos to you lolo JP.

      I have researched a lot on how CHA had been an instrument to the recovery of people’s injury, hurts, pains, and other related matters. Even those who were depressed were healed specially from hearing her BIG VOICE in her little body. Such is the grace of that voice.

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    • Marie says:
      Hi Lolo JP,

      Good to see here again & thanks a bunch for informing these people… I hope they will now understand & will stop this criticism…

      I salute Charice for being so brave & strong. I know deep inside she’s in pain reading & hearing these kind of undesirable write-ups… Please Charice don’t mind them & focus on your career, as Lionel Richie said; Sky is the limit. Show the world that the Star is born to change the way the entertainment does have today. The Stars don’t need to show their flesh to capture an audience…and they’re not a sex symbols to be fantasized. I pity for all those young artists that are dragged to this kind of acts for a short period of fame & later on… into drugs…alcohol…what else? A Miserable Life!

      Charice, please take extra care of yourself darling & God bless you always.

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  9. Deleonirene says:
    helo This is my 3rd tym to posta comment in this site. I just wanna bsk to those fashion guro here to kindly post your style in your daily specially the way u dress. May ask too, if a girl always wears jeans/ pants does 8 mean she is a lesbian? i pity to those people who finds a woman beautiful f they are wearing in skirt and dress.
    Let me share to you something. I am 27 now, single and i do hav a job. And m a girl too 100%. But f u look at my closet/ drawers u can count in ur finger alone f how many skirts and dress do i hav. But f u count how man jean/ pants i hav, i think u need a lot of pair of hands, i hope u know wat i mean. I wear pants more often than dress but i can tell u i m not a lesbian. i wear pants bcuz that is were i am comfortable. And when am comfortable thats the time i becom productive to my work. How can you say ur a fan you’re the # critics when 8 comes to her style. what i see in her isthat, she is more on comfort than pleasing those fake fans who are only after with physical appearance.

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    • Nauba says:
      Deleonirene – There are no fashion guru’s here. You wouldn’t want to read what their style is anyway. The “so called” fashion guru’s actually want Charice to present herself in accordance with the tragically sexist double standard that is applied to women. Remember, people seem to approve of males who act like girls but hate girls who don’t present themselves for the sexual objectification of viewers. If you watch the career track of the little female teasers who jocky for attention on T.V. you’ll see that their biggest fear is that people won’t adore them once they are no longer “perfect.” Charice has been positively influenced by GaGa and others who have a F_ U_ attitude towards pig’s who only want them to whore themselves. If and when Charice puts her flesh on display – it’ll be on her terms.

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      • Deleonirene says:
        Oh really? So i’ll call them a wanna b fashion guru’s, lol! I don’t think that their will come a tym that charice will display her self. But anyway, pity to those people who as you called ” want to present girls their sexual objectification…thanks for sharing your views though.

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