Christmas with Charice

Christmas with Charice

UPDATE: THERE WILL BE A MEET AND GREET SESSION WITH CHARICE RIGHT AFTER THE CONCERT. KINDLY REGISTER YOUR NAMES AND WHICH SECTION YOU WILL BE SEATED ON THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW. KINDLY CHECK THE ARTICLE FOR FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS OF THE MEETING TIME AND PLACE. DEADLINE OF REGISTRATION IS MIDNIGHT OF DECEMBER 1. The registrants who reach the cut-off time will have a chance for a photo op with charice. Chasters will be meeting up in Mc Donald’s near Resorts World at 6pm. Please be there on time. The lucky chasters who successfully registered will be given a bracelet/bowler or any tag and will be requested to make groups of 5 for the group picture with Charice at the stage after the concert. Look for Abbonita. THANK YOU! Can’t get enough of Charice? Good News! Philippine Chasters are in for another treat this season as TV5 presents Christmas with Charice. Catch her perform on December 2, 2011, 8pm at Newport Performing Arts Theatre in Resorts World Manila. The venue is just in front of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

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C’mon! Celebrate with Charice and be a part of Android tracker, Spyware iphone. her exciting concert. According to the last inquiry made by some chasters, Upper Balcony tickets are almost sold out. So HURRY UP and buy your tickets before it’s too late!

christmaswcha Christmas with Charice

seatplan Christmas with Charice

ii???You can make online reservations at or call Ticketworld at (+632) 891-9999

Reminders: – Senior citizens get a 20% discount for a single ticket purchase. Just have to present you Senior Citizen’s ID. – Online purchase is stopped hours before the show, after which you can buy your tickets at TicketWorld outlets or at the venue. – Tickets also available at RWM Box Office located at the main Casino Entrance, selected National Bookstore branches (Cubao Super Branch, Quezon Ave., Alabang Commercial Center, Harrizon Plaza, Shangri-la EDSA, Glorietta 5 & Market Market), Robinsons Department Store (Galleria, Malate, Metro East, Festival Mall, Starmill Pampanga & Cebu), Ayala Malls (Greenbelt 1, Glorietta 5 & Trinoma Mall Cinema Booths) and Grand Square Stadium in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

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293 Responses to “Christmas with Charice”

  1. Mnc1 says:
    Thanks to tmgtw for the concert videos. Charice is amazing!!! Love all the performances but especially her cover of Mistle Toe and Billie Jean. So nice for Charice to invite Arjohn to sing with her as well. Thanks again to tmgtw for the great videos for us states side chasters to enjoy. Now I finally got some new Charice videos to watch over and over again.

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  2. truepinoy63 says:
    After watching Charice’s recent christmas concert I must say that Charice’s fans are more of the affluent class of people than the regular class. It seems that the fans that showed up bought the more expensive tickets and I say this bcoz while watching the video of the last song when TV5 showed the audience they were mostly seated in the middle and the front which by the concert hall diagram these are the most expensive seats. This is just an observation, I know Charice fans are from all walks of life and all ages. I guess I could say that money is no object when it comes to Charice. Congrats again for a successful concert. I can’t wait for the solo US tour next year!

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  3. chesfern says:
    Let Charice be herself. Enough of these so-called “constructive criticisms”!!!

    I dread the day when Charice would focus more on her looks rather than on her behavior!

    I’m happy for her just being her old lovable self. And I am happier still when I listen to her songs. They cure my Chaddiction!!!

    Who cares about what she wears?

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  4. jappy says:
    Chaster, where we could see the pictures taken after Charice’s concert? Charice is supeb in anyway! thank you to Ms. Grace Mendoza for the priceless Christmas gift. I love you Charice wish you a Merry merry Christmas!

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  5. truepinoy63 says:
    Great concert! The place was rocking! I’m sure TV5 spent big bucks to get this venue. It looks like a five star concert hall. No wonder the tickets were so expensive and yet people paid to see Charice. They paid to see an international star! Wonderful! Congrats Charice!!!

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  6. jn says:
    Looking forward to watch this special presentation, Christmas with Charice tomorrow 12/11 at 10 pm in the Philippines but 8am here in Houston

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  7. Danniesse Chaster says:

    Oh..sayang! I can’t go!
    I have my exams next week and I’m so frustrated!
    I want to see Princess CHA pa naman in person.
    There’s always next time,ryt? :D

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  8. AR says:
    I just saw what Charice is wearing on her christmas concert and I don’t see not even a little tiny bit of problem regarding her dress. So to all the people here who are giving comments on what she should be wearing please just enjoy her music or don’t waste your time here. If I can only delete your comments I will do it right away. Go Charice and wear whatever please you.

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    • khatman says:
      I just watched the entire concert. With regards to dress the only thing Charice changed were from high heels to boots so she could do the Michael Jackson moves.

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  9. gracesuncle says:
    To paraphrase some lyrics appropriate to the whole group of critics that pop up here: Charice, “you are beautiful, the way you are, words can’t bring you down.”

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  10. Erin says:
    Charice singing in pajamas is trending, LOL!!! Come to think of it, wouldn’t that be something!! Especially if it is shot in a Christmas setting, like, next to a color-lighted Christmas tree, and Cha, singing a Christmas song and wishing everyone a happy holiday? Now, all this bickering about her wardrobe is not wasted, after all, it produced an idea. How about it?

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      And all attending the event should wear the same and should bring eggnog and puto-bumbong and other Xmas desserts hmmmm yummm…LOL Just like a family gathering with Charice as our host! That would be a Christmas we will never forget! LOL! By the way I said that first “Charice singing in her pjs”…:)She already did an interview in her pjs at her Tagaytay home a few yrs back.

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    • khatman says:

      Charice singing in pajamas – it did happen a long time ago when FalseVoice was trying to prove Charice was not a lipsyncer. There was this one video called “the pajama video” in which Charice is singing “Listen” using a karaoke machine.

      I don’t think those are pajamas but they look like pajamas.

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  11. erg says:
    there you go camo hit them in the head!!i’m with you.these people don’t respect charice liberty on what she wants to wear.they don’t deserve respect too.keep on defending cha i’m behind you

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  12. kabarapa says:
    I am sure Charice’s management would comment about her way of dressing in concerts or interviews if they find it not appropriate for the occasion.

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  13. camo says:
    khatman ur an idiot why comment on someone sexual preference get a life , and avoid charice personal life we are fans no one has the right to tell who who to date ur too presumptious.

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    • Erin says:
      Here’s our Chasters’ Lead Man, Mr. CAMO, defending our Princess. Way to go, Camo, we’re behind you.

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    • khatman says:
      Nobody is telling Charice who to date. However if you are a fan as you seem to imply then you would know that Charice and David Archuleta hang out together whenever they have free time stateside and their schedules permit.

      As for commenting on her sexual preference, nowheres in my post did I use some of the terminology others have used. If you want to get personal and call someone an idiot maybe you are presumptuous in singling me out instead of others.

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    • luckieme510 says:

      yes, yes, yes, you tell them, Camo. way to go !!! (:

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  14. lyn montero says:
    hello a new member of CHARICEMANIA and im so happy chaster RodBelt welcome me.Im in macau and i love CHARICE with all my heart and soul…for me,i dont care what she wears in her performance…i just look at her gigantic talent.the super duper DIVA…. now i can go to work…..

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  15. FlorOfTexas says:
    Okay, I’m through critiquing Charice’s style of clothes and perhaps sexuality. I am not here to say just Amen, I’m here to be constructive. Charice is a very talented artist. We are on the same page on that one. I do care about her so much that is why I’m even here and hoping that she will read my comment so she can do some changes. I’m just a little person commenting. This is what this site is for. I love her so much that every single day I look at this site and other sites checking what she has done or about to do. That’s all. I’m not here to please everyone. I’m here for Charice. And, I want her to continue to rise on the top, and to do that is to be open minded to all criticism. That’s how we evolve for the best.

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  16. camo says:
    these fools who dont pay and critique cha should not even watch a youtbe vid of her pathertic morons.

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  17. camo says:
    well said muzikluvr.

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  18. tsarisima says:
    All these comments about clothes but nothing constructive. It looks like there is a market for a virtual Charice doll where people can dress her up as they please so instead of arguing about her clothes, post your fashion ideas of how “virtual” Charice should dress for a particular song, a season or venue, etc. That way fans can address their criticisms or opinions to your virtual Charice doll’s fashion sense instead of hurling it at the person.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      marvelous idea! calling programmers out there, you could make money doing this! it’s like having an E-Doll. Why not call it E-Charice?

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  19. abeng1127 says:

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  20. Big Dog says:
    Like what? Be specific. Give an example and comparison to other pinay artists.

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  21. Big Dog says:
    The jacket cries??? That’s all the haters can do? First if you criticize at least share your suggestions and be specific. Then whats wrong wearing a jacket in a winter theme? Then they want Charice to look taller, well, she did wear high heels but later switched to boots since its more appropriate if you want her to move comfortably. Then give example of how international star dress in hip hop and RnB artists. Is Charice truly way off? Let’s do statistics, how many pinay locsl artists who wears the fashionista golden standard that made it big like Charice internstionally? If you can name more than 5 then maybe dress style can really help you get internationally known rather than talent alone.

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  22. katrina says:
    Clothes again? Hay…………….. Are they not tired of that topic? Peeps, Charice has not been given the worst dress award so calm down. Just enjoy her music and by the way, I love Charice period.

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  23. nordin says:

    This only proves that Charice cannot please everybody and your one of them, she really cannot please you because you are looking for the looks not the talent. She should wear something like what something, any suggestion? If you are turned off then why you’re here? you should go to any Artist that can please you, you just wasting your time here. With or without your support Charice will continue to move forward because more and more fans are learning to appreciates her talent not the her looks and that’s the fact.

    If I were you, if you cannot appreciate her looks then why just listen to her CDs and appreciates her music. Through her voice you will realized how beautiful she is inside and out.

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  24. FlorOfTexas says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      FYI! Oprah is not a lesbian!

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    • Big Dog says:
      Were you there in the concert? Do you watch concerts because of dress style or the music?

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    • khatman says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  25. muzikluvr says:
    Go Charice.. You’re in the right track baby You were born this way.

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  26. muzikluvr says:
    It’s funny reading several comments about charice’s jacket or d whole get up in general.. guys first,d set up was winter(snowy) a gown is more funny looking, two, charice doesnt want any non sense she wants to be comfortable moving around & to just be herself.. third, it’s a concert not a fashion show…fourth, we have seen her with gowns & different dresses already from her first concert with Ryan Cayabyab & even with last years valentine presentation on GMA. Why cant we just allow her to dress up however she feels like not be predictable & just have fun with different styles. Fifth, we really have to grow up mentally & look pass the appearance,its way too shallow & hollow..that’s the reason why this world is unhappy,why its messed and why alot of people could not find a good healthy relationship (love) cause they’re stuck with the looks not the beauty within. And so for me even if Charice is just wearing her pajama or plain white t-shirt with shorts & flip flops,or whatever she feels comfortable with, I wud sit in front row seats & watch her sing like nobody does. Go Charice! Continue NOT TO listen to those non sense criticism coz if u did U wont be as highly regarded by great musicians & singers like you are right now & ur probably still stuck in one corner like them when You deserve to be seen & celebrated by the world. God bless girl..keep soaring,ur in the right track baby You were born this way.

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    • luckieme510 says:
      @muzikluvr.. you said it! Amen to that. Besides Charice will wear whatever she wants and nobody can do anything about it. She does not need to please anybody because she can’t please everybody anyways.
      Charice if you get a chance to read this.. keep doing what you want to do and you’re comfortable with. Labyo! and GOD BLESS always !!!

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  27. Big Dog says:
    i agree thats why she dressed up approprietly as an rnb star…Bwahahaha!

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  28. luvkcha09 says:
    @Rosie, Charice is really pretty and very cute. When she has TV appearances in Japan, there is a crew of Japanese stylists and make-up artists who work with her and transforms Charice into a very chic young superstar that she is. Charice was all glammed-up in her PICC Valentine’s concert in Manila too, and she wore gowns in her first concert in Manila. My favorite was her outfit in DFF Las Vegas 2010? where she performed earth song with NEYO – Charice was a WOWER, and she wears great high- heel shoes!!! I want those shoes too:) She also looked every inch a Princess in her pink dress at Araneta last year. I remember the red dress she wore in PICC Valentines too. And she was outfitted really good in her Feb 2011 GMA TV Valentine concert too.
    Even for these occasions when she is all glamorous and all, there are still people who criticize her outfits.
    We all know she is really short compared to the other filipino celebs who are mostly mestizas, so even if she is wearing her tallest (5-6 inch) heels, all of those tall girls wear the same 6″ heels, so she is still shorter. Aigooo, what to do?
    I think lets cut up some slack here for Charice, I think she also has the right to experiment on her looks on her own until she can come up with her own style that she can be comfortable with.
    One problem I see also is how to please a diverse set of fans, especially her own local fans in the Philippines.:(

    Charice is indeed setting a new precedent because she is put in this position to satisfy a fan-base of 8-88 years old :) vocally (including choice of songs – which genre ballad, or pop, etc etc) and well as deal with the “fashion sensibility” and all the issues that celebrities in her position have to contend with being in the public eye. Asian, American, Middle Eastern, European etc fashion sense are different.
    Just imagine the logistics if she has to concern herself with those issues as well. Charice’s schedule is so hectic, she is criss-crossing the continents in a matter of days. I thinks sometimes she does not even sleep in between gigs.
    As someone wrote already, ” She has to remember all these songs she has to perform” She does have to wear those impossibly high-heels shoes sometimes. (I wear a 5.5″ inch heels and I can’t stand more than 5 minutes long on it!) Imagine her covering the entire stage with those heels, and she likes to dance too!
    I really don’t blame her when she prefers to wear sensible boots when she performs because she is freer to dance and move and walk all over the stage when performing.
    It is not fair to say that Charice is not considering her superstar status just because she is not “glammed-up” every time. Let us be more accepting and less critical and consider all of the factors.
    I enjoy Charice’s energetic movements when she is in more comfortable outfits and I also enjoy watching her when she is all glammed-up and standing still and singing. It’s all variety. So its never boring!

    Most important to focus on:
    Charice is the only Star I know, (and I am sure there are
    others), who allows herself to be hugged and touched and kissed by her fans. She accommodates everyone who wants to take pictures with her when she has the time after her performances or even in the airports!. Charice even takes the camera off you and takes the picture herself. Where o where do you ever find another celebrity that does that???? Tell me?
    Other celebs- you can only gaze from afar! they forbid mortals like you and I to talk to them much less look at them eye to eye in person.
    Did you ever think that this is factored in her choice of outfits for a particular gig? And think of time factor too. If you were catching a flight after your show and not have time to change etc. Remember when the Phil. media complained because Charice did not have time to grant them an interview???

    That is why Charice is in a very unique position. Do not compare her with the local artists because they have their alalays constantly with them – it is a different setting. And they have the time. I hope you get the picture I am trying to portray here. There are a lot of factors to consider so do not just criticize without putting yourself in her shoes! (Oh how I wish I could put my feet on Charice’s heels!!!! :) heart:) shoe size 5 -6?

    To me what is more important is that Charice up to now has never behaved in a manner that would embarrass her country, herself and her fans. She has never said anything in public that is unkind or hurtful. At such a young age, her words and her behaviour and her humility makes her more beautiful than any garment/clothing/raiment/outfit that you could cover her with. And that makes Charice so beautiful to me.

    I think people project too much on their idols, so they get upset when their idols don’t behave as they expect them. Sure we all want our idols to be beautiful and tall and glamorous and “to look a certain way” according to “our own” standards, and when they don’t we get upset.
    I have a preteen daughter and she does not want to be seen with me when I am not dressed “proper” according to her standards. LOL. So I try to dress up when she is with me. But then, I only have to please my daughter – one person. So tell me, if you are Charice – you have more than one person to please – a million + 8-88 years old to please – what to do?????? So you see how impossible this is???

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      Thank you Luvkcha09, I just hope people like Rosie if they are truly devoted fans would understand and cut her some slack. I’ve wondered for many years why women would put themselves to the torture of wearing heels really. Just thinking about it makes my feet hurt…OUCH! LOL! PEACE and God Bless!

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  29. suntzu says:
    @rosie- Forward your complaints to your local Barangay, not here. You crabs are really getting annoying.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      LOL!!!! Local BARANGAY! Yep! That’s where Rosie should go! LOL!!! I love that one…..Pinoy sense of humor….I almost choked on my monay…hahaha!

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