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Charice Bids Farewell to Dad: “Please Say You’re Proud of Me.”

Charice Bids Farewell to Dad: “Please Say You’re Proud of Me.”

I went back to my hometown on All Saintsai??i?? Day, the national holiday to honor and celebrate the memories of loved ones who have passed away,Ai??still reminiscing about my just-ended joyful ride with Charice and the Philippine Chasters. Little did I know that another chapter will be added albeit a sad one when I received a text message from abBonita that Chariceai??i??s father had just met a violent death.

Through Bluemax, I heard the next evening that Charice had returned from Jakarta and that some Chasters were already at the Divine Mercy Viewing Chapel in Muntinlupa where Ricky Pempengco was lying in repose. Ai??Unlike in the US where visiting hours are limited to about 9:00 pm, 24-hour vigil is customary in the Philippines when relatives and friends can visit at any time. Ai??I arrived at about 9:30 pm and found the place already encamped by the 3 major networks, TV cameras in place, looking for scoops and people to interview. Ai??Huge bouquets of white flowers sent by Chasters from Japan, Singapore, Los Angeles and Lantao were among those that bedecked the hall. I paid my respect to Ricky and was then told that Charice was resting in a private room. Ai??After being given permission to enter, I talked to Mommy Raqz and to Charice who was slumped in a bed being attended to. She looked tired, sad, and haggard, just like any typical teenager who lost a loved one and none of the image of a celebrity that she is. Ai??I extended condolences to her on behalf of the entire Chaster family and told her how all Chasters really love and care for her and her well being. I even advised her to take a break, Ai??get much needed rest and that, personally, I want her to be around for many years to entertain my grandchildren long after I’m gone. She held my hand and just said, “Salamat po (Thank you)”.

Video Uploaded by ChariceTVCrew

The next day, I found the place packed with relatives, friends, and many Chasters! In fact, many Chasters were still coming past 12 midnight direct from their second shift jobs just to be with Charice in her hours of bereavement. Ai??Little CutieSinger, one of our youngest Chasters at 12 years old was present who later tried to catch a few winks on the lap of Tita Wower. Ai??There was a time that almost half of the room was filled with Chasters! Ai??Charice, Mommy Racqz, and Carl were busy entertaining late-coming friends and relatives. Ai??Charice, when in her happy mood was like a kid playing around with CutieSinger, who was so shy and starstruck that it took her awhile to approach Charice and be prodded to sing a few notes. Ai??It was turning to be quite a happy occasion ai??i?? a time of reconciliation, understanding and healing of the rifts among the Pempengco clan, and a time of more bonding and friendship. Ai??I decided to leave at 4:00 am quite ashamed that I will not be able to sacrifice like the many but much younger Chasters (with the exception of a few of course) who were determined Ai??to stick around for an all night, sleepless vigil.Ai??While my spirit said ai???Yayai??? to stay, my 67-year old body was not ready for the ordeal and was saying ai???Nayai???.

I was back the following day in time to witness the family picture-taking and listen to the eulogies. Many of Rickyai??i??s friends, sisters and other relatives reminisced about their experiences with Ricky. Mommy Racqz expressed how much she still loved him in spite of the sad past between them. Carl recalled a time of meeting a man who said to him how much he has grown, not knowing it was his father. Ai??Then it was Chariceai??i??s turn. Ai??Charice completely broke down, and cried like a little child, almost fainted and had to be consoled before she could even utter a word about her Dad. Ai??And between sobs, reached out to whatever little memories she could recall ai??i?? how her father wanted her to be a soldier. Ai??She expressed how much she loved and missed him, and longed for the time Ai??they could have had together had she learned earlier the sad state her father was living in. Ai??Charice even mentioned a premonition while in Jakarta of seeing a security guard smile who looked like her father,Ai??just prior to hearing about his death.

Video Uploaded by KamoteChannel

The funeral procession started a little past 2:00 pm from Muntinlupa City to Cabuyao Memorial Park with a long convoy which included 5 full sized buses. The convoy created traffic and inched along the old national highway with hundreds of people lined up along the way hoping to catch a glimpse of Charice. It took a little over 2 hours to reach the cemetery which was so packed with people that it was very difficult to get near the burial site.Ai??I stood behind Carl trying to console him while Beda and Aki were profusely fanning Charice and Racquel.Ai??White roses were handed to family members for their last respect to Ricky.Ai??As the coffin was being Purchase purim songs interred, Charice broke down again. She sat almost in stupor as the tomb was being sealed. Ai??ItAi??was a heart-rending sight to watch our princess, so bubbly and lively on stage now crying like a little child grieving for a tremendous loss.

As her SUV backed in to fetch the family, a big crowd trying to catch a glimpse of Charice formed blocking the exit. Security guards had to form a chain to create a path for the family. Ai??A bunch of Chasters voluntarily followed suit and joined hand-in-hand to form a secondary chain in support of security with Beda barking commands like a little general for the crowd to back off.Ai??The crowd obeyed as Charice and family hurriedly walked into the vehicle and drove away as the crowd started to disperse.

As our bus sped away along South Luzon Expressway, I cannot help but think of the events that transpired the past few days. Ai??That we have now witnessed the other Charice ai??i?? the typical teenager, the little child that’s still in her, mingling with her roots, unmindful of the pinnacle where she stands as a star of the entertainment world ai??i?? the girl with the beautiful shoes still planted firmly on the ground.

After all the hugs and kisses as we bid goodbye to go our separate ways, I cannot help but think that the love for Charice by the Chaster Family has now morphed from DEDICATION to FAITHFUL AND PROFOUND DEVOTION for the welfare of OUR PRINCESS.

By Rodbelt,
Posted by Ab.bonita, Schoen &Ai??Mooffin,

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  1. james says:
    at this point in time, charice is just letting her self go,this is a different case,her father died..and yes we may heard stories about charice’s hatred and rage towards her dad..but still deep inside she still cares and hoping that she would one day experience a happy and complete family…there is no way we can intrude right matter how hard we try to let her go back to work..just let her mourn..if she wishes to stay for the hearing…my god let her be… its her life…work is just there, success will forever accompany charice..she’s young and i’m sure after this tragedy she will grow up into a mature and more loving person…

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  2. Auau says:
    A TOURIST ATTRACTION, that’s what Charice is to her country. If she stays in the Philippines longer and attend all the court hearings on the murder of her father Ricky Pempengco, many people will probably go see her there, both in support and curiosity.
    I’ve seem this happen many times before; everyone is gonna milk the story and turn it into a circus, and somebody is going make a cheap movie out of it, as they’ve always done in PI.
    Huge attention like this can probably be very intoxicating to some teenagers, but I’m not sure if Charice craves for this kind of audience and scrutiny.
    My questions to all Chasters: Is this really worth Charice time and effort? Well she be able to bring change to the country and effect justice? One more thing, was any crabster involved in the plot, to undermine our princess? Just my wild imagination, where I’ll probably get plenty of thumbs down; I didn’t read the last word on how the fight started, and how could the suspect resort to stabbing the victim without hesitation?
    Not that I’m surprised; I understand in some places people commit theft or murder for nothing, and without thinking much about it( so much for the teachings of religion). They also say, a man has got to do what he’s got to do; I think this statement of justification is in reference to difficult economic times.
    As a fan, I’m aching for Charice to come back to work and do what she’s good at. This is the real battle for her, the field where she is winning, where she is truly a hero to her adoring fans. I hope this nightmare will be over soon for Charice.

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  3. tnt says:

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  4. chasterdad says:
    First of all my heartfelt condolence to Charice and family. I am a widower and i can relate how painful it is for a child to lose a parent. My daughter still has recurring trauma with the loss of her mom. Death in the family brings painful changes that affects those left behind,a gaping hole hard to fill again.

    In the case of charice, she may had wishful thoughs of one day reconciling with her father only to end up with a reunion in his passing instead.

    Which brings me to this question. Many had been speculating the day that charice falls in love and how this will afeect her music and singing. Likewise, now in the death of her father, how would this affect her? Experiences in love and deathb brings powerful emotions and feelings with them. In the case of artist singers, while they render their works, the memories of happy or sad events stirs powerful emotion to come out and become the song itself.

    We know that charice emotes what she sings. reason why a lot of listeners are rendered teary eyed afterwards. Would the death of her dear father even make charice emote more than before?

    I guess we will find out in a few days when she come back from mourning.

    Charice has matured tremendously since DF took her under his wings. This is another milestone in Charice’s journey in life. May she like a phoenix rise above the ashes of tragedy and sour higher than before. She has always been a happiness and inspiration to many. may she even in her darkest hours still shine on like a bright star that she is.

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  5. Ro Gum says:
    I do not want to say anything about what I think are the reasons behind Ricky Pempengco’s behaviour and lifestyle during the past 15 years of his life. But, my naturally curious investigative mind cannot help thinking about mental illness or psychiatric disorders. So, I went into the internet to find out more about the subject and perhaps an explanation. It bothers me that people would put the blame on Ricky Pempengco, or vice versa, to Charice (a child then) and her Mom (effectively a single mom who had to raise two young children on her own). No one is to blame. First, of all, I cannot see why a grown man would go into hiding and live a hermit like lifestyle as a drifter for the past 15 years without so much as a brief contact with his own family, specially his two young children. In the beginning, he also had no direction, no desire to work, had the need to use prohibited substances and alcohol, and prone to violent behaviour and outburst. People who knew him before he died described him as a nice quiet person who finds happiness in simple things, perhaps abnormally or unexpectedly so for my point of view. His sister also mentioned about Charice not knowing what eventually happened to her dad and something about medication that he needed for something. The Pempengco family side also effectively hid him from his own children and separated wife. His appearance on a video also suggested that he did not properly took care of himself physically. He had lost a lot of his teeth and not in good physical shape for a man in his early forties with a lack of personal grooming in appearance. It was also said that he was particular distressed in the beginning whenever he saw Charice in her early TV appearances. Later on he became calmed down, happier, and proud during Charice rise as a star. Perhaps, Charice voice and music do bring healing to some people.
    If you want to know more about mental illness then Google the subject and read up on it. Perhaps, you will learn something valuable to use later on in life and your personal dealings with people. I know I did, and I wont be too quick to judge people in the future. I found out that there is really no cure for some disorders and that it could be controlled or managed with some psychoactive medication like Lithium.
    Some people are suspected or known to have a certain kind of psychiatric disorder (often unfairly stigmatized) during their life; of note are Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson.
    In this comment, I tried to be as objective as possible. I hope I do not offend anyone and I apologize if I did. Perhaps, my comment will bring closure in the minds of some people. But, then again, I might be opening another can of worms as the saying goes. Perhaps, my thoughts are way of base and I’m barking up the wrong tree. I did not know the man, Ricky Pempengco. Only his own family and his wife really knew him and the details about him. I also have a nagging feeling that someone knew and kept that knowledge from Charice; to protect her perhaps.

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  6. hermiemel says:
    Ricky is gone forever. He is now in a good place. Cling to good memories of him. And place those wonderful thoughts within your heart. And maybe, in different place and time you’ll see each other again.

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  7. tnt says:

    just last night i lost one Chaster sad

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  8. tnt says:

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  9. tnt says:

    …Most of Chasters here are very emotional ….hope she can recover the set back easily…lets p

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  10. tnt says:
    Hopefully no more media interview about this issue. I dont want to hear about this anymore

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  11. Maria Butuan says:
    Anybody know where is Charice now?

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    • mingsfan says:
      I believe she’s in the US; she is performing this Saturday (Nov 19) at a Filipino event, Handog Pasasalamat Thanksgiving Unity Eve, at the Cow Palace in Daly City (south of San Francisco). (Ticketmaster is handling ticket sales; I checked earlier today and there were plenty of seats available.)

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  12. Chachacha says:
    Charice, please come to the U.S now because all your fans are waiting for you. We’d like to see you again in Las Vegas and blow the roof of the Mandalay Bay hotel. I hope you will sing Unbreak My Heart, Louder, and Before It Explodes.

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  13. gunrunner says:
    charice pain is also our pain. every bit of it. i had also a sad experience with my father whom i never had the chance being a son to him becasue he simply didnt care when i was a child but as i mature i began to understand where he is coming from and i began to understand him why he is like that. our distance widened through the years and when i began to work out our realtionship to fix things right and just when i wanted to show him how much i missed him and how much i love him he was taken away by fate from me. his death was a tragic blow since more than i lost him i also lost that precious chance how much i love him… the chance to say how im proud to be his son and the chance to say i love him. this is the most painful stab of all ….losing the chance forever. this is what hurt most and i can feel charice pain. she is a good daughter who was not given this chance. i can feel her wanting to have a father just like anybody to share your stories, to protect you and to hug you to love you. and just when she is ready for this… time is so unkind to her. i cried with her all along this sad episode and i wish charice the strength and peace to carry on with lifes challenges.

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    • auau says:
      This is a beautiful write up on your story and experience on family relationship; I wish Charice gets to read this.
      Me too, I have a strained relationship going on with a sibling; we have a hard time finding nice words to say about each other and I am afraid for the end of day to come and we miss our chance to be close as family.
      Again, as they say, we can choose our friends but not our family.

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  14. Rick says:
    This is not to downgrade the Filipino people. Just my 5-cent opinion. Filipinos are unpredictable with varied personalities and character. Being hospitable may be the only one common to all. The variation is a product of our mixed culture and such extreme characters are prevalent.

    In local showbiz, the patronage comprise of mostly the so-called ‘masa’ (common people). You know the level of their taste, thinking and character. The poor education for decades hinder the standardization of living as well as their choice for celebrities. The success of Nora Aunor, Erap Estrada and other stars whom the masa can relate and identify themselves is a manifestation of this.

    Charice came in when commercialism is peaking. Big networks like ABS CBN and handlers of talents become very powerful in building-up their stars even with less talent. They don’t care about pure and real talent for as long as their interest is intact. Money begets money no matter who’ll cross their path. There’s no nationalism in here now for as long as they lift their vested interests. Jealousy, intrigues, character assassinations and hatred comprise the crab mentality applied to any talent(s) outside their interest.

    You can count on a handful of educated and independent minded celebrities outside the aforementioned trash group.

    This is the sad state of local showbiz where other sectors of our society follow. If we can improve the system and standard of education, that’s the only time that we can achieve a better Filipino character…..but that would be centuries away!

    I am proud to be educated enough to patronize a real talent who gives enjoyment and touches other people’s lives. That’s you Charice!

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    • auau says:
      You are doing the right thing and you are already helping change the world by being a fan of genuine talent like Charice. I totally agree with what you are seeing as the state of showbiz in that country. For decades the majority of people have been buying into fakes.
      I see some signs of improvements already, read about conscienscious celebrities who talk about giving back to the country and nature. I hope that trend continues and more young people will follow; they are the ones who have time on their side, the energy and the power to bring the change, besides they are gonna inherit the system.
      As for the old horses who are still very much in power, i hope they would just change and show more humanity; set a good example for the younger generation, and for the goodness of their souls.

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    • tnt says:
      showbiz and politics mixed together…whoever they (media) want to promote should win..they know how to twist anything…if you want to be very famous in Phl, PR is necessary.

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  15. Auau says:
    GOING BACK TO WORK is good for Charice because that will help make her forget and ease the pain of the tragedy in the family, the death of her father(God bless his soul!) who was murdered last week.
    This way worked for the late Elizabeth Taylor during the time of her mourning upon the death of one of her husbands by a plane crash that took place in the ’50s. By immersing herself on a project(movie) she was getting some sort of(free) therapy, she was among friends, plus she was making money which she needed to pay some of her bills at the time.
    Charice can do the same thing, go back to doing her concerts or recordings; she will feel a lot better, plus she will have more money to help support her growing family, and pay her bills, as well as the bills of those who depend on her for a living, as I’m assuming she is already an institution.
    Life goes on as they say, the sooner she realizes this, the better for her. She doesn’t even have to attend those hearings about the murder of her father, only the media will benefit from that, and it will not bring her father back to life. I’m sure the media would like to create a circus of a hearing on that, but only for their own good.
    Live and learn is the wise thing to do; I don’t mean to sacrilege the memory of her father, but taking care of the living(including relatives, friends, employes and herself) is a better way to honor the dead.
    Depression can set in easily after a tragedy, but by keeping busy working with people and doing things she’s good at and enjoys doing, Charice will beat the sadness of her life and the death of her father.

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  16. kabarapa says:
    Is it bad to show your emotions especially when you are grieving? Why do people even mind her grieving for the passing of her long lost father? It seems Charice is the only artist that is being scrutinized every fiber of her being by the filipino media.

    Charice, please be careful with the PI media and be selective of which media you want to give interview for…. …all they want is to tear you down and to see you crumble ….so beware of those crabs.

    Fellow chasters…lets all promote and dream for world peace!

    Saya cinta pada mo Cha!

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    • Auau says:

      She can grieve, but it doesn’t have to be in front of the camera’s. She can grieve in private and the public doesn’t have to see her crying and fainting, because she is not getting anything out of it, but only the press will have a feast of every shot, and show unflattering pictures of the moment over and over later on which those people of the media can sell or use against her. There’s no doubt of the depth of her mourning upon the death of her father and there’s no need for a proof in videos or pictures except the ones that are for private use of her family.

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      • Nauba says:
        I think its good to see her crying and fainting. My heart strings pulled at the sight. Charice is one of those few and far between, people who emote interest at every turn. Sorry but I love Charice even more now that I’ve seen her so vulnerable. She is very, very delicate and precious.

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    • rlf says:
      Because she is popular!!!

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    • Penn says:

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      • truepinoy63 says:
        Penn, what are you doing here? If you’re going to make a strong statement accusing people of hypocrisy you better make sure you have enough evidence. You missed the interview when Charice said she wanted to patch things up with her dad before this tragic event. She even said that her mom was looking and waited for her dad outside a house where he once stayed for hours so she could talk to him, but the following day he was gone and moved to a diff place. Who knows why he didn’t want to see Mom Racquel. Check those interview videos they’re out there. It is not right to accuse people you don’t even know. Someday if you keep doing this you might find yourself in bind. False statements are punishable in a court of law if you didn’t know that it is called PERJUDY.

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      • chaoster says:
        You can love somebody from the distance; that’s how tough love sometimes is. You wait for the time when the person you loved has resolved his problem, otherwise you go back to the same situation that you want to avoid. Besides you don’t want to be an enabler of a person who is out of control. You wait for a better timing, see evidence that the person you left has done something to control his temper, addiction etc. You don’t subject yourself and your children to an environment that is abusive and dysfunctional.

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  17. allgringo says:
    Thank you Rodbelt for excellent article/information and support our angelical princess !!

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  18. J.B. says:
    I find it comforting that Charice was allowed to see his father for one last time even at the most unfortunate events. So sad that only death allowed them to be together.

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  19. tnt says:

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    • liza says:
      she’s not hypocrite like you!lol

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      • tnt says:

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        • liza says:
          lol! You should be the one to open your eyes and ears! the saying that “time heals all wounds” is very true! anger just fades in time especially when it’s towards a family member and i know based from experience! and yah you are a hypocrite! just imagine, your father died, is it but natural to grieve and cry? her true emotions came out naturally! She felt the sadness and the only way to let it out is by crying, can you fault her that? You want her to suppress her emotions infront of the PI media? is that how you define professionalism? goodness! can’t people like you understand the situation she was in? are you even human? now who is being hypocrite?

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    • osuna says:
      Ya right…she is “mourning”, showing the true Charice, wait till someone dies in your dont matter to her, there are other times for that to act professionaly. LOL

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      • tnt says:

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        • osuna says:
          YOu got problems, I feel sorry for people who have direct contact or connection with you, like your spouse or children (if so). LOL…..or workplace, classmtes etc…LMAO !!!!

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        • Jojo says:
          @TnT you are beginning to show your true color…

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    • Chasters says:
      Get out of here! You suck tnt!

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      • cymb1216 says:
        You will not know how you feel until you are there. That is why it is called emotions.She was overcomed by emotions. Do you think she is still thinking hmm…I should be consistent otherwise I will be lambasted by media and by this person tnt for being inconsistent. Let her grieve the way she wants. People should just mind their own lives and stop paying attention on how other people cry on funerals.

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      • truepinoy63 says:
        Tnt, You and Penn should go cuddle together and watch asap! This site is for Charice’s devoted fans only. Wait until one of idols get killed and we’ll see you there to make unwanted insults against your beloved local idols but until then go away. Nobody cares what’s in your twisted minds. Give me your address and I’ll send you a dollar to pay someone to listen to you. GO AWAY!!!! SHOOOOOOO!!!!

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      • tnt says:

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        • truepinoy63 says:

          Alleluia! We’re not related. Next time let’s make sure we choose our words carefully. Contrary to some beliefs, there’s no such thing as constractive criticism. Nobody has the right to criticize anyone, this is hurtful and nothing good could come from it. We all should remember that. PEACE!!!!

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    • charicefan says:

      48 dislike= from PI
      8 like = from other country

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  20. JessicaVelasco says:
    When my dad passed away, i was so saddened but life have to move on. I went to work two days after the burial. Charice should get over it and go back to her work. She need to be rested and be strong and get ready for the next Chapter of her life. Life has to continue like normal.

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  21. I just wish our dear Charice can continue to stay strong and recover sooner from this tragic incident. Lantao’s heart is always with our princess and her family.

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    • ArrVee says:
      hello LantaoIslands – I want to thank you for all the high-quality videos of Charice’s major performances that you have gone out of your way to take and made available to us …

      i believe that as before, Charice is again forced by circumstances to grow up sooner than most girls her age, facing very adult and life-changing issues at an early age. Nothing prepares anyone for events like this, and we can only hope that whatever it is inside her that brought her this far, will continue to sustain her through the trials of life like this one. In the meantime, we are here to support her …

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    • mutyangla says:
      Yes, just like you I am expecting Charice to be strong I was shocked still at the moment knowing that she still is her dad’s lil girl!! I am so very sad to see her crying like that, it is however, very enlightning to witnessed her forgiving heart, none of the hatred that others are expecting . At that moment all she was was a lil girl saying goodbye to her father, My only wish is for ehr t have some kind of bereavement counseling so she can overco the pain without problem.

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    • auau says:
      Lantaoisland, I’d like to tell you that you are doing a great job, and you know it. I appreciate how you beautifully video Charice, and you somewhat protect our princess by framing and editing properly; I notice everything and I see if there’s something like wardrobe malfunction, and you always manage to take a good shot. I thank you very much, and more power to you!

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  22. Elbiz says:

    I just open my computer and I have read a lot of comments about the Philippine media. As I have said before the Pinoy media will exploit the situation,the Pempengco family should have made most everything in private. And I think she should attend the hearing and let her mom and lawyer attend the hearing, court of justice are very much different than in other countries very disorderly. It’s really sad.

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  23. MusicLover says:
    why so much media coverage?

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  24. truepinoy63 says:
    I think in reality, Charice doesn’t need the Philippines. It’s the other way around actually, PI need her. Let’s look at the obvious, economically. The dollars that she’s bringing back to the PI is I think as much or if not more than what thousands of overseas workers bring home to PI. That alone is a huge help to PI’s economy. Not to mention the pride that she brings to PI. Let’s face it, PI is well known only for the cheap labor force that we supply other countries. I for one is not proud of that. I don’t look down on those workers, I know they have to do those kind of jobs just to survive. It’s okay to love ones country that’s natural but you need to think and love yourself first then after that your country. As the saying goes “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME”.
    And another thing why is it that no one dares to put down Manny Pacquiao or even Arnel Pineda they all bring pride to PI. It’s just Charice that these crabs are targeting. Can somebody tell me why?

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    • Nauba says:
      I believe I can. In the Philippines, the lowliest human is a plain looking female with Austronesian features. This according to the Filipino caste system which favors Spanish-caucasian facial/body characteristics. The assumed superiority of this group is taken as a birth right by this often privileged population. Charice – having bypassed this discriminatory prohibition which otherwise would have kept her locked in a lowly station – came as an insult to certain Filipino’s and certain Americans (of various ethnicities) who believe only the “right looking” type of female is appropriate for mass media consumption. God bless Charice.

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      • truepinoy63 says:
        If that’s the case then it would be safe to assume that the crabs are mostly female. That mentality is pathetic and idiotic. I wish they all burn in hell when judgement day comes. God bless Charice is right!!!

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      • Auau says:
        Nauba, I trust you mean well, and truly love Charice; I commend you for just doing that, but I think your explanation is unfocused and inaccurate. Values are learned from family especially parents, enhanced by teachings in school,and then reenforced by role models in media, politics and government.
        A sense of fairness and democracy, as well as compassion and humanity should be imparted by parents during early childhood and development; children are lucky if they have parents who have good morals and are not ignorant to begin with. It’s not necessary for the parents to be rich, only to be relatively intelligent and aware of their responsibilities.
        The exercise of fairness is of utmost importance; parents should treat their children equally, reward and punish them fairly, and train them to be caring and responsible. Failure to do so, will breed anger, discontent, selfishness and jealousy in some children, and if unrealized, will set them up for adulthood, and that probably explains why you get these crabs or haters in this CM forum. Early in life, children should be taught the importance of golden rule, hard work and perseverance as the way to achieve and get along in adult life.
        Teachers and school could help in character building by reenforcing these values. Teachers should not play favorites. School should emphasize teaching good manners and behavior in a group, honesty and respect of peoples’ rights and properties(no cheating and no stealing), love for your neighbor and sportsmanship(be happy for others who’ve done well); to be social and charitable members of society.
        Celebrities and politicians have the responsility to be the prime examples ln the practice of integrity and justice. They signal the trend of whats okay for others to follow. No one should get away with anything, every culprits, no matter what their status are, should be duly rewarded or punished according to the law.
        I’m not sure if the difference in racial mix is a relevant problem in the present. Mestizos can also be the product of love, attraction and compassion between opposite races. I really don’t think that anybody is a pure race; we are all a mixture of half-breeds and should learn to coexist.
        I think a culture of fairness and honesty is the key solution to this problem, and thats the kind of culture that any families should strive to create, in order to raise a family of lovers instead of haters.

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        • truepinoy63 says:
          Auau, thanks for your insight of what a perfect world should be like. I for one would like to live there someday. My question was, why would the crabs attack Charice and not Manny Pacquiao or Arnel Pinada not what kind of people are these crabs and I think Nauba hit it right on the head. It’s simply discrimination because of Charice not looking like the normal female tv actress/singer. Tall, fair skin and from affluent family. Hey but your explanation of why we have filipino crabs is spot on. Good morals and values are greatly needed in any society in the world not only PI. Imagine a perfect world, people living together in perfect harmony. WOW it’s like the COKE COMMERCIAL…

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          • auau says:

            Most females learn those virtues(or frailties) from their mothers, directly or indirectly; whether it is jealousy, compassion or false sense of entitlement, they all start from parenting or the lack of it.

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            • truepinoy63 says:

              Auau, you’re really funny. Given the fact that I already called those people crabs, therefore we already established that they don’t have morals and values. So again the question was, “WHY” and wasn’t asking for the root of their patheric and moronic minds. But I still appreciate your input, actually you reminded me of my English prof in college. It’s her way or the highway! But she still liked me…haha!

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    • allgringo says:
      Charice is one of the people who brought more glory, pride and recognition to Philippines…she does not deserve it. (crab attacks)
      She’s one the top singer in the World !!!
      Go ahead baby, you’re simply FANTASTIC !!!

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  25. truepinoy63 says:
    I have to agree with the other comments that Charice needs to come back to the US. Here in states she’ll be far away from the people whose only purpose in life is to degrade and put her down. Her whole family should just move to the US, besides her job is here. My only wish now for Charice is to recuperate and be strong for herself and family. Charice is loved by millions of people around the world and I think she just needs to draw strength from that love. GO CHARICE!!! AND WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!! LOOK OUT GRAMMY NO.1…

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    • yusuf germino says:
      it is an unfortunate fact that the tabloid style TV programs are feasting on intrigues, interviewing her lola, her aunts, asking them stupid questions .. etc. etc.. this is how media in the Philippines work, they are educated but unlearned, full of hosts with senseless questions and really… gutter like mentality… she is getting the recognition and respect she so derserves better from other countries and their media people.. in the PHilippines.. you will count on your fingers journalists who really have the mind of civilized human beings… it is a sad fact as I said… Princess Charice will be better off not responding to every interview and every statement coming from the very relatives who should have helped her before.. but things came out for the better… look at her now.. so who’s having the blessings.. and i admire your humbleness Cha…

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  26. auau says:
    Oh, Rodbelt! I’m so impressed by the way you write; the details, the clarity and fluidity. I can tell chasters are turned on by you. Hmm.. By the way thank you very much for mentioning me in one of your comments; I appreciate your words of understanding. Perhaps someday we’ll meet; I’ll be glad to, when I’m ready to come out, and when fate allows. I have not experienced very much writing; at this point of my life, I just let my emotions dictate, and the spirit of Charice guide me. Thank you for the very thorough and interesting articles that chasters can enjoy reading.

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  27. dolores says:
    it hurts,really hurt,but life must go brave Charice! as your Dad told you “matapang ka,kya magsundalo ka!(you’r brave and be a soldier!)God bless!

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  28. kabarapa says:
    Charice, please go back to the US quickly and leave those brainless and heartless filipinos/media in PI who have nothing to do but to attach you negatively. Shame on them!

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    • auau says:
      kabarapa, I think this suggestion of yours is the best that I read here. I was thinking the same and was gonna write but you beat me into it. Charice has bigger responsibility, to her fans and the world because she is now famous.
      Crying before the camera, and making comments to the media about the man who murdered her father is very human, but there is more dignity in silence,and also maturity. Some people knew about how the first lady Jackie Kennedy conducted herself upon the assassination of her then husband, the late president John F Kennedy; she was admired for her composure, and for not talking to the press about it.
      Besides this incident is as much a problem of the country as of the family, so let the law of the land handle this mess. It’s a malady of society that breeds useless people with useless lives, who are prone to anger, and are quick to get a weapon and murder somebody over nothing, so the government officials should get involved and do their job; after all Charice is a national treasure.
      Charice should not give anything to the vultures of media; she will not be photographed well, and the Filipino announcers talk very fast and like very cold, uncaring people. They will just milk the story which someday will backfire on Charice.
      I totally agree that Charice should not waste any more time, pack her bags, and get ready to go back to the states.

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    • osuna says:
      KOREK KAYO DIYAN…..(you are all correct) !!!

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  29. chachacha says:
    I hope Charice can go back to normal life now and start doing what she is known for as a singer. Her dad is now resting in peace and Charice should move on with her life. She has a gig this month in Mandalay and i am hoping she will perform and give her best without holding back.

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  30. melisma22 says:
    This article is so beautifully written that it should be chosen to include in Charice’s memoir.
    Please do more writing about Charice, Rodbelt, you are a great writer of modern days!

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