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Christmas with Charice

Christmas with Charice

UPDATE: THERE WILL BE A MEET AND GREET SESSION WITH CHARICE RIGHT AFTER THE CONCERT. KINDLY REGISTER YOUR NAMES AND WHICH SECTION YOU WILL BE SEATED ON THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW. KINDLY CHECK THE ARTICLE FOR FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS OF THE MEETING TIME AND PLACE. DEADLINE OF REGISTRATION IS MIDNIGHT OF DECEMBER 1. The registrants who reach the cut-off time will have a chance for a photo op with charice. Chasters will be meeting up in Mc Donald’s near Resorts World at 6pm. Please be there on time. The lucky chasters who successfully registered will be given a bracelet/bowler or any tag and will be requested to make groups of 5 for the group picture with Charice at the stage after the concert. Look for Abbonita. THANK YOU! Can’t get enough of Charice? Good News! Philippine Chasters are in for another treat this season as TV5 presents Christmas with Charice. Catch her perform on December 2, 2011, 8pm at Newport Performing Arts Theatre in Resorts World Manila. The venue is just in front of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Continue Reading

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A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears

A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES! These are the two words that come to mind when I think of Chariceai??i??s Message in her Infinity Album. This girl is living proof that dreams do come true no matter how impossible it seem to be. Last October 25,2011, another girl, a chaster named Kimmie had her dream come true as she had her surprise duet in front of the 12,000 audience in Araneta Coliseum, Manila.

Video uploaded by Bluemax This is her story: ONE MONTH before the concert, I posted something in my Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk account. ‘Dear Lord, I hope someone soponsors my ticket for the DFF Tour with Charice on Oct. 25, 2011, I do hope this wish comes true”. I was just kidding, then suddenly, “Sisa”, a gorgeous chaster in and out whom I consider as my elder sis said she will take care of it. Woah, I never expected that she would sponsor me. She was really nice to me and I was so thankful about it. Two days after, the money to be used to buy the ticket was sent to our house. A week and a half later, I lost the ticket due to my carelessness. I remember putting it under the bed but when I tried looking for it, I really can’t find it. My guess is that our maid might have thrown out the ticket when she cleaned my room. Then one day before the concert, Ate Tintol sent me a private message on Facebook. I was at school that time, that was around 7pm. She told me to send her a text message if I don’t have a ticket yet. She still has extra ticket and she said she will give me one. OMC, i was so happy to know that because I really thought I won’t be able to watch the concert anymore. THE MAIN EVENT. I arrived late at the Chaster Concert gathering where I was supposed to sing due to so much traffic. I first look for Ate Tintol to ask for my ticket. She asked me to choose between Upperbox A or B. She said that more chasters will be seated in Upperbox B than A, but UpperboxA is nearer the stage. So, I chose the ticket for Upperbox A. The concert started at around 8pm. I felt sad because I was alone in my seat, away from the group of chasters I’ve met earlier. I just kept on screaming and singing along with the performers as if nothing matters. A DREAM COME TRUE. A lot of people has been asking me if what had happened at the concert was scripted. I told them that everything was unexpected! When the concert started, I was screaming non-stop since the other chasters are far from me and I dont have anyone to talk to. I was so excited because I really want to see charice. At the mid-part of the show, there was one point when David Foster ask the audience who wanted to sing in the stage. He first picked out audiences at the VIP section. Later on, he then asked if anyone staying a little bit farther the stage also wants to sing. I started screaming my lungs out and raising my hand then, the people around began pointing at me. I was shocked when the spotlight was suddenly focused to us. David F. said i need to be at the stage in 20 seconds, Geeeez, that’s close to impossible since the section where I was seated was kinda far from the stage. The marshalls assisted me to the backstage. I thought I was gonna sing immediately. I got a little worried when I found out that I’m not going to sing yet. I thought they already forgot about me. While waiting at the backstage, the staff and the other performers are almost at my reach. I shook hands with them and kept on smiling to all. Then the moment I have long been waiting for came, I heard Charice singing on the stage. She was singing POWER OF LOVE, OMC. I couldn’t stop myself from crying that time. I felt a little shy because the people around were already looking at me. The moment charice came down the stage, she hugged me and signed the souvenir i brought from the Pre-Concert Chasters Gathering. The concert continued and when it was nearing it’s end, the staff told me that they will try their best to still be able to put me on the show and let me sing. Charice approached me and asked me if I’m just ok. She was trying to comfort me coz she might have felt that I was feeling a little down. She said sorry because David might have forgotten me coz he was really tired that time. I told her it’s ok, there’s no need to say sorry coz seeing her is really more than enough to complete my night. But deep inside, I did feel a little sad coz I really thought that Sir David Foster already forgot me. Then, one of the musicians approached me and asked me what song do I know and if I have ever hold a mic. They never thought I was really singing. I told them I know the song “I will Survive”, they said they weren’t ready for that. They asked if I know “My heart will go on”, I told them I don’t know the complete piece. How about Because you loved me? I said YES! I waited a little more, then when I heard that the performers were already singing Earth Song, I knew that the concert was about to end, I thought again that I might not be able to perform anymore. Then I suddenly remembered that I left my bag at my seat in Upperbox A. Good thing the staffs are really kind enough to take care of it. They were able to get it back from my seat. I heard Araneta Colisum roaring when David Foster played his major hits and the audience were singing along. Then after that, David called me up the stage. OMC to the highest level, I was getting so nervous. Then I saw Charice looking at me as if she was saying good luck. I was still so nervous but I know I need to overcome this feeling so I started singing. I shouted CHASTERS in the middle of the song coz i feel that I represent every Chaster there. Suddenly, the most unexpected happened, Charice came up the stage. That is something I really never expected coz the last time I saw her, she was just at the backstage looking at me and giving me the courage to go on just by looking at me. I had the most unforgettable duet of my life. I just noticed myself crying while singing with her, THANK GOD we were still able to finish the song. Charice was exceptionally nice as well as David. They continued cheering me even when I’m going down the stage.

cha and kim 2 A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears

I received a BIG hug from Charice. After that, Ate Tintol sent me a text message, she said, “I guess losing your ticket was a blessing in disguise. You were awesome at the stage. The Chasters are proud of you! “. icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears ~end~ Note: For everyoneai??i??s information, the sponsored ticket (which was donated by a Chaster Clause the last minute to another chaster) was an Upperbox B ticket. However, a friend of mine who was supposed to be on the Upperbox A seat had an emergency and was not able to go to the concert the last minute so I gave Kimmie a choice. Upperbox A or B? You guys know the rest of the story. As Chaster ImKarl puts it in his blog about the event:

ai???Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Thinking that kimmie was upset and sad days before the concert because of her lost ticket but she was able to stand and sing in the middle of a huge crowd singing a heart-warming song with her ultimate idol for life. A magical night. To describe it NO WORDS, JUST TEARSai???

Written by Kimmie and ImKarl

Translated and Posted by Tintol and Abbonita,

Original Story Written in Tagalog:

DAVID FOSTER and friends concert w/ CHARICE! I WILL TREASURE THIS MAGICAL NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! ai??? –> ONE MONTH before the concert, nagpost ako sa FB/Twitter and Plurk ko icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears ” Dear lord, sana po may magsponsor ng ticket ko for DFF tour w/ charice on OCT 25 2011, sana magdilang anghel” oh , i was just kidding, ng biglang mag comment si ate gorgeous ko na CHASTER din ” SISANG” yun, sya na daw bahala, woah. i didnt expect na iis-sponsoran nya ko , but thank you kasi super bait naman talaga nyan ni ate sisang, 2 days after, napadala na THRU lbc sa house namin yung 5k pambili ng upperbox na ticket, yun eh di nakabili nako!!! 1 and half week after, ANG BURARA KO :’( NAWALA KO YUNG TICKET SA BAHAY NA NILA KO LANG SA ILALIM NG KAMA KO, yun , hanap ng hanap ng hanap, hindi ko na talaga makita kasi baka nga naitapon nung naglinis ung maid namin ng bahay :’( hanggang sa….. 1 day before the concert, ATE TINTOL PM me on facebook,nasa school ako nun e (OCT 24 11) around 7pm mag text daw ako sa kanya kung wala pa kong ticket, GOD! sobrang saya ko kasi, may extra pang tiket si ate, bibigyan nya daw ako !! grabe sobrang saya ko nung gabing yun kasi kala ko di na ko makakanood! –> ETO NA, OCTOBER 25 2011, na late ako sa CHASTERS GATHERING kasi 7 na ko nakarating sa sobrang traffic, dapat kakanta ako dun eh. HINANAP KO NA SI ATE TINTOL PARA HINGIN YUNG TICKET, then pinapili nya ko kung upperbox A or B. kasi sa B daw madaming chaster, sa A wala masyado, pero malapit sa stage, so PINILI ko yung A! yan mga around 8pm start na yung concert. SOBRANG LUNGKOT KASI WALA AKONG KATABI SA SIT KO, sige, sigaw ako ng sigaw, kanta, nakikisabay sa nagpeperform habang nakaupo, TUWANG TUWA YUNG MGA KATABI KO, na kahit ba di kami magkakilala, CHEER SILA NG CHEER. –> A dream come true icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears ganto kasi yan eh, madami nagtatanong kung set up ba yung ngayari, or nakaplano, actually, ALL ARE UNEXPECTED! I WAS JUST SITTING AT UPPER BOX A icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears ok, simula nag start ung show, i was just shouting and shouting, KASI WALA TALAGA AKONG MAKAUSAP THAT TIME, UNG MGA CHASTERS MALAYO

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SAKIN. hahaha excited eh, kasi si charice gustong gusto ko na mapanood, NUNG NAG START NA UNG SHOW, YAN MAY MGA NAGPERFORM NA, UN, BIGLANG NAGTAWAG SI DAVID FOSTER , “who wants to sing here in stage” yan ganyan ganyan, una sa harap ung pinili nya, UNG PANGALAWA, SABI NYA SA TAAS DAW, E DI UN, SIGAW AKO NG SIGAW NG SIGAW HANGGAT SA MAMAOS AKO, ung mga KATABI KO SA SIT, PATI UNG NASA BABA KO, AKO UNG TINUTURO, HEHEHE, NA SHOCK AKO KASI, sakin tinutok ung spotlight, tas bigla akong tinuro ni david sa kinauupuan ko, EH IN 20 SECONDS DAW DAPAT NANDUN NA, nung inalalayan ako ng mga marshall dun sa concert papunta sa backstage, kala ko kakanta na agad ako icon sad A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears di pa pala, kaya nag alala ako kasi baka nakalimutan ako. YUN, ANG BABAIT NG STAFF DON, habang nag aantay ako, un inaalalayan nila ako, ung mga performers, abot kamay ko na!, ang babait nila, smile smile kamay icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears HANGGANG sa, si CHARICE na ung kumakanta sa stage, OMG!!! (POWER OF LOVE) IYAK AKO NG IYAK sa backstage, nakakahiya, kasi nagtitinginan yung mga staff ng DFF icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears hanggang sa PAGBABA ni charice, GOD!!!!!!!!!! NIYAKAP NIYA KO, PINIRMAHAN NYA UNG SOUVENIR NA DALA KO GALING GATHERING NG CHASTER BEFORE THE CONCERT –> theater YUN, hangang sa nag perform na ng nagperform ung ibang singers, palapit na ng palapit ung pagtatapos ng show, SABI NG MGA STAFF, ok ok, we r going to try our best, para makakanta ka, hanggang sa lumapit si CHARICE, sabi ” Uh, are you ok? SORRY I think david forget about you, kasi alam mo naman yun, napagod” parang si CHARICE tinatry nya pagaanin loob ko that time. Parang ganon, nahihiya ako, kasi nag sosorry si charice , I SAID, uh ok lang po, masaya na ko, NAKITA KO KAYO!! (GRABE, nakakanganga ako nun dahil sa sobrang pagkastarstruck), but deep inside, nanghihinayang kasi kala ko talaga nakaliutan ako ni david, hanggang sa…… LUMAPIT SAKIN UNG MUSICIAN SA TAAS NG STAGE, ANONG KANTA DAW ALAM KO, (KUNG NAKAHAWAK NA DAW BA KO NG MIC? HAHA) kasi, they didn’t expect na kumakanta ako, SABI KO, ALAM KO “I WILL SURVIVE” , sabi were not ready for that, e my heart will go on, sabi ko, di ko po alam yan, E YUNG, “BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME”!! ANTIMANO, YES AGAD AKO! , e di yan na, nag aantay padin ako sa backstage, EARTHSONG NA UNG PINEPERFORM NILA, ending na yun eh, akala ko talaga hindi na ko makakakanta, biglang nag MORE ung mga tao, habang si CHARICE nasa likod ko, un, nakatingin, TAS BIGLA KONG SINABI (nag aalala po ako, kasi ung bag ko po naiwan ko sa upper box a row c sit 19) agad agad naan nila pinasikaso kasi wala talaga akong kasama nun icon sad A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears thank God nakuha ko naman BAG ko . HANGGANG..!! PINATUGTOG NI DAVID UNG MGA HITS NYA (ONLY CHORUS) TAS PINASABAY NYA UNG MGA AUDIENCE, hanggang sa INITRODUCE NA NYA AKO!!!!!!!!!! yun, na!! habang umaakyat ako, SOBRA AKONG KINAKABAHAN, nakita ko parin si Charice sa backstage, para bang gusto niya akong i-goodluck, HANGGANG SA, kumanta na ko, (HALONG KABA AT PAOS) pero go padin, , I SHOUTED “CHASTERS” in the middle of the song, kasi nirerepresent ko sila sa harap, BIGLANG UMAKYAT SI CHARICE sa stage, GRRRRRRRRRAAABBEE!!! di ko ineexpect yun, kasi andun lang sya sabackstage, nakatingin sakin e, eto na, nagduet na kami, naiiyak ako habang kumakanta, pero THANK GOD, natapos naman ng maayos! SOBRANG BAIT NIYA AT NI DAVID, chi-neer nila ko pagbaba ng STAGE, biglang YAKAP! ai??? ATE TINTOL TEXTED ME UP, sabi niya, BLESSING IN DISGUISE DAW YUNG PAGKAWALA NG TICKET KO icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears – end –> A DREAM COME TRUE!!!! ai??? By: Kimberly,

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Charice Japan Solo Concert Update

Charice Japan Solo Concert Update

NOV. 16 UPDATE PRE-SELLING INFO FOR NAGOYA ADDED As announced during the previous David Foster and Friends concert in Tokyo, Charice will have a solo concert tour in Japan next March. Ai??Tickets for the Tokyo concert are already on sale. Continue Reading

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Charice to Perform at Daly City on November 19, 2011 – POSTPONED!

Charice to Perform at Daly City on November 19, 2011 – POSTPONED!


The Show in Daly City where Charice was scheduled to perform has been postponed and/or canceled. Public Announcement To our Filipino friends, Ticket holders, Artists:

With much regret, the two concerts on Nov. 18th in Los Angeles, and Nov. 19th in Daly City, are being postponed. Artist Magic Entertainment had contracted with a third party broker for several of the best Filipino artists to perform at both concerts, including: Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, Mark Bautista, and Bayani Agbayani. While we at Artist Magic paid the performance fees to this third party as contracted, something fell apart and these incredible artists will not be making the trip to the United States to perform as expected. While it is unclear exactly what happened, it is clear they are not coming. We will work with the artistsai??i?? managers to arrange for the postponed concerts. We anticipate resolving any issues and offering these shows in February or Metoprolol xl generic March of next year. We intend to work directly with the artistsai??i?? managers to ensure we can provide quality programs for our Filipino community. As for myself and on behalf of my entire team at, we would like to apologize for not being able to provide our Filipino friends and ticket holders with these promising shows, and also to apologize to the artists for not providing a platform for them to perform in front of their adoring fans. We also sincerely apologize to both Charice and Dan Hill who were both ready to perform. It is extremely sad to have to delay two beautiful concerts, but we certainly are looking forward to the new shows in 2012. Meanwhile, tickets may be refunded from the outlets where they were purchased. – Executive Producers


twit2 300x145 Charice to Perform at Daly City on November 19, 2011   POSTPONED!

twit 300x157 Charice to Perform at Daly City on November 19, 2011   POSTPONED!

twit1 300x163 Charice to Perform at Daly City on November 19, 2011   POSTPONED!

Special thanks to Courtney! ******* This Saturday, November 19th, Charice would be the special main act at a thanksgiving eve event, “The Handog Pasasalamat Unity Concert”, to be held at

the Cow Palace in Daly City, California. It is scheduled to begin at 7:30pm, and end at 10pm. This is part of a special two-city event, with the other one to occur at Los Angeles a day ahead (without Charice).

Charice SF1 Charice to Perform at Daly City on November 19, 2011   POSTPONED!

Ticket Prices: $78 reserved $58 reserved $38 General Admission 24 months and up must have a ticket

Further information about tickets, seating and where to buy can be found Cow Palace and Artist Magic Entertainment. Hope to see you there! Source: Cow Palace & ame65 By Phantom,

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Charice Bids Farewell to Dad: “Please Say You’re Proud of Me.”

Charice Bids Farewell to Dad: “Please Say You’re Proud of Me.”

I went back to my hometown on All Saintsai??i?? Day, the national holiday to honor and celebrate the memories of loved ones who have passed away,Ai??still reminiscing about my just-ended joyful ride with Charice and the Philippine Chasters. Little did I know that another chapter will be added albeit a sad one when I received a text message from abBonita that Chariceai??i??s father had just met a violent death.

Through Bluemax, I heard the next evening that Charice had returned from Jakarta and that some Chasters were already at the Divine Mercy Viewing Chapel in Muntinlupa where Ricky Pempengco was lying in repose. Ai??Unlike in the US where visiting hours are limited to about 9:00 pm, 24-hour vigil is customary in the Philippines when relatives and friends can visit at any time. Ai??I arrived at about 9:30 pm and found the place already encamped by the 3 major networks, TV cameras in place, looking for scoops and people to interview. Ai??Huge bouquets of white flowers sent by Chasters from Japan, Singapore, Los Angeles and Lantao were among those that bedecked the hall. I paid my respect to Ricky and was then told that Charice was resting in a private room. Ai??After being given permission to enter, I talked to Mommy Raqz and to Charice who was slumped in a bed being attended to. She looked tired, sad, and haggard, just like any typical teenager who lost a loved one and none of the image of a celebrity that she is. Ai??I extended condolences to her on behalf of the entire Chaster family and told her how all Chasters really love and care for her and her well being. I even advised her to take a break, Ai??get much needed rest and that, personally, I want her to be around for many years to entertain my grandchildren long after I’m gone. She held my hand and just said, “Salamat po (Thank you)”.

Video Uploaded by ChariceTVCrew

The next day, I found the place packed with relatives, friends, and many Chasters! In fact, many Chasters were still coming past 12 midnight direct from their second shift jobs just to be with Charice in her hours of bereavement. Ai??Little CutieSinger, one of our youngest Chasters at 12 years old was present who later tried to catch a few winks on the lap of Tita Wower. Ai??There was a time that almost half of the room was filled with Chasters! Ai??Charice, Mommy Racqz, and Carl were busy entertaining late-coming friends and relatives. Ai??Charice, when in her happy mood was like a kid playing around with CutieSinger, who was so shy and starstruck that it took her awhile to approach Charice and be prodded to sing a few notes. Ai??It was turning to be quite a happy occasion ai??i?? a time of reconciliation, understanding and healing of the rifts among the Pempengco clan, and a time of more bonding and friendship. Ai??I decided to leave at 4:00 am quite ashamed that I will not be able to sacrifice like the many but much younger Chasters (with the exception of a few of course) who were determined Ai??to stick around for an all night, sleepless vigil.Ai??While my spirit said ai???Yayai??? to stay, my 67-year old body was not ready for the ordeal and was saying ai???Nayai???.

I was back the following day in time to witness the family picture-taking and listen to the eulogies. Many of Rickyai??i??s friends, sisters and other relatives reminisced about their experiences with Ricky. Mommy Racqz expressed how much she still loved him in spite of the sad past between them. Carl recalled a time of meeting a man who said to him how much he has grown, not knowing it was his father. Ai??Then it was Chariceai??i??s turn. Ai??Charice completely broke down, and cried like a little child, almost fainted and had to be consoled before she could even utter a word about her Dad. Ai??And between sobs, reached out to whatever little memories she could recall ai??i?? how her father wanted her to be a soldier. Ai??She expressed how much she loved and missed him, and longed for the time Ai??they could have had together had she learned earlier the sad state her father was living in. Ai??Charice even mentioned a premonition while in Jakarta of seeing a security guard smile who looked like her father,Ai??just prior to hearing about his death.

Video Uploaded by KamoteChannel

The funeral procession started a little past 2:00 pm from Muntinlupa City to Cabuyao Memorial Park with a long convoy which included 5 full sized buses. The convoy created traffic and inched along the old national highway with hundreds of people lined up along the way hoping to catch a glimpse of Charice. It took a little over 2 hours to reach the cemetery which was so packed with people that it was very difficult to get near the burial site.Ai??I stood behind Carl trying to console him while Beda and Aki were profusely fanning Charice and Racquel.Ai??White roses were handed to family members for their last respect to Ricky.Ai??As the coffin was being Purchase purim songs interred, Charice broke down again. She sat almost in stupor as the tomb was being sealed. Ai??ItAi??was a heart-rending sight to watch our princess, so bubbly and lively on stage now crying like a little child grieving for a tremendous loss.

As her SUV backed in to fetch the family, a big crowd trying to catch a glimpse of Charice formed blocking the exit. Security guards had to form a chain to create a path for the family. Ai??A bunch of Chasters voluntarily followed suit and joined hand-in-hand to form a secondary chain in support of security with Beda barking commands like a little general for the crowd to back off.Ai??The crowd obeyed as Charice and family hurriedly walked into the vehicle and drove away as the crowd started to disperse.

As our bus sped away along South Luzon Expressway, I cannot help but think of the events that transpired the past few days. Ai??That we have now witnessed the other Charice ai??i?? the typical teenager, the little child that’s still in her, mingling with her roots, unmindful of the pinnacle where she stands as a star of the entertainment world ai??i?? the girl with the beautiful shoes still planted firmly on the ground.

After all the hugs and kisses as we bid goodbye to go our separate ways, I cannot help but think that the love for Charice by the Chaster Family has now morphed from DEDICATION to FAITHFUL AND PROFOUND DEVOTION for the welfare of OUR PRINCESS.

By Rodbelt,
Posted by Ab.bonita, Schoen &Ai??Mooffin,

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Condolence Message to Charice & Family

Condolence Message to Charice & Family

MANILA – Charicemania and the whole family of Chasters worldwide offer our deepest condolences to Mommy Raquel and to Charice and her brother, Carl Ceiven, for the loss of their father, Ricky Pempengco. We regret to hear the sad news of his untimely passing at the age of 40 years old.

Several Philippine news sources have reported the death which occurred Monday evening in Charice’s home town of San Pedro, Laguna, south of Manila. There have also been reports in American news as well – and – and other media around the world as the AP news release spreads under various headlines reading ” ‘Glee’ singer Charice’s dad killed in Philippines.”

Charice tweeted that she would be unable to appear with David Foster & Friends in the Singapore leg of the concert tour, November 3rd, due to her swift return home.
“I am very sorry to all my fans from Singapore. I am not going to be there to be part of David Foster and Friends concert. I have to go back to the Philippines as soon as possible to be with my family. I hope you all understand. I love you all and I will see you next year.”

Charice also released the following statement on her official blog via her official website:

“I want to thank my fans from around the world for their support and love at this very difficult time for my family and I. We are all very sad about this terrible tragedy.”

Chasters everywhere offer their full support, love, prayers, and comfort to Charice & family during this time of bereavement. We would like to encourage Chasters to practice sensitivity and forgiveness and dignity as Charice has shown.

Let Where can you buy aldactone us all respect Charice’s privacy and may her father rest in peace.

Video uploaded by Defactoist

by Eve,

Note: Just a reminder, inappropriate comments will be immediately deleted. Thank you.-Schoen

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