“One Day” Music Video Japan version now up!

“One Day” Music Video Japan version now up!

Chasters rejoice! Warner Music Japan and Acuvue Japan has released the Japan version of Charice’s “One Day” music video!  The video’s concept is similar to the original “One Day” video,  showcasing young people pursuing their dreams. The dance moves are also similar, the only difference is Charice had colorful outfits in the first video- in this version she is wearing cool, edgy, black clothing which she always wears when she is styled by her Japanese stylists.

In making the Japan version, auditions were held for Charice’s back-up dancers.  Out of 400 who auditioned, 4 were chosen to form the “Acuvue dancers”.  They debuted their dance moves during Charice’s free live concert to promote the release of her second album “Infinity”. You can watch the documentary of the audition process here. Click on the button above the “Get Adobe Flash Player” button.

In related Japan news, Gyao Japan has released a behind-the-scenes video of Charice’s photoshoot for the Japan version of her first album “Charice”.

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  1. henry says:

    of course i love JAPAN,, I have a JAPANESE brother in law and his so nice

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  2. peakarach says:

    Both One Day Japan version and Louder are two of the best Charice MV so far.

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  3. jomfet says:
    Don’t forget to vote Charice on MYX. Louder is now in top 4.it is in top 2 yesterday. we have powers CHASTERS ! let’s also show our support to Charice by making LOUDER no.1on MYX. here’s how to vote guys MYX REQUEST LOUDER and then send to 2366.

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  4. ChasterCharice says:

    Yes, I just got a pirated version of this great video!!! Anyone want a copy for free?!!

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  5. Theo says:
    There are so many reasons why this video is way better than any video she has made:

    1) Cinematography….Charice even if she is not the one doing the hardcore dancing, still stands out of the crowd; the extras are casted properly, amongst the more principal roles. The right color combinations are used to make either Charice blend or stand out amongst the crowd; the lighting is also used appropriately to make the video look more savy

    2) Her dancing is more contained, though less than what she did in her other video, is much sharper. Furthermore, the outfit compliments the dancing

    3) She is clearly the star in this video and the talent of her other dancers in the video compliments her singing and her movements

    4) No stupid wind to make the hair fly (so tacky when they do that) without any purpose.

    5) The main dancers in this video are BETTER in their interpretation and movement to the music; just enough sharpness and subtlety combined; Charice the centre, main backup secondary, and the extras in the back do less….perfect arrangement

    6) Her outfit compliments her body type. For example, unlike in some of her other videos, they did not compliment her dress well with her features. It does not matter who you are; you don’t accentuate your flaws and hide your strengths. Clothes are supposed to compliment you–not bring out flaws–and since Charice is in the Hollywood business–image still counts for something. Charice should have both all the time (though the most important thing is her talent, of course)

    7) The scene changes are not dizzying; the other One Day video is not dizzying as well, but you can sort of predict what is immediately going to happen next; and the scenes looks more realistic

    …just to mention a few…

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  6. Sinta329 says:
    This japanese version personifies Charice’s own statement of wanting to be known as an singer from asia, rather than an asian trying to be american.

    Lets support this MTV…show Japan they were not wrong in giving Charice their support and love by giving this MTV version a lot of views.

    So far the # of views is 25,649. I am sure we can give it better numbers than that! :-)

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    • Wendy Hunt says:
      oooh some people answered your call it seems cause the number of viewers jumped to 32,179 when i checked to listen just now. Its slow compared to how LOUDER is doing but the important thing is, its moving up :-)

      Lets show Japan we do appreciate and love what they did for Charice’s ONE DAY :-)

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    • Mindy says:
      as of today, Oct. 27…25,649 went up to 33,692 :-)

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  7. Ham says:
    the work and perspiration that went into the production of one day, japanese version in this behind the scenes documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEvRcITQYAI&feature=share is perhaps the reason why it is better than the us version.

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  8. SuperVee says:
    Her Japan vid is much better than US because they showed more dancing which they should have done for the US version. Loved her outfit and attitude here. She should stick to this kind of image even when she’s in US and not be looking like any other US pop star. This will set her apart. It truly brings out more personality.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      Charice looks like a doll. This style suits her really well. I like this version much more. The USA version is like High school crowd, but this is more yuppy crowd- And the Japanese are so cute. BTW, love the Louder Video as well – its very sophisticated I think. Could have shown more dancing from Charice in it though. I am hoping they will do a LIGHTHOUSE music video I really love this song!

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  9. Javarush says:
    Let’s show some LOUDER love also to ONE DAY (Japanese Edition) which WarnerMusicJapan posted in Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpwnizeCCPc It has 15,325 viewers so far :-) Lets give love and appreciation back to Japan. Warning tho…comments and ratings are disabled so if someone can have this on a loop too like LOUDER it would help generate viewing numbers. Thank you!!!

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    • rlf says:
      I hope this could be in VEVO!

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      • Javarush says:
        well, for now, VEVO aint happening :-p But ONE DAY…i believe it will. So for now we can dream about it but at the same time move forward to Plan B and use the playlist way and bring two great MTVs out there to be noticed and be heard.

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  10. grace says:
    i think her One day MV japan version is better than her US MV of one day but both are very inspirational.

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  11. jeica says:
    Japan version is better.

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  12. Charrific says:
    Cha turned into a beautiful Japanese doll. I can not stop watching this videos!!! OMG fantastic videos! Good morning Sunshine. The earth says HELLO. Good morning beautiful CHASTERS! :-)

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  13. Charrific says:
    my comment is not getting through…

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  14. fallinginlove says:
    this is way better than louder mv^^ it make sens..luv it

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  15. trishahae says:
    Wow Charice, I can’t wait till October 25 when you’re finally here in the Philippines. I took a one-day leave from the office to see you and fellow Chasters. I hope they’d release Infinity here soon. It’s a wonderful, wonderful album. I’m teary-eyed listening to Lighthouse. Thanks for making life less lonely Charice!

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  16. Chan In says:
    it is funny videos,Charice^_^

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  17. marlyn says:
    WOW!!! I love this video ; now we have a lot of videos to watch and enjoy . Charice , you’re number one for me .

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  18. DTA2010 says:
    FIERCE & EXTREME CUTENESS ! I love her attitude in this vid!

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  19. maria says:
    WOW!!! i really love the MV Japan really awesome and thank you for the bahind the scene video of Crescent Moon,i enjoyed watching it alot!!! i wish this was included in her infinity album,im dying waiting to have it!!!more blessing to you Charice!!!

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  20. cancon says:
    Wow,..the Louder MV Japan version is so, so, nice…I wish Charice next time will show more dance moves…and wish she will sing some Japanese songs….more power to you, Charice!

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  21. cancon says:
    wow Louder MV Japan version is so, so nice…I wish next time she will sing some Japanese songs..more power to you, Charice!

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  22. anniefound says:
    it’s an un-ending WOW! Charice, you continue to keep us breathless and amazed. One Day Warner Bros. Japan version is a brilliant production! I also agree with others in comparison to the original, but they are both awesome. Guess Warner Bros. Japan is all out to bring Charice to the apex in the music chart there. Fly Charice, fly.

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