“One Day” Music Video Japan version now up!

“One Day” Music Video Japan version now up!

Chasters rejoice! Warner Music Japan and Acuvue Japan has released the Japan version of Charice’s “One Day” music video! Ai??The video’s concept is similar to the original “One Day” video, Ai??showcasing young people pursuing their dreams. The dance moves are also similar, the only difference is Charice had colorful outfits in the first video- in this version she is wearing cool, edgy, black clothing which she always wears when she is styled by her Japanese stylists.

In making the Japan version, auditions were held for Charice’s back-up dancers. Ai??Out of 400 who auditioned, 4 were chosen to form the “Acuvue dancers”. Ai??They debuted their dance moves during Charice’s free live concert to promote the release of her second album “Infinity”. You can watch the documentary of the audition process here. Click on the button above the “Get Adobe Flash Player” button.

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In related Japan news, Gyao Japan has released a behind-the-scenes video of Charice’s photoshoot for the Japan version of her first album “Charice”.

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  1. DENNIS says:
    Louder and One Day are both great work out MVs. Charice Rocks, she is HOT< HOT HOT. Makes you want to move and shake your bunns. Go girl, the world is yours for the asking. love it and especially YOU!!!!!!!!

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  2. Theo says:
    This is Charice’s best music video in my opinion. The cinematography is good; her outfit compliments her looks, her dance movements though not as concentrated in the US video, is more spread out; her movements are in sync with the rest of the dancers; the dancers are better than the US counterparts; her clothes stand out amongst the crowd; her dancing is compact and more defined; and the story makes more sense; I even like the raw type clips. And, she is in the scene more often, and is more prominent in all of them. They could have had more dancing, but I’m happy with it. Unlike Louder, where for the most part she is just singing with hardly any story to it (I mean that’s the purpose of the MTV for visual effects mainly and more story to it, otherwise just sing live). That song is great and I am hoping that there is another version of it and this song not be wasted with a crappy music video…Cha deserves more!

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    • auau says:
      This is a fine video of the song One Day which tells about dreams, ambition and determination to succeed and make a difference, so it’s just fitting to have more dancers and characters included; it’s true Charice is outfitted better as a pied piper among the very active performers playing as her followers, so everything works well. To me the Louder video works as well because it is about a meditation, a recollection of a relationship that ends in separation, and then a resolution to learn from it and move forward; it worked with just those two dancers showing mostly real emotions from Charice and a few dance movements. More images perhaps could have been added with the second person(pronoun “you”) who left, and another image about the first person(pronoun “I”) which could be Charice playing checking out in the weekend, but the MV didn’t seem incomplete without these additional images or choreography, and the pensive mood and the weather shown in the video adequately supports the story thats in the lyrics of the song. As they say sometimes, less is more, and it’s good that we, the fans are very blessed to get this variety from the work of Charice and her production staff.

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      • Theo says:

        Hi, Auau,

        I can totally see your interpretation of Louder and respect that; the main problem I have with this type of interpretation is the audience. Charice needs more visually appealing music videos along with her great voice and dance moves to be further successful in the Hollywood scene. I thought if they were going to go that route as you mentioned, it could have been better directed. Dizzying sudden camera angle changes; beautiful clothes but not really suitable for the type of clothing she is wearing, dancing that is okay but too soft for the main theme of the music which is LOUDER, LOUDER, LOUDER. I liked One Day more; the director knows what he is doing more. However, having said that, I am still viewing and buying her songs, with the hopes that one day her management team comes up with a better strategy in the use of MTVs.


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        • Theo says:

          Sorry, I meant to say beautiful clothes but not for funky dancing as it limits her movements. However, the lighting in this video is very good, and of course, the song and the voice.

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        • auau says:

          I have watched the Louder video several times, and sometimes I also wished there were more dancing on it with more back ups, but specially focussed on Charice’ ability. That could have been done towards the end of the song where the lyrics depicts a celebration in a story, and Louder has probably the most danceable melody, among all of Charice’ song; however I believe that art is a reflection of life, and in real life a person who breaks up a relationship with anybody will probably not go out to dance, but would just talk to a friend and reflect about what happened(and surprisingly this is like the story of Maria who broke up with the Arnold; Maria and the “O” are known to be great friends). With the absence of additional choreography, we are treated instead to watch some visuals of Charice in close-ups and some freeze and slo-mo tossing of her hair and some footwork, that are pretty artsy-looking. I think it’s good that Charice(or the institution) is not putting eggs in one basket, so we should be sufficed with this video in it’s current state right now. I’m sure we’ll get a lot more of surprises coming from Charice with her next projects.

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    • auau says:

      This version of One Day music video is very much lighter than its US counterpart because of the different setting; it’s all about defining yourself, your talent and your dream as a young person, working hard to achieve your goals to contribute to homogenous society and to become part of the industry you’ve chosen. There are no hurdles, but the only limitation you have is yourself, or the one you set yourself; for that reason the mood is more fun, easy and celebratory, therefore more dancing and choreography is appropriate. The US version shows more about how young people are faring along with the demographics, the diversities of ethnic backgrounds, and defining your purpose and identity in a society that is a melting pot of many different cultures, so the video seems to depict the importance of self-acceptance, conquering your self-doubt, celebrating your own uniqueness and diversity, and then working towards success while living in a peaceful coexistence. The dancing towards the end of the video is more of a celebration of inclusiveness. Both versions are good, with a little different story for each video.

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  3. max says:
    If this video doesn’t get you up and moving, you must be comatose. What a GREAT music video. The song, the beat, and the fun the cast is having is just super.

    Warner Japan got this one right. Take a lesson Warner U.S.

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    • auau says:
      It’s true max, One Day MV is good not only for the young but for the old folks as well. The lyrics is like a mantra that should be chanted even in some retirement homes. I’m a mover, I’m a believer, and I can fly are a few words of encouragement that can be very energizing to hear along with the dance movements; and what a way to start a good day!

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  4. jess bird says:
    wowwwwwwwww…pretty cool MV. i love it! soul reviving

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  5. krazyforyou says:
    Much better now! God bless Charice and the Acuvue Dance Unit! I like this better than the first version! Wow!

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  6. justcharrie says:
    WOOWWW!!! Two new videos at a time! Inspiring and lively, these videos reflect more of Cha’s personality. Who’s not gonna love these?

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  7. chasterbeth says:
    i really love crescent moon. and oh, to the casts of one day music video, you are all awesome!

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  8. chasterbeth says:
    thanks japan for loving charice:)…and for the casts for this mv, you are all awesome!

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  9. chasterbeth says:
    she looks fresh and cool on this mv!

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  10. Wendy Hunt says:
    I enjoyed the US version but this Japan version has got more swag and you can just see how Japan loves Charice with the high level of work and polish they did to this MTV….so hip…so today! FIERCE!!!

    You really dont need exposed skin to make a MTV. This MTV can be viewed by anyone from 1 to 100 years old :-p

    Thank you Japan!!!! Bravo Charice!!!!

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  11. Ceedum says:
    Thank you so much for downloading these vids! I TOTALLY love the Japan One Day MV! And the Crescent Moon/background vid was just as awesome!

    There’s been a flood of promotion of Charice in Japan that I think she’s on her way to becoming a HUGE superstar over there like BoA. And like the latter, I hope Charice learns to sing in Japanese too!

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  12. tnt says:
    quality sound and video make big difference…crabs hate this hehe

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  13. efryll says:
    this is sooooooo cool… awesome… DFTBA Cha!!!

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  14. charchar says:
    I like both version of “One Day” Japan presented more of working people and USA presented younger ones to believe in yourself. They are both inspiring, but I would say Charice seems more in control at Japan video.

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  15. thots_n_notions says:
    S-W-A-G ! ! !….. That’s Something We Asians GOT! LOL! Cool!

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  16. thots_n_notions says:

    You gotta love Japan’s version of One Day…… S-W-A-G ! ! ! !

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  17. thots_n_notions says:

    You gotta love Japan’s version of One Day…..S-W-A-G ! ! !

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  18. hey says:

    the video is good but have you all notice in all her japan appearances they always dress her in black

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  19. hey says:

    The video is good but have you all notice that in all her japan appearances they always dress her in black

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  20. Mellilot says:


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  21. AngelaTeves says:
    CRESCENT MOON made me cry! AWESOME, Cha! \mmm/

    I also love the music video of ONE DAY! :)

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  22. Pokyaw says:
    Why do I feel like this is the best video Charice has done so far? I feel so good watching this.

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  23. NYChaster says:
    Charice is the princess of SWAG~! Hehe She looks and sounds awesome in this video. Love it~!!

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  24. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    for the past 3 years or so… this is how you leave me
    and millions around the world with every performance….
    Princess Charice… to us.. you are a blessing from God!

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  25. may says:
    japan version of one day is the best… cool.

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  26. schoen says:
    Wow I love the video, thanks for posting Mooffin, you came back at the right time! Peng! lol P.S. Thanks AF too

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  27. stone sings says:
    Super like it. Very nice music video

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  28. Dagul says:
    This music video of charice is actually the best so far aside of her pyramid MV. but actually they are all good. but this is so addicting and very catchy,,,the act, dancers are so good. so charming indeed…..

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  29. abeng1127 says:
    oohh …japan version …i love it amazing … charice so cute ..wonderwoman

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  30. bej says:
    Japan you make Charice a true princess…

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