Rolling Stone Japan Interviews Charice

Rolling Stone Japan Interviews Charice

Charice loves Japan and so do the Japanese!  Rolling Stone, the respected music magazine, interviewed Charice when she was in Japan to promote her new album “Infinity”.  Rolling Stone is indeed showing her a lot of love by featuring her video interview on the front page of their website!

There are three parts to this fairly long interview.  In part one, find out about the challenges involved in “Infinity”.  In part two, Charice shares what she thinks about criticism and how old she thinks she is.  In part three, she calls out to Japanese animation studios and offers her talent!  In all parts, Charice shows amazing humility, maturity and intelligence which should hopefully silence her critics, or at least make them change their minds about her.

Part 1

Please tell us about your second album which was released this month.

Your previous album charted in Billboard’s top 10 albums.

It seems that your mother was the one who taught you how to sing.

What do you think when people say you have a miraculous voice?

When you were little, did you ever think that you would become this famous?

Part 2

Tell us about the time you started singing.

What made you start joining singing contests?

Part 3

What is singing and music to you?

Tell us about your impressions of Japan.

Which places in Japan do you like?

What if one of your songs becomes the theme song of “One Piece” (animation)?

What do you want to do next?

Please give a message to our readers.

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51 Responses to “Rolling Stone Japan Interviews Charice”

  1. maria says:
    I love Charice,and this interview makes me more loving her,she is so inspiring,the part 2 interview really delivered a good message to people who made such bad judgement to this girl,Charice i admire you more,keep going,stay in music as long as you like because i will enjoyed it more!thank you for not giving up,i would not have known you,and your beautiful voice.GOD bless you more…take care.

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  2. chasterbeth says:
    i wish this will be shared to the world. she is such an inspiration and great role model especially for the teenagers. pls stay the way you are cha. take care and may God bless you always.

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  3. chasterbeth says:
    omg, charice i love you more and more!

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  4. manang babes says:
    This is one of the most insightful interview about Charice. I know her story because I am a fan since her appearance on Ellen and followed every single article and youtube video about her. The second part of the interview brought a big lump on my throat and almost made me weepy.
    I challenge anyone who will criticize Charice’s command of the English language. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: Charice, after only 3 years of really speaking the language is as fluent as any true bilingual. Charice rocks and I love you, girl!

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  5. Superchaster says:
    Hi a good role model inspires … not scares …

    a chaster says “A good role as a terrifying monster, ghoul, ghost, or creature would be another notch in Charice’s impressive resume ” …!!!

    I see Super C as powerful ,strong ,yet inspiring ,sweet and saucy!!! :)

    Super C ! Super C ! Rah! Rah !!! Chiez-boom-bah ! Zzock ! :) LOL

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  6. ohmycharice says:
    Charice i love you just the way you are! Greetings from doha qatar

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  7. Nini in Paris says:
    Wow! a very well interview, so confident and very well said … Bravo Charice !!! Goodluck to the second album … Im gonna buy one, so exciting here in Paris !!!

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  8. Superchaster says:
    Dear Cha,Ming,Princess ,
    I’d love to see you as a Superhero..Superheroine !!! ( listen anime producers ! please feature her as one of the anime / cartoon characters ( Hello Disneyland , Pixar, Nickelodeon, Marvel ,
    DC !!!… ) But, i’d love to see her live as the Superhero herself … the one who saves the victim and kills the killer first before he reaches the victim ! :) That will save your image from a horror film :)
    Perhaps she too can fly together with Tweety Bird :) Yeah!
    Looking forward to that !
    Nothing is impossible …if you just believe…>>><3 :)

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  9. melisma22 says:
    As an old timer I know most of her story while she was growing up. What I can see here in this interview is her spoken English. I can be very sure that she has been taking English classes seriously here in the US (of course by private tutor). She is learning fast and I’m pretty sure she can amaze us even more as her vocabulary builds over time. Really feel happy for her that she is making progress.

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  10. anniefound says:
    Charice, what an amazing beautiful woman you have become. The beauty that is inside you is the one that captures every chaster’s heart. From the inside out, it’s a complete package! Beauty that is based from an outside appearance only gives a temporary glow. But your beauty Charice radiates from your heart and soul, through your music and beautiful voice. I am one of those chasters who look for you everyday, who listen to your music over and over and over and over and over and un-ending over and over. You have inspired the world Charice and you are loved. Take care of yourself, we are praying for you and we’re her to support you all the way. Chasters all the way!

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  11. kingkong98270 says:
    Her interviewing skills have improved a lot. She is so relaxed and is having fun with it. Is it just me, or does she have braces on her teeth?

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  12. redsoxcitizen says:
    I’m floored! What an eloquent and remarkable lady you have turned out Charice! At the age of 7, I was thinking of the number of presents I would be receiving and if its going to top last year’s, but you, whoa…. you were already special back then.. You matured way earlier than the rest of the world. Go spread your music, your life – plenty of people will listen.

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  13. Mharice says:
    You’re very admirable Cha ! A very inspiring role model in terms of determination, commitment , dedication, focus , strength, humility,generosity,compassion, filial pity ,vision ,mission , intention ,purpose , etc., etc.
    Just be careful – whatever you create , you vibrate … choose wisely your lyrics, the words you vibrate are very powerful considering your massive global following … Great power is in your hands !… and great responsibility comes along with it !…
    For me horror films are a negative vibration and direction ( sorry my imagination is very rich and I never liked anything horror ,or they will keep running after me. LoL
    Let’s think of the bright side … Don’t worry , you have the X factor and you are pretty and beautiful inside out . You are blooming , in blossom and in boom… Take good care of your self my dear , we love you and want you to be up there for all the best of times … Good Luck and God Bless always !!! >>><3

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    • nauba says:
      I totally disagree. A good role as a terrifying monster, ghoul, ghost, or creature would be another notch in Charice’s impressive resume. She already loves video games, and in case you’ve never played them, they can be very, dark, immersive experiences. Anyway, no theatrical role playing could equate to the real horror experienced by a young child who watches a psychotic parent point a loaded shotgun to the head of her only “lifeline.” Charice is at least subconciously aware of the evil that lurks in some hearts.

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  14. eye4u says:
    Congrats to CHA and Rolling Stones Japan – what a great interview! You serve as an inspiration for all people in the whole world especially young ones who would want to achieve success despite the roadblocks ahead. CHA didn’t give up and never stopped ‘believin’.

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  15. dabur says:
    IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME…my gosh this girl change my world to the fact that am almost 40 lol..after work i go hurry home get on my gadget and check on the latest on charice this goes everyday since i saw her on oprah.i never never admire any fellow filipino nor international singer before,am hook to the upper level am i insane

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    • romulo magdiwang says:
      @dabur its called chaddiction a form of COD compulsive obsessive disorder. Its a phenomena that afflicts most chasters. But dont be afraid though it may affect your day to day life the results outweighs any negative. This is better than any drug coz no way you can get OD. By the way, chas music helps me to calm down really well whenever I have a “panic attack.” hehehe…

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    • Mamavi says:
      dabur, you’re not the only one. When I heard Lea Salonga’s name in Disney movies(well, my then little daughter used to tell me), I was proud, but something was not enough. Anyway, I was just proud of Lea S. But when couple of years ago I read about Charice on UK news, I thought, I’ll google it. I was directed to YT. So the addiction started. She is the best. I’m not saying this because she’s a Pinoy but because she’s the best. I start and end my day with Charice’s music videos, stories, updates.

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      • noyb says:
        @dabur/mamavi … i think I am even worst. I’m retired in my late 60′s and spend most of my time in the internet. I have a PC, an IPAD-2 and a smartphone … all of the gadgets are fully dedicated to Charice. After reading my email … next step is listening to the music of Charice or reading about her.

        Btw. the interviews showcases the intelligence, sophistication and alluring personalities of Charice. To all her detractors, I can only say, Charice is driving a supercharged “Ferrari” and at the rear view mirror are all the supposed celebrities trying to catch her riding in tricycles and jeepneys.

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    • frfyokohama says:
      @dabur you are not alone. I am likewise insane hehehe. I am only addicted in two things( to Charice and I prefer to mention the other one). I feel this so much urge to check what’s latest her. I sometimes also feel that I need to something with my chaddiction. But after hearing same stories of other chasters, I realized its a normal disorder hehehhe.

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    • DENNIS says:
      She is addictive, you can’t help it, she draws you in and she owns your heart and soul. I’m 61 and I’m just like you. But I don’t care because loving Charice is a gift from God.

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  16. jn says:
    Gosh, nice interview…Charice is more confident, very eloquent in this interview….Learned a lot. Yes, her maturity is beyong her age…
    She grew so fast but at the same time remained.grounded,ever loving and respectful she learned while growing up in the Philippines. I am so proud of her…Good luck, Charice.

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  17. marjz says:
    this is one of her best interviews ever!!!

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  18. Bej says:
    Where are the CRABS?

    No thumbsdown so far hope it will continue or when they come they will hit me first.

    My intuition is they are converted as a CHASTERS.

    BRAVURA !!!

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  19. soulscripts says:
    your the cutest grudge cha!

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  20. champ1990 says:
    So proud of u Cha! We’re gonna b here to support u and buy all ur albums, promise! At the top baby! Woot woot!

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  21. katrina says:
    Charice you surprised me in this interview although practically I know what will be your answers because I’ve been following you on the web but the way you delivered your answers in english was excellent. This one of your interviews that I love. First was the LAX interview when you first came to America second, was the ET uncut interview in Canada. See you at the Araneta Coliseum on the 25th of October. I’m really proud of you.

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    • Mamavi says:
      katrina, Now, I’m so jealous about the 25th October. I was meant to be in Manila that week, but it was moved to December. Dang it! Please don’t forget to take videos of the concert, even if the security guards tells you off! hehe. Looking forward to it. Thanking you.

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  22. Zee says:
    I’m a HUGE One Piece fan :D it started 1999 and it’s still has the magic <3 Just started half way through their adventure (Pirates). It's one the best anime, better than Bleach and Naruto I'd say and Naruto is better than Bleach. The king of kings. If she has a song for One Piece oh man things will be complicated around my brother hahaha.

    Great interview :) Rolling Stone Japan at that.

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    • gensui says:
      Totally Agree!

      One Piece is my top favorite anime/manga and Naruto, Claymore, Bleach, Fairy Tail comes next. Would love for her to work with this top animes.

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  23. EVON, DUBAI says: 33 but i think i learned a lot from charice, i just wish im as strong as her…we love you charice, that’s something that would never change.

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  24. ida says:
    Charice always surprises me because she is a tiny cute bunch of contradiction: a 19 year old lady way too mature beyond her years and a playful kid, who likes XBOX 360 and Doraemon. She’s definitely set herself apart from celebrities – a girl so talented and successful who is so grounded and intelligent. Mommy Raquel lucked out on this kid, I tell you.

    The part that hit me was on how she handles the negative comments on how she looks. That hurtful words are just words – its definitely up to you if you want to be depressed or just brush it aside, be strong and prove to the world that that there is something more intrinsic and important — and that is your belief in your worth as a person. Amazing and very eloquent words from a 19 year old girl. I am still reeling from the interview, so freaking amazing!

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    • khatman says:
      As far as Mommy Raquel having “lucked out on this kid” the same can be said that Charice “lucked out on having a mother like Raquel”. As Celine once said via satellite on Oprah, Charice draws her strength from her mother.

      With regards to the negative comments on her looks, if she reads the comments following her videos she knows that for every negative comment, there are a thousand comments that are positive that recognize and praise her inner beauty and talent and wish they had a daughter like her.

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  25. MingPin says:
    Thanks for sharing, Moofin!

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  26. CLFan says:
    All I can say is…W O W !!!! Is she really 19??? LOL (^o^). She has the maturity way beyond her years…I am so proud of you Charice. You are truly one of a kind. More power and always remember we chasters are here to support you all the way. TO THE TOP BABY !!!

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  27. chit says:
    Charice is greatly more confident and fluent in this interview. She’s grown! Congratulations! (I’d also like to give credit to the interviewer who allowed the interviewee to speak without any interruptions. Good job to you as, well.)

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  28. charchar says:
    Charice if Im your mother I would be jumping and screaming right now. Your almost sounds like my daughter just talk away with the interview. I am dumbfounded right now a mother too you make me proud.

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  29. camo says:
    aww charice ur so articulate now great so happy for you keep doing ur thing princess we love you keep rocking.

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  30. NYChaster says:
    WOOT… I Haven’t been first in a while~! Charice rocks~! The greatest role model and inspiration of ALL time~! <333 =D

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