Rolling Stone Japan Interviews Charice

Rolling Stone Japan Interviews Charice

Charice loves Japan and so do the Japanese!  Rolling Stone, the respected music magazine, interviewed Charice when she was in Japan to promote her new album “Infinity”.  Rolling Stone is indeed showing her a lot of love by featuring her video interview on the front page of their website!

There are three parts to this fairly long interview.  In part one, find out about the challenges involved in “Infinity”.  In part two, Charice shares what she thinks about criticism and how old she thinks she is.  In part three, she calls out to Japanese animation studios and offers her talent!  In all parts, Charice shows amazing humility, maturity and intelligence which should hopefully silence her critics, or at least make them change their minds about her.

Part 1

Please tell us about your second album which was released this month.

Your previous album charted in Billboard’s top 10 albums.

It seems that your mother was the one who taught you how to sing.

What do you think when people say you have a miraculous voice?

When you were little, did you ever think that you would become this famous?

Part 2

Tell us about the time you started singing.

What made you start joining singing contests?

Part 3

What is singing and music to you?

Tell us about your impressions of Japan.

Which places in Japan do you like?

What if one of your songs becomes the theme song of “One Piece” (animation)?

What do you want to do next?

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51 Responses to “Rolling Stone Japan Interviews Charice”

  1. luvkcha09 says:
    Such an intelligent, wise, sensible young Charice. She learned from her life experiences and becomes more determined and strong and kind person. A lot of people growing under those conditions would have been defeated by circumstances but not Charice. That is why she touches people when she sings. She feels and she has lived life and understands life. After listening to this interview I know why I cry when I hear her sing. She touches my core, she gets inside me and connects heart to heart like no other performer. I love you Charice. Yes, that is a great advise you have given, Don’t listen to nay sayers, listen to the people who matter to you and be true to yourself always.

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    • sandybeach says:

      Listening her singing always makes me cry, too. I agree she’s one of those few real performers who can actually touch listeners’ hearts..there is definitely something special in her voice and performance.

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  2. FLTom says:
    Love you, love you, Charice. What a fine person you are. Your great heart always shines through.

    Feed your head Charice. Read the great books. Tax your intelligence. You have a good mind, and a strong one. Develop it.

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  3. cambsgirl says:
    Wow, Charice is getting better with her interviews. You can see a more mature, confident and focused Charice in this interview. I got her Infinity album and all the tracks are awesome ! This album will definitely catapult her to greater heights of stardom. To the top Baby! :)

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  4. melinda says:
    She makes us proud of our country. She’s only young but mature outlook in life. Everyday I am in Youtube to check what the latest about her. I have watched her various performances and she absolutely getting better and better. I only found her accidentally on Youtube because I don’t know her and never heard of her and one time I was reading one of the leading newspaper here in UK and mentioned a girl from the Philippines, infact the way the reporter described her singing with a lot of shouting. I then become interested on her and now I become addicted to her. Before I go to work I have to listen to her singing in Youtube or watch her concert any program she was in I have to watch it. I am very proud of her. When I hear someone making comment in her singing or appearance it makes me cross.

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  5. dolores says:
    i love you Charice!just keep on going,rest assured we are always praying for you and your family.veramente braaaaava!!!

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  6. Erika says:
    Charice, you’re an AMAZING young lady. I’ve learned a lot from you on this interview. God bless you and your family always.

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  7. MrsCue says:
    I wish the interviewer would stop saying, “Mm hmm… Mm hmm…” That got annoying real quick.

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  8. kumform says:
    WOW! I’m loving Part 2! You could see how Charice has grown to be a mature,wise and very strong woman! It feels great that we’re all assured that she’s definitely surrounded by great people with her strong positive outlook in life and her endless humility!

    To all haters and naysayers, there you go. She doesn’t get affected by what you say. So whether you keep nitpicking and ranting how she’s not “good enough” to cater worldwide or not, it doesn’t kill her. So go on and stress yourselves, because your efforts are futile. Mind you, it keeps her stronger. And the Chaster community as well.

    God bless you always Charice! You go girl! :))

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  9. krazyforyou says:
    Excellent! Love you Charice!You are so much better now! God bless you more!

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  10. Cecile j says:
    Am also a chaddicted 51 yr old… And I thought I was one of the the interview.. She is getting better and better.. Can’t wait for a CNN intrrview.. Can’t find the BBC interview in Singapore.. Pls help

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  11. ram says:
    we must accept that charice is changing a genre because this is what music scence is all about right now… so we must not be disappointed if she is not belting so much right now with such high notes before… as what she said in the interview above….. as a chaster undeniably shes always amazing for me what ever she will do……

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