“Louder” Music Video Debuts on Japanese TV

“Louder” Music Video Debuts on Japanese TV


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  1. gonerunner says:
    well after all is said and done ….more is said that HARMS. This video is a work that took them quite some lenght of time and preparations. It takes someone who are into the business to determine what is cheap and crappy. For me this video is a just a background that never distract my love for charice and her voice. You want a good video just watch a dvd from a well budgetted hollywood film. you want a great singer just listen to charice…. the rest is just cosmetics. we are brainwashed by those magnificent MVs that is loud, obscene, erotic, that hides the superficial talents that it carries. charice doesnt need this type of packaging. she herself is what you get no more no less. wash your brains all of you who seem to miss the whole point of this video. its about the VOICE.

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  2. Tsarisima says:
    There’s too much concern and defense here over the right to say what’s on one’s mind. Too much concern over the dislike button as if it has any meaning whatsoever when scientifically it has no basis whatsoever. Having said that, if this MV production is any indication of how Charice record label thinks or feel about her then I’d say time for Charice to find a new label.

    This is no quality video and its not even ugly art. It’s very dark, lackluster and an insult to Charice. I had envisioned a colorful video with a storyline with more complete dancing from Charice.

    Charicemania is the dominant fan website for Charice and I am sure Charice herself reads some of the comments. I hope she and her management will heed the comments here and improvenon next video. Why do anything if you’re going to do it half-ass? Quality begets quality. This video just looks ‘poh’.

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  3. jess bird says:
    i believe everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. no problem on that issue. as to my punto de vista i would say this is a great MV. our charice is also maturing and the outfit and the style of the MV just fits her. as a chaster, i love charice as a package. not only her songs, whatever genre it is,but also the bridges she crossed and continue crossing everyday, the life she travelled and continue travelling each day, these are the points that make me believe in her and these points are making her music so great and blown me away each time i hear them. go charice!!!!more power!!!

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  4. RiaUlsson says:
    I think this video is not an official one because Charice deserve better quality music video than this one. This one seemed made by some Filipino producer as i can see in the beginning, who only spend little money to produce this video. Chasters dont get me wrong but if you look at any singer’s video out there, this video is definitely not up to par.

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  5. Nep says:

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  6. james says:
    guyz i think we need to really pay attention to some constructive criticisms this time..first time i’ve read more than 4 people posting the same sentiments..i’m not saying (and i know i’ll be getting a lot of bad remarks on this)that i agree with all of their comments,but i think its pretty obvious that the tone is more on the concern side and not to bash charice(if we are openly minded)…we can’t just always say nice things to her,even if it doesnt look nice,she is no longer the baby that we used to adore,its going to be tougher on her this time coz this will really determine her talent,even david foster is letting her go to prove that she can make it even without the support or “alalay” from big names..gone are the days of David foster with charice or Oprah and charice..this time its charice and her talent….yes we are not critics but we are her audience,i think its best that she hears it first from us…remember guyz american audience are more brutal…at least here we still see the word “pardon” or “forgive me”….

    the MV is good,,,but not the best….her voice will never be an issue..always flawless..and please stop saying that we are just pretending to be chasters or crabs..in the first place why would we even spend time to watch and analyze what won’t work or will work on the video if we are just pretending..what the hell would this benifit us..

    charice is growing,we also need to grow….

    now you can click the dislike sign

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  7. Chafan says:

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  8. justjames says:
    All I do is watch and enjoy in the morning when I wake up. The whole day as a do my exercise and in the evening couple of hours before i go to bed. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. Love Charice. Enjoy the video and listen to her music the whole day.

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  9. Unjynkz says:
    Well, the MTV looks pretty decent to me.
    Yes there is a “but” coming..hehe. Hope you wont dismiss my comment as mere cynical but yeah, i do understand the sentiments of the other fans…we don’t want to settle for just decent…we want GREAT! and rightfully so because our little girl wonder deserves no less.
    IMHO a few more seconds showing those dance moves wouldn’t have hurt a bit and may even have made a big difference. The only reason I’m saying this is that she looks so good in that dance sequence, the look, the get-up! the cool dance moves! sorry I just cried out waaahhh…bitin!(for short of translation!) :)

    Or maybe that’s the whole idea! now I’m hooked for more!
    gotta love Charice!

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  10. Lol says:
    Ok, you made your point…but don’t use all CAPS or you’ll be banned, lol. It means shouting at us.

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    • luckieme510 says:
      @ lol.. that’s was her point. osuna is shouting so that everyone will hear. hehe.. lol! thumbs up @ osuna. :)

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    • osuna says:
      he….he….he….got your attention huh ? “Lol” let those ..(edited) suffer….for as long as Charice is around…they will be be mentally tortured, stressed out and will be thinking….”HOW COULD THIS “No Star Quality and No Star Look” is so popular in U. S. A.??? while I am here cant get my US VISA approved and been waiting for 20 years now…..he..he..he…(just kidding) and she even rubbed elbows with hollywood stars ? and my IDOL here in P. I. cant get noticed ??????not even in YOU TUBE (edited)…LOL…
      have a nice days folks or nights….$$$$$$$$$$ = CHARICE !!!!
      Pls. I don’t have to remind nor warn you ….-Schoen

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      • Jojo says:

        Osuna I’m just curious what does “BELAT” means? is it an antidote for the crabs?

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        • osuna says:

          Its not a bad word, its something like a funny “humilation” terminology, like sticking your tonque to someone or “rubbing it in” or making faces when making faces to someone when they make a mistake, it really a “bantering” or similar…Can someone explain it any better…..LOL

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  11. efryll says:
    arguments and negative comments everywhere..chk…chk…chk… what’s wrong with this music video??? have you seen all those music videos from all those other famous artists??? geeeezzzz people… this maybe a lot different from her other music videos, but really saying that this is cheap… could somebody explain to me why is it CHEAP??? what??? is it because she’s doing some sexy moves and you think it doesn’t suit her??? seriously… I really like this MV… sure, there’s still a room for improvements but in my opinion this is far from being CHEAP or CRAPPY… fine, I know, people are entitled to their opinions but really is it too much to ask to stop being HARSH??? try constructive criticism… that would be a lot more helpful…

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    • Marcos says:
      This videos lacks creativity… We are in a world that demands creativity. Video with context, story, lines, sense, sequences, moves, reactivity with lyrics and emotions….

      This video have just… Charice.

      They could’ve think better.

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  12. specs says:
    great music video. kudos!

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  13. auau says:
    Omg! Chaos, chaos, chaos! There are many Chasters who see nothing wrong with this music video of Louder song by Charice; there are others who say this video is a little short of their expectations. No matter what your opinion is, I would like to beg everyone to purchase this music video for your collection, for the simple reason that when you buy this video, you are buying history, and we are definitely part of that history because of our discussions here. Someday, we can all look back at how we felt and voiced our opinions. No matter how this video looks to us, this video will be a collectors’ item that we’ll be talking about for generations to come. This is as much our journey as it is Charice journey, and we are very unique groups of fanatics. So everyone, especially those who can afford, start buying on Tuesday, when the said real and official video comes out. Enjoy.

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  14. flowjam21 says:

    i just love MV of Louder….i see the different of Charice here….

    i enjoy watching this MV….and i can’t even wait to see On Full HD….hope as soon as possible will release not just only in Japan but Worldwide Premier.

    for negative critics about the Louder MV…thank you.it was your opinion…:-)

    for those liking the MV of Louder.let just enjoying the video…and sing along with Charice…Malaysian Chaster’s here:-)God bless you all

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  15. Marcos says:

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    • yours4everz says:
      @Marcos, well, if you want to hide away Charice videos to your friend…go ahead…bec. here, we all want to hide away your nonsense comments, LOL,LOL

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  16. william says:
    I don’t see anything wrong with the video.
    I actually like it.
    The only thing wrong here I guess are the mentality of others who don’t know how to appreciate things and would always waste their time envying those who are on the top of their career.

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  17. kumform says:
    I was expecting more from the MV. Too much switching scenes that it gets annoying. IF (Again, if) this is the official MV then I think it’s a total letdown. Comparing this with Pyramid and One Day MVs, it looked way too cheap.

    Come on, I’ve been supporting Charice since her Star King appearance and I’ve been a fan ever since but I don’t care if I get so many thumbs down with voicing out my opinion on this. I just want the best for her. They got to market this song right if they want a break-out song that will catapult her to the top of the charts. And this MV isn’t visually appealing nor a good start for the marketing strategy. Give her the right shots for her dance scenes so she could showcase her talent in it! Damn.

    Again, this is my review as a fan.
    I’m crossing my fingers that this isn’t the official one.

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    • Rholand says:
      i love charice too but i agree with you. if the management do want charice to rise to the top, they have to come up with a catchy MV. and this isnt a catchy one. yap, production cost is obvious with this one: low budget. oh well, i wont stop supporting charice, this video is a total letdown!

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  18. francene143 says:
    wow!charice is very sophisticated in this mtv!and its done with “A” class! bravo!!!

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  19. mistress_kisara says:

    I love Charice and the song Louder! but this video is just not good it looks really cheap…

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  20. chelsea says:

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    • auau says:
      Almost 10 years ago, I heard to make a decent music video for a 3 minute song you could spend $300,000 and it takes 3 days to shoot. Usually a video is a follow up to a cd that has been selling well already; very seldom it is done for the purpose of promoting a new song. When the song or an album is a hit, it’s almost guaranteed the video that follows will be a hit as well. It’s usually the money from the brisk sale of the album or single that is used to make the music video.

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  21. lurker2011 says:

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    • AncientChaster says:
      This video was taken I think shooting a TV broadcast hence the poor quality. I agree with the low budget appeal of this video. I can’t say what I rather want for this MV without insulting the director and the producer. I’d just wait for a better one next time. Maybe I don’t need to make comments good or bad. SIGH#%*

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  22. Mharice says:
    I love the “Louder” song – it means a lot to many – like this “journey” from the head to the heart …
    I feel the deeper meaning isn’t quite captured in this MVideo …
    there are so many ways to interpret it anyway for the many types of fans and clearly this video has been satisfactory for many but can’t really please all.
    Me i’d love it to be fancier , more colorful and with a lot of clear scenes and dance moves . Peace ! Love >3

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  23. Mellilot says:
    Sometimes you cannot just support her by way of acceptance and cheers & I LOVE YOU!!!!…you should tell her what you expect more of her as a fan, let her take in the ideas/criticism, and let her think how she can adjust to make her even more successful.

    At least she can tell the director or discuss with them what she wants in that MV, what she thinks its right, including what we had said overall. She cant please everyone in the world, but at least make this louder MV better.

    I personally feel based on this demo or whatsoever, hopefully its not the real deal. I want to see more dancing moves from her in the rain, thats soooooo cool. SO COOL. so please stop switching scenes, lets her dance moves guide us through the rhythm!!

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  24. Mellilot says:
    Its criticism for her own good, its our opinion that she will thrive even further, we cannot support her as chasters and just accept whatever her production team throw at us, like that, her fan base wont grow, not until those non-chaster heard her sing live/youtube, they wont be chasters, therefore I wont say its a crap MV and throw in criticism, I will just comment here how i feel…


    Stop switching too much scenes. The dance move can express out the rhythm. Besides MJ dance moves, i rarely see her dance with her own dance moves. So get it??? I wan more dance scenes…pfft

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  25. Aquar says:
    Guys, when someone like Charice being criticize, like in this MV, it doesn’t follow that those are purely crabs. Yes, we intend to dislike people who always look on the negative side of things on Charice, but please let us not forget what Cha has said during her early days interviews that she deals with criticisms and learns to use them in a constructive manner. With regards to this video, some of the people here, perhaps, like any one of us just want to express what they feel. So give them the freedom. They didn’t like the MV that is their opinion. You like it, that’s yours. Personally, I love Charice’s singing here. But…need to wait for the official MV. Maybe then, I can comment whether I like it or otherwise. And for now , I will just need to close my eyes and just listen to the music of this video minus the vid.

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    • big dog says:
      It’s also an opinion if a negative person beeing called a crab…Take it as a positive criticism…hahahaha

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      • auau says:
        Namecalling in general is rude; it is almost as bad as bullying, and rather childish. Everybody should be able to give their honest opinions without compromising good manners. Why not keep the discussion cheerful, pleasant and polite for both sides, keep a positive vibe? There might be something each group can learn from each other.

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  26. Nep says:
    Watch Charice on Japanese TV show “Music Fair” 10/15/11.


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  27. Jojo says:

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  28. YongCha says:
    What you have seen here is a video recorded that is shown in tv in Japan, that’s why you will not appreciate much of the video, wait for you to see the real video in full blast. Don’t say negative words when you don’t watch the official MV uploaded in YT, this a tv recorded video. The video is great and the music as well. We love Charice. :)

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    • YongCha says:

      8 crabster who are still sleeping in their cribs, and yawning in disbelief that they already following our Dear Cha, by giving thumbs down. Just admit that you already love her and you will be happy in your entire life. :)

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  29. AMERICA says:
    LOve the upbeat (LOUDER) and Charice is awesomely beyond what we expect. She is beautiful and fantastic singer in the world.

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  30. suntzu says:
    I love crabs…for a meal, they are very tasty. But not these kind of crabs that are crawling all over this site. They are so bitter.

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