Charice on Japanese TV show “Music Fair”

Charice on Japanese TV show “Music Fair”

OCT. 23 UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED (Far As The Sky) During Charice’s last trip to Tokyo, she taped two episodes of the long-running Japanese music program “Music Fair”. The show is not only known for the singers and the songs, but it is renowned for the quality of the music, the beautiful imagery and fun conversation among the hosts and guests.

Charice Music Fair Charice on Japanese TV show Music Fair

Her appearance on Music Fair reunites her with the popular Korean boy band CNBLUE. Charice first met them during her third appearance at the Korean talent show “Star King” last 2010. Long-time Chasters may remember how CNBLUE was blown away by Charice with her rendition of “One Moment In Time.” Watch their priceless reactions in this clip: Charice Pempengco on Star King vol.4

The first episode will air

on October 15 (Saturday) from 6:00 pm Japan time on Fuji TV. The airing of the second episode has not yet been officially announced but rumor has it that it will be aired on October 22, which translates to back-to-back appearances by Charice! Check back for videos and more information on the second appearance. Source: Charice’s Warner Music Japan website Pyramid Performance

Charice Pyramid Performing on “Music Fair” from Rocky2008

Far As The Sky

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  1. MsZeroeD says:


    Hmmmm… while I agree with some, I disagree with other. Some people like it and some people don’t. THAT’S OK. We’re humans, we’re allowed different opinions. It’s arrogance to assume that our own point of view is absolutely correct. Now, I’ll share my own arrogance and give my own opinion.

    One Day MV: This video actually gave me mixed feelings. I was very excited listening to the Lyric Video they used to promote the album (and which I shamelessly used to promote Charice to everyone who listens…) and was very excited to hear that a music video is going out!!! Imagine that, Charice who’s done concerts hasn’t had an international music video. while even YT singers have their own videos to promote their songs. Final appearance of the video, the only part that really let me down was that yellow-blue ensemble along with her make-up (‘coz i PERSONALLY hate the yellow-blue couple) but otherwise it was a great video!!! I think its great because for a production of that budget, the video actually looked great and the resolution and lighting very clear and pleasing to MY eyes. If I compare that video to other artists — well, I don’t really, because I’m biased towards Charice and… that’s the end of that. I’m a poor student who’s saving all her money just to buy even one of her album and I’m happy to be able to watch her MV in YT free of charge.

    One Day PV: While the styles are really sharp and very beautiful, I think the video’s presentation is more objective than the first. (Yes, this is biased because I watched the first video more and its just that Charice’s actions here are more “limited” than her first video and Charice LOVES to move. I’ve never even seen her just standing rigid, even when she’s sitting she’s all movement, music and glory). But this video is just apple candy and as I said, the more videos the better!!!

    Louder MV: Many are saying that the video’s too fast, some not quite enough action. I who LOOOOVVEEESSS watching videos and is NO WAY an expert in music and directing or anything near those profession and is actually a bit tone deaf, actually LOVES the video. Sure, for me the speed is actually average, being young, I grew up with today’s music videos changing perspectives and wardrobes so fast and STILL KEEP UP with it and APPRECIATE the skill and effort to make those videos change views fluidly and in time with the beat. I’ve seen MANNNNYYYYY videos faster than that and it doesn’t bother me a lick. Some saying that there’s not enough dancing… well. there’s more dancing in the video than I’ve actually seen her do for a long while and she looks great while doing it too so I’ve got no complaints. People, be thankful that there’s even a music video. Don’t thank anything for granted, and don’t take Charice for granted. If you don’t like the video much, help scrunge funds and find people that YOU think can do a better job and help PAY them to make a music video. As I, a struggling college student, can’t even afford to BUY new singles, I’m not really complaining [much] about the videos. Just Hallelujah that YT exists as I find DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitvid and JWplayer freaking hard to DL videos so I can enjoy them anywhere anytime.

    Cheers to Charice, to those who support her (no matter how poor, how tone-deaf, how creepy and how possessive and obsessed we might be), to those who actually are able to buy her album and songs, to those who can attend her concerts, to people (like these admins) who dedicate their time to help increase Charice’s popularity, and to God whom many Christians pray!!! May Charice’s career continue despite “CHATERS —> [c]HA[s]TERS” (lol, chasters)!!!

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  2. adie andrews says:

    I should admit that I didn’t heard about her by now but she is amazing and so talented. Not mentioning the incredible charisma which everyone could feel only by looking at her.

    Greets apartments for the Olympics

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  3. auau says:

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    • Mooffin says:

      “Me, I’m tired of thinking, talking, and reading about the clothes.”

      so why the long comment? her outfit was not as terrible as you say. come here to tokyo and see half the population wearing a similar blouse. it is a matter of taste. what you think is “horrendous” is fashion forward to others.

      why force your taste on charice?

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  4. anniefound says:
    Nothing of Charice or from Charice should come out short of a Chaster’s expectation. If you are a fan of Charice you must be ready to embrace all of Charice being the person she is, being the performer she is, how she dresses and is dressed, how she talks and asked to talk. The best support we can give her is to pray for her and to affirm our love for her by talking about her with our friends and love ones in endorsing her songs.
    By the way, to our beloved Charicemania why are there no videos from DFF Manila performance yet? I am just asking. I went to You tube and found some already. I know soon it will come up and it will be of quality and am looking forward to that. Thanks for all the hard work. Guys, we are all here because of Charice. Let’s just all be ONE united in spirit. Peace and sweet blessings to all!

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    • Yobhtron says:

      I’m wondering too as to why there’s no update after the DFF Japan stint. It seems our beloved Admins are engrossed in watching the numerous Chavideos! :)

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    • Mooffin says:

      Thank you for your comment. DFF Manila article just posted “Back Home With Charice & Chasters”.

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  5. hermiemel says:
    With Japan, second largest entertainment market in the world falling hard for Charice, David Foster’s prediction that the next “superstar” will come from Asia is fast becoming a reality.

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  6. Nep says:
    Watch Charice-David Foster Featured on Bandila 10/24/11.

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  7. cc says:

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    • stone sings says:
      I remember in one of her interview with Billboard that hitting high notes depends on her mood. y

      Base on my observation Charice don’t like hitting high notes when she is sad or tired, which is understandable as she also needs some rests. But when she is in the mood, she likes hitting the high notes.

      My suggestion for Charice: Stay happy and get more rests and relaxation. This will recharge her with more energy which is needed so she can take care of her voice and hit those high notes.

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    • Lolo Menehune says:

      Charice explains in her second Rolling Stones Japan Video tape (see Charicemania Article) that she only listens to positive comments. Because there are always people who will not agree with her decisions, she depends only on professional advice.

      Charice is following that advice as she explains in a thestar Online article “A Sexier Side” by Ian Yee.

      Link: A sexier side via @addthis

      “Belting high notes all the time is not good for the voice. So for me, I just try to limit it, but still try to sing the same songs that people love watching me sing. I’m 19 now and I don’t wanna turn 21 and lose my voice!”

      Remember her advice from David Foster about the dangers of “whistling” ala Mariah that she also follows.

      There are valid reasons why she does things. Just love and support her. Any comments should be directed to Official Charice website run by Warner Brothers Music Group.

      Aloha Chasters, we may not always agree but decisions should be based on valid professional reasons not on personal opinions.

      Mahalo(thankyou) for supporting Charice,

      Lolo Menehune

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    • tnt says:

      Charice doesnt want to sing high notes simply because thats the order of her manager…shes no longer amateur now…shes nothing to prove now hayyyyy hina naman

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  8. Lisbon says:
    I really don’t like some posts that I read in this topic. Yes, this will definitely disappoint Charice. She worked hard on a music video to end up being criticized by her fans. I hope they really are true fans. Yes, for me, the music video isn’t as great as those being released by Rihanna or Britney but it isn’t a video with poor quality in production. I can see that she’s having fun in the music video. She looks comfortable with what she wears. If you have a problem regarding her fashion style then we love to hear suggestions from you or you may email her team.

    I enjoyed watching her music video. I love it. I don’t care what you would say. It isn’t being a mediocre. Everytime she performs, she’s always on top of her game. I just can’t be bothered by those outfits or make-ups. Those are the things that most crabs would love to say something against her.

    I’ve been reading every article here in Charicemania for about 3 years now. This is a site for Chasters and soon-to-be Chasters and all crabs are NOT welcome. If you are a crab, just show some respect because nothing that you’d say will have an effect on our Chaddiction.

    Peace to all. :)

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  9. Thomas James Norman says:
    If you think Charicemania is not worth her time, you are suggesting that the efforts of all Chasters and those in Charicemania, do not rhyme with the very purpose of our endearing engagement. I believe that Charice values Chasters and their time spent on protecting and supporting her. I don’t find Chit’s suggestion to be negative neither your direct reference against many Chasters.

    You don’t need to be so irked. Your defensive and enraged personality, when Chasters write something you disagree, are taking your fanaticism to be so subjective. Fans are here to support, but the American music demographics can be fanatic as well as very objective.

    It would be a disgrace and unfair for fans to be reprimanded by a fellow fan for her concern on his or her perception on how a fan’s idea can be it.

    Loyalty is a two-way street. Every time any one writes, reprimanding Chasters to simply shut up and keep their ideas to themselves is rude. It essentially suggests that this forum means nothing to Charice. I doubt it if Charice and her staff have never checked this site to collect data to develop marketing models to study and identify the needs of her most ardent supporters. I believe that she supports this site so well.

    I don’t understand this mentality of mad hysteria against any one who shares their ideas out of concern for her. They are not saying that their ideas are great and must be used. They just want to share, plain and simple.

    If the one who had initially posted Charice’s videos before she got discovered in the US, would have listned to comments like the ones that are posted here and felt stress by the language used– we would not know if Charice would have had that same opportunity.

    He took upon him the risk of taking chances. He believed in Charice, and he also believed that his marketing idea would work. Luckily, ZIFI and others may have have not known him tham and had not called him someone who simply needed attention and to profit from her.

    He is not a well established promoter, producer, songwriter, PR person– he is a nurse who knew then that Charice’s talent had been maligned in the Philippines. He felt obligated to to do the marketing strategy he could to get the attention of Ellen and Oprah. He took the risk and time, calibrating his scheme of engaging more to watch and dispelled negativity from others like ZIFI.

    ZIFI should shut up. Chit was doing what the role of a real Chaster. We cannot just always say that Charice’s decisions were always right. Charice, like any one of us, is human. We all make mistakes. Those who truly love us are forthright and creative, and are not blinded by their insatiable obsession.

    Listening from those who care for her is a great tool for success.

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    • ZiFi says:

      Your posts is kinda contradictory. Which side of the argument are you exactly with?

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    • nordin says:
      For all Charice’s fans suggestions, opinions, ideas and so on are all valid. But who do you think Charice will listen to, from her management that been there done that and well versed when it comes to Star making or from her fans that has good/great suggestions, opinions and ideas but they have no credibility?

      Even myself I have a lot of ideas but I cannot guarantee it will going to work because it was never been done. Just like Charice as an Asian Diva, When and where did you see an Asian artist like Charice that penetrated the music industry mainstream? None.

      You cannot compare Charice to American and European artists because you just cannot, she is unique.

      In my observation her management is still testing the water. They will keep on trying different strategies. You notice her debut album was released end of the year and the sophomore will going to be released the beginning of next year. They are testing it which one will be more successful.

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  10. londoner says:

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    • stone sings says:
      Just re-posting the comment of ZiFi:

      “You know what the problem is with Charice? Possessive fans and some of her fans who have illusions that they are experts on how to promote her.”

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    • stone sings says:
      Charice is singer and not a model. What I love and like about Charice is that she is a REAL person. She is not pretentious.

      Real inner beauty radiates. Its sad how our modern world is more concern of what lies outside instead of looking the person inside. Maybe its because it easy to judge other just the way they look. But you will never know the person if you just look at them outside.

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    • DENNIS says:
      To answer your question she picks the clothes she likes, to be edgee , and confortable. She is very aware of her style and yes she does have advisors. And no she is not a tomboy, she is a young lady who can were what she chooses.

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  11. palaginghuli says:
    When a record company makes a video, they have a budget. The budget depends on how popular the star is. Let’s say Beyonce, will have a pretty big budget, because she is a big star. Charice I would say now is quite popular in Japan, and I think this is the reason why they can afford to put away a budget to redo her video. They expect to get back what they spent. Also the One Day video has a sponsor – Acuvue, so they can make a bigger production. Let’s admit it, Charice is still not quite in the American mainstream consciousness. Her video budget will not be as big as Selena Gomez’s. Charice is actually lucky to even have a budget for a music video. In saying that, for what I believe was a small budget, the director did a pretty good job. Remember that producers expect a return of their investment. Costumes, lighting, special effects, and especially people etc. need money. They based that on how much her previous album made. Should they produce then a million dollar video, if they are not even sure that the album will sell? Now, if her Infinity album sells let’s say 500,000 copies on the first week, you can bet your sorry *****, that her next video will have bells and whistles. This is how the world of capitalism works, people. Reading the comments of people here who complain, I just grieve at the ignorance. If you want to see better Charice music videos, buy her album! Download her songs! Spread the word, so more people will know her. The more popular she is, the more album she sells. The more popular she is the better the videos are, because the budget set aside for her will be bigger. Then you get what you want. Either that, or you fork up the money and produce the music videos yourself!

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  12. buenchico says:

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    • abeng1127 says:
      yeah..ashanti sang nice another version IWALY , but the last part HIGH NOTES.. I scream too.. oh my little gurl you are THE ONE and ONLY after whitney.. registered TRADE MARK

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  13. Angelface101 says:
    If I got everything right – I think Charice herself “never” read or advised not to read all our comments here. For that matter one can never assume that they are directly communicating with Charice, hence no need for those unsolicited suggestions. No one knows if they even reach her management. Now, if this POST itself ever reach her management, then I will strongly suggest that an email or a corporate address must be published by her managers (If there’s one already then I do not know if all her fans knew this). This emails or letters will be only seen by the eyes of her managers – no one else. This will stop all the bickerings and squabblings all over the internet exposing the nastiness and insensibilities of those acting/pretending like know-it-all individuals. We are family – everything said must be said discreetly without exposing it to the whole world and revealing all the rubbish that should have been kept amongst us, if at all. Finally if YOU still want to dishearten and demoralize Charice just continue what you’re doing it’s your mind but her life at stake here. I remain..

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  14. 28venice says:

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  15. chasterdad says:
    Take it from an old Chaster and a father at that. Not everything that Charice does are perfect. In fact, most of the time she has it right, but what about those times that she does’nt. Looking at the overall picture,it might not be perfect as to what everyone expects something to come out however hard someone does to make it as best as they can.

    In the case of the “Official Louder” video, all I can say is that Charice as usual was at her best, however the production was’nt…..two different issues.

    Now if a Chaster does observe and be verbal about something wrong with something to do with Charice, does that Chaster instantaneously be labelled a “Hater”. a poseur” or a “crab”?

    It’s something like my children’s report cards. You know something is amiss and you tell them to imporove out of concern and love and not because you hate them or anything of that sort.

    That’s just what it is and I say it for what it truly represents and this is out of love and concern for Charice. Having been an ardent supporeter and fan since her Philippine days, we wish her trajectory to continually soar upwards.

    So does saying something factual and true make me a pariah of the Chaster community? Hope not. All I am saying here and I guess a number of other real and sincere Chasters is that the “Louder” video sucks bigtime in terms of production……really. gauge that against the “One Day” Japanese video and you get what I mean.

    Sometime we do make mistakes, Chgarice is no exception no matter how good she is. I am a Chaster but not dillussional. rabid or fanatically sychophantic.

    It is not about Charice’s talents in singing, dancing, the way she speaks or how she dresses-up. This is about the quality of her production done by people wprking for a video score. This is not about Charice and this is a whole load of difference.

    That’s the end of it and peace to all Chasters.

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  16. chit says:

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    • Thomas James Norman says:
      I have commented in the past about “Far as the Sky” to be so melodramatic and poetic, as if the Japanese original lyrics were literally translated to English (All the shining lives will gather to retain. The Symphony, A massive harmony… Spare the strength to brighten up the weakened world. Far as the sky, we got to watch for all the caring souls…)

      I got devoured for rendering my objective critique, being called having a crab mentality. It’s rather bizarre that many Chasters would react in such antagonistic and very fanatically one-sided verbal reprisal.

      I understand Charice’s decision to accept the “Far as the Sky” project. I disagree, however, with Chit’s comment. Nonetheless, she is a Chaster, who was simply sharing her sincere concern for Charice. I don’t find the comment to be a pretense or an illusion of being an expert. Being a Chaster shares this psychological trait of being obsessive and protective. Being possessive would be way too extreme, since no one can claim ownership of Charice.

      I find ZIFI’s comment to be a form of cyber bullying. We cannot all agree for the mere purpose of agreeing. Some Chasters are very protective. Chit used the word, concerned. That’s truly powerful and endearing. If ever Charice gets to read it, she will not take this to be offensive.

      “Far as the Sky” received many negative reviews, when it was leaked first, and then eventually sold in Japan. The lyrics and the music were so melodramatic, which perfectly matched the drama series it was intended to be used. After a month of being floated on YouTube using a music video, it generated little interest here in the US. Chasters, who called me a crabster, reasoned that the song was intended for the Japanese market, which unfortunately had also faded in the Japanese radar. We are grateful to the Japanese for their strong support of Charice. Producers and singer make mistakes. They need to feel the rhythm of the market, and Chit is a part of it.

      She is learning to reinvent herself and make decisions. She knows what she wants as an artist and songs that can capture her targeted market demographics. She is just 19 and learning to be independent. At this time, she still needs to be supportive to those music industry moguls, who have helped her reach this high.

      David Foster seems to understand Charice’s desire to make most of those artistic decisions. Charice cannot have them all. David Foster once said that a Canadian artist has to work twice harder to make it in the US. Charice has to do it ten times more.

      Her new album has always been referred to as Infinity’s Japan version. I won’t be surprised if Far as the Sky and New World are replaced for the album’s North America’s release.

      The music video of Louder is awesome. I like her close-ups, showing various emotions. It shows Charice with a sexy attitude. I love when she let her hair fly as she turned her head in slow mo. The dancing was just right. Had it been overdone, we would not be able to have those great close-ups.Love the rain, shining beads and the dark background. They are all symbolic of the meaning of the song. The dark and lonely background have been outshone by Charice’s message of moving on amid others who try to put her down. The rain and darkness do not fear but strengthen her to loudly say that she alone can make things happen for her. It is an excellent MV.

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      • auau says:
        I’m glad and amazed that we see and talk about some similar stuff in the Louder mv(honestly I love the whole song except for the intro that doesn’t seem to work well, and I’ve been crucified because I was quick to pan when it was used as opening for mini concert); I’ve been replying to some comments, and explaining some things, and there you are, and it seems I’m reading from a very learned and accomplished writer. As you can see I am really inexperienced, but I’m very emotional about everything that is happening with Charice; that’s why I started participating in the discussion. Anyway I’ve read some of your comments and I appreciate your contribution. We’re all for our love of Charice! Salute.

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      • ZiFi says:
        Cyber bullying…heh! I understand constructive criticism but you people are just too negative. You go to Charice’s music videos and what you see are fans who are complaining about her makeup, her dress, her music videos, her choice of songs, etc., etc., etc. Why don’t you for once not criticize and learn to just tell people how much you love, enjoy and appreciate her music? You worry your hearts out about her success that what you are actually doing is bringing her down with your constant complaining. I sometimes wonder if Charice ever feels good about herself being that even her supposed fans have almost nothing good to say about her and her music.

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  17. ZiFi says:
    You know what the problem is with Charice? Possessive fans and some of her fans who have illusions that they are experts on how to promote her.

    You know, you people should just shut your traps, listen to her music and tell other people about her. Okay…? Okay? ;(

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  18. josep says:

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    • auau says:
      Hello josep! I feel like I’m the one who opened a can of worms, so let me address this topic. First of all I appreciate your great concern about Charice; we are alike in the way we don’t want some people take advantage of her by using her, name and her popularity, to make something cheap and ugly, to sell and to make a quick buck out of her. This is good that we feel and express our concern in this forum, so these people will be able to read this, and therefore may stop their intent to do so. We all know about how Charice was dogged where she came from in the Philippines, and a lot of her fans will probably not like if vultures will follow her when working in the States.
      I didn’t like the first version of Louder mv that was a recorded copy when released on some foreign tv, because that was darker and there were many things I couldn’t see, however I changed my mind after I’ve seen the final version. The final version showed more the art on it, including the freeze frame and slo-mo of close up shots and dance steps, and the part where Charice was somewhat tossing her hair in freeze/slo-mo is unusually beautiful. There were also great photographic angles of dance movements, of the legs and hand gestures. Charice was also photographed well in several flattering outfits, that showed her maturity.
      It’s a rule for me to look for diagonal lines(forward and backward slashes; /;\), because they say that in general, we look at artwork, and our eyes travel the path of letter Z or a number 7, and that’s how we consider if the work is pleasing and interesting, or not. The HD of the final mv showed all these qualities, and that’s how I softened my criticism and decided that Louder video is good enough. Of course, there could have been more dancers and choreography, but what’s in the video is enough to support the story in a song, which is about a meditation and reflection after a breakup of a relationship. It could be improved if there is another version to this very danceable music, but I would still say this one is not bad. I’m sure Charice has a lot more surprises(and dances) for us, her fans, in her next projects.

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  19. josep says:

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  20. stone sings says:
    Dont listen to what people say. Listen to your heart Charice.

    Your HAPPINESS is our happiness

    Your joy is our Joy.

    LOVE IS STRONGER than any pressure.

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  21. temeculaCA says:
    Charice really has a photographic memory. Those “Far As The Sky” lyrics are extremely hard to remember. There’s no sense or flow to them. They look like the results one would get from a Google Translate from Japanese to English. I can barely remember the words to a simple song. She’s just AMAZING!

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    • AncientChaster says:
      Same here it’s Google translated verses. For us it’s obvious because we can read and write English very well. For other non-English people it won’t matter to them because you know what I mean.

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  22. Mellilot says:
    One day japanese version IS SO SO SO SOOOOO MUCH BETTER.

    I hope there is a japanese version for LOUDER!!!!!!

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  23. 18wheeleredy says:
    blah !!! blah !!! blah !!!
    No matter what Charice does !!!
    her dress, make ups, her appearance and now her videos ???
    Does it make u all feel better sayin all this craps???
    Complain !!! complain !!! complain !!!
    WELL good for u !!!


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  24. erring_early says:
    eeeps..i love the rain part but i’m guilty too. i did think each scene were cut much too quickly going to the next scene which were too quick again over and over?..hmmm i don’t know

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  25. auau says:
    I think some of the chasters got into protective mood from those who want to make a quick buck out of her but not giving her the best that she truly deserves. The mv of Charice song Louder came out short of her fans’ expectations. Charice probably doesn’t know that some people she works with are not really experts in what they’re doing; the composition leaves something to be desired and there’s a total lack of the use of diagonal lines. Not everything is wrong, because Louder is a beautifully written song with universal message in the lyrics, and a nice catchy melody that stays with you even in your sleep. The rain in the visuals is definitely a plus. I only wish the intro is a little bit longer and builds to match the title and the message of the song. Also it could have been choreographed differently with more dancers showing their moves and also their faces. All in all the video is good, but it’s a little imbalanced.

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  26. tnt says:
    Some Chasters now are starting to complain about the quality of the whole production with Charice…….I can no longer post any comments (i dont know why)in the latest 2 articles….Cheaper production affects Charice performance no matter how good is she….

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