Charice on Japanese TV show “Music Fair”

Charice on Japanese TV show “Music Fair”

OCT. 23 UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED (Far As The Sky) During Charice’s last trip to Tokyo, she taped two episodes of the long-running Japanese music program “Music Fair”. The show is not only known for the singers and the songs, but it is renowned for the quality of the music, the beautiful imagery and fun conversation among the hosts and guests.

Charice Music Fair Charice on Japanese TV show Music Fair

Her appearance on Music Fair reunites her with the popular Korean boy band CNBLUE. Charice first met them during her third appearance at the Korean talent show “Star King” last 2010. Long-time Chasters may remember how CNBLUE was blown away by Charice with her rendition of “One Moment In Time.” Watch their priceless reactions in this clip: Charice Pempengco on Star King vol.4

The first episode will air

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on October 15 (Saturday) from 6:00 pm Japan time on Fuji TV. The airing of the second episode has not yet been officially announced but rumor has it that it will be aired on October 22, which translates to back-to-back appearances by Charice! Check back for videos and more information on the second appearance. Source: Charice’s Warner Music Japan website Pyramid Performance

Charice Pyramid Performing on “Music Fair” from Rocky2008

Far As The Sky

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99 Responses to “Charice on Japanese TV show “Music Fair””

  1. kpoplovecha says:
    whether the PD assign the seating arrangement or not I can’t get over the fact that Yonghwa’s sitting next to Charice. LOL. xD Jonghyun and Yonghwa must have fight over on who’s going to sit next to charice. LOL. kidding! Hoping for Charice & CNBlue collaboration in the future. since they’re label mates under Warner Music Japan I think that’s not impossible. :P

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  2. Mamavi says:
    I can never waste my time worrying about the so-called fake Charice fans. For me, there are individuals whose mission in life are to look for some celebrities to pick on. But, we need them somehow. It goes to show that Charice’s popularity is so overwhelming that haters, envious critters just can’t help but turn lethal. Up to now, I couldn’t believe how successful Charice is. I had the 2 dvds of DFF Hitman played at my guest house for my mostly European friends the other night. I didn’t watch with them as I was attending to some tour bookings(and the mere fact that I have already watched the video 100+x already ). Then, I was called at the tv room. One of the guests handed me a lists of names. ” A German couple said, “Can we buy copies of those dvds?” And few seconds of echo from the other couples. They said they enjoy it immensely, they’re not checking out until I supply them with the dvds. So, I went to, and ordered more than dozens of dvd requested the fastest delivery. The next day, I was invited to watch with them, same dvds. And I was flabbergasted when they press Act 2, #26. They were so overwhelmed and at the same time they were chorously describing the performance to me. One of the French lady said, “You are also Filipino, why don’t you know this little girl Charice, huh?” You are too busy working!” I told them I’ve watched it several times. The commotion attracted the other guests, so we all end up watching the darn dvds for several hours. One Dutch couple already knew about Charice, because of the soccer/football…Anyway, I follow Charice regularly; on YT, and other sites. And I couldn’t believe how high her career has climbed and yet still very humble. My spouse can’t also believe how perfect her voice, her poise and attitude is towards her success. She seems to have managed it so well. Good advisers, maybe and DF as a mentor for one, or Oprah as Guardian. We have watched few of the so-called Pinoy Divas on GMA and ABS-CBN, and my family just had to laugh and can’t watch it without getting a bucket(joke!)(I can’t fathom why some of them shakes and tremble while trying to belt out a song, it’s uncanny!), and calls them ‘Narcissistic performers’, or the self-impressed Divas. My spouse calls it self-absorbed over-acting, try-hard singers. We don’t wish to demean these divas, it’s just the truth. I don’t consider myself as Charice fanatic, and I’m so ready to render my negative opinion when I see something negative on Charice. But damn it, I can’t see any. She’s 99.9% perfect. Touch wood, and I pray to GOD, she’ll stay classy, and a humble Diva. Definitely not Di ba? Peace.

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  3. YongCha says:
    Just follow up YongHwa for someone who doesn’t know he is the one who stand up in the Star King and sang the song “Oetoriya” and the vocalist of the band group CN BLUE, and we all saw that he handshake and hug our Dear Charice and even said that his hand is “shaking”… and silently clapping in his seat.

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  4. YongCha says:
    Hope, Charice and CN BLUE make a collaboration, because last time I watch one of the video of CN BLUE concert in HongKong Yongwha did the pyramid sign and soldier salute (which I guest, our Dear Cha did this sign too in her new song Louder) in the end of his song “Love, love” (Does YongHwa really admired our Dear Charice). So sweet! :)

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  5. chablue says: – Charice and CNBlue together again! longer cut (9 minutes long)

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  6. trishahae says:
    Hey you. yourownpride,I’m not blaming Korea. I said i just can’t help comparing the Japanese’ support from the Korean support. The Japanese give their all-out support to our Princess while the Koreans dilly-dally. Although they discovered Charice, they didn’t follow up on her. I don’t agree with you that it’s in Filipinos to praise other cultures. We certainly know and love our own. Second point, Charice has a massive Filipino fan base even before Korea and America have noticed her. Don’t make it sound that we have come to love our Princess Charice only because Korea or America discovered her. I love her way back her stint at that ABS-CBN singing contest!

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    • yourownpride says:
      Here’s the popular ‘utang na loob’ (debt of gratitude – edited by moderator to reflect English translation) system: i give you this, now give me back something.

      In your own words:

      “we show K-Pop idols how much we love them. Every venue is filled, Filipino fans scream their hearts out for the K-Pop idols. I think it’s about time, Koreans also acknowledge the talent of Filipinos.”

      Now to correct you and let me be the Devil’s advocate (people mistakenly deem this act as being a fake chaster or just plainly non-chaster): Charice did not have a massive Filipino based before Korea and America. Have you even watched both the Filipino-version and the Japanese-version drama/enactment of Charice’s life? I think you better watch them – Oprah asked how Charice was doing back in her country and she was disheartened to know that Charice’s talent was not recognized at all (for those who never know the history — talent is not the only quality sought back there (whatever IT factor it is — it’s not something to appreciate); hence the famous phrase by Charice from Oprah: ‘Do not worry. Something Big will happen’.

      Now going back to what you may call fake chasters who you think give negative comment — the reason Charice’s mom is the number one fan is not because she’s the MOM. But because she’s also the number one critic. Imagine back in the old days when Charice was practising, I bet MOM would say, “No Charice, that’s not cutting it. Give it a little bit more boost all up to the highest note”. I’d say be a true critic (in a more constructive way) but don’t be in denial like everything is always right.

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  7. erring_early says:
    videos pls come out soon!!
    it’s 630pm in jp now! (i think)
    haha excited..

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  8. erring_early says:
    this is TODAY!! is it 6pm in japan now?!!

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  9. Nep says:
    Aside from Charice Infinity Album she has also a new song called “Flow”, watch link below.

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  10. WebScribes says:
    Thank you Japan for giving Charice Top-Quality support from day one! You are reaping the rewards getting the release of “INFINITY” before the rest of the World.
    I dearly loved Cha’s 2010 album, CHARICE and INFINITY is even better and totally focused at Today’s music market. I predict multi-platinum!
    Chaster support is skyrocketing Worldwide and our little Charice is a beautiful woman now and, though I do not know how she has improved on perfection, Charice continues to outdo herself and other before though unbeatable artists. What a ride for us lucky Chasters!!!

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    • g_anie1231 says:
      I miss you @webscribe .. it’s been a while since i heard from you.. or am i the one lost in track? LOL.. but really glad to see you here… LOVE YOU CHASTERS! =)

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  11. Nep says:
    Charice is really popular, even the parrot knows how to sing Louder and One Day. Watch the video below.

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  12. Ceedum says:
    Nice! Looking forward to seeing clips of this posted soon! I also noted on the Warner Music Japan site that Charice and CNBlue share the same label! Perhaps they can collaborate or appear in concert together in Japan or South Korea one day.

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  13. ping says:
    I hope one day Charice will do a concert here in Australia

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  14. trishahae says:
    To Specs:
    I share your sentiment, I am also wondering why Charice with David Foster or not, doesn’t hold much concerts, album launch or promotional tours in Korea when it was on StarKing where she was discovered and made headlines. This is my opinion and I hope I don’t offend anyone. In the Philippines, we show K-Pop idols how much we love them. Every venue is filled, Filipino fans scream their hearts out for the K-Pop idols. I think it’s about time, Koreans also acknowledge the talent of Filipinos. Why don’t you embrace our talents much as we embrace yours. This brings me to my next point. Is it in the Koreans’ culture to be, you know exclusive, among themselves… etc? I read an article about why Samsung despite the leading company for flat TVs and LCDS, is not considered an “icon” like Apple is because they don’t want foreign interference? Just a thought. I can’t help to let this out.

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    • yourownpride says:
      Don’t look at your neighbor and blame them. Filipinos praise other cultures more than their own. Charice is almost a stranger to Pinoys until America and Korea noticed her talent.

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  15. Admin says:
    would the same person stop making the same negative comment over and over again using a dozen different names… you know who you are. And we know that you are not a Charice fan so you might as well stop showing up here. You’re wasting your time and our time. Thank you.

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  16. YongCha says:
    can’t wait to see the first episode… I love you Charice :)

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  17. cancon says:
    Way to go Charice!…..happy for your so many accomplishments!…More power to you!

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  18. cancon says:
    To all CHASTERS…with Charice hectic schedules with so many updates, news & videos..chasters are also busy listening watching her videos & all the things about her..busy commenting in all the articles…but we are forgetting to support her on some polls like (MYX) &…this is only a reminder..pls. vote for her.

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  19. MikeP. says:
    Pls follow @DFFAsiaTour on twitter for behind the scenes photos, quotes from all the artists (including Charice of course), and other announcements about the upcoming Asia Tour. This is the Official Twitter Account of the DFF Asia Tour. Spread the word! Thanks :)

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  20. specs says:
    i wonder why charice had never gone to south korea with david foster? nor going there for a separate concert since charice was first discovered/known there. i am aware she is popular in korea but why is it that it is not included in her asian tour for the 2nd year now?

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    • khatman says:
      I too have wondered why DFF has bypassed S. Korea in his Asian tours. Now that Charice has her own band maybe S. Korea is in her future. Charice has appeared just by herself in S. Korea on four separate occasions – StarKing 1 and 2 in 2007, and StarKing3
      in 2010. Her last appearance, also 2010, was on a Korean tv show where she sang “listen” and did a duet “Endless Love” with Korean singer K-Will.

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  21. peakarach says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Jojo says:
      Crabs are here again but they are not worth my attention.

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    • lola-elrem says:
      you must be dreaming.. pyramid is a charice original.

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    • yours4everz says:
      OMG!!!(lol)@peakarach, where have you been? You didn’t know PYRAMID is Charice own & most popular song in iTunes & you tube? You better read more news about Charice, you are already outdated,lol.

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    • kmcheeful says:
      If she were to sing a cover… crabs will say “do your own songs!”

      If she sings her very own original song that she’s known for… crabs say, “sing something new!”

      =Proof! Ya can’t please Crabby McCraberson!

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    • justcharrie says:

      Perhaps he was saying sing songs from her sophomore album since she was promoting INFINITY in Japan. I, too wondered why she didn’t sing LOUDER or any other song from Infinity. She was perhaps requested to sing Pyramid for this episode.

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  22. erring_early says:
    btw,anyone knows how charice got her japanese characters (katakana o romaji?)? i mean why is she not called as “charice” in english alphabet like kylee and cn blue?

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    • 4everChaster says:
      @erring _early The reason why the japanese write her name in katakana( japanese characters for foreign words,names,etc.)is simply because they pronounced charice’s name as “sharisu” and the japanese don’t write “sharisu”(which is romaji) so they will write her name in katakana.As for kylee and cn blue it will be hard for the japanese to pronouce their names-kylee will become “kairi” and cn blue will become “shienu buru”.I hope you will have a better understanding now why the japanese write her name in katakana.Btw,all foreigners here have names in katakana including me.

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      • suntzu says:
        Thank you, 4everchaster, i just learned something there. Actually, i don’t really care how they call Charice in Japan as long as they continue supporting and loving her like their own. In fact, i think Japan is the only country outside the PH that gives her most support.

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        • Tala says:
          Yeah! Japan is amazing! The way they shower support on Charice is just mind-blowing.I still can’t forget the Japanese chasters braving the rain for Cha’s concert. I think South Korea and Singapore are two countries that have embraced Charice too.

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        • 4everChaster says:
          @suntzu,youre welcome! Yes you’re right the japanese people are suporting and loving her as their own.That is also one of the reason why they write her name in japanese.Also,the japanese people will remember Charice’s name quickly if it’s written in japanese.

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      • erring_early says:

        ok ok just that it’ll be a bit harder to track if charice is trending in jp..twitter-wise ;)

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  23. abeng1127 says:
    wonderful …charice met cnblue on Music Fair Trailer..

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  24. jojie says:
    Charice ist Saugeil,unglaublich Super…..phantabolous talent of all time.

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  25. erring_early says:
    yes cn blue exactly my thoughts. coincidentally, i’m rewatching charice’s star king clips over and over again these past few days :)

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    • YongCha says:

      same here erring_early, I even slept at around 6past in the morning because of never-ending watching of this starking and now never ending listening to the NEW WORLD. :)

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  26. trishahae says:
    When I feel lonely, I listen to Charice’ rendition of ‘My Grown-Up Christmas List,” I also listen to her songs on the Pyramid album. Charice takes away my loneliness. I am really proud of her. Proud that she made it to America, proud that Oprah called her the most talented girl in the world because she really is, proud that she’s a brave, strong woman. Proud that she belongs to all of us.

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  27. Chan In says:
    ***wow,Charice……..u are the best^^…………….u are a Queen of the whole music world, your voice around the world……..u always let us get surprise,your amazing powerful voice let me dont forgot forever,your voice in my heart,i listen your songs every day,and my phone ringing is your song(i love u)..that is great,i hope u will sing more and more songs for us..thx Charice….go on!!!^^

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  28. stone sings says:
    This is absolutely CHAMAZING…..

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  29. Chan In says:
    wow,Charice……..u are the best^^…………….u are a Queen of the whole music world, your voice around the world……..u always let us get surprise,your amazing powerful voice let me dont forgot forever,your voice in my heart,i listen your songs every day,and my phone ringing is your song(i love u)..that is great,i hope u will song more and more songs for us..thx Charice….go on!!!^^

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