Charice Japan Interview Compilation

Charice Japan Interview Compilation

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  1. leslie says:
    English is a hard language to learn I base on my experience. I am a Filipino,English is our second language but we been trough a tough time to understand it and collaborate or apply to our self if you don’t speak in phils.we can understand sum but most of the time we don’t know the meaning of the words,if you study in public school your English is poor and I am the one of people who study in public school,but thing change I got a change to leaving here in united state,my 1month is not fun at all I been through a hard time to understand all the people I meet,its takes me 6month to come out to my shell with help of my husband and family here,its been 3years now I stay here in u.s.a been travel a lot coz of my husband work..and I still having time to speak a word…people be true to your self we all know nobody is perfect.and sum filipino is hypocrites and a pretending person and a critis one….

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    • elsie says:

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      • Whatever says:
        She wants to say her piece so be it. But WTH! Whats up with all this when Charice learned english stuff. Like come on girl had about (80) interviews in her stay in Japan, what I heard of. Then her fans going on and posting videos about when she spoke english and debating when Cha learned to speak english. So what. Perhaps when ppl really looked when she was on Star King her grammar wasn’t that great seemed like a script ( I bet she had to choose that guy to sing with). Then on Ellen really look at the when Ellen asked Cha q’s how was her speech there, then on Oprah she didn’t really speak much (mostly cried). But maybe what Charice was trying to say her english is not great, words here and there. But not complete sentences without tumbling her words around. I also notice when Cha speaks english now ppl bash her but when she speaks english and not tagalog ppl still bash her, saying oh oh look she’s American now. I DON’T CARE 4 THIS ENGLISH STUFF. She has done sooo much when she was in Japan. Her Album is (what I heard so far) seems great. My friends and I (2 Mexicans,3 dark chocolate, and 2 white chocolate and 3 asians) which they pop and spy in CM from time 2 time, will buy once it’s out in our stores here in US of A. So we her fans all have diff opinions I get that. But if Charice reads this crap from her weigh, grammar, style, and how she sings a song. Who needs haters when she has fans that go on and on. I know I’m taking ALOT of space but my friends have lill sisters and brothers that are stating 2 like Cha. All this negative vibes are a turn off. Well I said my say. So (V) out! WE LOVE U CHA!!!

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  2. Brittany says:
    you gottA be kiddin with this discussion. Her diehard filipinofans obviously are de only ones who care how she answers this question all the way in Japan, something bout ur educational system?! It’s not a big deal to the rest of the world lol. We don’t even notice stuff what u guys point out in obsessive detail. I just skipped over all the comments, there’s nothing to talk about here! Charice obviously learned English at some point, I don’t care if it’s taught in Phil or not, where or how old she was or when exactly she became fluent. Only Filipinos do haha. She impresses the heck out of me, how she picked it up so quickly, using the proper tense too, unlike some of the written comments here that often use past tense inappropriately lol, (not that I care about that either). Give her a break. Have a nice day

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    • RodBelt says:


      I totally agree with your comments. Unfortunately, to continuously argue and repetitively discuss in, as you said,’in obsessive detail’ a minor subject, do not easily sink into the minds of many Filipinos. It must be an ethnic trait to argue over almost anything just to be heard. Just read my earlier comments trying to prevent these bickering. And look what were posted since then. Kind of embarrassing if you ask me. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I also rest my case.

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  3. FBF says:
    Majority of kids and people in the Philippines does not use the English language in their daily lives. To me, if asked if I spoke English when I was in the Philippines, my answer would be no because I didn’t, but can I speak English, then the answer is yes. I lived 23 years of my life in the Philippines, the only time and I repeat, the only time I used the English Language was when at school during the English subject and only if asked in English by the teacher or when reading an English book. Now after school, did I speak in English, hell no, why should I? I’ve been here in the States for more than 30 years now, if people ask me if I spoke English when I was in the Philippines, the answer will be no. One thing I found out that is amazing is if I have to (30 years ago) specially when applying for work that I am pretty good at it and I didn’t know that, well I guess I have to to survive. You guys get it? Charice has been as survivor all her life, they said she’s not pretty, they said she doesn’t have Charisma, they said that she is just so n so in singing, they said she will not make it in the business, lol those are very difficult to overcome but she passed with flying colors. Speak in English? You can take this kid to Korea, Italy, France, Japan, or anywhere, let her stay therre for a few weeks and I’ll bet anyone that she’ll learn the language easily. Remember ADAGIO? I don’t only believe her when she said she didn’t speak english when she was in the Philippines, I know because I didn’t before I came here in the States.

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  4. justcharrie says:
    When did Charice ever lie? What gain would she get if she lie about that English stuff? Have you seen her talked in English in her interviews in the Philippines before her discovery by the US? I don’t see any reason to doubt her statement, much more accuse her of being a liar because she didn’t say “Yes I can speak English even before!” Who knows Charice better than herself?

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    • khatman says:

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      • osuna says:


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        • khatman says:

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          • osuna says:

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            • khatman says:

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              • doge says:
                Who cares about if she lied or not — this issue is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. will this issue hinder her success? no, then why make it a big deal.

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              • CharisseToo says:
                My goodness what small minds to make a big fuzz over such non important matters! Come on, get a life.
                Charice has improved so much in leaps and bounds and I’m just happy she is getting more fluent everytime.

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          • Jojo says:
            Khatman if you have doubts on what charice had said,as very very few others do then don’t waste your time on this site.

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        • abeng1127 says:

          yes … correct … osuna love you guys

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  5. jn says:
    i agree with some of the commentators here but let’s shift topic….
    Charice is growing and getting better in everything she does. Maybe she will still have few “mistakes” or “glitches” now and then but the best thing, she is working on it. That’s one thing I admire about Charice, aside from her amazing voice.We are proud of you Charice.

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  6. lvacoustic says:
    Is this the price of fame? to be put under the microscope at all times. there is nothing wrong being done by CHARICE with her answer.she feels not confident enough with her ENGLISH command while living in the PHIL and that is why she responded in negative tone.anyway, CHARICE IS a moving stone rolling downhill and can`t be stop by such nonsense comments.With regards to her income,i`m sure she`s earning more than enough for herself and able to help both US and PHIL copers thru taxes.

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  7. simpleoz says:
    I believe the reason why Charice always responds that she only learned how speak english when she went to America is that…when David Foster first introduced her in the David Foster & friends in Vegas, he told the audience that Charice couldn’t or could barely speak english…i think Charice remembered that, and being so humble and perhaps wanting not to offend or contradict her mentor/godfather,she’s willing to take the criticism. I guess she prefered herself being called the liar than her godfather…this is my two cents…

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    • Anna139 says:
      I think what she meant is she’s not conversant in English. When I was new in a foreign country and worked here, I understand English, but when they ask me questions the only thing that comes out are yes or no. Since I never converse in English. But over time as people talked to me I even stop at the middle bec. My vocabulary is not enough to say it in English and my officemates will help me out or fill in the words for me. As people talked to me I continue to learn how to properly speak in English. That’s why even English is your second language if you don’t use it everyday, you got toungue tied when people talk to you. Only when you use it everyday and people help you out how to say it properly overtime you’ll improve a lot because somehow you know it in your head because you hear it everyday.

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    • Natzky says:
      If you listen again to Charice’ conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, you will see the difference. Her English wasn’t yet fluent and her statements were not direct, shallow, and kinda rehearsed. Most Filipinos who study in public schools, including Charice, can understand English but not fluent in speaking it, and even if they could, they speak academic English rather than conversational English.

      Charice didn’t lie when she said she learned English in America.

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  8. RodBelt says:
    Please folks:

    Before this thread continuously deteriorates to a nonsensical, mindless, insult laden, disconcerting discussion, let us all sit back and reflect:

    Charice was interviewed in Japan whose people (with my sincere apologies to all our Japanese friends and Chasters) are not as well versed in English It is a language difficult to master because of its ever evolving changes with hundreds, maybe thousands of words continuously being added to its vocabulary. Is it possible that Charice’s words were taken out of context? Maybe Charice said: “I wasn’t able to speak English (WELL) when I was there……I learned to speak (BETTER) English when I came to America…” We all know that Charice is a VERY INTELLIGENT WOMAN. I won’t even dare to guess her IQ! Just think of the road she has travelled from her humble beginnings in Laguna to where she is now in a span of 4-5 years. Just ponder on the evolution of her command of English from the Ellen days to the present. Imagine what it takes to learn to sing new songs in a matter of days – to sing passionately and flawlessly in ITALIAN, most of the lyrics of which Charice probably may not understand their meanings. And some who are just conveniently watching on the sideline would have the audacity to criticize her for some minor glitch in an interview where she could easily have been misquoted. C’mon folks, wake up in the real world!

    I totally agree with Moofin who now lives in Japan, whose assessment tends to be more accurate.

    @mel5932: I single you out for your brazen accusation that Charice is telling a “perpetual lie”. If you are a true Chaster as you claim to be, I hope you would retract your harsh statement and maybe offer Charice an apology.

    And to the rest of us: For the sake of maintaining the civility of this lively discussion, let us not dwell on the negatives but focus on what Charice has been bringing to us.

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    • abeng1127 says:
      oh com’on guys … wasn’t able to speak WELL .. NOW .. learned to speak BETTER.. we know .. we reads english .. in school .. but we speaks tagalog / bisaya in campus..or TAGLISH( some”) hi.. you’r right RodBelt” ‘am from davao cty PH

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  9. RodBelt says:

    I have made some comments on this thread that has not appeared yet. Can you please check your Spam box? Thank you.

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  10. josep says:
    frank chaarice did not lie about her english.if you watch chaarices guesting with ellen degeneres, at that time charice can hardly express herself.yes for sure she can understand english because that is the second language in the phlilipines but she cannot talk straight in english.what she really meant is that when she arrived here in u.s.she cannot speak english fluently,and that is a fact.but for koreans or japanese or other nationalities,they consider that they can talk english even though their english is crooked that depends how the individual grade himself/ the part of charice,she was honest that she can hardly speak straight english during her first appearance in u.s. tv.

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    • cafegodot says:
      Yes this is precisely what Charice means whenever she says in an interview that she wasn’t able to speak English (WELL) before coming to the US! Of course she knows and learned English when she was at school in the Philippines as it is taught in all levels. She only could not speak it fluently and confidently then until she got a real grips at it when she started her career in America.

      So it’s not really fair to call her a liar for this minor or irrelevant issue. Her humility still stands out along with her other endearing traits.

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  11. cat says:

    Oops! my mistake. Correction: I DID STUDY

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    • Jojo says:
      Plain crab and crabs pretending to be Charice’s Fan are here again .What I like about Charice is she is straight forward and unpretentious.She came from a very underprivileged class with substandard education where attention is emphasized on survival.Charice is also a perfectionist.Now that she is in the international scene her command to the English language has to be great not good.A lot can be learnt from this humble down to earth person who has touched and change people’s approach to dealing with daily life challenges.

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  12. cat says:

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  13. RodBelt says:
    @ EDNA: Indeed, a fantastic suggestion! It would be great if Charice will be in the midst of the country music capital of the USA where she can absorb and internalize the nuances of southern music. Being invited to a private performance to an obviously financially well-endowed Southern audience is another attestation that Charice’s talent is being recognized even by those influential people who shun the public eye. After all, 7 or 8 of the American Idol champions for the past 10 seasons, like Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood to name a few, are from the South and now are making their marks in the entire US music scene. One or two guest appearances in the Grand Ol’ Opry may pave the road for Charice to penetrate and establish a niche in another phase of American music. Charice is not new to country music having splendidly covered Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One” on Billboard in June, 2010. Charice’ has the uncanny versatility to sing perfectly various genre of music, country included. She also admitted in the interview that, in Tennessee, “Time moved slowly and I was able to relax and have fun”. It may indeed be a welcome change of atmosphere that Charice need.

    A couple of decades ago, there was a young Southern singer, who while conquering the international music scene, always retreats from the hustle and bustle of the limelight and goes back to his roots in Memphis – his name was Elvis Presley.

    Charice can do the same.

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  14. Frank Lee says:

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    • bruce lee says:
      frank, i don’t think you’re qualified to represent the millions of student who went through a substandard education in the Philippines because you went to better school.

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      • Chasterlei says:
        Bruce Lee, thanks, short but effective. I just hope more people like you have a better understanding of this issue. That people from other countries can afford and get a better education in the Philippines than the natives, who can only dream about it, is quite ironic and a sad reality.

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    • teman says:
      A year ago, one can read criticisms and corrections everytime Charice ‘open her mouth and express herself’ during interviews and the like. Why? In her mind, she was answering in her native language and then translate it. One can recognize that English is her second language. But now, with her diligence, studies and practice, she has improved a lot. She speaks like an American. So far, I have not read criticisms on her pronunciation, etc.

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    • rabbit says:
      At the Star King Charice sounded speaking English more by the script or storyline she was given. In the Ellen show and even in the Ophra show she was speaking English with so much difficulty. It was only under the tutelage of David F that she started speaking straight English. And I think this is the only time that Charice could confidently say she knows how to speak the language. Well, some people claim they can speak the language but in reality cannot.

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    • Chasterlei says:
      Frank Lee, what you call a lie is in fact honesty and modesty. In fact, some Filipinos had criticized and still criticize Charice for her English, her grammar and accent because they expect so much more of Charice, to be like them. Thank goodness Charice is unlike these snobs and elitists! More Filipinos would make a big deal about this than any American or other non-Filipino Chasters, who couldn’t care less. One reason is colonial mentality as part of Philippine history and upbringing to some extent. Some Filipinos are harder on themselves and their fellow Filipinos when it comes to speaking and writing proper English. I know because I used to be one of them. They would oblige you to make sure your English is perfect before you dare speak or claim to speak it lest you suffer from criticism and humiliation. In fact, you could be corrected for thinking Charice had always had a great command of English; they might even challenge you to a debate on this and might cite Lea Salonga for comparison, who when she was about Charice’s age had already mastered the language, the British and American manner of speaking. Of course, as a fan of both Lea and Cha, I dare NOT pit them against each other. I’m proud of them both, realizing that even though they were both born and raised in the Philippines and are both talented in vocals, they have 2 different upbringings. It is ignorant to expect them to talk the same just because they share the same nationality. Please do a thorough research and analysis first before you call Charice a liar!

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  15. darwin f suyat says:

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    • Chasterlei says:
      Charice has come a long way. She used to sing English better than she could speak it. Even when she had spoken it, she probably had been able to do so out of a script, memorized. Now she can say she speaks it, which should not be taken as literal as mere utterance. Figuratively speaking, she speaks English now beyond a script, memorization, or immitation, but with deeper, broader comprehension. Here’s hoping to put the nitpicking and accusations of lying to rest. Unbelievable!

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  16. mel5932 says:

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    • osuna says:
      SO…….?????…..She’s been lied to by the Philippine entertainment business also….dont have that “STAR QUALITY LOOK”..but she can sing….She probably got irritated too when they told her that….but being a good natured little girl, she ignored it….got it ????? Mel5932

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    • Angelface101 says:
      I think what she meant was she does not use English in a conversational way. That now she can converse well in english not until she learned it when she stayed longer in USA. That’s all there’s to it – she’s in no way lying like what you are accusing her.

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    • Mooffin says:
      when you ask the average japanese person “do you speak english?”, he/she will answer “no” (in english). what they mean is that they cannot speak it well, but obviously from the answer, they can speak SOME english.

      i am speculating here but i think this is what charice means when she says she didn’t speak english. she could understand it, could say some phrases but could not express herself well in it like she can now.

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      • Chasterlei says:
        Mooffin, I agree. Even though Filipinos are taught English growing up in the Philippines, each has his/her own learning curve, personal standards, and confidence or lack thereof that may or may not encourage one to speak English nor make the claim, especially when one has to speak it in a country where English is the first language. Some people may find they are better in written than oral English communication, vice versa. Charice seems to have high standards for herself that even though she could speak some English, perhaps she didn’t think it was good enough for herself, what with the nuances of the language, the formal and colloquial usage and various accents she must have felt she had yet to learn. For instance, just because I can carry a tune, I wouldn’t claim I can sing, esp if compared to Charice. I would be quite extra careful.

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        • Mooffin says:
          i wish i could “like” your comment more than once. you said what i was trying to say perfectly, thank you.

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          • Chasterlei says:
            Thanks, Mooffin. Like away! :) I came to the US same age as Charice and had a similar experience with the English language, but I had more access to formal education in the US (but Charice seems to be a much faster learner and more adaptable; her faculty for language amazes many of us!). Even though English was primarily the language of instruction except for my Filipino class in my private high school in the Philippines, everywhere else I still spoke and would rather use my dialect and Filipino/Tagalog. Although I learned enough English to do well in my studies in the US, I hardly spoke it unless necessary because I couldn’t speak it the way I heard it on TV until after a year or later. I was also told and made fun of for my accent, being too proper, and a slighlty different vocabulary, not very conversational, not cool. So in that sense I couldn’t speak English, and that’s what I must have started telling myself and others. It’s not as literal as these nitpickers seem to think. I hope it’s not too much for them to comprehend what we’re trying to explain. Thanks for being on the same side! It’s our duty to correct any misunderstanding and misconception about Charice.

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    • 2cents says:
      nitpicking?…she said what she said for simplicity sake. your spinning an irrelevant topic which doesn’t add value to the interview. the bottom line is that she has to learn English because of her global audience and the majority of her learning started when she got a record deal in the US.

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    • nordin says:
      @mel5932 and Frank Lee, pay attention to the question. The question is “Were you able to speak English when you were still living in the Philippines”? Not in the U.S (Ellen Show) and not in Korea (Star King TV Program). Charice is right. Did you ever see her speaks English in TV shows? As a matter of fact when she’s

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    • RodBelt says:

      Have you ever considered that Charice statement could have been taken out of context? After all, she was interviewed in Japan where (with apologies to our Japanese friends} the people do not have the same command of the English language like we do in the Philippines. I totally agree with Moofin’s assessment who is living in Japan. English is a very difficult language to master as it is continuously evolving with hundreds, maybe thousands of words always being added to its vocabulary. To accuse Charice “perpetuating a lie is, IMHO, a very harsh accusation that you, claiming as a Chaster should retract.

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    • nordin says:
      @mel5932 and Frank Lee, pay attention to the question. The question is: Were you able to speak English when you were still living “IN THE PHILIPPINES”? Not in the U.S. (Ellen Show) and not in Korea (Star King TV Program) it’s when she’s in the Philippines”? And Charice answered it right. Did you ever see her always speaks English in any TV shows in the Philippines? Correct me if I’m wrong show me a proof like from a video in youtube. As a matter of fact every time she’s on any TV shows in the Philippines and mostly of them are even downloaded on youtube she always speak Tagalog her native tongue (Philippines national language) and a lot of non Tagalog speaking viewers are complaining on her youtube videos asking for translation in English because simple they couldn’t understand what’s she talking about, some even saying she should speak English because she’s an international star now her fans are not only Filipinos she has fans from other races as well.

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  17. Joel says:
    no one recognizes you when you shop!!!!!!? man, if i ever saw you at my mall one day lmao….I would be soooooo happy and flip out. I love you Cha!

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  18. cancon says:
    Way to go, Charice!…more power to continue in giving us pride..God bless you always!

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  19. justjames says:
    Love you Charice Baby.

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  20. anniefound says:
    The Chasters who has been with Charice from the start could attest to the growth and maturity in her. We could see in the way she sings now, also how she answer questions thrown at her even at randomly. How she intelligently handle interviews be it on radio or magazine. Her english is definitely remarkable, that she could talk without first thinking what a word would mean first in tagalog. All of these and a lot more wonderful things happening to Charice, because of the people who embraced her and helped her. God brought these people in her life and placed her in the right environment so she could grow and blossom to what she is now and more to come.
    Charice, you do have a story to tell and it’s a beautiful story of your life. It’s a story of a never ending love and hope just like the very fitting title of your album “Infinity.” Just don’t forget to give thanks to the One who guides you and keeps you safe all the time – God. His grace is the one that daily sustains you. I hope and pray that in your busy schedule, you will find time to read His Word (The Bible). There alone you could find comfort when your’e sad, understanding when you’re confused, hope when you feel hopeless, and never ending love because there you will know why Jesus had to give up His very own life for your sake and mine and for the whole world. God bless you Charice and God bless each Chasters and the Charicemania. Sweet blessings everyone.

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  21. eliverance says:
    So proud of Charice. I thought , America is slow in recognizing her . But the networth published ( US 16 million ) seem to suggest am wrong. For an Asian artist to scale such heights in so short a time is a miracle, even overtaking senior, established artists.

    Am tickled pink whenever I think now of the China , the Brazilian and European markets. The heir apparent to Celine has arrived ?

    But then , Celine did not do R&B and POP . How is that !

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  22. zen58 says:
    Yup!Thats way to go Cha,I’m so happy for u,so much in demand.Take care,love u so much.

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  23. HerMingJesty3 says:
    I’m so happy on what’s happening to her, career and money wise. She deserves all of this. I’m hoping for a grammy award for her. I know that it will not be a long wait.

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  24. EDNA says:

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  25. kingkong98270 says:
    AHH!! Just found out what I have been wondering about! Does Charice sing in the new movie? YES YES YES!!! I hope one of the tracks will be a big hit like the Titanic song was for Celion. Can’t wait!!!

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  26. jn says:
    Charice, you inspired a lot of people both young and old….God bless and wish you all well. Your preseverance and hard work paid off…..Hope one day you will come to the Houston area and do a concert.
    I did remember the first time you came to this area, that was late of 2008, after Ellen and you were one of the guests for a Filipino show….A lot has changed in your life but you remained the same Charice, very respectful and humble….and with an amazing voice. Good luck, girl!

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  27. FBF says:
    Although I’ve heard her humble beginnings several times before, I still can’t help but be amazed by it. Her hard work have paid off.
    Her Cinderella story is one in a million just like her voice. More power to you Charice!!

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  28. Chan In says:
    Do your best ,Charice……..i will support u forever^V^

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  29. Cizcan says:
    I’m first finally-by accident! LOL!!

    Anyway, I noticed Charice is now really getting good answering interview questions – very professional and witty. Can’t help remembering that 3 years ago she was really struggling when speaking english.Now this former weakness is being gone out the window. This girl is really working hard to correct any imperfections sorrounding her career and is getting successful on it. Way to go Charice-especially now that your second album is topping charts in Japan.Your preparations and goals are right on target!!!!

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  30. jojie says:
    Charice,youre soo Geil,you were able to manage to come and lined up with the richest celebreties in America today,imagine its a blessings to be on the highest paid youngsters with a rate of 16 million US dollars now http://www.celebreties my Gosh natalo mo pa si Selena Gomez ngayon and other young celebreties in the USA.really its a bleesings for you coz of your down to earth behavior and attitude inspite of your achiements in life,pls never change soo youll continually bless by God. We4 are proud of you all Asian around the Globe.

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    • pelang says:
      i agree with you. why did you say Geil! how do you know about this expression? is this now used by the teen-agers in the philippines? i hear this being said in the modern language in germany especially by young people. it’s just an expression being blurted out by somebody which may mean something “cool”, “how exciting”, “feels like heaven”, etc.

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    • rabbit says:
      In comparison, Selena Gomez earned US4 Million while Bruno Mars earned US8 Million according to the Celebrities Networth Website. That speaks a lot. These two started way ahead.

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      • osuna says:

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        • osuna says:
          Also American Idol past winners, and Glee regulars, dont forget David Archuleta….

          The bottom line is……CHARICE is in DEMAND , they want her everywhere !!!!

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        • rabbit says:
          Lea Michele earned some US2 Million plus.

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          • osuna says:
            HELLO WABBIT….

            I suppose the only one making more than Charice are the one who are thumbing you down….LOL…..

            There is nothing improper on this cause its got a website itself…. we are simply passing it along to fellow Chasters how popular Charice is ? Oh well LMAO..too painful for them.

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            • rabbit says:
              osuna! nice feeling eh? the lil one is so humble she will even feign not being aware about this he he.

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          • sharisufan says:
            check also comparable and talented singer but very popular and with awards, adele..$us10m?!! can’t imagine what charice’ networth would be when she starts to receive awards! =D

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            • rabbit says:
              Those who can’t accept those data should sue the website instead of thumbing us down LOL! Guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank Chasters? If not that lil one who they said will not make it!

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