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Charice’s “Infinity” Album Now Available in Japan, Pre-order Worldwide!

Charice’s “Infinity” Album Now Available in Japan, Pre-order Worldwide!

Translated short interview from the “Infinity” Booklet Added!

Certified Chasters all over the world definitely want to grab a copy of Charice’s “Infinity” Album but as we all know, the album is available only in Japan. The rest of the world, just have to wait. Luckily we could order and below are the links, so get your credit cards ready and pre-order!

Amazon Japan
CD Japan
HMV Japan
Amazon United Kingdom
Amazon US
Amazon France
Amazon Germany
Yes Asia

Disclaimer: Charicemania is not in any way responsible for deliveries and/or delays for your orders from these sites.

Check the gallery of “Infinity” pictures below (Click the image to enlarge)

Interview included in her CD:

When asked about the cover songs she sang during her solo concert tour in Japan:
“A lot of people know my original song “Pyramid” which became a hit but not everyone listened to my (first) album so I decided to sing a lot of cover songs. People would have more fun listening to songs they already know right? And besides, I became famous by covering songs.”

When asked about her intense dancing during her concert:
“I love dancing. You don’t have that impression about me right? So I really wanted to surprise the audience. Because it was my first concert tour, I had a dance teacher and I really practiced hard. And most of all, I wanted people to know that I’m not just a balladeer. Singing ballads is my forte but I don’t want people to think that that’s all I can do.”

Regarding the variety of genres in Infinity:
“Japanese, Philippine and Asian fans tend to like ballads and mid-tempo songs while in America, if it’s not an R&B, pop or dance song, it won’t chart. With that in mind, I’d like to continue singing songs that will inspire all kinds of fans.”

On David Foster not being a part of Infinity:
“David always cares about me. He’s not involved this time but in some way he is looking after me. He’s somehow still “producing” me – I kept this in mind while making this album.”

Translated by Mooffin,


Preview of “Lesson for Life”, “Never Always”, “Heartbreak Survivor” and “Bounce Back”

Special thanks to JamiePeters for Buy essays the videos and Angelia for the Photos.

By Schoen,

74 Responses to “Charice’s “Infinity” Album Now Available in Japan, Pre-order Worldwide!”

  1. Thank you for any other informative website. Where else may
    just I get that type of information written in such a perfect method?
    I’ve a undertaking that I am simply now working on, and I’ve been at the look out for such info.

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  2. TJ says:
    The album is already available in the Philippines – bought mine in Astrovision Trinoma – PHP 450.

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  3. stistage2 says:
    Just received my copy a few hours ago. Ordered from YesAsia on Oct. 5 and received Oct. 12, so 7 days for the time for shipping from Hong Kong to Minnesota here, not bad at all. Love all the songs especially Lighthouse! this album is superb!!! go and definitely get your copy if you haven’t already. I’m one happy chaster.

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  4. CBToronto says:
    Today, Oct.12, 2011, I ordered “Infinity” album from Yes Asia. It is more cheaper than Amazon Canada. Please show your support to our dear CHARICE. Thank you!!!!

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  5. Joel says:
    mine came in today in San Diego CA USA!!!! woo hoooo.

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  6. mingsfan says:
    Buy “Infinity” NOW From iTunes Japan (No Account Needed)

    Please note that I am only sharing information that is posted on another web site. Although I successfully downloaded “Infinity” using this method, nothing in this post should be interpreted as endorsing its use.

    The iTunes Japan store sells “Infinity” for ¥1500. Although you cannot buy “Infinity” with a credit card issued outside Japan, you can buy it using a ¥1500 iTunes Japan gift card. Several web-based companies sell iTunes Japan gift cards. I used Japan-Codes because, on verification of payment, they IMMEDIATELY send you your iTunes Japan gift card code number via e-mail.

    1. Buy a ¥1500 iTunes gift card from Japan-Codes for $25.99 using PayPal.

    2. Click the “Buy” button to purchase “Infinity” at this page:

    3. You will be prompted to enter your iTunes account name & password. DON’T DO SO. Instead, create a NEW account.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t copy & paste anything (e.g., the address, phone number, and gift card code) from another web page to the iTunes account application form. If you go to a page other than the application form, the form will disappear & you’ll have to start over again. (Trust me.) Instead, copy this information to a Word document and, leaving the web page with the application form active, copy & paste from the Word document to the form.

    4. Use your own name & an e-mail address where you can receive mail. (You will receive an e-mail to confirm your account.) You MUST use a Japanese address & phone number, such as:


    2-8-12 Minami Azabu
    Minato-ku, Tokyo

    [Minato-Ku is the city; Tokyo is the prefecture (choose from a drop-down list)]



    [0120 is the area code]

    4. You will be prompted to enter a credit card number [DON'T] or, in a box below this, your gift card code. Enter your gift card code number in this box. Submit this information.

    5. You will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm your iTunes account. Click the link and you will be taken back to your account, which will have a balance of ¥1500.

    6. Go back to:

    Use your ¥1500 balance to purchase & download “Infinity”. That’s all there is to it!

    Pros & Cons of iTunes versus CD

    (1) You get the iTunes version immediately, while you have to wait until October 18 to get the CD from Amazon.

    (2) The iTunes download of “Infinity” costs less than the CD. The download costs $25.99 while Amazon will sell the CD for $29.43 with free shipping.

    (3) The CD includes a physical case with artwork & a booklet with lyrics while the iTunes download obviously does not.

    (4) Technically, the sound quality (bit rate) of the iTunes version is less than that of the CD. This difference, however, isn’t noticeable on an iPod, iPhone, or mp3 player.

    Of course, you can always buy both!

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  7. DTA2010 says:
    As much as I detest crabbers, their presence is an indication that Charice is getting Bigger and Bigger and they know it. They also exist so that Chasters can show the world that Hate Will Never Win.

    So long as we remain steadfast in our support and love for Charice and continue to spread her music to the four corners of the earth via every social media network that exists, crabbers will be nothing but a minor irritant, like an itch located in the nether regions – hahaha

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    • Chasterlei says:
      Same sentiment, DTA2010. As Paulo Coelho tweeted, these haters are “confused admirers” and just don’t know it yet. It’s just a matter of time before they join the bright side of Chasterhood. We just have to be patient and give them some credit for contributing to Charice’s celebrity.

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  8. HONEYLIE57 says:
    me too i preordered the infinity album in amazon us awhile excited

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  9. stefie says:
    OMG,,i am so excited with the song..”Heartbreak Survivor” i decided to buy my copy later if it’s available in PI coz im coming home to see Cha in DFF-Manila.i just can’t wait to hear all the songs in this album…mabruk my just so happy that finally i’ll see you in manila…kuwait is never far if you just believe in your dreams..thank you for the chance chaster clause..i will never forget this journey!
    labyo all! just in tears right now coz still i can’t believe it that it’s coming all true!
    muah from kuwait!

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    • stefie says:
      i wonder whose causing all the dislikes in here..all love for you and charice!

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      • luvkcha09 says:
        you know i noticed that too, there are a few ” dis-likers” who visit charicemania and read the comments and take time to click the buttons :) hate means to love less, so in a way it is better than ignoring or apathy. Charice is so irresistible that even those who say they don’t like her (or maybe they don’t like Chasters) , they can’t help themselves and still follow her every move LOL. We should welcome them instead because they are paying very close attention to our Charice. We can all be magnanimous and be nicer to them instead of shooting them.:) Even if they say this and that – when we know its not fact – don’t take it personally. I learned long ago that if people say things that’s not true, I ignore it; if its true, I am grateful, then I can do something about it.

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    • Lacruiser P. Relativo says:
      hi stefie, its great to know how you admire charice. I admire her too. Greetings from norway. Do you have facebook account?? Hope to hear from you. Greetings from norway!

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  10. josep says:
    flowjam21 your debit card is also a credit have the option to use debit or credit.when you order just give the number of the card.if ask if debit or credit just say credit.good luck i hope you will enjoy charices music

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    • flowjam21 says:
      thanks Joseph n Satrinoma for the info. about the debit card…:-)

      if things could be possibly i can use my debit card.As of now,I’ve been trying to get into Yes to older my copy of Charice’s Infinity Album…I could hardly wait that day to deliver to my door…and listen the whole album of Charice:-)

      plus….not just only me…i’ll include my friend who’ve been a chaster since i he was been blown away of charice’s performance on DFF 1&2 in Vegas…..

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  11. flowjam21 says:
    my excited is killing me to get a copy of Charice’s Infinity album….

    i would love to buy online just like what other chaster’s did.but,i don’t have credit card….i got only debit card…with visa attached.

    and im not sure,if i can use it to buy online…any one can tell me how?

    by the chaster from Malaysia…

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    • flowjam21 says:
      Louder is now #1 in freaky fly Top 30 Countdown over fly fm for Two consecutive weeks….Malaysia’s Hottest Music…

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    • SaTrinomaNagkita says:
      In the US, I can also pay my gas or anything using my visa debit card. So, you should be able to buy the CD using your debit card. Nothing to lose if you try. BTW, I used as they offer the better price if you’re getting more than one CD (like pooling with your friends) as shipping is free (at least when I pre-ordered mine back in September).

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  12. bethcha says:
    Just preordered the album through Amazon Germany, the expected delivery date will be on October 17, so excited now.

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  13. Carlisle says:
    I will buy one as soon as I arrive in japan…weeeeee

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  14. Kuan says:
    Just placed an order through
    I was extremely fast heart beating during the purchase for unknown reason. Maybe i was too excited :p
    Its just the power of our little princess Cha

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  15. Panda says:
    I just ordered two CD’s of Charice’s Infinity Album from Yes Asia . Its my little way of saying Thank you to this little girl who has touched our lives with her music. God bless you and I pray for your continued success.

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  16. cancon says:
    the tracks of the new album ” INFINITY” is really really freaking awsome…my favorites are ” LIGHTHOUSE”, Lesson for Life”, HEARTBREAK SURVIVOR” and all the rest are good…so happy I got my album now…your album is doing’s right now No.1 in Japan Chart..Congrats..more, more power!!!

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  17. stone sings says:
    I just got the copy of the Infinity album which I bought through I was satisfied with the service of I received the item earlier than I expected (through LBC). They also package the CD with protective materials.

    As of this moment I am listening to the Infinity CD. It really feels great to listen to her album. Charice’s sophomore album was filled with upbeat songs with a mix of ballad. My favorite tracks for her album include Bounce Back, Lesson for Life, and Lighthouse. Very great album!!! Go Charice!!! Go Charice!!! Go Charice!!!

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  18. sam says:
    i’ll see if i can talk to my cousin at Nagoya to get me a copy of the al bum. Thanks Tessie , my cousin.
    send it to me in australia.

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  19. manang babes says:
    Yes, it’s time to show our support for Charice. I’ve ordered my copy, when the CD becomes available here in the US, I’ll buy multiple copies again, like what I did with the Pyramid CD.
    It’s not always freebies, guys, I mean, the uploaded videos on youtube make us happy, so, it’s not asking much for us to support Charice by buying her albums and watching her concerts!

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  20. Sharisu says:
    Ok, I just preordered mine through Amazon USA…says it’ll arrive Oct 28. I just feel so good doing this, for our Princess. Everybody please, do your part for our Princess.

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  21. justjames says:
    I am ecstatically happy. My inaanak from Japan told me on his facebook that he mailed my Charice’s Infinity cd already. Actually I did not know his address when I searched him in facebook I found him. See what Charice can do? The world is getting smaller because of her. When I get the cd I will listen to it thousand times. When it is release in the US, I will buy for me and my brothers and sister. Again. One by one on the register to add the points. Yeheyyyyyy…..

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  22. Chasterlei says:
    I’m so jealous of those who got their copies already! I’m waiting, and the suspense is killing me! Happy for you all though, and thanks for your unconditional support to Charice and all the positively buzzing energy. Chasters are great!

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