Charice Continues Promotion of “Infinity” – To Release New “One Day” MV Japan Version

Charice Continues Promotion of “Infinity” – To Release New “One Day” MV Japan Version

Charice’s second album, “Infinity”, is doing great in Japan. Just less than a day after its release, Infinity is now number one in the iTunes Pop Album chart and number four on the overall album chart. The album launch concert might have really helped, right? In Japan’s main music chart, Oricon, Infinity is a new entry at no. 10. Hopefully, sales will continue to rise and earn Charice another gold award, just like with her debut album.

oricon1 Charice Continues Promotion of Infinity   To Release New One Day MV Japan Version
Oricon Chart
We have no exact date yet for the zolpidem canada pharmacy release of the Japan version of the “One Day” music video, but most likely it will be this October. The schedule released by Warner Music Japan and Acuvue for the dance contest winners reveals that the shoot for the MV will be sometime on October 6-8, 2011. So it’s possible for the video to be released within a week or two.

4108272622 Charice Continues Promotion of Infinity   To Release New One Day MV Japan Version

“One Day” dance contest winners who will appear in the new music video

Charice’s tie-in with Acuvue is really a great way to give more exposure to her new album, as it allows her to do events like the album launch concert in Shinjuku, an amateur dance contest/audition, and the new “One Day” music video. Below are photos of the recently concluded “One Day” Dance Contest:

image21 Charice Continues Promotion of Infinity   To Release New One Day MV Japan Version

image31 Charice Continues Promotion of Infinity   To Release New One Day MV Japan Version

Check back here again for more details on the new “One Day” MV Japan version. By Sofia Carrera,

27 Responses to “Charice Continues Promotion of “Infinity” – To Release New “One Day” MV Japan Version”

  1. daforgotten says:
    Nobody’s Singing To Me
    Thank you
    In Love So Deep
    The Tuth Is ( acoustic version )
    *** These are also great songs.. believe me!
    aside from Pyramid,Louder,One Day,In This Song,Note To God,New

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  2. otosmas9 says:
    in my entire life i have never really written any commentary on any subject on earth( i am close to retirement). then suddenly, BANG! comes this little one(DF and OW call her so) with the big but melodic voice. CHARMAINE CLARICE RELUCIO PEMPENGCO, a very humble quiet young filipina singer with very hard beginnings caused me to do such endeavour (write a commentary).nevertheless, i am very happy on my attempt and i suppose this is just the start for me to share my views (constructively positive)to all her fans especially THE CHASTERS. (can i be a Chaster too? what are the requirements to become one, because truly and sincerely i am a huge fan of CHARICE .i have a copy of her first album INSPIRATION which i bought at SM southmall two years ago. i have requested an australian friend in tokyo to get a copy of INFINITY album, happy about this. at the moment, i am fully contented with U TUBE, providing the convenience to hear and watch CHARICE sing while waiting for the album… somehow, and least to forget about CHARICE’S INFINITY ALBUM, i would like to tell Japan and her people how immensely grateful i am for their support of CHARICE. i hope you keep on the good work you have started. my sympathy to the Japanese people having endured the wrath of nature recently.albeit, DOMO ARIGATO GUZAIMAS! MABUHAY JAPAN for your unwavering support of CHARICE.
    …p.s. CHARICE, iha, when are coming to Sydney?

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    • lola-elrem says:
      you are not the only one otosmas. i am a retired senior myself (65 yrs old) and never in my life had i fallen head over heels in admiration for any artist; not even during those beatlemania days. never — until charice came to my life; to serenade me in my lonely moments; to inspire me when i feel things are wrong; to pep me up when i am down. her angelic voice soothes my inner core, and my spirit soars as she flies me up with her songs. ah…. but only charmaine clarice relucio pempengco.

      and not only do i buy her albums, download itunes of her singles, and watch her youtube videos endlessly. i hack my bank to buy a plane ticket or a greyhound bus trip — go whereever she sings, and be inspired once more.

      last time i saw charice sing was this october first, at the david foster and friends concert in las vegas; and who knows i might fly again to see her sing live on nov. 25th at the same venue. maybe if i wear younger and earning, i would be flying or driving to whereever she sings in any part of north america. some of my friends and peers would tease me but hey! it is because they haven’t found what true happiness is – and that is THE JOY OF LISTENING TO CHARICE SINGS!

      GOD bless!

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      • melody says:
        hey Lola po…you are really a Chaddick…I am, too, but in a more quiet way but I can’t match your genius in creating poetry, if you will, in praise and love for our Cha. There is something in this little kid that touches on us all. I wonder what she is thinking when she reads our blogs.

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  3. ronc says:
    WOWWW… Beatiful song..Light house as next single hit….Chart-topper

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  4. cancon says:
    I like ” LIGHTHOUSE” so much…this song should be given more promotions & exposures..nice melody. classy & very catchy..Charice ” INFINITY ALBUM” is so awsome..good luck & more power, Charice!

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    • Sasukesaku says:
      Yeah!! Lighthouse has the making of a hit. If you are old enough to have listened to a song “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia I think it is has the same appeal. I just don’t know how high it got in the Billboard Charts because I was not even aware of BB Charts at that time.

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  5. dabur says:
    bounceback especially lesson for life is my favorite as i heard the infinity preview,this songs are much much better than before it explodes…just love hearing lessons for life it baby..

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  6. Lenard says:
    I hope I can buy too…

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  7. erring_early says:
    music fair is good but i wish someday she’ll get to guest in Music Station

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  8. lyn montero says:
    how i wish i could have INFINITY album……. i wish someday….

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  9. trevor25 says:
    Wohooo! Yesterday, I requested my Japanese friend to buy INFINITY album and BOOM!, he said SURE.

    Early this morning, he confirmed bought the album Y1,980 and be handcarried next week. I CAN’T WAIT to hear and hold it myself!

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  10. daforgotten says:
    Lighthouse OMG!
    FTW ! Infinite Charice !

    Keep it up & God Bless ….

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  11. DTA2010 says:
    The whole Album is addicting! Charice’s vocals are insanely awesome. On “Never Always” she alters her voice to match the rhythm and beat of the song. She is incredibly versatile with her vocals!

    As for favorite song, hard to say cuz they are all great – though “Lighthouse” is beyond amazing!

    Charice, congrats on an UNBELIEVABLE Album !

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    • estrel2894 says:
      This is unfair…please don’t rub it in. We don’t have her Infinity album yet in the US. LOL!

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  12. juerry says:
    Infinity means no limits, Charice will shine brighter like a stars in the galaxy she will remain a magnificent artist as along as she wants.. her talent will captured the heart of everyone, so ones you watch her performance you will be getting addicted to her,, so chasters please continue support charice all the way,,,

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  13. japanjapan says:
    just heard the full album. she sounds current, pop r&b. . gems are louder, bounce back, lost the best thing, before it explodes, one day,lighthouse. BEST songs are bounce back and lighthouse. new world and far as the sky would not make it to US market. it just doesnt sound right and didnt fit in. guess thats why its called japan exclusive. hehehe. good luck. definitely better than the first album

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    • erring_early says:
      i haven’t heard new world yet :(
      is it like far as the sky..with jap-lish? hehe or what do they call it? far as the sky i loved it (esp as soundtrack of my fave drama) but the lyics are just..questionable haha

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    • Sasukesaku says:
      I agree – Far As the Sky and New world sounds not current in this age of R&B, Rap and Pop Music. Although it has good vocals it may not be appealing to US Radios. But who knows? It might be only the 2 of us in this. Well life is not fair. But nevertheless most of the songs are really awesome. I liked Lighthouse and Bounce Back most.

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      • MajaRuth says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  14. cancon says:
    so happy for her Infinity Album…to the top, girl. Wish you all the luck..more power!

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  15. Chasterlei says:
    Grammy or not, #Charice all the way!!!

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  16. DENNIS says:

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  17. chasterdad says:
    From one very special and spinky kid to outright global icon. It will be just a matter of time when she hits it really big and I mean humongously big. Now is pretty big but not just yet

    Wait for the very first USA certified pop sinle that may come from her sophomore album. That would cement her leagcy as finally arriving at last.

    Now she is still in transit though it is on super express.When she finally reaces her final stop, then we will know that at last she has indeed arrived.

    Would that be a Grammy?

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  18. stone sings says:
    I love it!!!!! C H A M A Z I N G ! ! !

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