Japanese Radio Shows Interview Charice – Plus Radio Program Guesting!

Japanese Radio Shows Interview Charice – Plus Radio Program Guesting!


Like her previous visits to Japan, Charice will be a busy bee promoting her second album “Infinity”. According to her Warner Music Japan homepage, Charice will be doing the rounds on radio with interviews with JWAVE and InterFM.

At 1:30 pm on October 7 (Friday), she will be interviewed by InterFM for a special program called “333Fri. From Tokyo Tower”. This will be open to the public so come see Charice at Club 333 on the first floor observation deck of Tokyo Tower. There will be no charge, but you have to pay to get into the observation deck. Admission prices are here.

InterFM Interview

On October 8 (Saturday), she will be featured on Tokyo FM’s “Cosmo pops best 10″ program which is carried by 38 radio stations all over Japan.  If you want to see Charice being interviewed live, be at Tokyo FM’s studio at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi by 3:00 pm.

Tokyo FM Interview

Charice will also be a guest at JWAVE’s “I A.M.” program for 3 days in a row! The program is from 9:00-11:30am – Charice will be on at about 10:40 am everyday from October 11-13.

JWAVE Interviews

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77 Responses to “Japanese Radio Shows Interview Charice – Plus Radio Program Guesting!”

  1. chelsea says:

    The japanese lady asking if there are tall building in the
    phils. is a nimrod. Totally inappropriate question. It’s condescending even.

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  2. Chan In says:
    Charice, im very happy because i saw your news again^^,,you are my favourite singer ,i love u so much,cuz i have check your news every day,i know you are very busy every day,but i want to say take care your health…dont get ill…i want to join your interview in Japan,but i cant,because im in China…anyway….i am so happy when you update your news everytime……..say one more time…TAKE CARE YOUR HEALTH PLEASE,DONT GET SICK^^…….i wish god bless you^^

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  3. Tony Vernsky says:
    Charice, you’re awesome. Our support for you is like your newest song, “Infinity” and we will shout it to the world “Louder”.

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  4. YongCha says:
    Those who thumbs down simply don’t know how to appreciate blessings. Spread love not hate. :)

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  5. Chan In says:
    woh…i want to join your interviews Charice in Japan,but i cant,because im in China…i very disappointed….anyway, can see your news in internet that i have already happy,so i wish you can go on update your news in internet every day,i will watch it everytime

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  6. Nep says:
    Charice is really popular, even the parrot knows how to sing Louder and One Day. Watch the video below.


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  7. chit says:
    Charice is awesome! God bless her! (And can we just ignore the crabs?)

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  8. chasterdad says:
    Oh by the way. if ever we shall look for Charice’s life’s anthem, it isn’t in this song by DFF. It’s actually this:


    She has sung it countless times when asked what song truely describes her success. And while rendering it, she usually cries because of the sheer meaning it has on her life’s travel.

    Now that she is nearing her status of being a mega diva and a global icon, this song again reminds her of the virtues of being humble, patient and god fearing and that oft repeated inspiring theme of most of her recent originals…..”if you wait and be patient, success will come your way.”

    I like most others, find inspiration in all of Charice’s songs….

    More success to you Charice!

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    • Auau says:
      Charice singing and acting here is as good as anybody who won the Academy awards in Hollywood or Broadway. Melody and arrangement are great, and she brings this song home, many times from the middle to the end; this is what I mean by owning the song. She has perfect connection with the audience and has has great credibility in singing this song, owing to the fact that she lived in the Philippines throughout her childhood. She can relate to the lyrics because of similarity to her personal history, she could also enunciate with clarity and nuance because this song is in her familiar native Tagalog language. This is the ideal performance; I want to see Charice sing this way all the time with songs in English lyrics, both in all slow and fast tempo. That’s why it’s good that Charice lives in the States, because Charice can acquire a way of connecting perfectly with mainstream audience, sing to them and the audience will respond like English is not a foreign language to her; this way she will be as equally effective singing in English, as she is singing in Tagalog. This is how she can be truly mesmerizing from beginning to the end of the song. Very subtle differences in quality, authenticity, not very many can detect but the audience respond to, used to be called honesty in singing a song. That, combined with the integrity of lyrics along with superb melody and arrangement of the song can be the ticket, so Charice can maybe become like Dion or Streisand, at the right time and place. I don’t know the composer of this Tagalog song, but he really deserves praise and credit. By the way Filipino songwriters are excellent with most melodies and arrangements but their lyrics need a little editing to have more beauty, integrity, and not become a little redundant, so they match. Both singers and composers should think poetry as the comparison for their end product. Chasters will probably throw stones at me for what I’m saying here; so sorry, I got carried away again.

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    • hpj says:
      Interestingly enough, that song “Maghintay Ka Lamang” was composed by a Japanese. I think by the name of Ted Ito. This guy also translated another famous Japanese hit into Tagalog during Mom Raqz time which also made it big in the Philippines before he came out with “Maghintay Ka Lamang.”

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      • auau says:

        Hi hpj. Thank you for this information. It seems like Ted Ito is a great composer; Charice should collaborate with him to make an album that might become a hit, just like Brightman and Webber did, and that’s how the musical Phantom Of The Opera happened. I don’t know how good a lyricist he is; his new song should be something the East and West could appreciate if the lyrics are properly worded so there’s not too many repeats in the song. In some folk songs, it doesn’t matter if sounding silly, as long as it’s universal sentiment, and the rest like melody is good; in fact the audience are more than likely to welcome the authenticity. In the olden days there were no rules when inventing a song or a dance; it was the expression that was more important.

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  9. chasterdad says:
    I was just recently surfing over various Charice websites and youtube videos including Charicemania.

    One thing I noticed is that “CRABS” abound like flu viruses all over. Now, is that something natural you say? Well I guess so. CRABS will always be there to ruin one’s day if you let them.

    Now my daughter and I are huge Chasters and out of frustration, we through fun for such occurences thought of once and finally identifying or say defining what CRABS really are through say the use of the acronym “C.R.A.B.S”

    We in Chasterland have invented such new words as “Chasters” Chariffic” “Chantabulous” and so forth. So I said to myself, why then christen in acronym form the natural nemesis of Charice and Chasters. Not to mention other successful personalities around the globe who are also inflicted by these viral vermins.

    So here goes some of what I and my daughter thought of as to how “C.R.A.B.S.” really means and how it is defined in individual words.

    I state my case:

    1.0 C.R.A.B.S.- In general, this means “C”rustaceous “R”ebels” “A”gainst “B”lessings and “S”uccess;

    2.0 C.R.A.B.S.- Specifically for Chasters, this means “C”harice “R”eally “A”ngers “B”rainless “Sickos;

    3.0 C.R.A>B.S.- In a meaner form means “C”rusty “R”etards “A”nd “B”rainless “S”hmucks (my daughter’s version)

    lastly, we though of but can’t finish this last one so we may need your help to fill-in the blanks:

    C.R.A.B.S.- “C”an’t “R”eally “A”ccept “B”_______ “S”________ .

    In the name of sheer fun and to release such negativity that crabs do provide forums such as this, I guess this is the best retaliation we good folks at Charicemania can give them in return.

    So I say, let them have a dose of their own medicine.

    Power and peace to all Chasters!

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    • Auau says:

      You are not spreading power and peace; these acronyms and their meanings might be entertaining for some fanatics to read, but you are only propagating a retaliatory behavior. Some groups, people of different background,religion, culture and beliefs, sometimes, if not always, will think their ways, revelations they’re getting from somewhere, are far more superior(presumptuously anyway) than others. You don’t accomplish anything with acronyms; you’re initiating a war, and that’s how endless wars happen in the world. Keep in mind these crabs, as you call them, are also capable of making up acronyms about you which can be far worse, far more negative than the names you start calling them. If a lot of these behavior stem from ignorance, then the solution is to open the possibility of coexistence and discussion. Instead of encouraging this ugly behavior/competition, I suggest you start a good way to communicate, educate and enlighten; you might find out they’re not as bad as you thought they were at first, and you might win them as friends and change sides. Well chosen words can convince a NO to a YES.

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  10. erring_early says:

    whose video? “kawaii” all over the place :)

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  11. juerry says:
    I love japanese people, because they love charice music so much, Godbless to all japanese chasters,, hope you will continue to support our idol,,,,

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  12. DTA2010 says:
    Charice, your a cappellas are so chilling. I do hope that one day you will consider making an acoustic album. Even if it is just an EP. I am sure Chasters from around the world would go crazy for it :)

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  13. edna says:
    awesome album with this talented girl Charice.

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  14. anniefound says:

    I submsitted a comment and was never posted, why?

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    • eve says:
      We had to release it from the spam folder, sorry about the delay. Comments are sometimes filtered automatically especially ones that say “Japan” for some reason or other, have no idea why. Appreciate the patience from you if you don’t see your comment right away.

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      • daddy 0 says:
        Hi Eve… Long time no see. As in really long time. Nice to see old timers here back again!! :-)

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        • eve says:
          nice to see you back as well daddy 0, full of mischief I bet :P
          Charice has been one busy gal in Japan, brings us all out to cheer her on!! It’s actually been just a month… maybe 2 =))

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          • ccar says:
            wellcome back eve! we need your feedback all the time for charice performances. you are awesome here, please keep it up. We need a good people like you on this site. Good luck…

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  15. anniefound says:
    Charice!!!!!!!!! That’s the shout from Japan, straight from the heart. What a beautiful thought you gave in your interview when asked about the meaning of the title of your album, Infinity. What a fitting encouragement of a “never ending hope and love” for which you wholeheartedly dedicated to the Japanese people especially. God bless you Charice. We love you and we are praying for your safety all the time. Thank you Japan Chasters for the outpouring of your love and support to our princess.

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  16. manang babes says:
    I love you Charice, you are just so amazing girl! You deserve your success. From my end, I can see that you know how to handle it.
    Forget the crabs, they hate you because they are ever so jealous.
    Nobody, just nobody, knowing where you came from,from that very humble place in Laguna, now a successfull globe-trotter, still very much grounded, could not help but love you. Go girl, spread your music and your wholesomeness, we are here supporting you, all the way.

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  17. vincent says:
    Ming, congratulations! Hoping for your greater achievement and may God Bless you always. Keep your feet on the ground and never mind your detractors. You deserve every bit that you have, you earned it by hard work. Take care….

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  18. aroc says:
    charice you are terrific!I’m just so happy and grateful to the Japanese people who love your music,your talents and your presence.Thanks a million times Japan.

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  19. abeng1127 says:
    thank you so much all JAPAN chaster’s and john okamoto…takecare

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  20. bethcha says:
    To all Chasters in Europe, the album is now available in Amazon Germany.

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  21. cesjj1058 says:
    crab virus are here!!!! but we chasters are not afraid of you!!!!

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  22. cancon says:
    Congrats on your awsome ” INFINITY” album…wish you could also sing Japanese song in Japan….Charice..A Phenomenal Voice!

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