Charice Released “Infinity” in Japan Today with a Free Concert – Video Posted!

Charice Released “Infinity” in Japan Today with a Free Concert – Video Posted!

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  1. Kuya Marc says:
    Rain or shine, Charice will always be special to the people of the universe, not only because of her gift in music but also of who she is as a person. God bless you Charice and to the chasters around the globe.

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  2. muzikluvr says:
    WOW!! U guys r really fired up about everything dat charice wears,sings,speaks,to d point dat its almost abvious dat U wanna control her in wat she shud do or say (script?). People Ur missing Charice’s point here. She wants to enjoy & be happy on wat she’s doing,& she’s been trying to promote dat eversince that “she wants to be known as her, comfortable in ur own skin,express her own true feelings, be confident about her choices & simply just be Her”. those r d things dat she’s been saying to everybody especially d young generation. As long as u r not hurting other people or destroying d world or our environment, I think its self assuring & fulfilling if U be urself & do wants comfortable to u. rather dan trying so hard to please anybody to like or love u. Look at how successful lady gaga s, it didnt matter to her on wat is prim or proper especially about dressing up, she wanted to express herself way she wants wether we lyk it or not, so now she does not run out of options because it is her own expression of herself s wat she brings out & show to d world. So I think as much as How Charice makes us happy when she sings, I think we owe it to her on letting her wear or do what she’s comfortable for her when she comes out & sing to d world. I think dats just fair for her too. LET’S JUST LET HER BE. GIVE HER SPACE & FREEDOM TO BE HERSELF & EXPRESS HERSELF IN HER OWN SIMPLE & YET AMAZING WAY. Let’s just let her enjoy her ride of her life, as she learns to improve her craft. I think we can see all d progress & improvement on everything about her since we first saw her in star king. So guys quit being so nitpicky about everything,TRUE success & happiness in watever u do in life are not based on what we see in d outside appearance.What matters most is HOW U FEEL ABOUT IT.
    Go Go Go CHARICE SOAR AS HIGH AS U CAN, stay kind & be true to urself. God makes NO mistakes, ur on d ryt track,U were born dis U Charice!

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    • Auau says:

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  3. Minda Lino says:

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  4. Binxie says:

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    • Jojo says:
      Crabs are here again but they are not worth my attention.I feel soooo… good to be a part of this chaster community.I feel so proud, I feel so excited,I feel so blessed….there is no word to express this wonderful feeling.Just ordered my Infiniti should arrive here in U.S. In app. 2 wks.To the top baby!!!!!

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  5. Lola Lily says:
    I just finished watching the above video and I must say that I enjoyed it and I love listening to the songs. How I wish I was there in Japan. I hope they would start selling her new CD here in the US. I’ll be waiting.
    Good job Charice! God bless and take care.

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  6. 28venice says:
    Agree Jimfan. So much attention / importance are given to Crab comments. If you ask me, all these have been settled by Charice.
    Proof ? look where she is now.

    To comment on the negatives is to give the impression that they are so many.( even foriegn press has taken note ). The fact is that they are so few!

    Even Camo is angry now ! Cool it friend. All the chips on the table are with us now.

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  7. marlyn says:
    Congrats Charice on the launching of your sophomore album Infinity.Wow ! even though it’s raining they are watching her concert.I’m waiting for my copy ,just so excited.

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  8. jimfan155 says:
    I don’t know, but I feel there is no need to defend Charice, at all to any negative opinions. Let those people say their piece and let it lay dormant, without a comment. Sometimes things are said to just get attention and when you react to that you’re giving in to them. I like to read all the positive comments and when you’re outnumbered by such a wide margin – let the numbers speak for themselves.

    Just buy her albums and attend her concerts, if possible, or just suppport her in a positive way, spreading the message and requesting her music, and we can all do our small part to help elevate her to where she belongs.

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    • Auau says:

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    • angelface101 says:
      I agree 100 percent. Just imagine those are going to monitor who replied to his/her post. If they find that not one cares they will fade away. Nada , zilch, zero.

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    • estrel2894 says:
      Hallehuah!! Well said.

      Talk to the hand :)

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    • Ella says:
      I agree jimfan155. I shouldn’t succummed to all the repulsive comments about Charice, but my maternal instinct says otherwise – “defend her”.
      Would my action makes a difference? I don’t know. All I know is that here’s this girl Charice, so pure in spirit who only have one intention – to please us with her God given talent. I bet anyone who is genuinely appreciative of her (regardless of) shares this same feeling that when she delivers a song, my gosh!!!! she gives it all – heart and soul (phenomenal!!!), and then your life is never the same – the reason I am compelled to defend her.

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      • luvkcha09 says:
        I have to curb myself too- to not respond the these naysayers. For all I know they are 12 year olds whining LOL. I am not going to waste my time responding to them.
        The best thing we all can do is post positive comments about Charice. and ignore the rest who envy and gossip and criticize.
        Ignore mode is the best offense- don’t even click on it:) too many dislike on these naysayers will only give them what they want – ATTENTION, now I don’t want to give them that satisfaction either.

        Congratulations Charice!!!!! You are number ONE!

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        • Crazy4Charice says:

          I totally agree – IGNORE mode is the BEST APPROACH. And I am a practitioner of this approach.
          Notice that when I go to the comments section I can not keep myself from opening the comment with the most dislike rating. I thought that others might be the same. So to keep those comments from even being noticed, I have disciplined myself not to rate at all. Better yet, not to open them – waste of my time.

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    • gonerunner says:
      i agree jimfan i learned in psychology that when we angry at somebody we give them power and control over us. when we ignore them we rise above their level and we have power over them. also when we explode in anger and hate, the greatest damage is always at the center of explosion. also i learned that misery loves company. crabs are miserable people they need attention and loves to make others miserable

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    • May says:

      As always, you’re such a nice person jimfan155 – always tactful… unlike most people here. I hope chasters who find some comments are negative should just dismiss them rather than attack those people making the comments and resort to name calling like ‘your brain is empty, you’re talentless, you know nothing about the music business, you’re a stupid jealous flip from PI, you’re a crab…” blah blah blah.

      You are right, there is no need to defend Charice. There’s no need to gang up on a person who has a different opinion. Doing so will just alienate potential fans. I for one actually stopped lurking here and stopped watching Charice’s videos on YouTube for many months because I’m sick of her fans and non fans fighting and calling each other nasty names. If chasters will just thumb down or spam comments they don’t like then there’d be no issue, no wars, and there’d be more people visiting the site. If only chasters are more like you jimfan155…

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      • jimfan155 says:
        Hi May and auau. I don’t feel I’m qualified to call anybody any names and just choose to treat everyone as an equal with respect even if their opinion differs with mine. Now, I admit at times it is hard to bite your tongue, but if I follow the Golden Rule then it saves me a lot of headaches and I can enjoy life more than if I “get into it”.

        Charice and her management team will figure out what path she should take pertaining to her music and appearance and no matter what they choose, they can’t please everyone. So, I’ll just continue to watch her grow as she has since coming on to the scene, sit back enjoy the ride, and support her in whatever way I can personally. I can only do what I can do and everyone else has their own way of doing things. To each his own, but I will remain as positive as I can. For me her voice and her kindness are the things that makes me the happiest and I hope those traits are the biggest factors to take her to the top. To others, clothes and other characteristics may be of equal importance, than they are to me and that’s their right and their opinion. Just can’t tell you how much happiness Charice has brought me in the past 3 plua years.

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        • May says:
          @jimfan155 Hope more Charice fans are like you. Anyways, I see nothing’s changed here – same people, same bickering. One day perhaps I might visit this site again just to see what’s up with Charice – no more reading the “WAR” section as it is pointless. To all well mannered chasters, and to Charice, ALL THE BEST. :)

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  9. auau says:

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  10. hpj says:
    Did she just circle the globe with these gigs of hers (US->Singapore->DoHa, middle east->Las Vegas-> Japan->US and probably side trips here and there we’re not aware of? We pray for your health that you would recover from stress easily.

    When she was young, she used to compete in singing contests in adjacent towns in one night, moving back and forth to know of the results later. This time it’s between countries. You deserve a trip to a spa, princess.

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  11. Crazy4Charice says:
    I have ordered my copy of “Infinity” from last week and I am waiting, waiting, waiting…
    Congratulations Charice! You never fail to impress.
    I wish that you will hold your concert here in Sydney and for sure I will be in the front row when it happens.

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    • yetey16 says:
      that’s right make us two infront….charice hope you promote your 2nd album in australia huge chasters waiting down under….:-)

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  12. YongCha says:
    What are you saying auau, everything that Charice do is by her management not by her own will remember that Charice is in under Warner Music Japan, I guess they know what to do best to promote her new album. So, don’t say that Charice is doing half-baked, she did great and not only best. If you love Charice just continue supporting her in the best of your own will without nitpicking on do’s and don’t. Being a fan is by loving her no matter what she achieve or reach because you believe on her without a doubt. Up or Down low your believe on her will never be shaken rather you just pray for her to continue to achieve more. :))

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  13. chafantastic says:
    you call that half-baked? your brain won’t even rise after adding yeast, i presume! why the hell would you want her lines scripted? if you’re a real fan of charice you’ll love her for who she is. she may not deliver speeches perfectly, but she’s a real person. i’d rather hear her hit the high notes perfectly than deliver speeches perfectly but having no sense at all. she’s already improved a lot since she began. you, i believe have nothing in store for the world to see, you talent-less oaf! she’s a true artist, true to her roots…she does not need to pretend to survive. she’s got the gifts! she is a gift from above. you are too! so i hope you’d be more of a real gift than a rotten scum of the earth!

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    • Auau says:

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      • chafantastic says:
        sorry for the mean words Auau…I was just taken aback by your comments that the whole thing is half-baked. I just am tired of people saying that they are true fans of this amazing individual and then when just a minor thing goes wrong, they immediately have something bad to say. we are human…and the person you’re criticizing is also human. compared to the greats, charice is just starting and we would just have to have faith and support her so she could get to where she’s going…up! :)
        (to those pretentious fans out there!) what kind of love do you have for charice if it seems that you’re only waiting for her to slip and fall or for something to go wrong just so you could feel good about yourselves and tell the world that she’s not that great and that you’ve been right all along? it’s just plain nasty…
        again…sorry for the outburst Auau.

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        • auau says:

          I’m sorry that my comment came across nasty. I hate nastiness and I wouldn’t like myself if I’m a nasty person. Far from my intention; I just got carried away, and knowing that Charice is in a very competitive business, I’d like to see Charice maintain the edge that’s necessary to succeed further. I understand now that my concern is pointless because she’s got a lot of chasters, just like you chafantasitic, who really love her and she will survive. Sweetness will win. Thanks for writing back.

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  14. emann says:
    from US to Singapore Qatar back to US and now Japan oh my gosh and still delivered an amazing performance?the energy and stamina that she has is really unbelievable.

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  15. emann says:
    @auau your name fits you or it should be aw aw aw or arf’re always should put your head in the oven so your halfbaked brain will be fully baked.everything is perfect in this mini concert the singer,the sounds and yet you have something to stupid and disgusting you are

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    • Auau says:

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    • auau says:

      As of today, emann, I think you are probably a knight in a shining armor. I still have a nightmare about your suggestion that I put my head inside the oven; I sometimes think it’s funny because nobody has said that to me before.

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  16. cancon says:
    the mini concert was great. Her performance was fabulous..She sang all the songs so beautifully & flawlessly..more power to you, Charice!!

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  17. taichilady807 says:
    I was smiling when the notes to Louder began…what a great start to her show!!!…Bravo Charice! I’m sure that those who watched you were totally captivated by your singing…they forgot it was raining!!!

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  18. EBJohns11 says:
    Luv the Lighthouse!! and thnax for sharing the vids! Its awesome even if its raining. Gratz Charice , number 1 now YAY!

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  19. turquoise says:
    i actually love her performance here i think she is more rested than any of her performance in the past few can see it in her eyes..

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  20. camo says:
    these half baked yahoos who get free show on youtube always yakking when they are never present ,let who was there live talk .all you fake chasters with your inner crab shut up already ,the kid gave a flawless mini concert , if you cant enjoy the ride hop off the train fools.

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  21. Mnc says:
    Light House(although I haven’t heard the full version) and Bounce Back is totally radio friendly here in the states. Time for her management team to step it up and release these songs on the radio to get her promotion going. I want Charice on the radio now. Tired of hearing these Katty Perry and Britanny Spears. Time for a new change in the music trends, time for the Charice trend.

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    • donron says:
      Please..for Light house music video..
      c’mon techno-chaster..make the video fanmade of her tracks beatifully..

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  22. neild38 says:
    CHAntastic… Congrats Charice and the band they are also very good.

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  23. manang babes says:
    Ordered my copy from Amazon. Including shipping, it was $32+ some cents. It surely is worth every penny judging from these videos.
    BTW, thank you very much for the uploaders. You guys make a lot of Chasters happy.

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  24. auau says:

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    • SofiaC says:
      That concert was not half-baked. She and her band had been rehearsing for’d know that if you were updated with every Charice-related news.

      And what’s wrong with her clothes? That jacket was amazing, I was there live and I was wishing I had a jacket like that. Her pants might be weird for some people, but lots of Japanese are wearing that actually.

      And a script for some in-between-songs talk? That’s just overkill.

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      • Mooffin says:
        i totally agree sofia. she is in japan and she has to cater to the japanese and those are the kind of clothes that the japanese wear. and i totally loved the jacket too! it was so cool, even the copper sweater underneath.

        i suspect there may have been time constraints too since there was hardly any time for charice to introduce her songs esp. the last 2 since the band started playing. they were in front of shinjuku station and it was rush hour (shinjuku is the busiest station in tokyo with 4 million passengers using it daily) and the organizers had to keep people moving, they couldn’t let people stop and listen or people wouldn’t be able to get into the station so there was no time for spiels etc.

        remember too, that only troy from her band was with her so the songs may have sounded different than to what we are used to. but i still think the japanese band members did well.

        and a free live guerilla-style concert does not have to be “art”. and more choreography? she had a stage the size of a postage stamp, the acuvue dancers hardly had any space to move.

        let’s just be grateful that there even was a free concert, and it was very well done at that.

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      • Auau says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Stockpicker says:
      @auau Wow, what are you talking about? You want her speech scripted? Why? She’s not delivering formal speech or delivering a scientific paper. She’s just promoting her album. She should act natural like a real person, that’s all!

      auau, how about scripting the weather?

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      • Auau says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Foreverchafan says:
      @ auau…. yes, indeed you are different from most of the chasters…and I am very disappointed on you! Big time! I’m just being true to you! You don’t even know what “art” really means. CHARICE herself, her whole being is a magnificent art! And you.., auau…my friend you need to wake up from your half-baked and scripted world dream of yours before it’s too late.

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    • Lola says:
      I can’t believe what I just read here. I know you are entitled to your own opnion, but it’s just rediculous. Charice never did anything half baked. You sound more like a half baked fan. For sure.

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    • Ella says:
      Before dropping a statement such as yours, I suggest you should ask yourself these questions: What do I know about entertainment business? Am I fair to direct these unkind remarks to Charice?

      Obviously, your comment here is a result of your ignorance to show business (am not even going to mention the ‘clothes thing’). For the gazillion times!!!!!!!!!!! it’s not Charice’s call on how the show is going to be. What would you do if you pay someone to paint your house white, but the painter decided to paint it in red instead because he thinks it’s classic. See my point?

      Charice is big but not yet a legend…. like Barbara Streisand or Celine Dion who makes the call of what the show is going to be like, but one day… our Charice will get there too.

      If you truly love her and proud of her like you said, then stop telling her what to do and what to wear. She already has enough of those derogatory remarks from the haters and crabs. Don’t add it up. Lets just support her and enjoy her singing, shall we?

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      • Auau says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • Ella says:
          Exactly my point Auau on the analogy – you only hire people you know well and trustworthy enough to do the job as you want it to be. Same thing with the record producer/company who knows Charice very well. Everything has been planned and set by them. The stage, the bands, the songs Charice will sing (including the ‘half-baked’ songs as you called it). The record company makes the call and Charice delivers…..flawlessly. So I thought your comment was hurtful to her and to all of us who are loyal followers.

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          • auau says:

            Thanks for explaining . I don’t know the people Charice has been working with and I know nothing about their qualifications. My comment was like an immediate reaction to these people’s end product by a consumer and as, believe it or not, a well meaning fan. Knowing that many chasters desliked my comment, I feel that I should refrain from saying anything; get off the train as one says, which I can actually do easily, and I suppose that would make most chasters happy.

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            • Ella says:
              What makes chasters happy is when we stop finding fault at Charice. Whether it be her performance, her outfits and most especially her physique (the most damaging of the three).

              No one is being refrained from saying any comments, as long as COMMONSENSE is a major factor when you want to do this.

              I’m sorry to say this, but your (due to immediate reaction) comment sounded like you directed it to Charice pretty much, the reason Charice’s die hards (one is me) reacted in defense. Surely you can understand why. Haste judgement (immediate reaction without facts) can lead to misunderstanding and cause anger. Not a wise thing to do.

              Peace to you Auau.

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  25. kingkong98270 says:
    At the end, it doesn’t look like the audience wants to leave!! They want more, and who could blame them? She was excellent!!!

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