Charice’s 2nd Japan Album is Titled “Infinity”

Charice’s 2nd Japan Album is Titled “Infinity”


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  1. lbato_conp says:
    I just pre-odered the new Infinity album of Charice through So excited for charice!!!

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  2. MrJual111 says:
    I compared Cha to Mozart and this is why.

    Mozart was a prodigy with the ability to create music but only until he mastered playing instruments. He then became educated to learn and write music from talented mentors. This all began at around 4 years old and continuously progressed from then on.

    Charice’s progression is much different but I suspect her genius talent lies on her ability to absorb the subtle notes of what she hears in songs and gifted with a rare vocal anatomic structure which was discovered by her mother around four years old.

    I would add to the list a remarkable memory to render the songs she sings and what is more noteworthy is her ability to add creative value to the way she interprets them. Knowing what I learned from Mozart’s childhood is the ability to improve other composers’ work. He would listen to it once and he would play it back to his dad with a few or more altered notes that results to its heightened beauty. Eventually of course he opted to create his own pieces. Because he can and because there are stern people making sure that he does just that, such is the life of a prodigy during his time – hardly any playtime.

    Charice’s talent does not solely rely on her vocal ability but in the combination of how her brain absorbs music and how her vocal apparatus delivers them. The result is why people like us talk about her.

    I am sad that she was not afforded with similar support as Mozart did as a 4 year old. On the other hand, I’m glad that she is now enjoying the fruits of her labor considering the humble beginnings she has had.

    Now she’s 19 years old, that may be a problem as far as creating her own songs. I’m sure she can create melodies because she’s aware of her vocal range. But to write lyrics with emotion might require a strong command of the english language or even with tagalong as it is used today. Remember also, that the music of today is marred with all types of sounds that has separated listeners worldwide.

    Whereas, Mozart’s time in western europe, everyone was aiming for the same classical tune. I’m sure if Charice were to focus her efforts, she may well produce masterful pieces of her own. But from a practical stand point, I’m fine with masterful pieces from collaborative efforts from the best writers.

    Words in a song are just words, but what makes them explode is the instrument that sets them off. The instrument is Charice.

    I’m just a fan. Thanks for reading.

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  3. MrJual111 says:
    Words in a song are just words, but what makes them explode is the instrument that sets them off. The instrument is Charice.

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  4. miriam says:
    Actually, I see two large eyes staring at me…whoever he or she is behind those blinders, is waiting for my move. Something has happened and there’s a tense situation…I need to act fast. Well, Charice, in the background in her balck outfit, sultry pose, and a pair of eyes to die for, is saying, “Don’t worry, Chaster…I’ve got it under control. I will never let any Chaster down.”…whoaaaaaa, what do you know? Charice saved me. Behind that diminutive frame, she has the strength of a steel and a heart made of gold. She is the ultimate person. Cha, you are Cleopatra, you indeed have ties to the Pyramid, you are eternal.

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  5. chicka says:

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  6. Ceedum says:
    “New World” is now available for download on Japan iTunes. Not crazy about the song but I bought it anyway! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

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  7. pom2pom says:
    Hi fellow Chasters, anyone having problems with YesAsia? My credit card company alerted me about the transactions from YesAsia. I was told that there were 3 transactions all the same amount. OMG! how about you guys?

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  8. pom2pom says:
    Thank you whoever gave info on I ordered Charice new album for total $29.24 including shipping. 

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  9. marlyn says:
    I already ordered Charice Infinity album from; thanks for the info Chasters; i ordered 2 with free shipping ; soooo…. excited.

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  10. peakarach says:

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  11. zey_6661 says:
    too bad , this albums is unavailable in my country T_T

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  12. luvkcha09 says: is the cheapest site – it’s 25 dollars free shipping Canada and USA if you spend $39 on one order- otherwise you pay about 9 dollars for shipping.

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  13. Jax says:
    Charice’s Infinity (Import Edition) is now available for pre-order at US for 32.96 with Free shipping. Released date is October 18, 2011.

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  14. mingquote says:
    Hope they include “Wherever You Are” in this album…

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  15. hermiemel says:
    Brainstorming 2nd Album Philippine Release Title =
    The Eight Wonder of the World – Charice is # 8. Is Pyramid one of the seven wonders of the world??//Peace.

    The Silk Road – Because she is so smooth. Peace.

    Facticity – New World, Far as the Sky, Lost the best thing, Lesson for Life. Because humans has limitations. This is the opposite of Infinity. This is not gonna fly I know. Peace.

    Charice knows her Onions – kind of mysterious yet saying that Charice knows her music exceptionally well. An expert. Peace.

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  16. philp George says:
    I foud a cool video to help promote Charice 2nd Album.

    Watch it.

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    • chesfern says:
      Charice and a Japanese singer (Mai Fukui) will be singing the theme song for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 (link: to be released this December.

      The Japanese song will be for the local market while Charice”s song will be for international except for some countries.

      Wow, Charice’s popularity in Japan is infinite!!!

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      • chesfern says:
        The Japanese song will be the theme song for Play Station3 to be sold locally in Japan, while Charice’s song will be the theme song for those for sale internationally, except in locally-sold XBox-360 and in some Asian countries. These will be released this coming December.

        The report a;so said that Charice and Mai will be singing the same song, although the songs will be arranged differently.

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        • yay! says:
          I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan, and a Charice fan as well, so you can just imagine how I practically bounced off the walls when I learned the good news on Umagang Kay Ganda. Boy, was that a good way to start the morning!

          Anyway, I thought having Charice sing for mind-blowingly popular JRPG series was just wishful thinking–I winced when Square Enix chose Leona Lewis’s My Hands as the English theme song for Final Fantasy XIII (I actually liked My Hands, it’s just a bad fit for the game. Square Enix explained they didn’t have enough time (and maybe budget?) to get the Japanese theme song translated and sung.

          Charice was only starting to get popular in Japan when FFXIII was released, and I had this crazy idea when I heard Kimi ga Irukara for the first time that she’ll be a good fit for it’s English version. FF theme songs have always been ‘birit’ songs. Easy peasy for Charice.

          Anyway. This news only makes me more excited to get Final Fantasy XIII-2!

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  17. anniefound says:
    “What is this charge from yesasia?” (My husband asked me). I said, I ordered Charice’s Infiniti album and Hitman Returns with Charice in Mandalay. He smiled and kept quiet. He approves anything about Charice and of Charice. I am so happy for you Charice. We’re praying for your continues success.

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    • abeng1127 says:
      he he… ME too… ( my wife ask me ) SAY Hi ! TO YOUR HUSBAND.. We are good audiences

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    • starbuck245 says:
      i purchased several copies…for friends and one copy to the Hollywood Bowl mgt in Los Angeles…i hope someday Cha can sing there with the philharmonic orchestra.

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