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Charice Delivered a Fun Four-Song Performance at KLUC’s End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

Charice Delivered a Fun Four-Song Performance at KLUC’s End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

It’s been a day since Charice impressed the tweens, teens, and adults in Las Vegas with her amazing voice and strong stage presence. Reactions to the Aug. 23 End of Summer Block Party by KLUC are positive overall based on a lot of tweets.

Those who didn’t get the chance to attend are all busy searching, watching and downloading various videos and photos from the event, which are pouring in non-stop.

To make this job easier for you, we’ve compiled here in Charicemania the must-see photos and the must-watch videos, starting from the pre-concert moments, ’til Celebrex cost new zealand Charice’s four-song performance.

Here’s a summary of what Charice did on August 23 for the whole KLUC End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas:

dogpee1 300x254 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas1. Charice rehearsed on stage at the Henderson Pavillion.

You can see Charice in the photo to the left wearing a tailored dark beige jacket with harem-inspired denim pants. This is also the funny photo released by KLUC where Charice’s dog peed on stage.

Charice also teamed-up with Iyaz for a performance of their hit, “Pyramid”. Watch the video below as a KLUC DJ captures them on video:

(You can also watch the whole “Pyramid” rehearsal video of Charice and Iyaz here.)

2. Charice got Interviewed by Fox News Las Vegas

The reporter described Charice as “one of her personal favorites” in the intro part. In the interview segment, she also praised Charice’s look, especially her Christian Louboutin heels. You can also see Charice posing with some kids and teens for a photo. You can watch the autograph signing that Charice did for her fans here. Meanwhile, enjoy the news interview video below:

3. Charice continued preparing for her performance

Charice also rehearsed for her other three songs that night: Louder, Before it Explodes, and One Day. Backstage, Charice was interviewed by KLUC which they broadcasted over the radio. You can hear the whole interview here. You can see more pre-concert photos of Charice below:

12 1024x683 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

11 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

4. Performance proper! Charice sang 3 new singles plus “Pyramid”


“One Day” with ultimate Chaster, Vanessa (a.k.a ChariceFanatic)

“Before It Explodes”

“Pyramid” with Iyaz

5. End of Concert

Charice thanked everyone who attended in this tweet of hers:

tweet3 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

By Sofia Carrera,

184 Responses to “Charice Delivered a Fun Four-Song Performance at KLUC’s End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas”

  1. zee-o-nga says:
    I agree with some of the comments here I am a huge char ice fan since her little big star days when i saw her singing i wanna run to you I told my sister this kid is gonna be big! and she did!!! I was one of the believers of her talent and i was even more proud and happy for her when she break in to the USA. I think that charice should take it seriously if she want to have a steady career in the American music industry its not just all about her huge connections and talent and she is not just a singer now she is a hollywood celebrity too that just proves you can’t just ignore this girl’s talent, unfortunately though she fails in the fashion category, she is lucky she is not yet featured on those worst dressed list articles. She looked phenomenal in the 2nd David Foster and Friends dvd. I noticed she has amazing legs! and she was really beautiful there because of the right make up and clothes, which i think she should be consistent with. I love her look on teen choice awards too very young and fresh. but since her music is more leaning to the r&b category she should channel her fashion to that genre too thats all I can say. to my fellow charice fans don’t get angry of offended criticisms are good too. Hollywood is cruel, if you wanna succeed you have to follow its standards most of the time. charice fans are the best!

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  2. TerriB says:
    Her weight? Seriously? Come on! In a society of obesity that is higher than it’s ever been, you would call her fat? How dare you! Not to mention that young singers don’t need to be parading around on stage half naked to in order to sell records and if they do, shame on us! Let her be……

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

  3. spirikitik says:

    Accepting critism is one way to be successful in life.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

    • pochie says:
      She doesn’t need your criticisms, leave that to her handlers am sure they are more qualified than you. Besides most of the comments from her so-called critics are personal in nature and are made to depress and insult.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 15 Thumb down 5

    • big dog says:
      Insisting your own criticism is like preaching in air…It still exist without it…It’s wonderful the way it is…

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    • big dog says:
      Maybe try constructive criticism…Maybe try acceptance that your criticism is not always correct, appropriate, or useful…Accept reality that we are just fans…

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  4. hermiemel says:
    What did DF, Oprah and Celine saw on Charice that they went out of their way to put their support behing her??//
    Well apparently the Japanese knows it. The Italians too. Also the Canadians. Singaporeans too. Thailanders too. Millions of Americans and Filipinos loves her too as well as other folks from all over the world.
    Who knows, maybe Martians from planet Mars who heared her from millions of miles away from planet Earth loves her too!! Peace!!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 4

  5. Roel Tolentino says:
    Inpiring young people at her young age, thru talent, perseverance and elegance… She is already doing what Celine did to her at Madison, just inviting a fan to sing with you is a symbol of humilty-giving back.

    And to hear people singing charice song’s is uplifting, continue to make a difference, and continue to make us proud.

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  6. teng says:

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    • big dog says:
      hahahaha….Charice is always grateful to her team and especially to her fans…Don’t worry she is in good hands…Her mother raised her right…Thanks for your concern…Now just enjoy her music and her success…Keep up your full support!

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  7. teng says:

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    • persis says:
      Frist,I have this idea that u r an older person coz u using LARGE PRINT. It’s harder to read ur message pls. use fine print next time.Thx. Secondly, why r u so WORRY abt. Charice’s career since she got all the PROS. working behind her. As per Lea Salonga,Charice has no problem getting to where she wants to be!! Financially,she has gain 6 Million in one year!THat’s huge compare to Bruno Mars,Selena,Demi L. I’m very confident that THE BIG SUCCESS will be on it’s way soon! She got all the ingredients to be a SUPERSTAR!! Just wait and see..THX for supporting Charice!!

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      • teng says:

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        • eve says:
          thanks for your comments Teng. Could you please write your future comments in regular size (lower case) print which is the polite Internet etiquette as ALL CAPITAL LETTERS means that you are rudely shouting to be heard. We have requested you to use the normal size font in the past and you have not complied.

          If you don’t know how to switch to lower case, please find the CAPS LOCK key on the left side of your keyboard. Press down on the CAPS LOCK button to toggle between UPPER and lower case letters.

          Thank you for visiting Charicemania!

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          • teng says:

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            • eve says:
              actually I’ve been on an extended vacation, which regular readers may have noticed my long absence the past month. Your comments were probably deleted because they were in UPPER CASE, rude or both. Hence you are getting this gentle reminder which for some reason you refuse to follow. It’s a simple rule that everyone else follows but you.

              Perhaps after reading the following basic rules, you will realize it is not unreasonable but standard industry practice to write your comments in lowercase. Just google “Internet etiquette.”
     <<— click #2 Do Not Use All Caps

              "Using all capital letters in electronic communication is the equivalent of shouting at someone in person. Therefore, using all caps is bad netiquette because it's shouting."

              We have politely requested multiple times that you use lowercase. Occasional uppercase might be called for, but EVERY SINGLE COMMENT IN UPPERCASE APPEARS THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING AT US.

              I have no problem with your other concerns/issues as long as you don't shout them at us or disrespect others' opinions. I actually agree about Miss Saigon.

              Thanks in advance for following the netiquette. It's greatly appreciated by all the readers.

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  8. Hessa says:
    what does looks got to do with her gigantic voice talent??? Other teens who you said were more popular than her are probably the ones who’s just good in showing their shapes and skin. I’d rather that Charice stays just as she is..people respect her, love her and appreciates her for what she is and not for what others wants her to be.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 33 Thumb down 2

  9. pochie says:
    You crabs could throw all the negatives on Charice, but she will just laugh at you on her way to the bank. In fact she must be enjoying what you haters are saying against her because the more you insult her, the more she becomes popular, the more people will get curious about her and will wonder why some people hate her so much? And the end result? The people who never heard of her before will get to know her better and she gains more fans.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 38 Thumb down 4

  10. nordin says:
    @MariaBilaton, Jayme Enrique and Tabachoy are you related to one of the ABS-CBN’ LBS contest that told her the same thing of what are you telling Charice to improve her looks or else she will never going to make it in the Philippines? Well she proved them wrong not only she become famous in the Philippines but internationally as well. Why? It’s not about her looks it’s because of her extra ordinary talents that seen by other countries which overlooked by her own kind.

    No matter what you telling her what needs her to improve at of the day she cannot be ignored? She already realized her dreams and the great thing about her, blessing keep on coming to her way without even dreaming about it.

    What I’m afraid of is what if she read all your negative comments about her and hurt her feelings big time and she cannot take it anymore. As a result she will finally decide to stop singing for us and just live in a simple life, continue college and stay away from critics. If you are truly a fan of her you don’t want it to happen right? Even she decided to stops entertaining us right now, as far as the Asians are concern she already achieved so much that it will take years, decades if not century to come to break or equal of what she had been accomplished in mainstream music industry.

    She is already old enough to decide what she wants her to be and she got where she is now without our help so why don’t we just leave her alone and let her fly her own wings freely and let her find where she wants to go either up, down or stay where she is right now, it’s all up to her. So relax, forget the negatives about her and focused only of what she can offer to us.

    To Charice go ahead and continue entertaining us, I don’t care what you want to wear, I don’t care about your looks, I don’t care about your diction, I don’t care what critics tells you, it’s all don’t matter to me all I care is your talents, your humility, your perseverance, hard workmanships and your charisma, so please don’t stop singing for us because you are the only I mean ONLY Artist that touch my heart and you really hit my inner core of my body that creates Goosebumps in my skins every time I hear you sing. You are truly an inspiration to human race and you changed my perspectives in life. So Charice keep up the good work and continue to pray, you will get up there at no time because no one in this world will ever changed your destiny but GOD and your destiny is already made in GOD’s blue print and ready to be told. You are truly a miracle kid and gift from GOD. Your story of your life is a Devine Intervention no matter what happens in the future GOD will always be a big part of your life it’s fact.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 39 Thumb down 4

    • gonerunner says:

      im touched by your love for our princess thanks nordin chasters like you saved this site from imploding due to extreme gravity of comments from diverse orbiting bodies attracted by the super nova called CHARIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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  11. MariaBilaton says:

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    • big dog says:
      Can you give an example? Any other pure asian artist made it big like Charice because of looks?

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 29 Thumb down 2

      • MariaBilaton says:

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  12. JaymeEnriques10101 says:

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  13. Tabachoy says:

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