Charice will Perform with Arjohn Gilbert on her Next Concert in Manila

Charice will Perform with Arjohn Gilbert on her Next Concert in Manila

UPDATE 8/22/11: Reliable sources have informed Charicemania that this is not true. He will be there to watch the concert as the Chasters’ guest, but he is not there to perform. Instead, the planned duet will be on her next solo concert here in the Philippines, possibly this year.

Arjohn revealed today during his appearance on the Philippine variety show, “Happy Yipee Yehey”, that he will indeed sing with Charice on October 25. As Chasters all know, this is the date of the David Foster and Friends Asia Tour’s Manila Concert, which will be held at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City.

The title of the song that Arjohn and Charice will be singing has not been revealed yet, but for sure, this number will be one of the most awaited performances in the concert.

Arjohn Gilbert Charice will Perform with Arjohn Gilbert on her Next Concert in ManilaArjohn Gilbert or known as “Aeta Boy” (because of his Aeta heritage), shot to fame when videos of him singing pop and rnb songs were featured on a TV show, which then helped double his views on YouTube.

The fan-posted videos of his performances showcased his smooth voice while singing hits like Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and David Cook’s “Always be My Baby”. The latter one even featured his flute playing skills, which works great as an advertisement for the flutes he’s selling on the streets of Clark, Pampanga.

Charice must have watched his videos and saw the talent and dedication that Arjohn Cost of lisinopril at costco had in pursuing music, despite the hard life that he has now – so she immediately tweeted this:

tweet2 Charice will Perform with Arjohn Gilbert on her Next Concert in Manila

Charice then urged her fans through Twitter to help find the boy and inform him of her offer, “Let’s find him, Chasters. Please find his FB, or whatever so we can contact him :)” Chasters succeded in locating the boy and they even filmed him saying thanks to Charice. Watch Arjohn say his full message in the video below:

It’s not just Charice who saw the potential that Arjohn has, even Black Eyed Peas member expressed his desire in working with him. It’s highly possible that Arjohn would be

able to follow the paths made by these two Filipino international superstars, with the right team behind him and with his fans undying support.

Watch Arjohn’s two famous performances below:

“Baby” by Justin Bieber

“Always be My Baby” by David Cook

By Sofia Carrera,

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  1. brittany says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  2. Yojan says:
    Maybe it’ll be ideal to edit the title and remove the date to avoid confusion, I guess? But still, it’s still up to the mods’ judgment. :)

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    • Sofia says:
      I’ve removed the date from the title.
      But I don’t think “Aeta Boy” is degrading.
      It’s who he is. Aeta is a race, so it shouldn’t be viewed as a demeaning word. It’s just like calling Charice “Filipino Girl”.

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      • insolitude123 says:

        Hi Sofia….sorry to disagree with you but even though the boy is an aeta, he should still be described using neutral adjectives. Something that doesn’t have to do with race, color, gender or sex. For you, calling someone an “aeta boy” is acceptable, but for some people, it sounds offensive because for those who don’t have an idea what an “aeta” mean, the word “aeta” pictures someone who is ___________ . So i think a more neutral adjective is more acceptable.

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        • big dog says:
          I think the use of the word AETA is Ok…It’s like the aborigines in Aussie or even native americans…I think it’s more of educational. At first I thought this kid is an americian—from GI baby…

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          • insolitude123 says:

            as a minority….. i feel better to be called by a more politically correct adjective rather then be labelled because of my race. For people who call themselves the majority, you wouldn’t know how it feels to be in the minority

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      • Chasterlei says:
        Sofia, thanks for the article. The word ‘Aeta’ per se is not necessarily degrading. Though I’m not sure how that came to be Arjohn’s title, if the intention was to demean or to redefine a possibly derogatory word. For example, ‘little monster’ according to Gaga is celebrating how acceptably different a ‘monster’ can be. The words ‘sick’ and ‘disgusting’ can be a compliment or the opposite. So it’s how these words are used, the context, connotation, and tone. In the case of this article, I know that nothing negative nor derogatory was meant. I wish that the true message of this article was not lost on some Chasters. Unfortunately and apparently, it is. So I would urge them to take a closer look to appreciate this article for highlighting Charice’s kindness and willingness to pay forward. That’s my verdict, and I appreciate your work and keeping us informed about Charice, Sofia. Thank you!

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  3. insolitude123 says:

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  4. Flor Of Texas says:

    Arjohn has the potential to become a great singer someday. I bet Charice will help him.

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  5. katrina says:
    Charice has a good heart. She invited Arjohn to sing with her when she does her own show in the Philippines. Arjohn had already announced that he will sing with Charice on October 25. Is this true or Arjohn just assumed that the invitation was for him to sing with Charice at the Aranera Coliseum? I asked because the October 25 show is DFF and not Charice’s. If it is true Arjohn is so lucky for this will boost his popularity even if some ABS_CBN shows had already given Arjohn exposure on TV, it is different when it is Charice.

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  6. Ham says:

    he, he so many warm and heated exchanges here. what a wonderful, chasters world! i hope one day charice will sing this beautiful song,

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  7. insolitude123 says:
    Sorry folks…. but calling the kid “aeta boy” sounds a bit discriminatory to me…i don’t know…it’s probably just me. To me, it sounds better to just call the boy by his first name.

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  8. lou says:

    Why not guesting any famous filipino singer? because Charice is one smart cookie folks!

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  9. RodBelt says:
    We all know how down-to-earth Charice is. She knows and looks back where she came from. Her actions can be summarized in 2 words:


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  10. camo says:
    like i said it happens ,so charicemania will correct it if it happens to be false.

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  11. camo says:
    mdsuave am sure charicemania did not mean to deceive anyone ,just calm down .like you never pick up a news paper with false reporting.

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    • mdsuave says:
      My friend, I see you even here. Lol. Charicemania is important. It is about Charice and you and I and Chasters. It is not a local PH newspaper and definitely not a tabloid. If the article is not true, then just delete it. We are here to spread good news about Charice not report like a tabloid. I’m sure CM people will understand.

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