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ACUVUE 1ai???DAY Celebrity Chats: Ask Charice Live on September 6, 2011

ACUVUE 1ai???DAY Celebrity Chats: Ask Charice Live on September 6, 2011

9/6 VIDEO UPDATE: CHARICE CELEBRITY CHAT Mark your calendars Chasters! Charice will be answering your questions live Shipping lady era during Acuvue’s One Day Celebrity Chat on

September 6, Tuesday at 7 p.m. EST. It’s not everyday that we can get to talk to our idols, so this is one heck of an opportunity. . .

* * * * * *

joe sterling meaghan charice acuvue ACUVUE 1ai???DAY Celebrity Chats: Ask Charice Live on September 6, 2011 Even though Charice is very interactive with her fans compared to other artists and celebrities, there’s little chance of her answering all the questions that you’re dying to ask. So this Acuvue One Day Celebrity Chat is a really great chance to satisfy your curiosity. Acuvue getting Charice as their brand spokesperson is such a great move – especially for her fans as this partnership gave way to a single, a music video for “One Day” and gave Charice lots of collaborations with Nick Jonas, Boy Rekless and Adam Blackstone. Plus, she gets to inspire and help a teen take one step closer to her dreams of becoming a recording artist. Now, Acuvue makes it even better by giving fans a chance to chat with their celebrity idols. All you need to do is log on to Facebook, and if you still haven’t done this, like Acuvue’s official page. After liking, go to the Celebrity Chat page, and take note of the time and date for the chat schedule of the celebrity you want to talk to. Here are the complete dates:

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You can also invite your friends to the many chat events, and ask as many questions you’d like to have a better chance of getting it on air. The footage of the whole live chat is recorded, so you can still catch Charice answering fan questions and chatting with Meaghan Martin on Acuvue’s UStream Channel, if you missed the live air date. Or check back to this article after Sept. 6 as we’ll surely post the video here. So what are you planning on asking Charice? Is it about her second album? Her love life? Or more random things like her favorite shirt or most hated food? Tell us by leaving a comment below. By Sofia Carrera,

22 Responses to “ACUVUE 1ai???DAY Celebrity Chats: Ask Charice Live on September 6, 2011”

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  3. megan says:

    is like the song and I would like to bring one of your contact lenses and I would love to meet you XD

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  4. chesfern says:

    My question is: Now that you’re almost a lady and may no longer be as “intrepid” during your performances as before when you did the unthinkable (like jumping from the stage to interact with the crowd), do you think you can still perform those acts without feeling “shy”, or you have come to outgrow them and find them inappropriate at your age now?

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  5. pitbull says:
    Charice should do at least one or two tour of USO for the troops, this will add more fans coming from the service. I myself had been in the service, and we are looking forward to those celebs who want to entertain the troops.

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  6. Regie says:
    I think Charice’s and Bruno Mars’s voice combined in a duet will make a really good music. After all, they’re both my favorites. Is Charice planning to collaborate with Bruno again?

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  7. Yobhtron says:
    Italy is the first country that truly treated Charice as a musical superstar. Does Charice and her team have a plan to visit that beautiful country again in the near future? I’m sure Italian Chasters are eagerly awaiting her triumphant return.

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  8. trishahae says:
    Charice, when will you go back to starking? I hope you wow the Koreans again. Love you

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  9. EBJohns11 says:
    No question, just come to Minnesota, will you ? LOL

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  10. MileyC says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Perrypc says:
      Nothing wrong with the question however it can also be irritating to others, even Filipinos. Charice however is a friend of everyone especially the Chasters.

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    • Chasterlei says:
      MileyC, it’s similar to performers asking if there’s anyone from their hometown or state. Does it irritate me? No, because I don’t color it like you do.

      Josh Groban actually talked about growing up in Los Angeles at his concert. I’m sure not everyone in the audience was a native from LA, but I appreciated hearing about his origin as well as giving Angelenos a shout out. Were non-Angelenos annoyed? I don’t think so!

      If you want to ignore Charice’s nationality and ethnicity, the reality is, it’s a great part of her and makes her uniquely Charice. When she brings it up, it is never to annoy or alienate you, but to express pride, proof she’s true to herself and her roots.

      Perhaps you need to examine yourself to get at what it is really about you that gets annoyed. I’m sure it has less to do with Charice than what you feel about others unlike you, which reflects who you really are deep inside.

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  11. josh says:
    hello Charice when r u going to be back on Ellen show? did u see or talked to Ellen at Teen Choice Awards?

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  12. Chasterlei says:
    Questions for Charice:
    Is she still taking classes online?
    Any plans to return to Ellen?
    Any plans to sing duet with Josh Groban?
    Will we see her again at The Grove come December?
    Does she still keep in touch with False Voice?
    How does she stay in touch with her mom and brother?
    How does she take care of her voice?
    Which rumor can she deny or confirm?
    Would she consider performing on Broadway?

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  13. NYChaster says:
    Can’t wait~! This is gonna be AWESOME~!! Luv u sooo much Cha~! <33 =D

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  14. dadartful says:
    Please layoff the love life, lets be constructive and professional.

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  15. chaster68 says:
    my question is when is she coming back to toronto,canada for a solo concert?

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  16. tin says:
    here’s my question:if ever you are going to perform again in your hometown,which city would you perform in?

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  17. justjames says:
    My question to Charice is when is she having a solo concert in Vegas? And to stop these discussion about what to wear or what not to wear can you hire a Pilipino Couturier? Maybe, they will allow you to wear their creations for free like tv and movie stars in the Philippines. If this is no taste forget about it. I love you forever and ever Charice.

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  18. marjz says:
    this is my question for Charice: any chance she’ll be singing Power of The Dream (by celine dion) at future David Foster and Friends tours??? if not yet, can she suggest it to david foster, as he was the one who wrote and produced the song for celine… :-)

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  19. Xuldier says:
    I am Xuldier stationed at Camp Hovey, South Korea. My question would be “Charice, any interest in participating or volunteering to the Armed Forces Entertainment to perform for the Soldiers overseas?”

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  20. muzikluvr says:
    I cannot believe id be d first to comment & also posted almost d same news for d scheduled live chat by acuvue.. woohoo
    ill be there charice… id luv to at least chat or ask a question.. ive only seen u once but from far a far so an interaction (chat) will be AWESOME !!!!

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