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Charice Off to Japan After Presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award at Teen Choice 2011 – Videos Posted!

Charice Off to Japan After Presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award at Teen Choice 2011 – Videos Posted!

There are more than 5000 miles separating Los Angeles and Tokyo which equals to a plane ride of half a day or 12 hours. Charice is jetting off to Japan right after her 2011 Teen Choice Awards stint (see her tweet here), so that she’ll be able to make it on time for her “Far as the Sky” live performance on August 9. I’m sure every Chaster out there loves how busy Charice is right now, right?

Charice’s Teen Choice Awards appearance was the perfect venue for exposing her to a younger audience in America. Plus, her endorsement deal with Acuvue is not just for commercial advantage, but they’re also helping teens become more determined with their dreams.

367441217 Charice Off to Japan After Presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award at Teen Choice 2011   Videos Posted!

photos from

Charice and Tyler Posey present the Acuvue Inspire Award to Demi Lovato:

(Source: Associated Press Photo Slideshow, Teen Choice Awards 2011)
TeenChoice2011 Charice Off to Japan After Presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award at Teen Choice 2011   Videos Posted!TeenChoice2011 1 Charice Off to Japan After Presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award at Teen Choice 2011   Videos Posted!

Inspiration is a huge deal when it comes to following your dreams, and Acuvue has rewarded a celebrity that has helped a lot of teens come to terms with their “imperfections”. Demi Lovato got the “Acuvue Inspire Award” for her great recovery after rehab that included campaigning for the “Love Is Louder Than the Pressure to Be Perfect” movement. She is working hard to make teens more informed about mental health issues which Demi herself experienced – like cutting and eating disorders.

charice backstage Charice Off to Japan After Presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award at Teen Choice 2011   Videos Posted!

Backstage photos of Charice with Demi and Tyler (from

Charice, being the current Acuvue One Day spokesperson, presented the award to Demi with Teen Wolf star, Tyler Posey. It’s not just celebrities that Acuvue rewarded for their inspiring actions, even normal teens got the chance to share how passionate they are about their dreams. It was during the Teen Choice Awards airtime that winners for the Acuvue 1-Day contest were revealed.

Amen Kelly, an aspiring singer, was the one who won a one day mentorship with Charice. She got a makeover plus the chance to sing a duet with Charice, and record a solo number that was her own composition. Checkout the fun and inspiring day she had with Charice in the video below:

Charice did great in presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award. She was very fluent and appeared very comfortable up on stage with hottie Tyler Posey. Charice also looked very trendy in a tan suede jacket over a black shirt, skintight jeans, and super high heels. See all the appearances Charice made during the Teen Choice Awards in the three videos below. First are two interviews before the show started:

FOX interview:

Hollywood Life interview:

The next video below is an HD compilation of other Charice moments during the show:

By Sofia Carrera,

282 Responses to “Charice Off to Japan After Presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award at Teen Choice 2011 – Videos Posted!”

  1. jimfan155 says:
    Promise me Charice will sing live and then give her a microphone and let her wear a potato sack and I’m there.

    Hopefully, this is my last comment about this subject.

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  2. pcp says:
    Why try to fit in if……… you are BORN TO STAND OUT!!!!!!
    CHARICE…be yourself …i love you …just the way you are!

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  3. POPseeker says:
    Vote our princess here

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  4. Chasterlei says:
    All these fashion critiques perpetuate the objectification of women as well as double standards. Unfortunately, many women are so hard on their fellow women as well as themselves. Of all that women, Charice for one, have to offer, must our self-worth boil down to fashion? To echo Jewel, too ‘Fashionably

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  5. abeng1127 says:

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    • begoodenblues says:
      I’ll disagree with you abeng1127, if you’re a huge fan of Charice then you’re a Chaster. Charice’s fans are called Chasters. Enjoy your new status…LOL…

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      • abeng1127 says:
        no…. you’r wrong .. if you are .. am a good audiences not a members .. hallo ” begoodenblues ” peace

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        • Chasterlei says:
          Abeng, you need only to be a genuine fan of Charice to be considered a Chaster, member or not of Charicemania. You’re one of us. Happy to be a fellow fan of yours! :)

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  6. Sam49 says:
    Hello you all,
    oh wow……., its amazing how we as Charice fans want her to be what we want her to be, please guys let her be what she want to be, just enjoy her music and talent, I am sure her handler knows what the best for her, and I am sure her Mom still beside her.
    We all as Chaster some time very selfish, remember Charice so far has done more than we all expected out of her.
    By the way she always looks good what ever she wear and her English a lot better then she used to be, matter fact she speak better english then most of us, me for one hahahaha.

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    • brittany says:
      English is my only language and I hope Charice has more fans like me! if she wants mainstream success, they cant just be her fellow asians which seems to be when I read comments like yours here. Thumbs up for American pride hahaha! kiddin’ …but little sistah’s got an amazing voice, I’ll have to give her that! I woulda liked her brown, black, yellow, white or purple, dont matter to me… but in a dress at TCA!! HAHAHA.. KIDDIN!

      I’m done with that topic, really. Let’s talk about da girls pipes. I never heard a voice so powerful and clear! That’s why Glee gives her the hard songs, she’s the only one who can sing ‘em. Like this Far As The Sky, man that’s a tough song but she still sang it perfectly like u’re listening to a CD. I never heard a talent like that before!

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      • nordin says:
        @brittany you got that right we never heard a talent like that before! Forget about what she cannot offer let’s focus on Charice talent, she is really a force to be reckoned with.

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  7. peter de guia says:
    To all Chasters, it would be nice if you have pictures posted in your profile. This way we will know you are truly a human beings.

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    • POPseeker says:
      Hi peter de guia! Yup that’s a good suggestion but the fact that you don’t have a picture, then you should walk your talk ok… :)

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  8. POPseeker says:
    OMG fellow chasters! The sophomore album of our princess is going to be released on October in Japan…then in the US early next year!….this really really excites me! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! :)

    Order now:

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  9. Darren says:

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  10. tita says:
    My TCA experience…

    I didn’t know about TCA until I read about Acuvue was its major sponsor. Charice being an endorser of Acuvue contact lenses, I read some articles about TCA.

    When Charice tweeted that she’d be attending the event, I watched the entire TCA-2010 on YouTube because I wanted to know whether it was something like Oscar or Emmy which was familiar to me.

    After all my researches on TCA, I was very excited and I would say I was ready to watch TCA-2011. Unlike the other awards events, it would be fun, light, and “young” being by and for the teens.

    Then, came the event. Of course, I was doubly excited when Charice disclosed in the red carpet interview that she was going to present the Acuvue Inspire Award.

    The One Day music used as background and the Acuvue TV ads seemed preparing me for Charice being on the stage. Then, her name was called. I was all smile and ecstatic seeing our girl on stage. I was a happy and proud Chaster because of what I saw and what I heard. It was one of my most joyful moments since the time I have followed Charice. The feeling was something I could not exactly put into words.

    I watched the Hollywoodlife interview with Charice on the red carpet the day after. I liked the way she handled the question on who she was wearing. I loved it that she did not give any name as an answer. Her actions were the answer. After watching that video, I admired her more.

    To punctuate this comment, please watch this winning video from Acuvue if you haven’t. If you have, I hope you can share it to others, not only to the teens but also to everyone else.

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  11. AMERICA says:
    Next time when my wife and I will be going back to the boutique. I am going to take pictures like Charice wearing on BEBE, Channel, Guess and the rest of branded outfits here in the US.

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  12. AMERICA says:
    What’s up you guys here in Charicemania? Don’t you know that when Charice is wearing those leather jacket, jeans and those bling bling things are very important for marketing purposes. During teen awards, that was the perfect outfit for Charice because she is also inspiring teens of her ONE DAY. Teens are loving Charice’s outfit here in the US. Sorry critics!!!

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    • Roger says:

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      • nordin says:
        @Roger how did you become a fan of Charice, Is it about her outfit or her talent? Name me a young artist on this generation that has a fans 8-88 years old? If you know somebody then Charice might learn from that Artist but I bet you no one out there like Charice. She’s the only one in this generation.

        If Charice is a C lister for you then what are you? Come on give her a break her management is honing her to stay long in the music industry not as a come and go Artist.

        How did you become a professional (assuming you are). Did it takes you a year or more. You cannot be a professional instantly it will takes years to be one. Charice now is not the same Charice 3 years ago. She really did a tremendous job she really improved big time.

        As what David Foster said Charice is so good of everything that is why Charice is still trying to test everything. Charice is born a leader. You know why? Based on my life experiences I never follow an Artist in my whole life until charice came to the scene she made me follow her. I strongly believe that one day millions if not billions will follow her because she’s setting a good example to the world. Remember if you want to be respected and be followed then you lead by example and Charice is doing it. PEACE.

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        • odie052 says:
          Yeah, I am one of the young once who have been following her in every step of her way to the top for over 3 years now which I never did before in my entire life.

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        • khatman says:

          @ nordin – “Charice is born a leader” – The first indication I had of Charice’s leadership abilities was when she addressed 50,000 soccer fans in the Netherlands on Sept 26, 2008. Picture this tiny 16 y/o girl standing on the stage giving this “pep talk” to this huge crowd as if she were firing up the local high school basketball team in the locker room. As Mommy Raqz once said, “Charice is gutsy”. I would not be surprised if One Day in the future Charice runs for political office like Manny Pacman.

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    • NYChaster says:
      America….you’ll never win with the crabs. If Cha wore a dress they would say that she’s trying to hard to fit in. If she wore a mini skirt and low cut top…they would say she’s dressing like a s**t. No matter how much you explain to them, they’ll never understand. If they don’t like it…then they shouldn’t be a chaster anyways. Crabs can go find another idol and watch Charice rise to the top **no matter what they say~!** =P

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  13. eve says:
    @jimfan I have Adele’s “21″ album and it’s great, definitely the music that is keeping her at no.1 on the charts. I don’t think I’ve ever read that Adele is considered a fashion icon. I’ve actually read that she’s an unlikely star cuz she’s so ordinary looking. But she writes her own songs and lyrics, has a great voice and a refreshing new sound that the public is obviously ready to gobble up at the cash register.

    Beyonce’s a fashion icon but her “4″ album is now at no.8. After debuting strongly at no.1 recently, it’s fallen pretty quickly. The lead single ‘Run The World’ got a lukewarm reception and only peaked at # 29 even after the big music video rollout and live performances at Billboard Music Awards and LOTS of publicity. Well, that sorta settles the argument of substance over style. As talented as Beyonce is, the songs have to really be good for the public to buy the album. She’s a superstar, yet this is her weakest sales launch of her 4 solo albums.

    Let’s all hope that Charice and her team have selected some really great music for her sophomore effort.

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    • Adam says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • nordin says:
        @Adam give Charice a break she’s testing everything, she’s still finding herself. Give her time discovering herself. She is not the same as Adele that can do everything from rap to ballad. The good thing about Charice is she got so many plans (from plan A to Plan Z) unlike mostly other artists they only capable of one genre once they failed it’s over.

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  14. gosh says:
    to all haters criticizing Charices outfit… did you also criticize Ashton Krutcher … why is he just wearing flip flops in the award nights?

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    • babakingmarupok says:

      FYI, most people dont pay attention what the guys are wearing, all people only focus on the women. Ashton could have worn a pajama and nobody would care.

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      • gosh says:
        why speak for “all the people”… why not speak for yourself? If Ashton have rights to wear whatever he wants… Charice have same equal rights to wear whatever she wants! duh!

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        • brittany says:
          Of course she does. It’s too bad the world judges men differently than women. They don’t have fashion pages for men or “who wore it better?” pages for men. Girls are always held to a higher standard of dress. We love to see what other girls are wearing at the parties and it better not be the same thing that I have on! lol

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  15. charchar says:
    You know some of the comment here to repetative and annoying. In the Philippines those prom like clothes is cost less. Here in USA to wear a designer clothes very expensive. Some Hollywood stars does not even buy their clothes. The fashion designer normally have borrowed for them even the most expensive jewelry they wear are only borrowed. Most often you will hear interviewer ask “whose designer your wearing’? They are always somebody dressing them up and make-up when they go to this event.

    And whoever put together of Charice ensemble did pretty good it really approriate to the event shes’s going to. Someday when Charice really known in Hollywood..she will also have high end designer in the red carpet.

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  16. josie854 says:
    As we are the fans of our princess Charice we should be really happy of all what she is achieving right now. I think we should not really over come or over look of her own poise and appearance and many other things, cuz I believe that her own management knows better.

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  17. mosang says:
    Wow! her outfit suits her. Demi looks a bit older than charice :)

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  18. @camo hahaha you’re a sniper you hit the target right in the head.wooot BULLSEYE!!no need for me to shoot target destroyed LOL

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  19. redsoxcitizen says:
    ugh…. this is really getting old… I thought she dressed appropriately and that she was easy on the eyes. It wasn’t the first thing I focused on but on how easy she moved and talked. She is displaying a lot more confidence onstage. whew! She has grown and has been maturing with class. Sorry to be a snob to snobs but what she was wearing are no longer the pair o jeans you and i have been accustomed to, picked off from a rack in walmart at 10 bucks apiece. My teen would die if she ever got caught in one. they are much a part of one’s fashion wardrobe and a pair can cost one a pretty penny. What she had on was pretty stunning if I may say so. Well done Charice.

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  20. Chikwa says:

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  21. nora says:
    its been months the last time i looked in charimania.(was just too busy)Iam just amazed and just didn’t realized that charice already reached what she supposed to reach. charice is now a star…star that all filipinos have to be proud of. she speaks fluently also.She is a girl who always always made my life so complete..congratulation charice. i just dont know why theres some people here that didn’t happy on your’re actually improved a lot and you’re already fluent in english. i am so happy for you girl. keep up a good job and more blessings to come..more albums to come. and i won’t be wondering if one day you be the receiver of “teens choice award”. love you always charice. my daughters love you so much.

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  22. camo says:
    jim its great music not the latter adele is not gonna be a beauty queen in the eyes of some but her music is selling becaues people loves it and so do i.

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  23. jimfan155 says:
    Have you heard that Adele’s “21″ album has hit #1 for the 12th time? Hmmm, great music or fashion icon – just asking?

    btw, would love to hear Charice sing “Rolling in the Deep” even just fooling around, cause I imagine it would be incredible. This song has been covered by Linkin Park, John Ledgend and countless others. Just wondering how a Charice twist would bowl me over.

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    • khatman says:
      Jim, I have both Adele 21 and Adele 19. She’s a great singer. I recently purchased Jackie Evancho’s CD, Dream With Me, produced by David Foster. It is hard to believe that I am listening to an eleven year old child. Last Sunday night Jackie and David appeared on PBS’ Great Performances. It isn’t only her singing that is amazing. When Jackie speaks she gives the impression that you are listening to someone much older than 11 y/o. Btw, Jackie’s manager is Marc Johnston.

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  24. camo says:
    britanny why dont you find your own artist to manage and see what its takes to do all what warner is doing ,everyone wants overnight success and the bieber effect .beiber is a fad who teen girls worship , charice is been groomed for legend status not a 2 yr wonder.the jonas brothers were where bieber is at ,where are they now. katy perry was dropped from 3 labels ,gaga had to sing in clubs before her fame and it took one maasive hit POKER FACE to launch gaga’s career . if you are a charice fan just be patient and wish her well stop bashing her team and let them do their job .

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  25. camo says:
    the teen choice awards is over all the fools obsessing about her wardrobe get a life and go do something worthwhile ,visit the elderly , a homeless shelter or help someone in need , there are worst things in the world right now than charice’s choice of clothes .when she start appearing half naked be worried and am sure thats not gonna happen.all u people talking about her fashion do you even wonder why young girls have body issues nad low self esteem is people like you .the pressure to be perfect in the eyes of idiots like some of you .thats why demi lovato ha dto do what she did and end up seeking help.

    leave charice alone let her be who she is , she is comfortable in her own skin she does not need the pressure of some of her so called fans tellin her how to dress ,she has a team of pros who knows more than some of you. yea yea you all talk about constructive criticism ,well charice dont need your 2 cents ,let it be move on or shut up.

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    • luckieme510 says:
      @ Camo.. hahaha.. well said.. totally agreed with you !! :P

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    • Tinkerbell says:
      Yeah ,i can’t agree more
      first i love charice’s clothes, and she wears everything she wants,that is none of others business

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  26. Cizcan says:
    Don’t care what Charice wears. What I care is how I enjoy listening to her songs-recorded or live. How proud I am to see her blow the roof off every venue that she performed in a live concert.How she accomplished an almost impossible feat of being the first Asian/Filipino artist to belong to the global superstar status.The fame and fortune she now possesses which makes her the richest girl singer in the Philippines in history. Charice has already established herself as the FIRST artist from Asia to crash into the global music scene. And to think that she is just 19 and still improving…..Well-as a fan I think I am already very satisfied of what she has so far achieved.As, a starter it is already AAA.How far can she go? According to Lionel Richie-sky is the limit!!!!!

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    • andre.segovia says:

      i’m with you on that, Cizcan. Satisfied and satiated with all things Charice, as a fan and audience to her RealityTV life! kudos no end to her great management Team Charice. I couldn’t have asked for anything more when I saw her singing My Bodyguard Medley (at the DFF Hitman 2008 on YouTube)with none other than THE David Foster playing the piano for her. Man, did my jaw drop. That was BIG TIME! and to me, that stunning performance by Charice that night was one of her defining moments. And for me too. Keep it coming Charice!

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  27. inri says:

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    • cybill says:
      inri – Everyone could get better at something – point well taken because there’s always room for improvement. Your concern is Charice’s English proficiency – seems like you want her to express herself like a native speaker during live interviews. She will get there someday, sooner than later. Right now, she is doing quite well. Meanwhile, you might want to pay attention to your noun and verb agreement. Just sayin’…

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      • inri says:

        i am sure you know what DFF stands for…you should direct your advice to yourself smart lady!

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        • cybill says:

          Ha ha ha! Of course I know what DFF stands for. That’s not remotely close to what I was talking about. Since you’re so big on English proficiency, thus criticizing Charice, I thought I’d point out a glaring grammatical error on your posted message. Unfortunately, you didn’t get it. Never mind.

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  28. Elbiz says:

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    • Chasterlei says:
      Elbiz, what specific improvements would you like to see?

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    • Loel says:

      We Chasters are happy in the way Charice hadled the interview. She has improved a lot.

      We also know that nobody is perfect and there is always room for improvement, but we look at things positively. That make us happy. On the other hand, you look at things negatively and that makes you sorry and unhappy. So, please improve your thinking, or change it from negative to positive. It will make us all happy.

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      • charchar says:
        agree with you @Loel..she improve a lot. She is now very conversational and poise. Living in the USA for her did good its the only faster way to learn the language fluently.

        I just wish all this negative commentator should go away. It cost a lot of money to have tutor for your voice, speech, and makeover designer. Those negative commentator is not critizising Charice its more directed to her handlers.

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    • datu says:
      wow! my public speaking prof(elbiz) is talking.

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  29. jn says:
    You looked great Charice and never let people put you down!!!!

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  30. Don says:
    Why do people care about what she wears? Does she have to wear low cut dresses to make you stop saying the same thing over and over again? She wears what she is comfortable in.If it isn’t about her clothes it is about her make up,hair,shoes,what next? She is perfect to me all the time.

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