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Charice Confirms Attendance to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Charice Confirms Attendance to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Things are starting to pick up for Charice’s appearances this second half of 2011. From a multi-country concert tour, U.S. and international solo performances to tv show promotions – and now, she’ll be attending the 2011 Teen Choice Awards with the rest of Hollywood’s teen royalty. Charice confirmed her appearance at the awards show with a simple yes through her Twitter account. We don’t really know if she would have revealed that piece of information if Chaster Invictus19 didn’t ask her directly, so a big thanks to Invictus19′s curiosity. Here is Charice’s tweet:

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tweet Charice Confirms Attendance to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Charice’s confirmation of her appearance adds more support to the theory that she will be performing “One Day” live as part of Acuvue’s One Day contact lenses’ promotion. Hopefully, this would come true, though we could settle with the playing of buy viagra online “One Day” as a song during the event, or even better, the music video could be aired too. There’s no doubt that “One Day” will be heard during the event as it’s the theme song of Acuvue’s whole ad campaign. It’s also very likely that it will be used as the background song during the awarding of the “Acuvue Inspire Award”, which will be given to a teen celebrity to recognize his or her charitable contributions and the effort he or she’s making to give back levitra effets secondaires to her generation. Hey, maybe it’s Charice who’ll be presenting the award! Really possible, right? The Acuvue 1-Day contest results will also be revealed during the Teen Choice Awards, so viagra in young adults we’ll get to know the lucky persons who will get a one day mentorship with Charice, and other celebrities like Nick Jonas, Sterling Knight, Allyson Felix, and Meaghan Martin. The winners will also get to attend the Teen Choice Awards with a friend, plus $2,000 for the first prize winner. So you better tune in to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, which will air on August 7 at 8 pm EST on FOX. We might just get a glimpse of Charice on the red carpet or hobnobbing with other Teen Choice attendees and nominees like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale, Taylor Swift, cialis Nina Dobrev and Taylor Lautner. By Sofia Carrera,

54 Responses to “Charice Confirms Attendance to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards”

  1. Chasterlei says:

    Request Charice now on the radio in Los Angeles, CA:
    KIIS Request Lines: 1.800.520.1027

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  2. POPseeker says:

    OMG fellow chasters! The sophomore album of our princess is going to be released on October in Japan…then in the US early next year!….this really really excites me! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! :)

    Order now:

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  3. linda pineda says:

    yes,a thousand votes for charice,she deserved to be the best.i love u cha.from hongkong fans.

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  4. lyn montero says:
    oh charice my no. superstar!

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  5. king says:
    Vote also for Charice at the Top 10 Best Glee Guest Stars.

    she is currently at #2…

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  6. Ahmed says:
    please vote for charice as glee’s best vocals

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  7. Mike Z says:
    Hollywoodlife interview with Charice at TCA. Enjoy!!!

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  8. AMERICA says:
    Great Job Charice! God is always there for you.

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  9. Chasterlei says:
    Charice, you’re most definitely the real inspiration! You always say your mom is your hero, but I bet she believes you are her hero, too! You’ve been a hero to your mom and brother. People who know your story surely feel the same way. You are our hero! You have NOT had a serious misstep in your life. You make us all proud, not for trying to correct your wrong, but for doing everything right so far and not succumbing to peer pressure and bullying. You show us what real talent, strength, and courage are all about, and sometimes they come in a petite package!

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  10. LeiChaster says:
    Charice currently getting 83.97% of the votes for the “Who inspires you?” poll:

    Check it out and vote now!

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  11. Chasterlei says:
    Charice, thanks for making my night! You were worth all the wait and the snippet appearance that Teen Choice gave you. I wish the world were fair and glorified someone like you much more than those far less talented than you, who got to perform and got awards just because; I had to fast forward through them all to get to you sooner than later. Hopefully Charice gets the right amount of exposure she deserves because she is the real deal, the most incredible and CREDIBLE inspiration to both young and old, and everyone in between!

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  12. Branth says:
    shes really a hollywood star i love this girl ive seen her in teen choice award

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  13. justjames says:
    Teen Choice Awards just concluded and happy to relate to you all that Charice was there handed out acuvue award to Demi Lovato. Beautiful Charice. She also got enormous applause as the host announced her name.

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    • Dash says:
      OMG! I saw her too not just once but multiple times! I think I saw her 4 times (the first one during her interview at the red carpet, second, at the Acuvue tent with Amen, third, on the Acuvue commercial, and fourth, when she presented the Acuvue Inspire award to Demi Lovato)! I was so excited I’m not sure how many times I saw her. LOL Yeah, she received an enormous applause from the audience! And some even said “Love you!” when the host announced her name! LOL And she looked so lovely and adorable! Love her hair! She also did great presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award! :D

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    • Dash says:
      And One Day was played multiple times too! So happy! :D

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