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Charice to Sing “Far as the Sky” Live for the 1st Time on August 9, 2011

Charice to Sing “Far as the Sky” Live for the 1st Time on August 9, 2011


The Japanese TV Drama Series “Bull Doctor” has been airing for almost a month now, and they are planning a new set of promotions that will push the ratings way up high.

Based on the information posted by Japan’s Warner Music Group on their official website, Charice will have two “Bull Doctor” related events in Japan this August 2011, while a third event will be all about her and David Foster.

スッキリ Charice to Sing Far as the Sky Live for the 1st Time on August 9, 2011Since the theme song of the series, “Far as the Sky” by Charice, shot up the charts and is now in 4th place, they’re trying to build on the momentum and promote the song to the max – so they’re bringing in the big guns, with a live performance from Charice.

She will be in Japan on August 9 to perform the song live for the first time ever. It will be aired on NTV’s show, “Freshen Up!” or popularly known in Japan as “Sukkiri!”.

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Sukkiri! guesting, August 9, 2011

Charice headed straight to the airport from her appearance at the Teen Choice Awards 2011, Sunday night, to board a plane at LAX approximately midnight for the 12-hour flight to Japan. With Japan being 16 hours ahead of California time, she probably landed in Tokyo in the early morning hours Tuesday so that she could guest that same morning at the popular morning TV show. What an amazing schedule! Yet here she is, performing flawlessly with just a few hours sleep.

The first video is of the performance with slightly better sound quality than the second video which includes the complete interview as well as performance. During the interview portion following Charice’s performance, the interpreter translated the host exclaiming, she sounds just “like a CD!”

Charice performs live “Far As The Sky”

Charice – Far As The Sky in Japanese TV pgm SUKKIRI-スッキリ!!HD from Rocky2008 on Vimeo.

Complete Interview and Performance (with English Subtitles)

Video Uploaded by ChariceTVCrew, Translation by ChariceJapan

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Another live performance of “Far as the Sky” will be done by Charice on Fuji Television Network’s show, “Mezamashi Live”, during Fuji TV’s famous summer event, “United States of Odaiba” on August 13.

Charice’s third appearance in Japan this August will be on NHK’s show titled, “SONGS”, which will be broadcast at 10:55 – 11:24 p.m. this August 31, 2011. Her music will be featured together with her collaboration with David Foster. Most likely, her appearance here will be taped in advance, as she’ll be performing on August 26 for KLUC’s End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas.

Japan is really getting a good dose of Charice this August, and it’s the perfect medicine for their misfortunes earlier this year. And as Warner Japan said on their website, “Charice’s exciting voice is really a miracle!”

By Sofia Carrera,

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  1. ping says:

    God Bless you Charice …

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  2. rdrg says:
    Somethin I don’t uderstand is why still watch. IF you really hate her just watch TV. Maybe “Friends” will help you.
    She is fine and maturing, maybe you need eye glases. A lot of people
    would like to be like her.
    The best rice cooker is made in Japan {Tiger). Rice bowl is good for busy people with lots of goodies.
    About Glee Charice and Lea just a bad gossip. Anybody who work with Charice loves her. she is jolly and friendly.

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