Tickets Now on Sale for Charice’s October 7, 2011 Concert in Dubai

Tickets Now on Sale for Charice’s October 7, 2011 Concert in Dubai

LATEST UPDATE 8/6 – Charice has confirmed that she is not scheduled at this event. In response to a Twitter fan inquiry, Charice tweeted back: “No.. icon sad Tickets Now on Sale for Charices October 7, 2011 Concert in Dubai But I would love to come back!”

8/2 update – Charice is NOT confirmed to appear in concert at the Dubai Filipino Festival. Her business manager replied simply by e-mail, “it’s not true,” in response to an inquiry from Charicemania to confirm the solo concert. We do not have details if the festival itself is moving forward as planned from 2pm to 2am, but it appears that Charice as of this writing will not be a part of the evening entertainment plans for a solo concert as first reported by

Another article just published today reported that Zoha Beig, CEO of Dubai-based 321 Events, “is working to set up the concert.” We’ll keep you updated if further news is at hand!

Buy tickets at your own risk. However, it seems too good to be true, especially since Charice will be very busy with preparing and rehearsing with David Foster & Friends for his concert series which kicks off in Vegas on October 1st, before flying to Asia for several concert dates there (beginning October 19) in Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore.

In addition to the DFF events, Charice will also be busy performing solo gigs later this month in Vegas at the 98.5 KLUC End of Summer Block Party on 8/23/2011 and in Singapore next month on Sept 23-24, for the huge racing event there, the 2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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Charice will be back again in Dubai after last year’s successful concert at the Dubai Tennis Stadium Aviation Club. The 2010 concert was titled “Rhythm N Voices” and was held on April 30. Charice was paired up last year with Billy Crawford (who is also an international hip hop artist from the Philippines), but this year’s event will be a solo Charice concert.

October is going to be a really busy month for Charice. She has seven appearances for the David Foster and Friends Concert Series – one in the USA (Oct. 1) and six in Asia (Oct. 19 – Nov. 3). Charice has two weeks in between the Las Vegas and Tokyo concerts, so she fitted in a stop at Dubai for all her fans there.

3502 char 0 Tickets Now on Sale for Charices October 7, 2011 Concert in DubaiFrom Platinum List:

Charice Pempengo

On September 9, Oprah referred to her as ” The Most Talented Girl in the World.” She Sang Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” with David Foster on the piano, after which Oprah surprised here with an appearance by Celine Dion via satellite, who invited her to sing a special duet at New york City’s Madison Square Garden. At a very young age she has made her way to sing with Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli and many great singers.

The starlet released her first English album in May 2010 with the backing of legendary Canadian music producer David Foster. On its first week, the album reached no. 8 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, making her the first Asian to enter the Top 10.

She made a cameo appearance in her first feature film, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakel, released in North America on December 23, 2010.

On first glance, Charice looks like any other teenager, pretty, petite, filled with energy and a wide and engaging smile. But when the sweet-faced 19-year old starts to sing, with a profound, rich voice, the audience quite literally gasps. And as 13 million hits on You Tube tell us, that audience is growing at a staggering pace. The young Filipina singer, is an internet sensation, and a global star in making.

Charice in now a multi-awarded INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR:

Female Concert Performer of the Year -42nd Box-Office Entertainment Awards, 2011
J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 Award: Best New Artist – J-Wave Radio, 2011
Number 17 in Best Dance Club Songs of 2010: ‘Pyramid‘
Number 4 in Yahoo!’s 2010 Most Irresistible Lyrics for ‘Pyramid’ –Yahoo!, 2010
Newsmaker of the Year 2008, 2009 and 2010

Charice’s solo concert in Dubai will be held at the Dubai Festival City on October 7, 2011. There will be guest performers, including the newly crowned Dubai Singing Sensation, Oriel Padura. His co-finalists will also be performing, as reported in The National, a Dubai English newspaper. Tickets are now on sale at Regular tickets are priced at 75 AED while VIP tickets are at 125 AED.

Charice’s concert is the highlight of the Filipino festival which will start at 2:00 p.m. There will be food stalls, adult and kiddie competitions, spa treatments, shopping opportunities, and play areas at the grounds of the Dubai Festival City. This event is a great way to meet fellow Chasters and wait out the time before the start of Charice’s concert in the evening.

By Sofia Carrera,

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    guess I’ll just sum it up what I wreote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new tto everything.

    Do yyou have any points for beginner blog writers?
    I’d really appreciate it.

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  2. Ahmed says:
    please vote for charice she needs our help

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  3. osuna says:
    Never fails…everytime its spearheaded by you know who..? the report from attendees are , its “cheap” no class..etc…

    To this day , they will use Charice to personally fatten their own pockets..unsure and false preparation…oh well…and it says “buy tickets at your own risks….laughable…LOL

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  4. bruceeism says:
    Good thing charice isnt sure of coming dubai, its so ka-cheapan as they say so. I knew it, the event is an all filipino festivity and i am sure the charice team is not towards these direction, they are pushing on the larger audience other than us filipinos only. i was there in dubai last year and damn . . . . so cheap stage set up for an international superstar. Twas like a baratillio concert. Sorry and i am just speaking for myself, it is the way how i look things.

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    • Chelsea says:
      What’s a baratilio concert or ka-cheapen? Nevermind, doesn’t matter. I guess her only fans are filipino who make comments here but shedoes definitely deserve a bigger audienc. Im a big fan, her voice just is AMAZING. Dubai doesn’t matteranyway. I wanna see how she gets promoted when her new album comes out. But for sure if chasters are in Dubai,they sure do seem like crooks over there Lol and Better not get tickets for any events ever in Dubai unless Charice herself tweets about it . Would never get away with scams like that in America unless it’s some rinky dink venue, but Charice is getting better known than that now.

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      • oneofmanycharicefans says:
        Don’t worry Chelsea, I don’t understand a thing people say here sometimes. They use too many Filipino lingo. Sorry CM members, but I’ve gotta say this place has been raided by Filipino fans from the Philippines where some think that it’s a place for Filipinos to mingle. This is an international fan site, meaning it should be always about Charice and in English. While I understand she’ll have a lot of Filipino fans from her homeland visiting and posting here often, I think CM has gotten too Filipino-fied when it comes to the chatroom and comments. Just my two cents. Said my peace.

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        • Chelsea says:
          Thank you! I’m not alone LOL! Yeah I think her fans need to do a better job of blending Charice into the American landscapewith all the talk aboutgetting a larger audience. Filipino has nothing to do with her talent but it’s so obvious that’s all there is in the chatbox. And old people in comments lol.I guess they’re not americans and it shows. I love her anyway, something about her. Hope her next album does way better, she deserves it. I love love LOVE Charice!

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    • POPseeker says:
      Agree!!!!! I hope our princess will not go there!

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    • Charicebiggestfan says:

      I agree with bruceesim because I also went there to see Charice’s first concert in Dubai! Id pay any amount to see Charice but that show last year, the organizer of the show was so cheap. The stage was so ordinary and the sound system was not great, and the whole crowd are 99% Filipinos. I dont like it when it is organized by Filipinos because Charice will look so cheap because she deserve better than that. Charice should stay away from any concert sponsored by a Filipino organization because they only give her cheap venue, cheap stage, cheap sound systems and most of the audience are Filipinos.

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  5. cancon says:
    vote for Charice on best vocalist 25 Filipina singers ..on…please

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  6. Melisma22 says:
    Dubai has been very lucky to have Charice again. Chasters there must be blessed with joy. There are other countries wide open for Charice to set foot on e.g. Australia. Oprah is very popular there and I’m sure Charice is among the most talkabout young stars there. I strongly suggest DFF to put Australia on his radar screen and be the first to be there.

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  7. ranty says:
    charice is everywhere. the world wants a piece of charice

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  8. tnt says:
    I can’t forget what happened in her last concert in Dubai Tennis Club… Charice was introduced around 11:30pm bec of the Guest performers ……hope this time is different…

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  9. chit says:
    I am positvely sure that Charice’s management team is looking out for her, thank you. Let’s remember only the fact that we are her fans and she is our star, enjoy her music, and wish for her greater success. Whatever it is she has achieved, we rejoice and applaud her. Okay?

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  10. kurcis says:
    If charice was empty before, but now she is abundant of graces and full of blessings that given to her by God almighty one, because charice deserves all what she got. She is humble, nice, great, good, role model and a good example of being a teenager.

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  11. pochie says:
    Who cares how much money Charice makes and what she do with it. i’m sure she has good people around her that takes care of and worry about what to do whatever income she derives out of her efforts. Just enjoy the ride and appreciate her talents!

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  12. rosy says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  13. marife says:
    Ohh wow!
    Definitely will be there..

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    • marife says:
      It’s intriguing that my simple comment have thumbs down.I watched her concert last year, it’s worth all your money. And if you haven’t heard Charice live, prepared to be amazed.:-)

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  14. NYChaster says:
    Cha….is…EVERYWHERE~!!! =D WOOT~!! <33 her soo much. Chasters world wide must be so excited. Charice + Fast cars….it doesn't get more exhilirating then that. =)

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  15. cancon says:
    keep on amazing us Charice…more power!

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  16. Sandy says:
    All UAE camels are invited!!! How about camels from QATAR? (think) hmmmm I need magic to see charice again this time….

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  17. camo says:
    jojie focus on the concert not her millions lol , charice is a smart kid she knows what it is to dont have , so she wont be going broke anytime soon ,and if you know about charice she is already investing in apartments.

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  18. unicorn says:
    wow sooo great,awesome
    i wish i could come,i’m asian too,i’ll try my best to come if i can, it was such a great news,it is one of my wishes to see Charice,

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  19. temeculaCA says:
    When God was handing out talent, Charice was at the front of the line…

    …and He ran out by the time He got to me. lol

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  20. minty710 says:
    Not in Dubai but WOOT great bday for me still ch!!! :))) <333

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  21. jojie says:

    OMG,Charice earned millions of dollars now,hope Charice will invest wisely with her millions same as manny pacquiao,who happens to have 10 doors apartment in LA. life is short and you only bloomed once so take this oppurtunity CHAAA,spend wisely with your millions,invest as many as you can,be frugal and wise….GBU.

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    • Jack says:
      So you’re Charice’s new financial adviser now? GEEZ!

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    • emusicify says:
      You probably mean well, but not so nice to speculate and give advice. Cheers!

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 26 Thumb down 8

    • josie says:
      hey jojie:

      yeah, really! what exactly made you think you’re qualified to give financial advice to Charice’s?

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    • John Russell says:

      I agree, so as Oprah did with her money. She spent money so wisely and that made her famous by investing it properly. World economy is so challenging of which investors urged to do business or any types of investments that in return have advantage in real profit or money making. Charice then, is exactly the same as those people on where should million of dollars be spent or invested. Before any steps, she has to hire a financial adviser before pushing through business legal chancellor. Whatever happens to her million of pennies, we’ll continue support and give her the words of wisdom advice.

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  22. Branth says:
    Dubai chaster are lucky to watch charice in a solo concert

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  23. starbuck245 says:

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