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Charice’s “One Day” Music Video is on Its Way to Our Screens

Charice’s “One Day” Music Video is on Its Way to Our Screens

34 Responses to “Charice’s “One Day” Music Video is on Its Way to Our Screens”

  1. lyn montero says:

    so happy for charice….

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  2. peter de guia says:

    Good job Charice and Nick Jonas. I downloaded the music from iTunes the first day it was released.

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  3. gunrunner says:

    omg im on the verge of tears again. i was reminded of her humble beginning and cant believe what i was seeing. im sohappy for you charice. you inspire me too

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  4. JAbuan says:
    Just saw the video – wonderful. Charice fits perfectly with high school aged actors (her age). Too bad for Glee (obvious adults as high school characters). Charice’s actual dance segment was very brief but god – that girl is soooo cute. She plays so well with all ages, colors, and creed’s. Reckon she’ll pass the 20 million earnings mark before 2011 ends.

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  5. Rommel says:
    Her “One Day” MTV is already out! Its awesome and addicting!

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    • LDMovies says:
      Will take it down once the official videos are out , but here’s youtube links one day music video youtube link Behind the scenes

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      • gunrunner says:

        great concept its about self realization. the contact lens part was effectively integrated – the dancer who failed first was determined to make it so he removed his pair of glasses an obstacle to his moves and decided to wear contact just for a day and he made it.cha is natural when it comes to dancing no sweat great moves

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      • margil says:

        Thanks for sharing…Very inspiring indeed…especially to the teens.

        The MV is sending a message to all the teenagers to never stop believing…that ONE DAY you’ll make them a believer…be confident in yourself.

        Nicely done…Congratulations to the winners of this Acuvue contest, Nick Jonas for writing and producing, and to Charice for bringing this inspirational song to life.

        BTW, Taylor Green @ 0:53. That’s Adam Lambert’s dancer in Glam Nation Tour!!! So cute!!!

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  6. Jessica1111 says:
    What happen to Charice’s music videos? This is taking so long. Can someone tell me what is going on and why this video is taking forever? My goodness, this is so slow.

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  7. POPseeker says:
    I think I’ll just wait and not be impatient. Good things happen to those who wait! :)

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  8. Mari-Kate says:
    I’m so excited for Charice, for everything that’s happening to her career, she is a wonderkid. Can’t wait for the release of her new
    Music Video One Day, love this kid.

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  9. imgooddy says:
    Can’t wait for the music video’s release. Did you guys read the Teen choice award article from justjaredjr.buzznet. Here’s a portion of the write up “There’s also a new, special award happening! The ACUVUE® Inspire Award — whose recipient will be revealed exclusively during the live telecast — recognizes the achievements of a celebrity teen and his/her outstanding charitable contributions over the past year”.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if they premiere Charice’s One Day MV on the Teen Choice Music Award night, which airs live on FOX, August 7, 2011. What do you guys think?

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    • ebug says:
      I remember seeing her doing the tv ad for Acuvue late last year. I’m sure of most of you know what I’m talking about. Now the special award on MTV, in my opinion if given to Charice, will not be a surprise. But I’ll watch it nonetheless. I’m sure One Day MV will premier in MTV. Why I said so? Well. “One Day” was the theme of Acuvue TV ad I mentioned above.

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  10. jamain says:
    WOOO! cant wait!

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  11. Lovelyrcf says:
    Is everybody requesting on your local radio stations???…. I am….

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  12. musang says:
    Noticed that there are 10 crabs lurking in this site.

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  13. trishahae says:
    Dear Princess Charice,

    Know that we are all here for you come hell or high water

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  14. muzikluvr says:
    Arval I dont think we shud care bout if other fans or not fans wud agree to wat we post or say to Charice. Wats important s We express our Love, care & Wishes for Charice.. Its a website to celebrate her anyways.. So Dont Worry Be Happy 

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  15. arval says:
    i’m really curious with the fact that a comment such as “hi charice, love you” or “i really miss charice” or “i am a teary” would get thumb downs. who are these people prowling about charicemania with the simple intention of giving thumb downs to every comment? its so idiotic that even this comment will surely get thumbdowns. how stupid can some people get. if you have to hate, at least show your hatred with a little amount of logic.

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  16. NYChaster says:
    Something for Chasters to look forward to. Can’t wait to see her dance moves in the MV~! Woohoo~! =D

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  17. marlyn says:
    I’m too excited for One Day Music Video, but, i’m patiently waiting because i know Charice production team is taking their time to make it more nicer to make all her fans proud of it . No date has been promise , that’s why Charice is making some tweets that they are still working on it; she’s updating us; com’ on guys, let’s just continue to wait .

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  18. lancecobi says:
    So excited for the music video. I’m sure that the MV will take her to another level. :))) An MJ-ish powerhouse diva! where can you find one? only Charice

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  19. eda says:
    Chasters… don’t mind the haters… the more you pay attention to them, the more they’ll irrtate you and i’m sure, the more they are laughing at you. Don’t stoop down to their level… if you do, you will become just like them. It is also very exhausting to expend energies on them. You/ll get stress out. Instead just focus your energies on something that is worthwhile… and that is charice.

    So chasters, no more minding. If nobody does, sooner or later these haters will get fed up.

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    • Chartista says:
      Good Point Eda!

      These “dumb thumb downers” are actually ABS-CBN supporters ;-). I’ll be surprised if they’ll show the Charice’s music video once it’s released:-)

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      • Edgar says:
        They are actually swards who have nothing good to do. Typical of crabs.

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      • Mark says:
        I agree with oGo. Same here. I am an ABS-CBN fanatic and i also love Charice with all my heart.

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        • Chasterlei says:
          Thanks for making that known. Glad to hear that not all Kapamilyas are anti-Charice. It’s unfair to make such a hasty generalization, so I won’t. As long as you support Charice genuinely, then you are a true Chaster like many of us.

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  20. erring_early says:
    its been such a slow month for charice news :(
    but finally there’s something new.

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  21. Dash says:
    Cha and Nick look so cute in that vid. And you can see that Nick is really in awe of Charice’s talents. Who wouldn’t be? :)

    So excited for the MV! :)

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  22. sharisufan says:
    can’t wait for the mv…my whole being is going to explode bcoz of the anticipation :) hope it will be ‘unleashed’ within this month!

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  23. euse clerigo says:
    i a’m teary…………………

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  24. rlf says:
    They are awesome, can’t wait to see the music video!

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