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“Bull Doctor” Sneak Peek Featuring Charice’s New Song, “Far as the Sky”

“Bull Doctor” Sneak Peek Featuring Charice’s New Song, “Far as the Sky”

UPDATE JULY 7 – For a 24-hour viewing period till July 8th 3PM (Japan time), Purchase lady era review Warner Music Japan has made the music video available for Charice’s new song “Far As The Sky.” This is the theme song for the Japanese TV drama “Bull Doctor” which airs Wednesday evenings on Nippon Television Network.

The first episode aired this week and you can hear a portion of the song clearly in this video as the end credits are rolling.

Ai?? Warner Music Japan – see lyrics in the video description box .

Five more days to go and all the lucky Chasters in Japan will be able to get their hands on a copy of Charice’s new song, “Far as the Sky.” For the rest of us living elsewhere, we’re at the mercy of those in Japan whether they’ll be uploading the whole song on Youtube. But every single Chaster loves to share Charice’s new gigs, so there’s no reason to be worried.

image Copy 198x300 Bull Doctor Sneak Peek Featuring Charices New Song, Far as the Sky“Bull Doctor”, the Japanese TV show that will feature “Far as the Sky” as its theme song, will also start airing this July 2011. Its broadcast schedule is every Wedenesday at 10 p.m. on the Nihon TV Network. The cast of the show is doing their best to promote “Bull Doctor”, and they’re doing interviews on different talk shows. Short teasers are also being aired on TV to get people excited about the premiere of this new mystery/crime drama.

A Chaster has already uploaded a promotional interview with the cast of Bull Doctor on Youtube. Though there’s no EnglishAi?? translation for the rest of the video, Charice’s “Far as the Sky” has Engish lyrics, so there’s no need for any subtitles. We’re just waiting for someone to isolate the song and decrease the other sounds from the video so we can hear Charice’s voice in a much clearer way. Checkout the interview video below:

Below is a clearer copy of a teaser video for “Bull Doctor”, and you can hear Charice singing “Far as the Sky” in the background. The emotion of the song is really fitting for the story of this drama series. Kayuza Toda, the producer who personally contacted Charice to sing the theme song for “Bull Doctor”, even said that “I have this strong confidence and conviction in my heart that the message of humanism this drama will give, and the emotions that Charice willAi??bringAi??to this drama, will make a fantastic

So if you already like “Far as the Sky” from the short part you hear above, what more when the full song is released, right?

By Sofia Carrera,

99 Responses to ““Bull Doctor” Sneak Peek Featuring Charice’s New Song, “Far as the Sky””

  1. Chasterlei says:
    I’d like to think thumbs down or dislikes on positive comments about Charice are accidental finger slip as opposed to intentional crab mentality. Either one, I wish I could undo them all.

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    • Chasterlei says:
      Reminding all crabs: Have the decency to respect this fan site! Crab mentality is not tolerated here.

      Chasters UNITE!

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  2. eve says:
    “Far As The Sky” music video…

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    • Chasterlei says:
      Thanks, Eve! I’ve just finished skimming through the comments on Youtube. I was going to post the link, too, but you beat me to it. Chasters think alike! :) I’m getting impatient and excited to hear more about Charice’s latest whereabouts. Any update is greatly appreciated.

      Charice’s latest tweet talks about One Day music video.

      Latest Glee update announces that 3 of the cast won’t be returning after season 3, including Lea Michelle. Here’s wishing for Charice to come back as the lead. The character of Sunshine has a strong potential!

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  3. Thomas Norman says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • chesfern says:
      Last time I heard, songs are supposed to be enjoyed and felt with the heart and soul, not to be parsed like some compound sentences. This song means a lot to most Chasters and this kind of comment leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I bet you are not really a Chaster who enjoys the songs of Charice and rejoices in her every success, but a crab in disguise. I therefore suggest that you be renamed “CRABSTER” instead.

      It seems to me that you are only interested in plying your trade of being a critic, rather than enjoy the songs of Charice. By the way, this song was intended to INSPIRE the JAPANESE people after that devastating catastrophe. It is therefore the Japanese viewers of this drama who are the primary target of this song. And the Japanese apparently like this song, which amply served its purpose.

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      • Thomas Norman says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • chesfern says:
          Then you should have approached Charice or her manager and give them advice if you’re really serious about helping her so that they can argue with you, and not put your criticism in PRINT and in PUBLIC where it could generate negative impact on the song and to Charice. A true fan will never, ever put his idol in a disadvantageous or embarassing situation.

          I’m a fanatic but not to the extent of what you think, but rational enough to perceive the bad effect of your criticism.

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          • Thomas Norman says:

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            • chesfern says:
              If it’s true that Far As the Sky did (or will) not do well, then you can count yourself (and your ilk)as one of the reasons. What if you are indeed famous and people who were about to buy Charice’s song happened to read your article and believed that the song is a “disaster”, do you honestly believe that you are being constructive and helpful to her? Charice herself put so much effort (and probably hope) on this song and here you are, destroying everything.
              If you are a true fan, you should have at least focused on the good points of the song and downplayed its flaws. At least, it would help in generating more sales for the song.

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        • Thomas Norman says:

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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          • chesfern says:
            Now you’re talking. The mere fact that you also resented my criticism of your critique (just as I resented yours, not because I’m a fanatic but because Charice cannot defend herself to your tirades disguised as a critique)is, by itself, proof that I am right about its latent destructivism. This has nothing to do with ethnocentricity, but rather with measured DIPLOMACY. You insulted my ethnic origin even without knowing where I come from. That’s another minus for you. Being an alleged fan of Charice, you are expected to be more diplomatic, esp. in public fora such as this one. Otherwise, don’t call yourself a fan. A critic cannot be a fan at the same time: It would be an oxymoron. You have to decide whether you want to be a fan, or a critic.

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        • Fran says:
          We read your opinion and one respondent may have over reacted but nobody is bludgeoning your reputation. Your indelible so-called constructive argument is yours alone but it appears most are not buy it. Why don’t you just move on because many of us including her Japanese fans love that song whether it enhances her career or not.

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        • Peter says:
          You seriously think Charice’s mgmt reads comments here and will listen to the likes of you?  Lol. They want young, American fans which they will not find at charicemania, and you, sir, especially do not qualify and probably cannot even relate or even begin to understand what Charice needs to do to attract that market.  You’re taking the song way too seriously; it’s the theme music for a Japanese TV show, period, with absolutely no intent to be marketed outside of Japan. It was obviously written by a non-native English speaker and Charice just sang it as they wrote it, flawed lyrics and grammar and all. The song would never fly here in US or that would really be a historical occurrence. But it’s a fine song for the show or they never would have composed it as such, specifically for the show for a Japanese TV audience. 

          As for the music video, obviously a low budget production. I heard it was just done to honor some national holiday or something like that, which is why Warner Japan only previewed it for just 24 hours and didnt put a whole lot of money into production. Its background music for a TV show!… nothing more, nothing less. But of course chasters re-uploaded it for all to see at their leisure, thereby inviting such patronizing criticism from someone who would himself seem to be the self-righteous one (and likely Filipino, from the sound of it). So what if the landmarks are American. There’s no message there other than they are recognizable by a lot of people so they are more interesting to look at lol

          You may not be a crabster, but it’s pretty obvious you are one pompous a$$ given to bombastic and magniloquent speech to impress nobody but yourself.  The only people who write like you do are educators who need to talk like that in order to be published and are full of self-importance. We are not in academia here.  Even assuming that someone might actually care what you think, you need to take it down several notches to make it worthwhile reading for the layperson including Charice’s mgmt. 

          Grade on your review: big fat “F”

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          • Chasterlei says:
            Hello all! All points and arguments considered, I’m glad to know Charice’s fans are as passionate, intelligent, and articulate as you all are, although argumentative, critical, and defensive :) You have your reasons. I’m trying my best to understand where you’re coming from. Chasters as we may be, we have our moments–always loyal to Charice, but sometimes wonder if she’s getting the best that she deserves. But with what she’s been given so far, whether you consider the song mediocre or memorable, we can all agree that she always delivers. Hope we can all agree to disagree as well. Sometimes, the tone our comments exude doesn’t necessarily match our positive intention. So let’s think about how we can make our comments engender receptive readers as well as Charice.

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            • Chasterlei says:
              Let’s think about how we can engender receptive readers/Chasters before we post our comments. After all, we post them hoping for someone to read/ listen, don’t we?

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            • eve says:
              good point Chasterlei. I’ll watch this thread. I think enough has been said on this topic and nothing more need be added! I’m just happy that Charice is getting such positive exposure in Japan. I believe this is the second theme song that she has recorded, Louder being the other one. And a Japanese TV crew was sent all the way to Napa Valley to record footage for an upcoming Japanese special which David Foster alluded to during the Napa concert. Go Charice! Your future is looking bright!

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  4. tita says:
    I always read the CM articles and I salute all the contributors of articles here. Thank you so much for updating us on anything Charice.

    I like the above music video. It is not like the usual ones we see on MTV. It has only Charice, no other main characters. It uses symbols like the bare room, the chair, the buildings and the camera works. One has to think outside the box to appreciate this MV. One has to look into the details to understand the message.

    If you find it weird or uninteresting, maybe you’re looking with your eyes alone. Try to watch it with your heart. If still you have the same impression, then, maybe you’re not its intended audience.

    The fashion style. I like it, too. Wearing a hat actually makes one look taller. I don’t know why it’s an issue for some. Maybe, again, they are using their eyes alone. Let’s all try to use our hearts more, especially when it comes to Charice because she is one person who wants to impart something with her music. Listen to the lyrics of the song. Feel the emotions she is communicating. Match those emotions with the visions that you see in the video. Then, hopefully, you will be able to appreciate the music video more.

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    • Fran says:
      Hi Tita,

      I think I answered my question.

      He, he, he…’ve named one of the sites Met Insurance Clock Tower. It also shows Times Square, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, the skyline and of all things corner of 17th and 10 Ave. and Duane Reade drug store on Fifth Ave. I’ve initially surmised that she had a “love interest” in NY…Could it be David A. meeting at those places?

      Charice is a profound and private person and has a knack tweeting in riddles when she talks about herself. My gut feel is that she’s plain homesick missing her family and home…… and those NY images are just metaphors about her Philippines. Perhaps that is why she is awfully quiet of late carefully not revealing her circumstance. So people give her some slack as she lives out her dream… on this very lonely road to the top.

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      • tita says:

        Hello, Fran!

        It’s nice to know you’ve got answers to your questions. Like a painting, a music video is an art; we have our own interpretations of it based on its impact on us.

        You mentioned the 17th and 10th Ave. I also asked myself why that corner and why Duane Reade. Did you also notice the “One Way” sign? There are other details that I couldn’t help but notice.

        The song “Far As The Sky” may be for the Bull Doctor drama series but I see things about Charice in the music video.

        Charice, although a big celebrity now, has kept a certain level of privacy and we should respect it and help her protect it. And yes, she is profound and she’s also smart, artistic, and creative! Oh, how I love this girl! :)

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  5. tnt says:
    is there a programming option here to automatically remove the comment when it reached to atleast 10 thumbsdown which is obviously against Charice?

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  6. tnt says:
    really the best…

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  7. jopl says:
    charice this an angelic voice of yours. you sing superbly. can you please sing this gospel song titled ” I am not ashamed ” i believe you can deliver this beautiful song perfectly.this will match very well your voice. thank you charice

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  8. marcos39325 says:
    i think this music video is for the tv drama.bull doctor in japan….. GUYS JUST ENJOY WATCHING OUR PRINCESS….

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  9. Bea says:
    I think she looks adorable with a hat. Great song Charice :)

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  10. sarah says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Chartista says:
      If i pay you US$1,000,000 to do the same routine like what Charice did in this music video, will you take it even if it’s going to be weird? :-)

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  11. DENNIS says:

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  12. chengna2010 says:
    I come to love you more Charice as far as the sky!!!

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  13. wildcard says:
    This is a very lovely song that matches the concept of the show. Keep it up Charice!!!

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  14. Lola Lily says:
    My oh my! I just love Charice on that video. She looks soo beautiful. I must say the song is beautiful too. Keep it up Charice. I can’t wait for your new upcoming CD.

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  15. Stockpicker says:
    For some strange reason, I like seeing Charice wearing a hat in Japan. I just love it..!

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  16. anromable says:
    I’m hoping that someday Charice will sing and record Christian Songs (Inspirational songs)

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  17. JAbuan says:
    Gosh I sure hope the upcoming CD get wide radio play. I can’t wait to see who she’s been collaborating with all these many months. I so hope fortune’s shift in favor of this itsy bitsy girl. it would be so cool to see pictures of Charice chillin out in a fancy crib in
    BelAir or Hollywood. Maybe down the street from Manny. I hope Charice becomes worth many millions of dollars someday. On YouTube everyday you can see Charice’s youngest, market demographic — doing cover’s of Charice.

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  18. nass3250 says:
    hey, guys what is the problem of the “hat”???? with or without it, charice looks adorable. what constructivity you are talking here??? com’on, move on!!!

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  19. eda says:
    Far as the sky is a great song and sang superbly by charice. Charice should always get Japanese songwriters to write some of her songs for her especially for her future albums. They really make great music. Their collaboration will be a force to reckon with in the music industry.

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  20. rhynce says:
    please help, the youtube video is set to private, what should i do? i’m currently here in Thailand..please help..

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    • eve says:
      not to worry, just search youtube “Charice Far As The Sky” and chasters have already re-uploaded several copies. For some reason, Warner Japan only made their official music video available for just 24 hours. A new video is already embedded in the article that has the lyrics in the description box although I think some of the lyrics don’t sound quite right lol – “I’ll all intend to claim??” o.0 Maybe official lyrics will be made available soon.

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  21. marlyn says:
    i really like this song ; her voice is very soothing , nice lyrics and melody ; will this be included in her upcoming album ?

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  22. GANDARA says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Joel says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Joel says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • Theo says:
          Hat does not bother me, but I had a hard time understanding what she was saying (not because of her accent) in the beginning for some reason.

          For the show, I think this video is appropriate, but I hope any other future videos will be a cut above Pyramid and this one if she wants it to be a great hit, beyond just Chasters.

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          • Joel says:

            lol, well I guess there’s a first for me having a lot of thumbs down lol. Gosh it was just an opinion haha, I said I love Cha and the song. Anyways, yea the video is for Japan market isn’t it?

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    • daddy 0 says:

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    • Jojo says:
      Just appreciate the song and this out of this world talent.Just a reminder,you are not in a fashion show.

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  23. dadartful says:
    Expect nothing but excellence from a Japan and Charice collaboration. And they delivered!

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  24. nychaster says:
    Charice can bring ANY song to life! Definitely one of a kind… <33. =) *Note* NYC in the background!!

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  25. dianne says:

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  26. genesis says:
    thanks to charice to the warner brothers and to the beautiful people of japan for this heart warming music video.this i know will be in my heart forever.simple,classy and elegant.way to go japan.thank
    to charice congratulatios, just focus on your music. be humble and always acknowledge the people that are instrumental to your success.
    look up to the HIGHER SOURCE and thank HIM for this blessing.young lady
    you ‘re making it slowly but surely.i know real CHASTERS are traveling with you.dont lose hope and faith because WE are just at your fingertips.——–WE ALL LOVE YOU.

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